Vanity Fair Disses Baby Doc

Poor Canada! I know Trudeau was voted in, but how many of those votes were nostalgia-driven, remembering his daddy* from the good old days?

For Trudeau, there is no there there. He’s fluff in kids’ socks. Betcha he wears cartoon underwear.

*she does do a brief flash on a daddy-question. Seems like Canada has its own birther movement.

4 thoughts on “Vanity Fair Disses Baby Doc

  1. There is one solution to shutting the right up, a parallel system. What I mean is creating all needed institutions of our own. The example in the case of censoring conservative would be, creating a new social media corporation that would allow conservative to express their views. Even in Europe with active censorship regulations, one could allow conservative to talk within the regulations while shutting down jihadists as hate speech. I could expand on it, but enough said for now except that it was successfully done in the past.

  2. Trudeau was voted in by Women, most too young to remember his father. Several women in my office voted for him because they thought he was ‘Dreamy.’ I like to send them news articles every now and then about him to remind them in the hope it will shame them out of voting at all next time.

  3. I wasn’t one of those who voted for Trudeau, and to this day I can’t understand why anyone did. His shallowness and lack of knowledge were obvious from the beginning but his acting skills and the remnants of his father’s aura were sufficient to fool those who wanted to be fooled – and there were many of them.

    The biased Canadian media had been so ruthless and unrelenting with its attacks on our former prime minister, Stephen Harper, that many voters were convinced he was evil incarnate. But Harper, a quiet, competent, and cerebral politician, was good for Canada. I’m sure he’s taking enjoyment in watching Trudeau’s lurching, stumbling, fall from grace.

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