How to Become an Unperson in the Swedish Academy: Publicly Discuss the Statistics on Gang Rapes by Culture-Enrichers

Bilyana Martinovski is an associate professor in Human-Machine Interaction at the University of Stockholm (her Twitter account). She initiated a research product on aggravated rapes (gang rapes, violent rapes, rapes at knifepoint, etc.) in Sweden, which of course are mostly committed by third-world immigrants. In the process of collecting statistics, when she tweeted about what she had learned — just the statistics, mind you, based on official public judicial sources — she was immediately condemned as a “racist”, a “Nazi”, and all the other epithets that opponents of mass immigration have become accustomed to.

More significantly, her position at the university was immediately terminated, and the person who denounced her also wrote letters to other universities, thereby making certain that she would be unable to find further employment in her field.

The two videos below are from a two-part interview with Dr. Martinovski. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting the interview and uploading the videos.

Part 1:

Part 2:

17 thoughts on “How to Become an Unperson in the Swedish Academy: Publicly Discuss the Statistics on Gang Rapes by Culture-Enrichers

  1. It’s s[tuff] like this that will help give Åkesson and the SD a good showing in the election 2 days from now.

  2. Thank you, Vlad Tepes, for getting this interview. Unfortunately, the sound quality was not good enough to listen to comfortably. Your voice is clear, but Dr. Martinovski’s is a bit muffled, and occasionally fades out for a second. For a long-distance interview like this (between Canada and Sweden), maybe the guest can be given advice about how to ensure optimum sound quality. (Is it just a matter of using a better microphone?)

  3. In correspondence, the Baron mentioned that some of the GoV contributors and translators were having difficulty themselves, as the subject matter was so horrible and disturbing. Tepes certainly deserves credit for sticking with the interview, and editing it later, when the first impulse of a normal person is to get far away.

    The academic stifling of research that offends the cultural-Marxist censors is not limited to Sweden by any means whatsoever:

    There are lots of interesting facts coming from Dr. Martinovski’s interview. The police and government in Sweden are obviously in active collaboration with the immigrant advocates and possibly the organized rape gangs themselves. I don’t buy the “we don’t want to be racist” line for a second. To be specific, the police and government are not simply turning a “blind” eye to the rape epidemic, nor are they simply not filing a few reports. They are actively setting up a rape industry that protects the rapists that begins its work even before the rapes are reported. Examples of the efforts: the forbidding of determining the age of an immigrant from objective measurements; the absolute ban on deporting immigrants and the acclaim of the woman who became a national heroine for preventing the deportation of an illegal immigrant; and the systematic use of the most horrendous reasons for not prosecuting a rapist: that by mistakenly opening the door, the woman became the person who had to prove that she did not agree to a violent rape perpetrated on herself.

    Dr. Martinovsky stated that she is not native Swedish; from her later remarks, I think there’s a high probability she is of Jewish-Polish origin. Quite frankly, the Swedes who are still falling for the cultural-Marxist cant and who refuse to look at the destruction of their own country: I do NOT want them in the US once things fall apart still further. It is quite invalid to assume they will change their attitude once they are forced out of their own country. I would much rather consider taking those who would not allow their country to be inundated, but instead engaged in active and physical resistance. Those I would consider taking. For most of the Swedes, rather than looking to a safety valve, they should consider their backs to the wall and determine if they will fight back or die compliantly.

    In a sense, I don’t blame the immigrant rapists, who after all, are simply following their plainly exhibited nature. Of course, not blaming them doesn’t mean I would tolerate their actions or their presence. But, I have much more blame for the Swedish authorities and electorate, who had the cognitive equipment to make a decision to protect themselves, and didn’t.

    The Somali affirmative action cop in Minneapolis who shot an unarmed Australian woman to death without provocation: it turned out he was reliably acting like people from his area typically react: immediately and blindly shoot at any movement or sound. Furthermore, his glaring unfitness for the position was explicitly and continually overlooked by the police training and supervisory authorities:

    In a sense, it’s unfair to make all the charges against the individual, who after all is simply doing what he does, rather than charging the government and police enablers. If they did their jobs, the rapists wouldn’t be there in the first place, and the only women around would be encased in a featureless black bag. I guess they could choose a wife using eenie meenie miney mo. Anyway, they simply didn’t belong in a Western country, and it doesn’t make sense to make a moral judgement on them. It would be like calling a scorpion evil: it’s not evil. It’s a scorpion.

    • The Somali cop in Minneapolis was invited to live there by descendants of Swedes and Norwegians. Despite many incidents of threats and complaints, those Swede-DNA folks think Somalis are just fine. That’s why it’s taking them so long to actually prosecute this dude. He was their poster boy.

  4. There are several examples of university professors who beat people up in the streets or threaten others with physical violence for having different political views or openly celebrate white genocide. All these people get to keep their jobs. In contrast, doing scientific research on current societal problems gets you fired or censored.

    • I believe your account of physically violent “professors”.

      In 2011, after the massacre of the left-wing ‘youths’ on Utoya island by crazy neo-Nazi Breivik, we had to turn off comments because of the violent nature of the response to ABB’s killings by Swedes. One fellow sent me a creepily threatening email; I had little doubt he’d be dangerous in person. It wasn’t a generic threat; it was as up close and personal as he could get from so far away.

      [Breivik claimed to be a member of the counterjihad but later admitted it was a scam, that his real allegiance was to neo-Nazis. He belongs in a hospital for the criminally insane but Norway keeps him in fairly luxurious digs and he lives better than some ethnic Norwegians.]


    This is better quality and goes into greater depth.

    I know is two fifteen year olds recently raped in Sweden by moslem. I live here. Neither reported it. They know the police will do little or nothing and they fear reprisals of the towns moslem population.

  6. Sweden, as we see it now, may be what is most likely to happen in any decent country where too few people control the information flow and the laws.

    Free flow of news and opinion appears to be always under attack nowadays. It may always have been.

  7. Oops, posted too quickly.

    I do not know ethnic names well, but Dr. Martinovsky did speak of family acquaintance with communism…. As a Russian or Polish person, she is probably more conscious than Swedes would be.

    I did look her up on the Duck.
    [Lose the goog, duck it.😄]
    The extant of her published writing is enormous. Stunning that a university would discard such an accomplished person on so little pretext. Is a university that cares so little about achievement a real university at all anymore?

  8. And a third comment from me in almost that few minutes.

    One of the things which finally red pilled the Russians and Poles and Hungarians and others about the left may have been exactly this great willingness to discard people, ideas and products of great value, for almost nothing, except a display of even a small amount of arbitrary power.

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