The Knife of Peace Comes to Périgueux

There were three unconnected jihad attacks yesterday in widely separated places: London, Philadelphia, and Dordogne.

The three lone mujahideen used divers methods in these attacks. In Westminster the weapon of choice was a car; in Philadelphia it was a gun; and in Périgueux it was a knife (two knives, actually).

The attackers in Europe were immigrants; the one in Pennsylvania was an African American.

The three incidents have these characteristics in common:

1.   They were low-grade jihad attacks, as such things go. Nobody was killed, and only a handful of people were wounded in each case.
2.   The three attackers — like many Muslim terrorists — appear to have mental problems, and the media are playing up this aspect. Islam is not mentioned in any of the reporting I have seen.
3.   Not much attention has been paid to the three incidents in the media, either traditional or alternative. Even Counterjihad-related sites (including this one) did not focus on them much.

I attribute #3 to a syndrome I call “jihad fatigue”: unless there’s a large body count to draw MSM coverage, it’s just too much work to try to deal with it. There’s so much of this stuff nowadays that most of us have reached overload. “Ho-hum — another day, another Islamic terrorist attack.” Bleeding people lying on a roped-off sidewalk, ambulances with flashing lights, police in body armor carrying automatic weapons, shocked bystanders alternately weeping and holding up their phones to take video of the tragic goings-on, talking heads on TV explaining what happened and telling you how you feel about it… Such is our humdrum, quotidian routine in the Modern Multicultural West.

Anyway, to make up for some of these lacunae, here’s a report on yesterday’s knife attack in Dordogne. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   90 Victor Hugo Street in Périgueux. The place where the attack took place
00:04   last night around 6pm, which could have ended in a true tragedy.
00:08   After attacking a driver, a young man, obviously drunk,
00:12   found himself face to face with two paramedics, who were just passing by, who tried to subdue him.
00:16   The attacker, not armed at that point, decided to return to the place
00:20   where he lived. —He jumped out of the window with two kitchen knives.
00:24   And there, well, it was a catastrophe, since there he started stabbing with the knife
00:28   every person he could reach. This violent scene scared the passersby,
00:32   who were numerous at that time of day. Two brothers, 66 and
00:37   68 years old, also tried to intervene after the attempt by the paramedics.
00:41   That’s when the stabbings intensified. —The first paramedic
00:45   was stabbed in the back, the second, who wanted of course
00:49   to help his colleague, was also stabbed in the back and head,
00:53   resulting in a rather ugly wound. Two other people also arrived
00:57   and were stabbed as well. This attack allegedly resulted in four victims. Two men
01:01   were lucky tonight; two others are still under medical supervision in the hospital of Périgueux.
01:05   Placed in custody by the police, the very drunk young man told
01:09   the investigators that he didn’t remember anything. He’s a 19-year-old Afghan, living
01:14   in Gironde, visiting his cousin in Périgueux,
01:18   who is sheltered by this association of helping migrants. —In the vast majority of cases, in fact,
01:22   it’s going very, very well. We have good relations with the community, and this is
01:26   an isolated case, which has nothing to do with the origins of the person.
01:30   At the request of the prosecutor the young attacker has been placed tonight in temporary detention.
01:34   He will be tried by the Criminal Court on Friday afternoon.

3 thoughts on “The Knife of Peace Comes to Périgueux

  1. I don’t know anyone but Muslim savages who behave in this rabid manner strongly suggesting demonic possession. Flailing away with a knife in each hand at everyone.
    This is a person who will never be fit for human society.

  2. ….”this is an isolated case, which has nothing to do with the origins of the person.”
    Learning curve needed.
    The origin of the person includes his ideological education and upbringing:
    “Kill them wherever you find them” – Koran 2:191

  3. This is a textbook example of why people should be armed, and why leftists wish to disarm everyone except government agents and street thugs.

    Cultural Marxism dictates that Western civilization is evil and must be destroyed. One of the better ways to destroy the fabric of society and culture is to interject a strong element of random insecurity and violence the government has no ability and no intention of controlling.

    An armed people can take care of rabid, knife-wielders stabbing people at random. Self-reliant people able to resist street criminals slow down the cultural Marxist dissolution of society. The CM leftists prefer to have people cowering in their locked apartments, susceptible to random Muslims and organized Antifa violence.

    As usual, it is dangerous and fanciful to imagine an armed populace using their weapons against the government. A real insurgency demands that fighters be willing to make the insurgency their whole lives; it does not suit a people who simply want to be free to live their lives in safety. Besides which, a government has unlimited financial and material support, support organizations, spy networks, and the ability to target opponents surreptitiously.

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