Gerard Batten: UKIP After Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, one of the key architects of the Brexit referendum, has announced his decision to quit UKIP. Mr. Farage expressed concern that the party’s new leader, Gerard Batten, risked turning UKIP into something similar to the BNP by associating with Tommy Robinson and the anti-Islamization movement.

Below is an email sent out today to all UKIP members by Mr. Batten:

Dear Fellow UKIP Member,

Nigel Farage resigns from UKIP

I’m always sorry when a member leaves UKIP, however I have to say that I think that Nigel left the party in spirit after the Brexit Referendum in 2016.

Earlier this year he stated that he was dedicating “100% of his efforts to Leave Means Leave”, a cross-party organisation. Sadly that left 0% for UKIP.

Nigel and I were founder members of UKIP in 1993 and I have always given him full credit for the part he played in bringing about and winning the Referendum. The part that he played in UKIP in achieving the Referendum result was truly historic, and I have always been happy to acknowledge that.

The Party stood on the edge of destruction in February 2018 and Nigel chose to play no part in rescuing it. That was his prerogative.

I am pleased that I was, with the members behind me, able to save the Party. Under my leadership, the Party has been saved financially, recruited thousands of more members, and we have risen in the polls. We are now going from strength to strength.

Nigel has chosen to relentlessly attack me in recent weeks. I am not going to return like with like in this instance and instead wish Nigel well in his media career – even though I doubt he will be asking me to appear on his show.

The Party will be asking Nigel to honour the charter he signed in 2013 and return his seat in the European Parliament to UKIP. It would be a sad end to his political career if he joined the ranks of those dishonourable MEPs who left UKIP but kept their seats, despite their solemn undertaking to return it.

UKIP will now continue its mission as the only party committed to achieving a true Brexit. I am now looking forward to speaking at the biggest pro-Brexit event of the year this coming Sunday at Whitehall.

Yours sincerely,

Gerard Batten MEP
UKIP Leader

17 thoughts on “Gerard Batten: UKIP After Nigel Farage

  1. Like Tommy says, Nigel always was a toff. Good riddance to him and best wishes to the new, revitalized UKIP. Let’s hope Nigel does the right thing with his seat.

    • Daniel Hannan is another one like Farage, in favor of Brexit and a good conservative thinker but he’s totally in the tank for Turkey and Erdogan.

      Are Hannan and Farage living in fear and cowards when it comes to Islam or just plain ignorant.

  2. Nigel wanted to be the center of attention. How many talented leaders he train and put into action during his many years of fighting the EU? Not many. UKIP needs talented leaders who want to train more leaders. Only if there are lots of competent leaders who can work together without stabbing one another in the back, can UKIP be a significant force for change.

  3. At a recent gathering in London, Farage demonstrated he is a man of expedience.

    He started off proclaiming he was a Libertarian who was against big government. He then proceeded to discuss how he rose from obscurity because of social media, which magnified his public image based on videos on YouTube of his vituperative attacks in the EU Parliament, videos which magnified his public recognition many fold. He complained about how he was now being censored by social media and how wrong this was. He stated that there were people who obviously should be censored (ISIS was the example he chose).

    The main solution offered by this Libertarian was that the British state should create an official body which censors the internet. No-one present seemed to notice that he was squaring the circle. How long before anti-UKIP Farage is put into the House of Lords? How long before Farage starts advocating for “extremist” UKIP to be censored?

    On another topic. Through UK politicians I was introduced to a rich man with close contacts with many “right wing” politicians in the UK. The rich man told me how 15 years ago he had known through senior police contacts that in his part of England the Muslim grooming gangs were the single biggest problem for the police in his area (an area that was one of the least Islamic areas in England). The rich man then proceeded to offer me £1 million (“easily”) for a good project to expose the grooming gang problem. I thought this was hokum – why didn’t this man with all his political contacts use this money in the previous 15 years in order to expose the rape gangs? Imagine how much could have been achieved with that much money. Was he really so cowardly that it was only once it became public knowledge that he was now prepared to state what he knew on good authority 15 years ago? He was wise to this problem when I was a deluded Leftist who thought the gangs were a myth. Yet as soon as I realised these gangs were not a myth, I felt compelled to understand how this problem had been hidden and to expose this knowledge to the world. I produced Easy Meat with not one penny of backing from anyone.

    The project I came up with for him was a movie that would expose not just the gangs but which would also vividly and incontrovertibly expose the continuing role of the media and the judiciary in concealing what has gone on for these past 45 years. For a whole variety of reasons, this project simply can’t be achieved without a considerable investment (£1 million would probably be enough). Unlike my book, this project required access to thousands of pages of costly official documents, and these documents would then need to be edited down and the evidence contained therein presented visually and engagingly. This was thus going to the heart of the cover-up and exposing it for those people who don’t read books. It would have been sensational and explosive. It could have brought all those parties in government in the last 45 years into disrepute.

    But as I expected, the rich man with all his chums in Parliament turned down the project. Anticipating that he would do this, I’d even come up with a way in which the project could be delivered in smaller parts, so that its success could be judged before the entire £1 million had been sunk into it. But he turned down the idea of doing smaller pilot projects. Thus a member of the political class with huge amounts of money and insider knowledge demonstrated he was going to continue doing nothing (other than waste my time). And it wasn’t the cost of the project. He clearly was insincere in his initial offer.

    You can judge from this episode how spineless are the political class in Britain. They will knowingly look the other way whilst generations of schoolgirls are raped, tortured, drugged and pimped. Their gestures of support are nothing but empty gestures.

    I hope that the media continue to demonise UKIP for their association with Tommy Robinson. On the subject of stopping Muslim immigration nearly as many voters in the UK back that policy as back Brexit. In contradistinction to the Brexit vote, only half of the number who voted to Remaining in the EU support more immigration by Muslims. I’m praying for this government to collapse and for there to be a general election in the next six months. The media demonising UKIP will simply drive voters to UKIP.

    Sadly UKIP did not adopt my policy to prosecute mosques for hate speech. I have no doubt that such a policy is pushing at an open door. Most Brits are entirely unaware that the root problem with Islam is that every day Muslims gather to collectively denounce Christians and Jews, and that if Muslims omit this denunciation in their prayers then the Muslim is not praying at all. Thus the hatred of non-Muslims is the very foundation of Islam, and a hatred which every mosque is enacting every day. Only when converts have committed themselves to this cult do they find out that behind closed doors Muslims despise every non-Muslim. Quite simply, UKIP would be banned if they started every meeting with a similar compulsory collective denunciation of Muslims. Now that the British parliament is interested in making “Islamophobia” into a race-hate crime, UKIP might wake up to the importance of going on the offensive with regards to Islam. If UKIP had adopted my policy six months ago, they would have been ahead of the game.

    Unlike many people, I’m not disappointed in Farage. He’s doing exactly what I would expect from a politician who has said virtually nothing about Islam throughout the decades in which kamikaze Muslims have been terrorising us whilst less suicidal Muslims were raping and pimping our schoolgirls. Farage is a man of expedience. And he will be judged by his silence on the biggest issues of our time. Gerard Batten and UKIP have demonstrated that they are not Farage’s lap-dogs.

    • Thanks a lot for this well-documentated story with background-information, mr McLoughlin. I will certainly save this. Let us hope UKIP will grow huge, even (or just because of) without Farage.

    • So I have to wonder what would motivate this behavior at the root. The do nothing and hide it behavior. The only thing I can come up with is that the amount of activity provides cover for other groups. If we let them do this and make people afraid to pursue it out of political correctness then maybe everything will be less pursued and it makes more young girls generally available. It was other sex abuse stories that were hidden that made me wonder about this. The last thing seeing a documentary on British men that were preying on Syrian male teenagers in Greece living in the street – not unlike a sex trip to Thailand. Even if my hypothesis is not true it could be a pretty good weapon to use against leaders who do nothing. If you start asking the people if they are getting some of that, is that why you do nothing, then the ones who aren’t may do more.

    • Thank you Peter.

      As you expressed, your rich potential donor was insincere from the first. I am intensely curious as to why he went through the kabuki theater act of making the offer in the first place. What did the dance gain him?

      As far as your advocacy of prosecuting mosques for hate speech, I have to assume you know far more of British politics and law than I do. But, for the US, I am very, very wary of investing any legal capital into regulating speech, including the requirement of duopolies like Twitter to carry all viewpoints. We have an absolute ban on regulation of content: this protects the small fonts of truth such as Gates of Viennna. They may not be large, but at least they can operate unimpeded for anyone wishing to drink at their cup. Once you give the government hooks into judging content, at the minimum, the small tellers of truth will be driven out by expensive regulations and requirements.

      I’m sorry for England, though. A clear mandate in a somewhat-responsive political structure was knowingly sabotaged by Cameron by appointing the incompetent May. The best exit strategy was simply to exit, expel all EU regulators, observers, and representatives, and conclude any agreements through bilateral negotiations with other countries. Any negative economic effect would be long over by now, and likely British commerce would be tremendously boosted by the stimulus of losing the useless regulations and fees of the EU.

      • “curious as to why he went through the kabuki theater act of making the offer in the first place. What did the dance gain him?”
        Both Tommy and Gavin Boby had long ago told me that none of the people who dangle large amounts of money ever deliver. The only conclusion to make is that these people find this sham flatters their massive egos. When Mohammed’s Koran came out a man approached us claiming to be a multi-millionaire who wanted to buy 1 million copies at cost price and post them around the country. As we expected, nothing came of it. Tommy told me of some man who flew from the US to London in his private jet to meet Tommy. He didn’t prove a penny in actual support.

        “A clear mandate in a somewhat-responsive political structure was knowingly sabotaged by Cameron by appointing the incompetent May.”

        When his bluff on the referendum backfired, Cameron lifted his skirts and ran. May was appointed by the Conservative MPs, depriving their 125,000 members from making a better decision about who should lead this country through the Brexit process. I’m told that across the country those members are now having their revenge, and are refusing to hand-deliver to households the leaflet May has written to persuade the public to support her disastrous plan. It was obvious at the announcement of her accession to the role of PM that she would fudge the matter (that she banned Spencer & Geller from entering the UK showed that she was someone incapable of standing for a principle).

  4. “…The Party will be asking Nigel to honour the charter he signed in 2013 and return his seat in the European Parliament to UKIP. It would be a sad end to his political career if he joined the ranks of those dishonourable MEPs who left UKIP but kept their seats, despite their solemn undertaking to return it.

    Anyone wanna bet he will not “act honorably” ? 🙂 A man who choses to offend our Tommy in order not to “offend” the muslim child-rapists would chose dishonour over honour any time.

  5. What a disappointment it’s been to discover that Farage has always been nothing more than a self-promoter who will not stand up against the existential threat Islamism poses to Great Britain. He literally stands against Tommy Robinson and calls him a thug, while ignoring the plight of 100s of thousands of groomed, gang-raped and pimped English girls, in the name of his unending quest for the votes of those mysterious unicorns, the moderate Muslims.

    Despite the failure of the film project, which was not your fault, your book Easy Meat stands as an unbreakable monument pointing to the despicable treachery of the British elites in politics, the media, the social services, and the police.

    The disaster of the grooming gang phenomenon shows the destructive power of PC. I found this quote of yours in Easy Meat:
    “Political correctness is a sinister device constructed by the Left to ensure that negative outcomes of Left-wing ideology are never subject to criticism.”

    Truer words were never spoken.

    Everybody who reads this should get and read Easy Meat. I read it twice in one week and refer to it constantly.

    The same destructive power of PC can be seen in all Western nations, and not only in reference to ignoring the danger of Islamism. For example, PC is why the U.S. Navy had two of our best destroyers rammed by slow tankers. The COs of those ships literally feared the PC Commissars more than they feared putting profoundly incompetent officers in control of the bridges of their ships. PC is why California has gone from being the globally-admired Golden State to a 3rd-world disaster. PC is why Sweden is destroying itself with no self-examination. The list could go on for pages.

  6. Here is an article from The Express that claims the Tommy UKIP march is ANTI- BREXIT!

    Quote: “Mr Farage also condemned Mr Batten’s decision to throw Ukip’s support behind an anti-Brexit demonstration in London on Sunday, which was organised by its new party advisor, Tommy Robinson”

    Really, how do they get away with this crap? Do they really believe the people are that stupid?

  7. We are grateful to Nigel for getting us a referendum but he is a one-trick pony who has had his day. He and Paul Nuttall can start a new party called NUKIP. Good luck to them, there will only be two people in it.

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