Uzay Bulut: The Persecution of Non-Muslims in Turkey

During last month’s OSCE/ODIHR conference in Warsaw, the Counterjihad Collective organized a side event entitled “Why Does Europe Hate Speech?” The following video from the event shows a talk given by Uzay Bulut about the persecution of non-Muslims by the Turkish government and Muslim Turks, especially the repression of Assyrian Christians, Armenian Christians, and Jews.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

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One thought on “Uzay Bulut: The Persecution of Non-Muslims in Turkey

  1. I couldn’t help noticing that Uzay Bulut cited as an example of persecution of the Jews in Turkey, the criticism of Jews in the papers. This was not, by far, the worst of the pressures against non-Muslims, non-Turks in Turkey, but one ought to be careful to not mirror the calls for criminalization of criticism of Islam.

    I also not that the genocide against the Armenians was carried out well after the supposedly non-secular Turkish military had taken control of the Turkish government. The earlier mass killing of Armenians and other Christians in Turkey had occurred 20 or so years earlier, when the Muslim Caliph was still the head of the Turkish government.

    I do see a very positive role for the Turkish government. As Muslim Brotherhood supporters, they came into conflict with the Saudis, who have their own brand of fanatic Islam expansionist philosophy, Wahabiism. The non-Muslim Westerner probably wouldn’t be able to describe, or even comprehend, the difference between the Muslim Brotherhood philosophy and the Wahabi philosophy. The Turks add their own malevolent nationalism to the mix. I find it reassuring Turkey is a member of NATO, with NATO countries pledged to defend Turkey against any military threat.

    For the record, as detailed in many books and articles, particularly Stephen Coughlin’s “Catastrophic Failure”, , both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudis are engaged in deep and widespread penetration of the US government, particularly the legislative and executive branches.

    Our real bulwark against Turkish expansion and crimes is not the international organizations, which are worse than useless, but the traditional, nationalist enemies of Turkey on its borders: Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria, etc. By downgrading the role of nationalism, globalist organizations, wittingly or unwittingly, make it easier for Turkey to pursue its policy of persecuting and excluding religious and national minorities.

    Western countries have no business engaging with Turkey in a multi-national, policy-influencing organization. The gaps are too large. The only appropriate action is to criticize and publicize Turkey from the outside, maintaining bilateral pressures.

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