The Telltale Zebibah

A zebibah is a mark of distinction — or disfigurement, depending on your point of view — that is often found on the foreheads of pious Muslims. It is caused by the frequent (five times a day) banging of one’s forehead on the floor of the mosque while praying. It marks the possessor as a devout Muslim. If you belong to a “radical” sect of Islam, not to have a zebibah may be considered suspicious, a sign of insufficient religious zeal.

Here’s a selection of zebibahs of varying styles and intensities:

Yesterday a man named Keenan Jones shot up a Walmart in suburban Philadelphia, wounding several people before fleeing. Later he was captured by police and taken into custody after putting up violent resistance.

When I first saw the headlines last night, the likelihood of jihad seemed remote — the gunfire started after an argument in the checkout line. Besides, this was in Philly, after all, which ranks just behind Chicago and Baltimore in its incidence of gun violence, most of it by African Americans.

And then this morning I saw the mug shot of Keenan Jones:

In addition to the distinct zebibah, he has a full, bushy beard, which is another indication of the presence of Islam. I may be paranoid, but I’d bet a bill that this guy is a Muslim. They don’t give his Muslim name in the news articles, but I’m sure he has one.

Mr. Jones has been convicted of felonies in the past, which means he has most likely spent time in prison. That’s probably where he converted to Islam — Muslim chaplains do intensive da’wah in the U.S. prison system. Many black men who enter prison as nominal Christians come out as practicing Muslims.

One more thing — Mr. Jones “told the judge he has mental-health issues.” That seems extremely likely; there is a strong correlation between Islamic belief and mental illness. But in addition, banging your head on the floor every day hard enough to build up a zebibah is likely to cause brain damage. If I’m not mistaken, there have even been medical studies corroborating what common sense would tell us.

Below the fold are excerpts from an article about the Walmart incident from

Philly Man Charged in Chaotic Shooting Inside Cheltenham Walmart

A Philadelphia man who police say “indiscriminately” fired a handgun inside a crowded Montgomery County Walmart, wounding five people, has been charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder.

Keenan Jones, 30, was arraigned on those charges Wednesday morning in district court in Cheltenham Township, a few miles from where the chaotic scene unfolded hours earlier. He is also accused of assaulting and injuring two Philadelphia police officers during a scuffle after crashing into their vehicle near the store.

A woman who accompanied Jones to the Walmart, identified as his sister, is cooperating with investigators and does not face criminal charges at this time, according to court officials.

Jones was granted $1 million bail by Magisterial District Judge Christopher J. Cerski, who noted that Jones’ prior criminal record – which includes a felony convictions for witness intimidation – made him a flight risk.

At his arraignment, conducted remotely because Jones remained in custody at the Cheltenham Township police station, the fiber-optics contractor apologized to the police officers who responded to the shooting. He said he was “hurting,” but not from injuries sustained during his arrest and the subsequent car chase into Philadelphia.

He told the judge he has mental-health issues, and had felt that his life was in danger at the store.

“I need hospital help,” Jones said. “I haven’t slept in five days. I had food that had me feeling strange.”

After the hearing, Jones remained in custody in county jail, unable to post bail. A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for Aug. 22.

12 thoughts on “The Telltale Zebibah

  1. Ohhh, That’s going to leave a mark…on the head, you say. What does that remind me of?

  2. Stamping the forehead with a boiled potato is the shortcut that saves many hours of praying palms on the ground, [derriere] facing heavens. Most get their marks via the shortcut, I have been told.

  3. You know I hate to admit this, but I have a similar mark on my forehead sometimes. It comes from pressing my head against the transparency on my sandblasting cabinet.

    Freaking Harbor Freight cheap stuff.

  4. The beard, I knew about. But with EVERY red blooded male sporting one, that makes it hard to separate the good guys from the bad guys. Thanks for that information about “the mark of the beast”. I was not aware of that. One more thing to be on the lookout for. Possibly use it as point of aim in a defense situation. And if my round hits a little low, still a hit. “Aim small, miss small.”

  5. A significant number of the paedophile rapists so far identified in the UK also sport zebibas. Whilst all but twelve (who cannot be named for legal reasons???) of the 31 charged yesterday in Huddersfield yesterday have been named no mugshots are available so at this point it is impossible to derive a zebibah quotient.

  6. “Mental illness”?

    The victim is less dead or maimed because the aggressor was suffering from “mental illness” and dead-drunk besides?

    There is a helpful Muslim organization that assists the grieving, regretful family that spawned the killers in expressing their sorrow and apologies to non-Muslim society. For efficiency sake, the expressed regrets include standard boilerplate, but it certainly saves energy, given the high number of “mentally-ill” Muslims who experience sudden Jihad syndrome.

    By the way, mental illness, the real kind, plus character flaws, such as susceptibility to Islam, is significantly heritable. The most important aspect of mental illness is to prevent the chronically and organically mentally ill from procreating. I know this sounds like eugenics and in fact is indistringuishable from eugenics, except it should be done on a voluntary basis. The most eccentric or disabled person imaginable, should he be able to support himself and a family, should be left alone. The people dependent on outside assistance should have to apply for aid to private philanthropists and charities, who should be free to require permanent sterilization as a condition of permanent support.

    If this be treason, make the most of it.

  7. Google Images the last president and study pics. Zoom in. You will see. . . .

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