Nina Drakfors: Swedish Politicians Must Put the Welfare of Their Own People Before Anyone Else

Nina Drakfors is a former Social Democrat in Sweden who woke up to what is happening to her country — or, more precisely, what is being done to it by its own political leaders and the globalist elites who are pushing for the erasure of national borders.

She originally gave this talk at a meeting in Copenhagen at the invitation of the Danish anti-sharia group For Frihed.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:15   This is a speech I gave in Copenhagen on May 1, 2018.
00:23   My name is Nina Drakfors, and I have been active
00:27   in a citizen-journalists’ initiative called “Investigating Sweden”.
00:31   In this citizen-journalists’ initiative, we call leaders of our society
00:37   and ask questions that are important to us,
00:43   questions which we find that the mainstream media do not ask.
00:47   What we have done is simply to highlight what we cannot talk about in Sweden.
00:53   Granskning Sverige [Investigating Sweden] has been touted in the media as being a troll factory,
00:58   receiving payment from Russia to spread Russian propaganda.
01:03   But I can assure you that we are very ordinary people who are simply sick and tired
01:11   of the media and politicians’ concealing the negative consequences of our immigration policies.
01:19   Of course, immigration has also helped to enrich our society,
01:23   but that is not what I am going to talk about today.
01:27   Instead, I am going to highlight the host of negative developments that are taking place in Sweden.
01:32   Specifically the fact that Sweden has received far too many migrants,
01:38   while at the same time it has deported far too few of those criminals
01:42   who commit serious crimes in Sweden.
01:45   Who could even have imagined that Sweden in the year 2018 would be facing massive problems
01:52   with values and norms that do not conform to our way of living here in the Nordic region?
01:58   Could the development of honor-related violence and oppression have been prevented?
02:05   Could a large portion of the group violence that has happened have been prevented?
02:10   Could the particularly vulnerable areas, also called no-go zones,
02:16   have been prevented from gaining a foothold in Sweden with widespread crime as a consequence?
02:24   People who have highlighted the negative effects of Sweden’s immigration policy
02:30   have been treated in a similar manner to “Investigate Sweden” by the mainstream media.
02:39   If it wasn’t “Russian collusion” theories, the negative epithets and slurs have been:
02:44   “xenophobic” “extreme right”, “Racists” “Fascists” and “Nazis”.
02:51   In this manner attempts are made to silence the criticism of a destructive immigration policy.
02:58   Politicians in Sweden have had as a goal that Sweden
03:02   and its taxpayers should be a humanitarian superpower,
03:07   and that Sweden should be a multicultural utopia.
03:12   There has been no form of impact-assessment regarding open borders
03:16   and the creation of a multicultural society.
03:20   There has been no impact assessment concerning people
03:24   who have entered who have not been able to prove their identity —
03:28   instead, anyone who has come to Sweden has been seen
03:32   as a victim whom we have a duty to take care of,
03:36   and everyone is thought to contribute positively to this multicultural utopia.
03:44   They have not taken into account the fact that people who come to Sweden
03:47   with another cultural view, and a wholly different view on women,
03:50   have created parallel societies that have significantly reduced the safety of the population.
03:57   There is also no awareness that unfortunately there are people
04:02   with bad intentions who want to overthrow our way of living.
04:07   Sweden currently has 2,000 Islamist extremists in its midst — these people have no good intentions…
04:15   and, according to Sweden’s security policy, are the biggest security threat to Sweden today.
04:22   It does not stop there. According to the security police,
04:26   terrorist cells in Nice, Brussels and Paris…
04:30   have had links with people in Sweden who are part of international terrorism.
04:36   These people have taken advantage of Sweden’s immigration policy and our megalomania,
04:43   where we believe we are a humanitarian superpower
04:47   that shelters all the world’s population — at the taxpayers’ expense.
04:51   It is this endlessly generous attitude towards people who have come to Sweden
04:56   that has created the catastrophic development we now see
05:00   regarding the proliferation of the number of violent Islamists,
05:05   and the resulting Islamization of Swedish society.
05:09   It has now gone too far, and this is what people today are beginning to protest —
05:16   having the courage to dare to express their opinions, even though it implies risking their job,
05:24   their circle of acquaintances, and being called right-wing and racist.
05:31   We are now beginning to speak out.
05:36   They can call us whatever they want, but when we know for a fact that men of foreign origin
05:42   are overrepresented with respect to rapes and gang-rapes of women…
05:47   Well, then, it is our duty and responsibility as citizens, as parents, as grandparents,
05:54   to protect our women and children against these foreign men
05:58   who have no right to inflict this form of terror upon the population.
06:03   No country has to accept men from other countries raping their country’s women.
06:10   It is the duty of the country to protect women and children,
06:15   not to pursue an immigration policy that exposes women to more rape.
06:20   Politicians must have control over the country.
06:24   The most valuable thing we have in common… is our country.
06:28   When I was asked to Copenhagen to talk about what is really happening in Sweden,
06:35   I actually felt a bit dejected…
06:38   because how can I ever properly and adequately describe
06:42   everything negative that is happening in Sweden?
06:46   And the way it is only increasing — dramatically.
06:49   What I want to do is to tell you the name of every woman who
06:53   has been murdered or raped by foreigners.
06:56   “I want to tell you about Emil and Carola who were murdered in IKEA
07:00   By a man whose asylum application had been rejected,
07:04   and who wanted to kill Swedes because of it.”
07:08   “I want to tell you about Nancy, who was raped and then murdered
07:12   by having a broken bottle repeatedly slashed across her throat.
07:17   Nancy was murdered in 2009 on the street where I used to live when I was 14 years old…
07:24   on the street where I went out running every morning before going to school.
07:28   The street where I had been running was the same one Nancy was murdered on.
07:33   It is a very ordinary residential area in Gothenburg where Nancy was murdered, an ordinary street.”
07:40   “I want to tell you about Elin, who was murdered and raped in Gothenburg.
07:44   Pictures have been leaked that show her arms and legs all mangled.
07:49   In order to hide her the killer had laid a big stone over her body.”
07:55   “I want to tell you about Bina, 21 years old, who was murdered after seven months in Sweden.
08:01   Bina stopped wearing the veil and wanted a divorce from her husband.
08:05   He strangled her. She is one of six women who were killed in 2016
08:10   after living only a short time in Sweden.”
08:15   “I want to tell you about Lisa, 17 years old, who was murdered not far from where I live today.
08:21   She was raped and her mouth and nose were taped shut
08:25   before she was finally murdered by being hanged.
08:29   After the murder, her lifeless body was squeezed into a small wardrobe.
08:34   She could have been our daughter.
08:37   All these women who have been gang-raped or murdered could have been our daughters.”
08:44   What do the Swedish politicians say about the fact that men
08:49   from other countries come to Sweden and rape on our women?
08:55   They say in response that safety is increasing in Sweden.
08:59   They say that the reason for this increase is that it is easier to report rape.
09:04   They say that the common denominator is “men”, and that their origin is not important.
09:10   Our prime minister, Stefan Löfven, goes on CNBC international media to say that
09:16   Sweden has had a problem with sexual harassment for many years,
09:22   but that this is not automatically related to immigrants and immigration.
09:29   It is pathetic and deceptive that our government
09:33   calls itself the world’s first feminist government,
09:36   while these politicians neither acknowledge nor assume responsibility for their immigration policy,
09:43   which has resulted in the fact that Swedish women today are less secure in public spaces,
09:48   and are more vulnerable to rape and sexual harassment.
09:53   The media are also responsible for not telling the truth about the perpetrators’ origins.
10:01   The mainstream media have consistently refused to disclose
10:04   in their articles the perpetrators’ origins; they do not even
10:08   send out a description of the perpetrator so that the public are appropriately alerted.
10:12   In an infamous case of gang rape on a Finnish ferry 2015,
10:17   the perpetrators were described as Swedes, when the truth was
10:21   that the perpetrators came from other countries and were not Swedes.
10:25   The same newspaper also writes that Swedish ISIS soldiers are fighting in Syria,
10:30   but I want to inform you that [ethnic] Swedes have not
10:35   become terrorists willing to kill for a caliphate in Syria.
10:40   Those who slaughter, murder and rape in the name of a Caliphate…
10:45   we all know who they are… they are NOT Swedes!
10:51   Is it that Swedish men have suddenly become more likely to gang-rape a woman?
10:58   No, of course not.
11:01   Surprisingly, a major evening newspaper conducted an investigation that showed
11:05   that 42 out of 43 convicted rapists between 2016-2017 had a foreign background.
11:16   Since the Swedish government does not want their origins to be reported in statistics on rape,
11:24   the public themselves are forced to carry out these types of investigations
11:28   regarding convictions, as the documents are publicly available.
11:35   One such extensive investigation of convictions between 2012-2017 has been conducted.
11:42   It shows that 95.6 percent of assault violence in Sweden is committed by men of foreign origin,
11:51   and that non-Europeans commit 84 percent of extremely violent rapes.
11:58   I want to tell you so much, but I realize I will not be able to cover everything.
12:04   However, I hope to show you now how people who come from other countries to Sweden
12:11   are savagely and brutally raping and killing with a level of violence seldom seen before.
12:20   There is an unwillingness in Sweden to highlight and identify
12:24   those who are perpetrators if they are immigrants.
12:27   The unwillingness to do so is because of a fear of increased racism —
12:31   because they do not want so-called “dark forces” to take over.
12:36   But as long as this information is being censored, we will never reach a solution.
12:40   To solve a problem, one must have the right description of the problem,
12:45   and one can only get that if one can see the full scope of the problem —
12:49   even if one does not like what one sees.
12:53   If you think you can solve the problem of rape by saying that generally the problem is men,
12:59   then you will not be able to find the right solutions.
13:03   You simply have the wrong problem-solving formula.
13:07   For many years I was active among Social Democrats in Sweden with various assignments.
13:14   I was a faithful Social Democrat and did not question anything.
13:19   I constantly defended all Social Democrats, no matter how wrong they were.
13:26   I did this because I was convinced that all those on the left were “the good people”…
13:31   those who wanted the best for other people, and who wanted to preserve our welfare.
13:35   All those on the right were evil people
13:39   who wanted to remove our welfare and were greedy people whom you could not trust.
13:43   That was what I thought. When I finally abandoned that view, I realized that I had been deceived,
13:50   and I experienced a big feeling of betrayal by the Social Democrats.
13:54   Social Democrats use fraudulent rhetoric to malign their political opponents.
14:02   They deceive the Swedish people with this “us-versus-them” rhetoric,
14:08   where they say that all those who are not on the left are evil people
14:11   who want to lower everyone’s wages, destroy the labor market and raise poverty in Sweden.
14:18   For decades they have used the rhetoric that
14:22   all those who are not on the left want to destroy the welfare of the population…
14:27   and we have gone along with it. We have gone along with it
14:31   because we want to have a simple world, with simple truths.
14:35   The problem with this is that it simplifies the world — the problem is that it is a lie.
14:41   Many people in Sweden were like me… easily led
14:45   and naïve concerning the false rhetoric that says
14:49   immigration is profitable for Sweden, and that migrants would save our pensions.
14:52   When I was a Social Democrat I was incredibly gullible.
14:57   I believed that Social Democrats were defenders of the welfare against the evil right.
15:04   But when I woke up and realized that I had been fooled by this pretty rhetoric
15:09   without content or substance, I got quite a shock.
15:15   My awakening came after I attended a meeting
15:19   organized for Social Democratic politicians in my district.
15:23   The meeting was about how to deal with the Sweden Democrats political party in a case debate.
15:30   So far the strategy had been to keep quiet and not take the debate.
15:35   At that time, as a Social Democrat, I believed that Sweden Democrats [SD, anti-immigration party]
15:39   and all other immigrant-critics were malicious racists.
15:44   At that meeting, we were told by our politicians NOT to take a debate with the Sweden Democrats,
15:51   because you could not win as the Sweden Democrats were so incredibly rhetorically skilled.
15:59   Instead, one should always focus and respond in the debate with an ideological standpoint.
16:06   These are the 3 answers taught by the Social Democrats for use in a case-by-case debate [with SD]:
16:11   1. SD does not have the same views as we do of human beings.
16:15   2. SD wants an us-and-them society.
16:18   3. SD does not stand up for everybody’s equal worth.
16:22   I had really looked forward to this “education”, because
16:25   I wanted to take up the debate with the Swedish Democrats,
16:28   whom I thought simplified all problems by blaming them on immigration.
16:34   And then it turns out that WE were the ones who were simplifying the problem,
16:39   and instead of taking the debate with the Swedish Democrats, we could accuse them of being racists!
16:44   As I said… it was a shock!
16:47   Then and there I realized that the Social Democrats taught
16:52   anti-democratic behaviour, and did not care about dialogue.
16:58   I have always been of the opinion that we,
17:02   with dialogue and debate, come up with the best solutions,
17:05   and for me dialogue is an important part of a democratic society,
17:10   because if we do not communicate constructively with each other,
17:14   there will be fighting and conflict and where solutions to important issues disappear.
17:20   Then I started waking up even more, and realized that I had allowed myself
17:25   to be indoctrinated by Social Democrats to not question anything,
17:30   and just mindlessly believe in their problem-solving suggestions and pretty words.
17:34   But words are nothing if there is not a resulting action
17:38   that reinforces the meaning of those words.
17:41   That’s what Social Democrats are for me today: people who just talk and talk,
17:47   but who do not take responsibility for the negative consequences of their policies.
17:52   Nobody will ever hear a politician admit the negative consequences of his policies;
17:59   he will never apologize, because these grandiose narcissists do not have that ability.
18:06   Today I call them grandiose narcissists because they have for so many years
18:11   oppressed those who have criticized the negative consequences of immigration.
18:16   They have heaped scorn upon, crushed and stigmatized immigration critics as racists and fascists…
18:23   they have even gone so far as to call them Nazis.
18:27   They firmly believe that they are right and that everyone
18:31   must have the same opinions that they do to be called GOOD PEOPLE,
18:35   but it is nothing but grandiose and narcissistic behavior in which one glorifies oneself.
18:42   I am worried, and the questions I ask myself every day are: How could it have come to this?
18:49   What has happened to Sweden and how can we break this negative development in Sweden?
19:06   While I worry about Sweden, the politicians are making every effort to emphasize
19:12   that we are only faced with what Sweden’s Prime Minister calls a “challenge”.
19:18   My opinion is that the situation is a lot worse than that in Sweden,
19:22   and that the word “challenge” is by far not the correct word to use.
19:25   If you use the word “challenge”, you do not want to understand the problem seriously.
19:33   It is merely a rhetorical trick to reduce the importance of the issues.
19:38   I will give some examples a little later on [in the video] of some
19:42   so-called “challenges” that politicians in Sweden prefer.
19:47   Swedish media, which are mostly socialist or liberal, have not been truthful,
19:52   nor have they objectively reported on the ongoing developments
19:58   caused by far too generous and irresponsible migration and integration policies.
20:06   Those who come to Sweden are often presented as victims
20:10   who want to hurt neither the people nor the country.
20:13   Instead, we are supposed to embrace all the cultural values
20:17   and norms that they can contribute with.
20:20   Mona Sahlin, the former party leader of the Social Democrats, has gone so far as to say
20:26   that we Swedes were envious of immigrant culture because we do not have a culture of our own!
20:32   Many times in Sweden we have been told that we have no culture
20:36   to preserve, but that everyone else has.
20:41   You can fool some people for a while but you cannot fool everybody.
20:46   Of course we in Sweden have a culture. It is a culture
20:49   that must be the majority, and that must be preserved.
20:52   Do you also have politicians who in each and every debate
20:56   repeat the mantra “everybody’s equal worth”?
21:01   Because of this, everyone’s equal worth, people really believe that
21:06   “everyone is equally good” that “everyone is equally honest”,
21:11   and that “everyone is fleeing from war and oppression”.
21:14   No, not everyone is fleeing from war and oppression,
21:18   and therefore cannot be called refugees with automatic right to asylum.
21:23   A large number of people are fleeing from poverty.
21:27   They are economic migrants who want a better life for themselves and their family.
21:33   We can all understand this, but we all also know
21:37   that some flee because they are war criminals or common criminals.
21:42   Unfortunately, it is also true that those who come from other countries
21:46   also bring with them the negative things from their culture…
21:51   their religion, their traditions and their values,
21:55   and these do not disappear like magic overnight just by crossing over the border into Sweden.
22:02   Now I am talking about cultures, norms and values that do not fit into a society
22:09   in which human rights are at the forefront and that must be protected.
22:12   I am talking about people who come to our country with a completely different view
22:16   of human rights and other views on women.
22:19   And just because [indigenous] people raise the issue of importing people
22:23   with a medieval view of women does not mean that they [the indigenes] are evil or racist.
22:28   Just as it is important to have a correct information about a problem in order to solve it,
22:34   so can an incorrect analysis of the problem cause you to find the wrong solution —
22:41   and that is what Sweden has done all these many years past.
22:45   For ideological reasons, politicians have not done a proper problem analysis,
22:52   but Swedish politicians believe that all problems —
22:56   such as honor-related violence, oppression and gang rapes —
23:01   are solved by integrating everyone, by getting them a job — as if once they get a job,
23:05   all of them will suddenly seamlessly integrate.
23:10   So they say. It is my opinion that these politicians are more than naïve;
23:14   They are fraudsters who refuse to make the correct impact assessment
23:19   because they are blinded by their own ideology,
23:23   a pathological altruistic ideology based on everyone’s equal worth.
23:28   But Sweden’s misinterpretation of the UN Human Rights statutes
23:33   concerning everyone’s equal worth is monumental.
23:38   It does not read that everyone is of equal worth, it reads:
23:42   “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”
23:46   “Dignity” means dignity and not worth… everyone has same dignity.
23:52   Politicians use this misinterpretation in the public debate in order to crush their opposition.
23:57   If one does not believe in everyone’s equal worth, implicitly meaning:
24:02   everyone is as good, everyone is kind, everyone is entitled to live in Sweden…
24:08   then one is a mean racist that no one should listen to.
24:13   These politicians must begin to realize that they have to serve the people
24:17   and put the welfare of their own country and people before anyone else.
24:22   I love my Sweden and what we have built together, where we care about each other’s well being.
24:28   I love Scandinavia, where we are a peaceful people
24:32   who do not have clan systems, nor are we at war with one another.
24:36   We must democratically push our politicians to take responsibility,
24:41   and to stop with their globalist thinking that the whole world will become one,
24:46   where everyone will have the right to everybody else’s country.
24:52   Politicians are our elected representatives, and their job is to serve their electorate.
24:56   We must remind them of this over and over again, using our opinions and freedom of speech.
25:04   Our prime minister, Stefan Löfven, desperately tries to highlight alternative media as “Fake News”.
25:12   He claims that they are besmirching Sweden’s image.
25:16   Stefan Löfven tries instead to give the impression that we only have a few “challenges” in Sweden.
25:24   Well what does he mean by “a few small challenges”?
25:29   What is it that politicians do not want us to see or become aware of?
25:34   What is it they do not want us to reveal?
25:37   What is it that is really going on in Sweden today?
25:43   In Sweden today a woman was tortured, beaten, and gang-raped by up to 20 men.
25:51   This happened in a suburb of Stockholm, one of the so-called “no-go zones”.
25:59   One witness saw everything, but chose to close the door, nor did the witness call the police.
26:04   After the gang rape the woman appealed to passersby for help, but received the following reply:
26:09   “Eeew, you have sperm on your face and on your clothes; don’t involve us.”
26:15   In Sweden today an unaccompanied Afghan “youth” was arrested for sexually assaulting
26:19   a 14-year-old girl in a Christian confirmation preparation camp,
26:23   and those in charge of the camp attempted to hide what had happened.
26:27   This sexual offense was defended in social media by feminists,
26:32   and the victim was ridiculed and discredited.
26:37   This unaccompanied “minor” has since became one of the spokespersons
26:41   for an organization that wants all unaccompanied “minors”
26:45   to be able to stay in Sweden — whether they have a right to asylum or not.
26:51   He even met the Prime Minister, who happily posed together with him for a glossy photo.
26:57   Despite his crime, this man received a residence permit in Sweden,
27:01   due to the fact that he had said that he had converted to Christianity.
27:06   This was confirmed by a leader from the Christian confirmation camp
27:10   where the sexual offense had been committed.
27:13   In Sweden today there are child marriages, and the government stands in parliament saying
27:18   that it is important to recognize international laws,
27:22   and that it may be completely natural to marry when under 18.
27:25   In Sweden today up to 240,000 young women
27:29   may be living with honor-related violence and oppression.
27:32   The hidden numbers and general lack of information thereon [due to censorship] is enormous.
27:35   In Sweden today, 35 percent of long-term prisoners do not have Swedish citizenship.
27:41   We do not know exactly how many of these are foreigners,
27:44   as the government forbids the gathering of those statistics.
27:47   In Sweden today, the majority of perpetrators of foreign descent
27:51   who commit rapes or gang rapes do not get deported from the country.
27:56   In Sweden today, rapists are sentenced to community service,
28:00   or receive a reduction in their sentence, or they receive
28:03   a lower sentence than that stipulated by law.
28:06   In Sweden today some prosecutors do not, in certain cases,
28:10   recommend deportation when a serious crime has been committed.
28:14   In Sweden today the police are understaffed and unable to investigate all reported rapes.
28:21   In Sweden today a rapist threatened the victim and her family
28:25   so that they were forced to move away from their city of residence.
28:30   In Sweden today the clan system is growing.
28:34   In Sweden today, women from our feminist government donned the hijab
28:38   and chador to hide their arms when they visited Iran.
28:46   The prime minister, Stefan Löfven, wore a nice suit jacket without warm outerwear.
28:53   In Sweden today we have Muslim girls who for religious and cultural reasons
28:58   are only allowed to attend swimming lessons if they are gender-segregated.
29:03   In Sweden today threats and violence have become commonplace
29:07   in our libraries so that we have to hire guards.
29:10   In Sweden today we witness Sharia police in the suburbs who control how women are dressed.
29:18   In Sweden today boys play jihadist games in schoolyards in Gothenburg.
29:26   In Sweden today, one survey shows that 1 in 10 students
29:31   between 12-18 years old in Gothenburg’s northeastern suburbs,
29:36   including Angered and Bergsjön, sympathize with the Islamic State and similar jihadist groups.
29:43   In Sweden today our taxes keep going up and up.
29:47   In Sweden today, waiting times for health care have significantly increased,
29:50   and our health care standards are no longer honored.
29:53   In Sweden today the retirement age is going up,
29:58   despite the fact that immigration was needed to save our pensions.
30:05   In Sweden today a mother had taken in an asylum seeker in her home who raped her daughter.
30:13   The mother dared not report it because of the “risk” that the asylum seeker would be deported.
30:20   In Sweden today there are cities where the majority of the members
30:24   of criminal gangs consist of people of foreign descent.
30:28   In Sweden today a family hosted a 36-year-old asylum seeker from Eritrea.
30:35   He was sentenced to supervisory care because
30:39   he stabbed their seven-year-old daughter to death by cutting her throat.
30:43   He was then sentenced to a lifetime ban from the country,
30:46   But since the Migration Board classifies Eritrea as a dictatorship,
30:51   it is impossible under today’s rules to enforce the deportation.
30:56   In Sweden today an 18-year-old Somali raped a 12-year-old girl
31:00   and got away with 180 hours of community service.
31:05   He repeatedly told the girl during the rape that black c**k is expensive.
31:12   Honestly, these types of things are not written about in mainstream media,
31:16   and when you share alternative media that has written about a case based on court documents,
31:20   you immediately receive comments on your Facebook page
31:24   saying that you shouldn’t share hate media and that it is racist.
31:27   That’s the state of freedom of expression in Sweden today.
31:33   In Sweden today people are being monitored on social media
31:39   by self-appointed moral policymakers — paid for through our taxes —
31:45   people who diligently and carefully read texts searching for comments that can be reported.
31:50   In Sweden today, more and more people are being denounced and convicted
31:54   of “hets mot folkgrupp” [incitement against a group] because on social media
31:58   they expressed themselves, sometimes clumsily, about the negative effects of immigration.
32:01   In Sweden today the government is considering new legislation
32:06   aimed at censoring of opinions that they do not like.
32:10   In Sweden today, the district court in Solna prosecuted a case
32:14   using what can only be interpreted as Sharia law.
32:17   The District Court released a suspected wife-beater while they blamed the battered woman.
32:25   The woman was married to the man according to Sharia law,
32:29   and in the judgment it is stated that the woman’s credibility was decreased
32:32   because she reported the beating to the police instead of talking to the family.
32:39   In addition, it was claimed in the judgment that the man is from a better family than the woman.
32:45   The district court did not agree with the decision,
32:48   but the two members who wanted to acquit the man were two Center Party politicians
32:54   and one of them is a well-known Islamist
32:58   who openly advocates the implementation of Sharia law in Sweden.
33:03   In Sweden today we are unable to deport people whose asylum applications have been rejected,
33:09   and a so-called “shadow community” of illegal people is steadily growing.
33:17   In Sweden today we have 23 no-go areas characterized by an overwhelming criminal presence,
33:24   which means that the police cannot fulfill their duties. The situation is considered acute.
33:30   In Sweden today, staff at a home for unaccompanied minors were killed,
33:35   where our Chief of Police afterwards expressed sympathy for the killer.
33:40   He commiserated with the killer and wondered
33:44   whether perhaps earlier in his life he had suffered trauma.
33:47   In Sweden today a police officer was stabbed in the neck at a demonstration
33:52   organized by unaccompanied Afghans who wanted amnesty for their group.
33:57   The man who stabbed the police officer was there
34:01   to protect and maintain the safety of the protesters,
34:04   and was himself a participant in the demonstration.
34:07   In Sweden today an immigrant who should have been deported 20 years ago
34:13   was prosecuted for the murder of a woman because he wanted her house.
34:18   In Sweden today the majority of the Government want pass a temporary law
34:24   that will allow 9,000 unaccompanied Afghans without valid asylum claim to remain in the country,
34:30   where many of these can neither prove their identity nor verify their age.
34:39   In Sweden today hospitals increasingly need to employ guards because of family feuds
34:45   that make hospitals unsafe for both staff and visitors.
34:50   In Sweden today women fall from balconies.
34:53   In Sweden today even small boys are robbed of their valuables.
34:58   In Sweden today police cars and police stations are blown up.
35:01   In Sweden today cars are burning in the suburbs.
35:05   In Sweden today a transvestite gay man was murdered
35:09   by two unaccompanied “minors” from North Africa.
35:12   The perpetrators were 16 and 19 years old,
35:16   and were presented as being “unaccompanied children” in the news article.
35:20   These so-called “children” also filmed the man being murdered,
35:24   while they screaming expletives at the man because of his sexual orientation.
35:29   They furthermore stole the victim’s belongings.
35:33   In Sweden today a Syrian raped a 12-year-old,
35:37   stating that he did not know that it was illegal to rape.
35:40   In Sweden today, people are forced to live under protection
35:44   if they criticize the prophet Muhammad or the religion of Islam.
35:49   Mona Walter (former Muslim, now activist against Islam) is an example of this.
35:53   In Sweden today Jews are moving out of Sweden
35:57   because of the hatred of young men from the Middle East.
36:00   In Sweden today women are sexually assaulted on city busses
36:04   by men who pull out their penises and masturbate in front of them.
36:08   In Sweden today, at a municipal preschool, children are threatening to kill other children.
36:14   Children are being choked, kicked and beaten with various types of weapons.
36:19   In Sweden today four Somalis raped a 13-year-old girl until she began to bleed.
36:25   The gang rape was filmed and spread on social media.
36:29   They were sentenced to a few months of youth care and a fine.
36:34   But none of them can be deported because of current legislation.
36:40   In Sweden today there are girls who do not return to school
36:44   after summer holidays because they have been married off.
36:48   In Sweden today there are signs of clan-culture behavior
36:52   from children from as young as 7 or 8 years old.
36:57   They monitor each other and tell family members if they think that
37:02   the other is doing something the parents would disapprove of.
37:07   Threats and violence are also prevalent among these small children.
37:11   In Sweden today Bernt Herlitz lost his job after he reported
37:15   to the Migration Board cases of age-fraud by unaccompanied migrant “minors”.
37:22   Bernt worked as a dental hygienist, and by looking at the x-rays determined that
37:27   these so-called “children” were most likely between 20 and 30 years old.
37:32   The employer not only fired him but also reported him for violation of privacy.
37:39   He is awaiting trial where, if he loses, he is liable
37:43   to pay the employer’s legal fees plus his own.
37:49   The employer, in this case Region Gotland, has hired a star lawyer — at taxpayers’ expense.
37:59   In Sweden today, in Östersund in 2016, a city in Sweden that has taken
38:03   in large numbers of so-called new arrivals,
38:08   the police went out and warned women not to go out alone in the city,
38:13   as many reports said unprovoked violence against women had occurred.
38:18   The police said that it was a serious situation, and they wanted to protect women against violence.
38:23   The police say that a girl as young as 10 years old had been sexually assaulted.
38:29   In Sweden today this development is leading to more guards being used in stores.
38:35   In Sweden today a social secretary sent naked pictures of herself
38:39   to a so-called “unaccompanied migrant minor”.
38:42   In Sweden today employees who work for homes for unaccompanied minors
38:47   have sex with the so-called “children” who live at the homes.
38:53   In Sweden today a woman who worked at a home for “unaccompanied minors”
38:58   convinced a “minor” to murder her father.
39:05   These are some of the events that Sweden’s prime minister calls “small challenges”
39:13   Challenges for which Swedish people are being accused
39:16   of being racist and of supporting “dark forces”
39:19   for pointing out that immigration has brought about
39:23   the increased violence, gang rapes and murder.
39:26   If they succeed in silencing us, we will see an even more brutal society emerge.
39:33   We must never let ourselves be silenced, and we have the right
39:37   to participate in the development of our society and our future.
39:42   We absolutely MUST question the politicians and have them answer why they allow this spiral
39:47   of violence to cause chaos within our lives and society.
39:53   We must remind politicians that they are responsible for making
39:57   the best long-term, reasonable and wise decisions for their people.
40:02   What is happening in Sweden is happening more or less throughout
40:05   the whole of the North and in the rest of Europe.
40:08   So let us NOT be quiet, but do YOUR duty to be involved in creating a positive change.
40:16   We are living in a whole new era of technology, and today we can record phone calls.
40:23   The politicians in charge have an obligation to answer our questions.
40:28   Start calling our politicians and ask them uncomfortable critical questions
40:33   that you can, if you wish, post via social media,
40:38   so that everybody can hear the answers the politicians give you.
40:43   Democracy is not based upon just voting every fourth year.
40:49   Democracy is based on participation — 365 days a year.
40:55   Thank you for listening. Please also listen to my conversations
40:59   with politicians and the media, via my YouTube channel, Nina Drakfors.
41:05   Do NOT be silent, we have the right to say NO MORE,
41:09   and to speak up if what we see happening is wrong.
41:13   If we stay silent then we will indeed let dark and hateful powers
41:18   overtake our society and take over our country.

20 thoughts on “Nina Drakfors: Swedish Politicians Must Put the Welfare of Their Own People Before Anyone Else

  1. Like so many “woke” socialists, she has recognized the leftist strategy to paint political differences as a battle between good and evil, rather than differences in policies.

    They’re doing that here in the U.S. also – which is one reason the Left is slowly being marginalized. Cf #WalkAway

    • And they have gotten people to believe that some evil is actually good and some good is actually evil through emotion, lack of reason and limited disclosure or more simply manipulation. Otherwise it seems like a battle between good and evil to me.

  2. I think that nationalists/patriots et al wish to simplify the questions that arise from immigration, and that they wish to do that by restricting migration.

    The socialists do not wish that simplicity, and raise whatever argument they are able to find to allow for migration.

    When the two confront each other though, the socialists will use over simplified and often empty reasoning to defend themselves, drawing emotionally on equality as main principle. The nationalists on the other hand have to use adept analysis to disassemble the arguments commonly used outside of those presented in that debate by socialists, to dismiss the simplified reasoning being offered as justification.

    “Grandiose narcissists”… well I ponder that. Firstly most people have a share of vanity, maybe the narcissists amongst us have merely surpassed themselves by no longer looking at the reflection the world offers them. That is power for you, attempting to make the world agree with own preconceptions, the emperor without clothes. As for grandiose, well that is easy with other people’s money and resources, if you have no moral depth, or if you find an ideology that permits you that seeming grandeur. However there is a fine line between those, and corruptly and knowingly following a hidden, or someone else’s, agenda. I find it very hard to believe that those publicly responsible for the current poor policy are not at least partially aware of serving a much larger agenda, and one that is not sanctioned by their own people. I find it very hard to believe that many leaders are mere useful idiots to others, or only view their position as part of a wider ideological fraternity which they are not obliged to over and beyond the welfare of their very people.

    • Au contraire, Anon. It is not that

      nationalists/patriots et al wish to simplify the questions that arise from immigration…by restricting migration.

      It’s more the case that they refuse any question for which large-scale immigration appears to be an answer.

      Unlike lefitists, nationalists and patriots didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. They aren’t soft in the head. They realize it takes more than a whopee cushion of culture to make a nation so they don’t fall for the pranksters who would sell them global warming or other calamities.

      Just #WalkAway from ezee answers, sir.

      • I can go with that view also, which I think adds up to keeping migration within reason in the first place , as opposed to retroactively restricting it ?

        Either way, to me it does add up to keeping the question of migration simple (and not as in easy). There are various ways to achieve this in a fair and rightly manner. The first is to remove public incentives (simple), reduce access to citizenship (simple, long term visas replace that reality). After that harder border control, devolution to country of origin, well those are not as easy as they look. That is due not only to international law and treaty (which tends to prudence, rightly in my opinion) , but above all a breakdown in international order (including the existence of historic reclamation and its political differences). For UK, when migrants can easily reach its maritime border via EU for example, UK is at the mercy of EU policy of cooperation of return ( as per Dublin accord for example). To ship migrants back to country of origin is often just not feasible. There also has to be accord from that country for this to take place. Although in principle say a Nigerian may be placed on a flight to Nigeria and Nigeria should accept their citizen home, Nigeria may complain and wrinkle the fabric of international cooperation, diplomacy, trade etc. by saying that UK action in that case does not meet its own standards, that coercion onto a flight is contrary to the spirit of friendship of the two countries, or contrary to international expectation. Nigeria might bring several of its friends to the table in dispute, competitors to UK, and UK face retaliatory sanction by those countries. Obviously that is all hypothesised, but it is actually how international diplomacy and co-operation goes.

        Which is why ethnic nationalists are also labelled isolationist… but it is not isolationist by own choice, so much as asking for a certain order that other countries in modern times might reject, the result being the isolation of that country. If you don’t need global resources much then it is of not much matter, but if you do then the rest of the international community will happily share your portion of the pie amongst themselves. In fact without international leverage, or at least support, one century or another, you might find that the powers that do dominate there decide that they will just snap up your country also.

        So it is in a way an endless swirling ocean of wider events any country is subject to, more so in a globalised age, but it doesn’t have to be the way it is now.

      • Maybe it could be framed in a dual context, the combination of decay/evolution of national identity and external influence on that. The two are intertwined but necessarily separate themes all the same, as base national identity and direction is taken as the product of a nation as of and by itself, without exterior interference.

        How big does a “nation” have to be? Some say around a hundred people is about the limit for a naturally functioning and self regulating society to work well – that would be village life for example.

        After that you have more impersonal structures and a gravitation towards some kind of natural homogeneity.

        Then you have the larger civic imposition of state.

        Then you have the more informal international accord based on recognition of base principles, for example, territorial integrity.

        So how big does a nation have to be?

        When we talk of globalisation we are looking at the very end product being a global nation, more harmonised in terms of inequality – ideally. As someone who is much a free thinker I can say “well, if that is what it takes”, at the same time as asking “is that realistic, does the end justify the means?”

        In the closer view though, I am more affected by the loss of culture and moral compass in the countries I know. Don’t they count for something? I think we should be presented with a real example of what the destination is before we exchange or replace the current world for or with it.

        The trouble is that “global scale” only works at global scale. The rationale behind this is interesting. For example, if there were only the USA as global territory, well there you are – you are already the global nation! Does it matter that there are in fact other nations? Why? Because they pose a threat? Because they are space for expansion or source of resources? Why the drive to total domination or total integration? Is it just natural human behaviour to socialise and seek the certainty of uniformity? Is that even possible at a large scale without cold technical dictatorship? Or is complete informality the pre-existing natural humane version of that?

        Questions to meditate on.

  3. This reminds me of an exchange I had with my ‘Conservative’ MP some time back. He’d written, “Taking everything into consideration, immigration has been beneficial for Britain.” I wrote to ask him what cost-benefit analysis he’d employed in reaching his conclusion. I wanted to know what benefits he’d measured against what costs – he replied, not to answer my question, but instead to suggest that I was a ‘racist’ for asking such a question.

    It’s interesting how the behaviour of establishment politicians in the West is so similar, whether they are members of the ‘left’ or of the ‘right’.

  4. Roll on September. Hopefully the timid indoctrinated real Swedes will throw off the shackles of a century of Social Democrat cultural abuse. How they still poll at 29% support is a mystery. A form of Battered Wife Syndrome? Or is it Stockholm Syndrome?

    • One must remember this is a nation full of blondes we are talking about. At least until they proceeded to fill it with africans…

  5. Y’know, I actually understand why the Democrats are so supportive of invading barbarians here in the US.
    Illegal aliens are counted, or even guessed at (imputed), in the Census and count for the purposes of creating Congressional Districts, allocating Electoral Votes, and allocating Federal Funds.
    They do all this for the Democrats without ever casting a single fraudulent vote (which the also contribute).

    But what the heck do the Swedes and Germans get from these refugees?

    • A long future of pain and suffering is my guess. In 50 years the mass migration from Sweden in the 1800’s will be repeated….
      We are gorn! Unless big big Jim can save us come September. The last throw of the bat for sweden

    • Maybe a swede or german will answer better, I don’t pretend to speak for either, but here are some examples in no particular order :

      Dr. Feelgood.
      Promise of higher weight by population in EU affairs.
      More spending.
      Even more spending.
      Bureaucratic positions for all that spending.
      Ex-migrant voters who will vote for the group of people that was generous to them, that will be nice to future relatives and friends who move to that country.
      Arguments brought to them to keep them busy.
      The emancipation of discovering their own bureaucracy is less than useless, a privilege that remains taxable all the same.

      Admittedly the last two are written with a slight sarcastic irony.

    • Now, here’s a funny question.

      If you look back at US Presidents, in the 20th century, the Presidency years were roughly equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, whatever the actual philosophy.

      So, look at the Presidencies up to 1965, the immigration act that opened the floodgates of the US to low-skilled, low-IQ, high crime immigrants.
      Woodrow Wilson – Democratic
      Warren Harding – Republican
      Calvin Coolidge – Republican
      Herbert Hoover – Republican
      Franklin Roosevelt – Democratic (4 terms)
      Harry Truman – Democratic
      Dwight Eisenhower – Republican
      John Kennedy – Democratic
      Lyndon Johnson – Democratic

      ******* Passage of Immigration Act *********

      Richard Nixon – Republican
      Gerald Ford – Republican (never actually elected to the office)
      Jimmy Carter – Democratic
      Ronald Reagan – Republican
      George H W Bush – Republican (one term)
      Bill Clinton – Democratic
      George W Bush – Republican (kind of)
      Barak Obama – Democratic
      Donald Trump – Republican

      From this, it’s pretty obvious that the Democrats emphatically did not need to import a new people to win elections. They were doing about as well as the Republicans.

      Once the identity groups came into the country and began voting as blocs, the politicians then responded to the political pressures, and supported continued immigration as part of their re-election strategy.

      But, consider this: a politician supporting continued immigration has already been voted into office. Why does he need further immigration? Even if the immigrants would vote for him as a bloc, he doesn’t need them. He’s already gotten into office.

      My feeling is there are 3 factors driving policy:

      1) A genetic deterioration not only in the quality of the electorate, but in the elite politicians, plutocrats, and Deep State bureaucrats. Their instincts for personal and racial genetic survival have deteriorated;

      2) The existence of a vast, tenured, unaccountable, tax-funded, powerful bureaucracy (Deep State) that applies continued pressure to bring money and power to itself and to eliminate risks to its own power (such risks include free speech, any control over voting, any control over welfare collection, etc).

      3) The systematic elimination of accountability in the government, including the diversification of electoral districts designed to eliminate any coherent nationalist bloc, and the expansion of government jurisdiction to exert national solutions to regional or local questions.

      To summarize, the entire structure of our government is oriented toward continuation of the present suicidal policies, and the structure itself of the government is likely to have to change in order for rational policies to be reliably implemented.

      I suspect Sweden is the same. Nina Drakfors is simply barking up the wrong tree with statements such as

      These politicians must begin to realize that they have to serve the people and put the welfare of their own country and people before anyone else.

      We must remind politicians that they are responsible for making the best long-term, reasonable and wise decisions for their people

      Any government reform depending on the insight or morality of the government officials and leaders is absolutely doomed to failure. In the current system, if a moral leader appears, he will be crushed by the corrupt practices of the immoral leaders. It’s a variant of the old “Tragedy of the Commons” situation, where unsupervised public goods are inevitably ruined by abuse and overuse.

  6. If my society told me the price to rape me was 180 days in jail, I would owe it nothing. I mean that in a malevolent way.

  7. Really now.
    The only solution is to STOP the immigration machine.
    Put the damn machine in REVERSE………..
    Back up to 1980 (to 1965 for the U, S, of A).

    THEY WILL HAVE TO VOTE FOR THIS! (Is there even a candidate?)
    Do they even have the NERVE to do so?
    Anybody wanna bet? Any takers?


    • Stopping immigration is not easy in the US if we don’t elect anti-immigration politicians who can stop the bills and build the necessary walls.

      There is no way that I can see to reverse immigration, but it is conceivable to stem the tide. (Read Refugee Watch if you want to know how successful it’s been of late), though it did take Trump a while to step on the line letting them in legally.

      We can’t even stop the mess currently at the border. “Oh, the children”…so how come we’re not concerned with the children of American prisoners who are separated for years for (often) non-violent crimes? Nope, they want photogenic victims, the ones they hid from view while Obama was busy messing up things at our border and leaving children in those same cages. Meanwhile, BHO/Holder gave the cartels more guns to kill Mexican citizens and American law enforcement. And we sat here with no counter-plan. Some hard-nosed Americans out west did make a difference, though.

      Donald Trump is threatening to halt the budget if Congress doesn’t free up the funds for the border. An *excellent* tactic to put a spanner in the works. It’s usually the president whose party is out of power who threatens this shut-down so this was a great power-play. Just goes to show almost the whole legislative branch is aligned against Trump, including the sleazy Paul Ryan, he of the TWO fences around his own home.

      Shutting down govt is all theatre as the vengeful Obama proved, by closing the White House to the public, and putting up barriers at open monuments. It was immoral.

      We must find ways to help the left implode. The #WalkAway movement started with one guy. Because he was brave enough to speak publicly, others of his ilk followed. From our bulwarks, we are smart enough to cut the “raacist” meme off at the knees. It’s not enough to claim “No, I’m not!” because that devolves quickly. We need a counter-meme that never mentions the word. But I don’t know what the word is yet. It has to be as succinct and informative as #WalkAway.

      • Unfortunately, Trump seems to be walking back his threat to shut down the government to coerce funding for the wall. Fox News mentioned it before televising his Tampa speech. If you listened, Trump did mention, we will build the wall…sometime. And we’re building it now..just where we’ve been building it for the past few years.

        Ann Coulter predicts a Democratic “tsunami” unless Trump energizes his constituency with the dramatic action of a government shutdown. I think the reason the Democrats are so rabid against the wall is that it represents a real, lasting barrier to immigration that won’t be so easy to reverse entirely with a Democratic administration. Obama reversed policy and law with simple administrative orders to the border patrol to allow free entry into the country. It would be more obvious to reverse policy similarly with a real wall in place.

        I also don’t think the Democrats are looking for an electoral advantage as their primary motivation for open borders. I’ve shown elsewhere the Democrats and Republicans are roughly equal in number of presidential elections won in the past century. The Democrats didn’t really need a new constituency.

        I believe the primary motivation for the Democrats open borders is that they hate the American nation and culture, and wish it diluted and destroyed. I also believe many, if not most, Democrats would continue their policies even if convinced it would harm them personally. Why? Because the pampered elite see the anti-American crusade as giving meaning to their otherwise lackluster lives.

  8. This was one long nightmare. I can’t believe I watched the whole thing.

    If there are so many individuals in Sweden who have lost their humanity (as evidenced by the staggering degree of support for rapists and murderers by ethnic-Swedes) then maybe right-thinking Swedes should simply move, and let those countrymen who begged for this cultural change have it.

    I mean, really, let Sweden fall and be an example to the rest of the world of what cultural mistakes to avoid. Because after all, even with a “new administration” those inhuman Swedes will still be there in years to come, ripe to have another go at their county’s destruction. Why bother fighting them? They’re not worth it.

  9. What a tour we force. Bravo ma’am!
    I was banned from commenting on the Spectator blogs in London for criticising the editor’s puff piece about a Swedish football team made up of mainly immigrants.
    I tried to respond but nowhere.
    If I may I would like to copy and post this speech to the Spectator editor Fraser Nelson.

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