Swedish Mass Arson Attacks — An Islamic State Connection?

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, here’s an update from our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg with more information of the coordinated mass car-burnings that took place across Sweden the night before last.

Swedish mass arson attacks — An Islamic State connection?

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

Swedish security services have been studying CCTV footage as well as videos posted on YouTube and other forums that show the mass arson attacks against a number of Swedish towns and cities during the night of August 13. A number of suspects have been identified, and two 20-year-olds have already been detained. As further suspects are identified, police raids in the immigrant ghettos may be expected.

An unsettling aspect of the attacks was their military-style precision and co-ordination, indicating a degree of sophistication beyond the scope of the usual chaotic ghetto riots and car-burnings that have become a feature of modern Sweden. The Swedish security police, Säpo, believe there are large numbers of potentially violent Islamic extremists in the country, many of them having fought with the Islamic State in the Middle East. According to a Säpo spokesman there were an estimated 200 Islamic extremists in Sweden in 2010, but after the last few years’ massive immigration from Middle Eastern war zones their numbers are now estimated to be “in their thousands.” According to the spokesman this situation is “the new normal” for Sweden and the presence of returned Islamic State fighters as well as rapidly growing Islamic extremism in the ghettos represent “an historic challenge.”[1]

An alternative for the August 13 attacks that cannot be ruled out is that Islamic State operatives may have been involved in their planning and execution. Police believe a number of the perpetrators are no longer in Sweden and may be making their way back to the Middle East. An identified suspect who had already fled Sweden has been arrested while trying to enter Turkey. He will be extradited back to Sweden to face charges as soon as this can be arranged with the Turkish authorities.[2]

The Swedish government has been put in an extremely difficult position by the arson attacks. The general election is less than one month away, and the main ruling party, the Social Democrats, are rapidly dropping in the polls as the nationalist and anti-immigration Sweden Democrats are rapidly rising. It was already likely the Sweden Democrats would emerge as the largest party in the Swedish parliament, and the arson attacks will only increase this probability. They have brought a new dimension to the pre-election situation and presented Prime Minister Stefan Löfven with an impossible dilemma. He has to be seen as strong and taking effective measures against the arsonists, but any large-scale police action in the ghettos will inevitably trigger riots on a scale not seen since the Stockholm ghetto riots of 2013. This would make a very bad situation even worse as the world’s eyes, and Swedish voters’ eyes, are on television images of pitched battles and burning cities. This is something Mr. Löfven definitely does not want, but may have to face up to.

It is going to be a very interesting run-up to the election in Sweden.


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9 thoughts on “Swedish Mass Arson Attacks — An Islamic State Connection?

  1. An additional problem they may face is pressure from other EU governments when the riots start and the people in their country who riot in support of the original rioters getting suppressed. I guess Hungary won’t have to deal with that. If I were a conspiracy theorist I may think that is why they want to spread the cultural wealth. I just tend to jump on what can go wrong.

    • In fact, the international governments, such as the UN and EU, not to mention the so-called International Court of Human Justice and NATO, present the main threat to a people trying to reassert themselves. Take the intervention in Bosnia and Kosovo as a model.

      A civil war is never clean and antiseptic. Invariably, there will be atrocities against civilians, and unjustified evacuations and killings. These will serve as the pretext for an armed intervention by the globalist forces on the side of the immigrants, once the native population begins to get the upper hand.

      Any resistance movement or national military planning that does not take this strong possibility into account is looking to lose.

  2. ‘It was already likely the Sweden Democrats would emerge as the largest party in the Swedish parliament, and the arson attacks will only increase this probability.’

    In politics, nothing happens by chance…

  3. ” This is something Mr. Löfven definitely does not want, but may have to face up to.”

    I think it is wistful thinking to speculate that a weasel, feminized, do-nothing politician will ever face up to any real decision, ever.

    The Muslims in Sweden now assume, with very good reason, that the will of the Swedish government to resist a sharia takeover is broken, and the time is right for toppling it. A conservative approach would be for the Muslims to simply wait it out, exert political pressure for more immigration, and let the birthrate differential work its magic. In 20 or 30 years. their control would be absolute.

    But, violent jihad is so much an integral part of the Muslim makeup that they are unwilling to wait it out, or indeed, are not really in control of their factions who wish violent action right now.

    Thinking on it, I would look to Lofven to make a deal with the more “conservative” Muslim organizations: exert real influence to stop the street fighting, in return for expanded control and more intense enforcement of sharia law after the election. Perhaps as a sweetener, certain minor government positions, such as head of security and head of intelligence, will be reserved for Muslims.

    • Good point. I have always wondered why Muslims rock the boat with terrorist attacks. They only threaten to undermine a process that is already underway. It’s actually quite stupid from a tactical standpoint.

      • Enemies of the West have their strengths and weaknesses. Communist operatives were highly intelligent. They played the long game, for example through infiltration of government and other institutions of society. A weakness of the Communists is that their ideology is unsound.

        The jihadists are the opposite in one respect. Attacks before an election–and I was reminded of the dismemberment of Palma before the Italian election–hurts their cause. Why do they do this? Because they are stupid. They are in inbred morons who banged their head too many times.

  4. Sometimes the only way to survive a fire is to run right through it. The longer Sweden and Europe wait, the messier the solution becomes. They need to close the borders now and start expelling anyone who so much as spits on the street.

    What a mess Europe’s leaders have wrought.

  5. https://www.rt.com/news/436080-sweden-firebombing-arson-lofven/?utm_source=browser&utm_medium=push_notifications&utm_campaign=push_notifications

    By criminal jihad and atrocities and by the blood and corpses of idiot stupid dunce infidels muslims wrenched 57 countries from infidels and now they want all the earth and any planet discovered by infidels will be given to muslims and claim that muslims discovered it to appease them. Why infidels curse themselves.

  6. Question to the US citizens here:
    When the Police were ineffective in 1850 and 1852 in San Francisco, did the rise of vigilantism happen?
    You know, the Black Ops of the common men aka Joe Q. Public (Six-Pack), John Bull, Otto Normalverbraucher.

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