The Muslim Brotherhood in France: “They say it. We have only to listen to it!”

The video below contains the second in a series of documentaries on the Muslim Brotherhood by Zvi Yehezkeli, an Israeli journalist and filmmaker who is fluent in Arabic. In his latest undercover operation, Mr. Yehezkeli posed as a Jordanian in France, and penetrated several institutions by offering to donate to Muslim Brotherhood fronts in France.

As I was editing and formatting the transcript of this report for subtitles, I found myself getting more and more depressed. When you watch the video, you can’t help but think, “We are SO SCREWED.” Especially the French — at this point it’s hard to see how France can avoid becoming an Islamic state.

Watch it; you’ll see what I mean.

Many thanks to RL for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   Islam will return to rule over Europe and the West!
00:09   Does the conquest need to be accomplished by the sword? No, not necessarily!
00:14   There is something called a “Quiet Conquest.”
00:17   This strong message broadcast by Yusuf Al Qaradawi —
00:21   The most influential cleric in the Muslim world — is heard openly all over the world.
00:26   Quietly, in the West, under the surface, through soft Jihad,
00:29   The International Islamic Caliphate is expanding…
00:32   Its objective is to impose Sharia on the entire world.
00:35   Do you prefer to live under Sharia or under US Law? — SHARIA!
00:39   Of course, according to Sharia, I have nothing to do with their Laws! Qaradawi’s “army”
00:43   is called “The Muslim Brotherhood”. We are Arabs! (woman curses in Arabic) “Your father’s shoe”…
00:48   And their influence on the Arab world is immense.
00:51   To expose their hidden control, it’s impossible to use conventional reporting tools.
00:55   I must cross the lines… You are not Zvika, but Abu Hamza, Al Haj Abu Hamza — pleased to meet…
01:01   I change identity, and dress like a Muslim Sheikh —
01:05   SCARY! But it’s not enough… To establish a perfect identity, I also need false documents.
01:11   Without money there is no passport. So I carry the money — no problem!
01:15   With the help of experienced intelligence agents, I obtain a Syrian passport, using a false identity.
01:20   Hello, Peace, I am Haled Abu Salem. —Equipped with hidden cameras and recording tools,
01:26   I enter places no one else dares…
01:29   He is an Arab — my brother… —Meeting the people in their ordinary environment without being exposed.
01:35   Ahalan — Welcome! The closer I get, the more difficult it gets.
01:40   There is somebody maybe tracking us?
01:43   There are places where only one person can enter.
01:47   Are you Sami? How did you find us?
01:50   To expose the secret project hidden far from the public.
01:54   Here inside, it’s written Sharia School,
01:57   but on the main billboard the word Sharia is not mentioned.
02:01   They obviously work on their mission to conquer us!
02:05   They say it! We just have to listen to it!
02:13   Documentary series by Zvi Yehezkeli, Ohad Gal — Oz
02:17   Film director: Ohad Gal-Oz
02:20   Production: Roni Manor & Sagit Shalom
02:26   Editors: Makikes (Ronen) Amar & Eyal Ron False Identity
02:30   Zvi Yehezkeli — Jihad — The Day of Judgment
02:38   We are now at Charles de Gaulle Airport.
02:41   We are waiting for a well-known French journalist,
02:44   Jean-Paul Ney. A fearless war journalist, who lived in Cairo and Gaza,
02:49   covered Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Libya, and infiltrated Jihad and Da’wa organizations.
02:53   He accomplished his mission. When he returned home, he realized the method
02:58   of the soft Jihad was operating inside France,
03:01   in plain sight of the French people. He wrote a book on this topic.
03:05   Since then he has been threatened and forced to emigrate.
03:08   When his “Charlie Hebdo” friends were murdered, he, too, realized that he had been followed
03:12   by Muslim organizations. So he grabbed his family and children, and escaped France!
03:17   A close government official hinted to him: “Run away, we won’t be able to protect you”
03:22   How are you? Shalom and welcome! What do you think of my new face?
03:27   You look like the guy who makes my kebab…
03:32   It’s great to see you!
03:35   So how was your flight? Fine! Fine!
03:41   What do you think about the Muslim Brotherhood’s quiet Jihad in France?
03:45   The problem is much deeper than what is on the surface.
03:51   It’s like a deeper lake where the ‘Loch Ness Monster’ is hiding,
03:57   waiting to rise above the surface…
04:00   Islamists are creating a ‘surface story,’
04:04   very friendly on the surface — somewhat very friendly,
04:07   and then one day, Islamists and Jihadists will reign over this country!
04:29   Is it possible that someone is tracking us?
04:32   Maybe it’s this car — let’s try to escape…
04:37   Or maybe we should go and talk to him…
04:41   sometimes I did that,
04:44   I made people crazy because when that happened to me,
04:49   in Jordan or Gaza,
04:52   I just would go and say, “Want coffee? If you follow me,
04:56   at least have coffee”… The Mukhabarat (Arab intelligence) would say; yes, coffee is OK…
05:00   For a second I watched the existential threat
05:03   on Jean-Paul’s face. The experienced war journalist. In Cairo they would have let him go.
05:07   In France, had we not escaped the car behind, Jean-Paul would have been in physical danger.
05:12   One of the branches of the French Muslim Brotherhood relentlessly threatens anyone
05:16   who speaks against political Islam’s ‘soft Jihad.’
05:20   More than 50 French Journalists are under threat.
05:23   Some of them had to run away from France. Everywhere in Europe, and especially in France,
05:28   if you try to stand against radical Islam,
05:31   it is getting very difficult in terms of security.
05:37   You receive threats,
05:40   and some might attempt to breach your physical integrity.
05:43   Lawyer Tibolde de-Montbrial leads a war in the courts
05:46   against the spread of Islam. Therefore he is a target.
05:50   In spite of his past service in the elite French military unit,
05:53   he walks around Paris with a personal bodyguard;
05:56   refusing to surrender and be silenced by the media and government institutions.
06:01   You slowly lose the access to the big media,
06:04   because if you are too clear on this subject,
06:09   you are called an “extremist,” “extreme right” or “Islamophobe,”
06:14   all the arguments whose purpose is to shut you up.
06:18   Security?! No one likes to be threatened,
06:21   to take a risk where someone may stab you,
06:24   because they saw you on TV, saying bad things about Islam.
06:28   All of these reasons put together lead to having only few people who speak openly in the media.
06:36   Nowadays, if you say something about the Muslim Brotherhood,
06:40   they can sue you, you can go to trial and they will win,
06:45   because they have power now, through many members…
07:01   This is a typical suburb where I started working.
07:06   You have places like these suburbs everywhere around Paris.
07:11   The police won’t enter these places? Correct? No Go Zone.
07:15   The police have a map that shows the places.
07:20   You know, it’s like “G.T.A map,”
07:23   I am sorry to compare it with a game,
07:28   but it’s not a game. Even a Muslim appearance is not enough in Paris suburbs.
07:33   No camera will enter here; even if we say that we are from Al Jazeera.
07:38   Are we walking with this camera outside?
07:41   No, we will have problems.
07:44   But you walk with a Muslim like me…
07:47   I think I am covering you… Yes! But they know me…
07:50   I have an idea… OK, Jean-Paul and I will walk on the street and you will video us from the car…
08:04   OK, let’s go! Jean-Paul, where can I buy a small Quran?
08:09   You know, to give to the guys, it’s a good way to start a conversation.
08:13   Here you can…
08:19   Hello, Hello. Do you have small Quran books? — Yes, over there.
08:24   He wants to buy many to hand them to the young boys. Yes, I understand.
08:28   In the street where they don’t pray. How many do you want? Five! Five? OK!
08:33   Here are five and an extra one on me.
08:36   Here, I will give you a discount. Bless you.
08:43   Salaam, Salaam aleikum (welcome).
08:46   Around here is a place where long time ago young boys met.
08:53   One from Egypt and another one — an Algerian French,
08:58   started thinking politically. Not about Jihad.
09:02   They started saying that Muslims in France are targets.
09:08   That Muslims in France are like Jewish people — yeah,
09:12   that they are victims of what we call here “Islamophobia.”
09:18   Young boys with money from French Muslim Brotherhood;
09:23   They created the CCIF (Collective Against Islamophobia in France — established in 2003).
09:28   Hey guys, is anyone here a Muslim?
09:33   Are you a Muslim? Yes. This is a Quran. Do you want it?
09:38   Do you go to the mosque?
09:42   So, so… sometimes, not all the time.
09:45   What do you think of the French attitude towards you?
09:50   I don’t know, they don’t do much, there isn’t…
09:54   there isn’t help. Look how we live… look where we live.
10:01   We live in crowded conditions; one on top of the other.
10:04   It’s like the past concentration camps — it’s the same…
10:09   Concentration camps such as in the war?
10:13   What do you think will be here in 20 years with Islam?
10:17   They will mark us with a star like they did to the Jews in 1945.
10:20   So the French don’t like you?
10:26   OK, thank you! May you be blessed!
10:31   Salam, Thank you!
10:34   We have a body with two legs; one is the terror, and the other is violence.
10:39   The other one is the use of all our legal system by Muslims against us.
10:45   Radical Islam now in France, is using our laws, our freedom against us.
10:51   We have associations like the CCIF
10:55   the committee against Islamophobia, which is very visible,
11:00   They are active in the courts, and the media, They victimize the Muslims,
11:04   so that they all can feel solidarity as victims.
11:08   Of course this is the greater danger.
11:13   This is Sami Debah — a Moroccan immigrant who is now running for Mayor
11:17   in this immigrants’ suburb. He ran as a politician after he established in France
11:22   (as in the rest of Europe) the organization called “CCIF,”
11:26   introducing to the public through the media, academia,
11:29   and the courts the charge of the word “Islamophobia.”
11:32   Every critical statement, has been confronted with this adjective,
11:35   and this organization which solicited money from Arab countries became strong and intimidating.
11:39   CCIF — a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in France,
11:44   created, generated, and helped by the Muslim Brotherhood.
11:48   It was born HERE — right here!
11:53   In this very area! You see? It’s not an official building of the “CCIF”
12:00   It’s an apartment… here lives Sami Debah;
12:03   Sami Debah is one of the founders. Yes, we called him,
12:07   he said that if you are not from the Muslim Brotherhood, like us, I am not talking…
12:12   You know why you will never find him? Because he is hiding!
12:16   When you are in the shadows, you can do whatever you want… yah!
12:21   When you build an association, you can’t be anonymous;
12:25   You have to provide your address…
12:29   Bonjour, I am looking for Sami Debah
12:32   Ah Sami, on 7th floor, He is a Jordanian sheikh — my friend,
12:36   through that door, when you exit, it’s the second side. —OK.
12:39   The seventh. When you exit the elevator, turn right. —Thank you.
12:46   I will go; knock, and you stay here.
12:49   I would better go alone. —OK, no problem… If he sees you, it will be a problem. —OK.
13:17   Salam Aleikum (greeting for peace).
13:20   I came to meet Brother Sami. —Who is that?
13:26   Is he here? —Just a second, I will check.
13:30   I arrived from Jordan to meet him —Just a moment.
13:40   Salaamu Aleikum (greeting) — I am sorry Brother.
13:43   Are you Sami? Ahalan, how are you?
13:46   My name is Haled Abu Salem, I came from Jordan,
13:49   I am told you are the head of the organization, and I want to donate money.
13:53   This is not the organization’s place, it’s my private residence. —Oh, I am sorry! —I am sick today…
13:58   You are sick and I don’t want to bother you…
14:02   I don’t want to bother… —Please come in,
14:06   I walked around the neighborhood and was told that you live here,
14:09   Be well! How did you find us? —I visited friends here. They told me that the organization
14:15   is around here, We searched through the internet and came here. May Allah bless you!
14:19   Let me, I don’t want to bother you…
14:22   Rest, rest! That’s OK. May Allah bless you!
14:28   Are you a dealer or what? —We have a shop in Jordan,
14:32   and we look for different opportunities for ourselves here.
14:35   Maybe we will immigrate to France. —We are an organization that cares
14:38   for the Human Rights of Muslims in France.
14:41   You established this organization in 2003 to protect Muslims.
14:46   Yes, to protect the Muslims in France, We have an office with ten people employed.
14:54   Yes, we protect the Muslims
14:57   from “Islamophobia” problems.
15:02   How is your situation here with the French people?
15:05   Is there “Islamophobia?” Problems? Racism?
15:08   Racism doesn’t occur via the French people,
15:12   Racism manifests via certain politicians and media.
15:19   But the French people are victims, just like the Muslims.
15:27   People refuse to talk about “Islamophobia.” They run away from it like fire.
15:33   Is there any system that silences and pressures people not to talk?
15:37   There is in France something called “gentle souls,”
15:41   Whether these people are “bought” or not, I don’t know;
15:46   are they simply unable to recognize reality?
15:51   They don’t understand! They also didn’t understand Hitler…
15:56   This is Gilbert Collard; a Parliament Member from United National Party of Marine Le Pen.
16:01   French politicians tell themselves that this can represent one percentage of the votes,
16:07   causing them to capitulate to everything.
16:10   Since they want to gain votes — it’s very simple,
16:16   The UOIF (Union of Islamic Organizations of France) is in contact with the Salafi organization,
16:21   and called for people to vote for Mr. Emmanuel Macron. Yet it didn’t surprise anybody.
16:26   This shows how much our political leaders capitulate at present.
16:31   We are crazy!
16:34   We do not anticipate what awaits us! We do not get the message!
16:40   Is the country (France) helping you? Does it give to you? No, Doesn’t help us, doesn’t give us.
16:44   They don’t recognize the issue of Islamophobia.
16:47   Which country helps you? We get help from a very big country…
16:51   You means Qatar? Yes, yes! Thanks to Allah!
16:55   My father — peace be on him — said that we need to give money
16:58   to our people in France…I want to give you a donation.
17:01   How do you do it? How do you transfer the money; through the bank or how?
17:05   From the bank! From a bank? —A bank in Jordan. Very good!
17:11   OK, brother Sami, I am in a hurry as my family is waiting. Blessings,
17:14   I am glad to have met you. Sorry for bothering you —May Allah give you health!
17:32   It was a small donation, but he took it when he realized
17:35   that the money is from a Muslim Brother from Jordan.
17:38   At least he shared who is financing them. Qatar — where the big money originates.
17:43   Qatar almost caused Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE
17:47   to start a war against it, merely for its support of the Muslim Brotherhood.
17:51   Qatar hosts Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi;
17:54   it supports Hamas, and the rest of Muslim Brotherhood affiliate organizations in Europe.
17:59   They have a lot of money,
18:02   to slowly impose their Islamic doctrine on Europe. Hundreds of fictitious companies,
18:10   saturate them with enormous cash — hundreds of millions of dollars.
18:13   Here is an example of how money that floods the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe
18:16   is transferred to aid terrorism against Israel.
18:19   The CBSP foundation — Hamas front organization (Committee for Welfare & Aid to the Palestinians)
18:23   transfers money from France to the Palestinians. The money arrives in Gaza — not in the West Bank —
18:26   mainly to suicide bombers’ families.
18:29   A US Court sentenced Muslim Brotherhood members to years in prison;
18:34   determining that CBSP is a terror affiliated and declaring it illegal.
18:39   Still, one can find CBSP charity-boxes in France,
18:42   at every mosque and every store all over the Paris suburbs.
18:45   Is that a non-profit organization? Yes, a well-known organization.
18:49   Oh, CBSP is a well-known organization. I saw it in Gaza. The CBSP organization shows
18:53   a harmless façade, while hiding hundreds of millions of dollars transferred to the Palestinians.
18:57   Peace to you, welcome, Ahalan!
19:01   We are sorry for bothering you, Ahalan, ahalan, how are you, my friend? —Ahalan, please,
19:09   I am a head of an organization — a charity society for the Palestinians.
19:14   Through you we want to donate to Palestine. Is CBSP money
19:18   transferred to Palestine? I mean to Gaza of course.
19:21   Yes, to Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon.
19:24   This looks like a Hamas flag. —No, it’s not. —Not Hamas? —No, it’s not.
19:29   Oh… No connection? We are a charity foundation. —To whom do you donate
19:32   in Palestine? To whom? —It’s aid for the needy.
19:35   Needy where? In Ramallah or Gaza? — In Gaza, Jordan, or Lebanon…
19:40   I have no connection to Hamas or PLO.
19:44   But a visit to the UOIF website shows that CBSP
19:48   is the financial branch of the organization in Gaza.
19:51   Generally, to which group do you belong? —We are an independent association.
19:55   But I saw on the internet, that you are part of UOIF? (Union of Islamic Organizations of France)
20:02   No, no. No? You are not part of the Union of Islamic Organizations of France?
20:05   No, we don’t have connection to Islam. We are Muslims, but we are an organization.
20:09   Oh, it’s not connected, we are a charity organization.
20:12   Charity, but…we help orphans and we are a charity organization, charity…
20:18   Even in the bylaws we are registered as a charity organization. —Ahhh…
20:24   OK, thank you brother, all the best, Ahalan, so long.
20:30   Did you notice that…
20:33   when I asked him whether it’s Gaza? He said Palestine. Gaza Palestine!
20:38   But ultimately, all the money is basically transferred to Gaza,
20:43   because an organization like the “UOIF” won’t donate to a regime
20:47   such as Abu Mazen’s, for example, whom they don’t support.
20:59   Here is another Muslim Brotherhood arm in the spread of Da’wa.
21:02   The prisons in France,
21:05   or known here as: “Ticking Time Bomb.”
21:09   Every few months, a new Intifada inmates arises in the jails.
21:12   That’s when the French get the picture that the decisive majority of Muslim inmates
21:17   go through a process of radicalization.
21:20   The Muslim Brotherhood, as always, invests in prisons.
21:23   Only here, the government assists them, and it’s all to buy an additional ‘peace’.
21:29   You know this place? —Ah? What is it? —It’s a jail.
21:34   Were you there? —Yes.
21:37   This is Gilbert — a French criminal, who spent few years in jail.
21:42   In today’s France, it’s hard to find anyone who would tell
21:45   what truly happens behind bars.
21:49   Some say that 70%-80% of the inmates inside the jail are Muslims. Maybe more.
21:54   If you see the halal food they serve over there,
22:00   it is 85%-90% (Muslims).
22:04   85%-90% Muslims. —Yes.
22:07   The rules they use in prisons are Muslim rules.
22:12   According to the French law, it is not allowed to ask how many Muslims inmates are in prisons.
22:18   This is one of the most reliable figures.
22:21   We know that most of the French criminals,
22:25   are from certain neighborhoods…
22:28   They have… —Are you allowed to say it? No, that’s why I am very careful.
22:32   Otherwise I can be prosecuted for saying that.
22:36   Some French journalists were convicted because they said
22:40   that most of the criminals are of Muslim origin,
22:43   so the reason why I don’t say it is clear. Why doesn’t the French government
22:46   state that 90% of inmates in jail are Muslims?
22:49   Because then, they would need to publish all the ethnic statistics.
22:53   So let’s be French, and not talk about it.
22:57   This reality, where Muslim inmates are the majority,
23:00   implicates the Muslim Brotherhood in the picture.
23:03   With the government’s support, they send an imam to prisons for praying, for sermons,
23:08   and to ensure that every inmate has a library, and that he acts according to the sharia.
23:14   However, they will reap their harvest in the future…
23:18   I know someone who brings in small books and Qurans to the inmates.
23:23   He always comes here.
23:28   He takes five of these and three of that,
23:32   and pays with his own money. —He enters the prisons?
23:35   Why do they allow him in? —He has… he has —He has a license? Yes, he has a license.
23:41   He always tells me what they need…
23:46   This week he took 100 such books — Wow!
23:53   Why do the authorities consent? In our country it’s forbidden.
23:56   In France he is considered a “religious person”
23:59   The French government buys quiet time, but practically.
24:02   Prisons are the biggest transition stations for radicalization.
24:08   Almost every inmate, who is generally a secular Muslim
24:11   charged with criminal offenses, is released to society as a devout Muslim.
24:16   When (Mohammed) Merah in Toulouse (terrorist killer at Jewish school), yes, Talmud Torah.
24:20   Yes, at school. When they announced on TV
24:24   that Mohammed Merah was killed by the French Special Police unit,
24:28   the jail, listen my friend, the wall jails were trembling;
24:35   “Allahu Akhbar!” “Allahu Akhbar!” “Mohammed Merah!” “Shahid!” “Shahid!”
24:42   I am telling you, I have … look at my skin…
24:47   Three or four of the major prisons in France were trembling!
24:53   I was in jail when Merah was killed and I heard:
24:57   The hell with France! F…k Israel!
25:02   The religion is turning in prison from something good to evil.
25:08   Ultimately, from prisons in France one splits into two separate directions; One is to do Da’wa.
25:14   The majority return more devout to their community, preaching and instructing according to the Sharia.
25:18   I have a friend who became a Salafist inside.
25:22   His job now is to stand at the entrance to the mosque after sermons,
25:29   and instruct the people to be more devout.
25:33   I have many more examples of people who became devout and stopped any illegal activity.
25:41   Another route — also the result of prisons —
25:44   is the terror that hits France, and the violence in the suburbs.
25:48   French society is in such bad shape,
25:52   that I can’t imagine how we can get through the next ten years, without a huge explosion and violence.
25:57   In my view, it’s not possible, but I am not the only one who thinks that.
26:01   Even though the major politicians will not say that on TV,
26:04   when we meet them face to face, they all say that.
26:13   It’s difficult to obscure the Islamization of the public space in France.
26:18   Entire areas are considered: “NO GO ZONES.”
26:21   Entire suburbs in major cities transformed into areas
26:24   where the authorities keep away to benefit another law — Islamic Law!
26:29   It slowly and steadily enforces itself to control life over there.
26:33   Here, everyone dresses up in traditional Islamic costumes,
26:36   acting according to Sharia — Islamic Religious law.
26:40   This creates a situation where in a ten-minute drive from the Champs Elysées,
26:44   the lively center of Paris, with crowded coffee houses, the symbol of beautiful Paris,
26:49   in certain areas, women can NO LONGER sit in coffee houses, nor even walk on sidewalks.
26:55   This street was on the news, since women are not allowed to walk here.
27:00   Yes, indeed, there were few women who demonstrated since they couldn’t get through,
27:08   as they didn’t feel safe.
27:11   And also the rise of radical Islam at certain quarters…
27:18   Ka-at! [unclear]
27:22   We are Arabs! Ka-at — In-al Abuk [cursing his father]
27:25   Ka-at [unclear] — I only talked…
27:28   Alexander de — Vacio — a Senior Editor at “Le Figaro,”
27:31   spends many days in the Muslim areas of Paris,
27:34   Investigating developments on the French streets.
27:37   You can NOT see women even in coffee shops. Indeed, women can’t anymore go to coffee houses.
27:44   They are not welcomed there.
27:47   Generally we observe the existence of Islamic control,
27:51   by the Muslim Brotherhood, which started to infiltrate in the 1980s.
27:57   Nowadays it exerts a significant control on French society.
28:05   Espresso please…
28:11   How do secular French people accept coffee houses only for men?
28:16   Coffee only for men, but they think it’s a social problem.
28:22   It’s an educational and a religious problem!
28:25   Now, if you go inside, there are only men.
28:29   You see? There are only men.
28:38   Hello, peace — Salaamu aleikum.
28:42   Two espressos please.
28:47   You see? They are selling alcohol.
28:54   Salaamu Aleikum — peace on you friends — Quran, for you!
28:58   Please — Quran. Please — it’s a gift.
29:03   How do you say present? —“Ankado”.
29:08   In this coffee house there are no women right? —No women — Praise Allah.
29:14   Why? They don’t enter?
29:18   They don’t enter here.
29:25   Why were those guys suspicious? They were a bit surprised.
29:31   Yes! Always!
29:34   Because if they are here, they are not good Muslims, and you are like a father figure to them.
29:40   They are not religious, they are selling alcohol,
29:43   and women are not allowed to enter? It shows how strong
29:47   the Ikhwan (Muslim Brothers) ideology is here.
29:50   I am going to the restroom and come back… —Yes, yes…
29:54   Is the restroom there? —Yes.
29:59   You can see here two doors: The men’s door is open;
30:03   the women’s door is locked.
30:06   Not because there is someone inside. There isn’t even one woman.
30:10   Coffee houses with NO women became a reality in France’s Muslim areas.
30:13   Here is what happens to a woman who tries to enter a coffee house in the suburbs.
30:18   Whom are you looking for Madam? —I am looking for somebody.
30:21   It’s better that you wait outside. —Why? —Because there are only men here!
30:24   What’s the matter? We live in a world for men and women.
30:28   We are in the Sorbonne area. This is not Paris. Even in Sorbonne, we are still in France.
30:31   These are suburbs. —So what? —You are not in Paris. Here the mentality is different.
30:36   Your behavior reflects the countries you came from. It is for your personal well-being.
30:39   The fight over coffee houses has been settled; sharia — Islamic law — wins. And it continues;
30:44   the process of taking control over the public space does NOT stop at the coffee houses!
30:48   So long, friends… The goal of soft Jihad is to Islamize France, Europe, and the entire World.
30:54   And Europe’s prime symbol — Christmas!
30:58   The Christmas holiday is facing an offense.
31:01   It’s December, and the holiday is approaching.
31:04   But you won’t find colorful holiday decorations and Christmas trees in the streets.
31:08   Sermons from mosques, internet, and satellite,
31:11   do not believe in coexistence with their Christian neighbors.
31:15   We do not celebrate the birthday of Mohammed — peace be upon him.
31:18   So, should we celebrate Christmas?
31:21   It’s forbidden, it’s embarrassing, it’s not appropriate, and it demonstrates stupidity.
31:30   I refer to the existing struggle against Nativity — the birth of Jesus.
31:35   Te very idea of Christmas is disappearing.
31:38   In France, citizens don’t greet each other anymore with “Merry Christmas.”
31:41   Once — six, seven years ago,
31:45   during Christmas, in the cities, there were decorations with “Merry Christmas.”
31:52   Now it’s “Happy Holidays.”
31:55   Only one troubled Santa Clause is left among the Christmas lights,
31:59   looking to take photos with people in Saint Denis suburb.
32:02   Do you want to give a Quran to Santa Clause?
32:05   Give it to me.
32:08   Quran to Santa Clause, please — it’s a gift.
32:14   It’s nice, but I believe only in humanity.
32:20   He only believes in people — not in God.
32:23   I am a humanist — humanist. It’s very funny to get your gift.
32:30   Ask him what he thinks about Islam.
32:34   What do you think about Islam?
32:37   In France, we are secular. I am secular.
32:43   People think whatever they want. It’s freedom of thought.
32:52   Then, if their intention leads to religious extremism,
32:55   whether it’s extreme Catholicism or Protestantism…
33:00   I am a citizen of the planet Earth… —OK. Thank you. —Thank you.
33:04   Read it. Thank you.
33:08   You are crazy, my brother. I can’t believe you gave the Holy Quran to a Santa Claus.
33:20   One might argue that this Santa Claus represents the naïve and secular France,
33:26   which lends a hand to the formation of a Muslim society that lives under laws of Sharia!
33:31   We have witnessed 70 years of peace, the first time in the history of Europe.
33:36   It’s exactly as if those 70 years of peace erased our politicians’ and population’s memory.
33:44   Our country — as all other countries — was built on blood.
33:49   Our freedom was gained by weapons and guns.
33:52   We are the children of the children of peace, and we forgot what war is.
33:56   Now we are being attacked by people based on an ideology
34:01   centered on Islam, and their obvious objective is to conquer us.
34:08   They say it. We have only to listen to it!
34:21   This halal symbol, the sign of legal Muslim food, was very rare about 20 years ago.
34:26   Now it is proudly displayed in thousands of restaurants and supermarkets here.
34:32   It’s more than a technical marking. Rather, it’s a sign
34:35   of Islam’s domination, and Muslim society’s separation
34:38   from the general French society. Good evening, good evening, Salaamu Aleikum.
34:43   Is this halal? Halal! Praise Allah. I was in Paris ten years ago and didn’t see halal signs.
34:49   Today, “with no evil eye,” it is everywhere. Praise Allah!
34:53   We are in a country where there are lots of Muslims — did you understand?
34:57   Here it resembles a Muslim country. A Muslim country!
35:00   Do you want chicken? Soon I will return to get it. We are filming now….
35:04   Come back and I will give you — Allah willing.
35:08   Later, when we are back! You are welcome!
35:11   Salaam Aleikum (greeting) — how are you, brother?
35:14   Allah bless you!
35:17   The halal industry rolls up millions of euros a year.
35:21   It expands and increases by tenths of percentages each year.
35:24   There are many religious stamps on halal.
35:28   They have the HQC sign (halal supervision).
35:32   You have “Lemina Reiz” — which is well known,
35:35   Look, one two, three, four, five.
35:38   Five certificates? Why? It’s not easy to investigate this kind of money.
35:43   First, it’s cash, and then look how many certificates you need… Not just one.
35:49   This will be easier to investigate.
35:52   So, when a French guy buys meat, most of the time
35:55   he will buy it from a Muslim — not from French person,
35:58   which means — the money stays inside the Muslim community.
36:02   It’s not going into the pockets of the government.
36:06   Are you telling me that it’s a HUGE industry? Yes, it is a monopoly!
36:11   Yes, it’s a monopoly. Now the halal in France is more than meat.
36:17   Candies, candies,
36:20   yes, t-shirts, video games…
36:23   It’s crazy! The halal industries are owned almost entirely by organizations,
36:29   connected one way or another to the Muslim Brotherhood.
36:32   Whoever controls the halal monopoly, controls much more than that!
36:37   Dr. Dina Lisnyansky is a researcher on Islamic movements in Europe,
36:41   A world-renowned scholar on all issues connected with the Muslim Brotherhood movement.
36:46   In Belgium few years ago, they labeled an entire harbor halal;
36:50   a special harbor that is the only one of its kind in Europe.
36:54   It’s a halal Port — forbidding trade in supplies that are NOT halal.
36:58   The moment you own the monopoly and are in charge of a certain area, of course the money flows
37:02   directly into your hands. There are also more opportunities
37:05   for financial embezzlement, and for transferring
37:08   the money for other purposes… among them, some terror funds advance through the halal operation.
37:23   To appreciate the extent of the Muslim Brothers’ position in Europe’s distant future,
37:28   drive about 300 kilometers away from Paris to a village called Château-Chinon in the Dijon region,
37:34   where the Flag Project of the UOIF (Union of Islamic Orgs of France) takes place insidiously.
37:38   One wonders if the residents of the village realize what’s going on inside that Château.
37:43   How pastoral, idyllic, and serene it looks. What could take place here?
37:48   In essence, here is the school for the Future Leadership of Europe.
37:53   Here they gather the most talented Muslims youths, and after a long seven years’ process of training,
37:59   they set out to lead the Muslim communities throughout the Continent,
38:03   according to one clear line: life under Islamic law; separated from the European
38:07   countries, on its path to the Islamic Caliphate!
38:10   The attempt to hide what’s going on there can be detected on the billboard.
38:13   IESH — “The European Institute for Science and Humanity”
38:18   Yet in Arabic it says; “The European Institute for Islamic Studies”
38:24   There is NO connection whatsoever between what’s written in French and the meaning in Arabic.
38:29   This compound was established at the early 1990s by Yusuf al Qaradawi,
38:33   currently the most important jurist in the Sunni Islamic world.
38:38   He established this school. In essence, he laid the foundation
38:42   for the UOIF.
38:46   One can argue that even in the Middle East it’s hard to find such places,
38:50   where one can freely study Muslim Brotherhood doctrine.
38:54   Here it advances!
38:57   We plan to enter a place that hasn’t been exposed yet,
39:01   a school for the future Islamic leadership in Europe.
39:04   Here is their original strategic vision: the first state based on Islamic law based has started here.
39:09   Maybe for now, it’s non-violent, but it is established here.
39:14   This place we are about to enter is the epicenter of their religious training.
39:19   What are we going to explore? The people, the characters, and the method — It’s simple!
39:35   Please sir! Have a good day!
39:48   Salaam Aleikum — Welcome. Salaam, Salaam Aleikum
39:53   We talked to Mr. Dr. Mahmud al Zuhir about visiting here.
39:57   Welcome. Do you need help?
40:01   Yes, can somebody accompany us,
40:04   and introduce us to your program and the place?
40:08   You didn’t introduce yourself, who are you? I am Ali — the teacher.
40:11   Pleasure to meet you. —I am the Arabic teacher here —Pleasure!
40:14   Arabic students arriving here are from France, Britain, Germany;
40:18   Some are French or American. —Wow! —Yes.
40:22   These students are NOT Arabs.
40:25   And from their first day here, we speak to them only in Arabic. —Beautiful!
40:29   Salaam Aleikum! Peace, Peace. —This is Fatah.
40:33   —Hello. —He is a second-year student. —Hello, pleasure to meet, where are you from? —From Luz!
40:37   He is from Turkey. —Yes, an original Turk.
40:41   Thank you and good luck. What does he study? He is a second-year Arabic student.
40:46   We prepare him for studying Sharia and the Quran.
40:58   The studies are very long — the program is five to seven years long.
41:02   The foundation is primarily Arabic studies. First, to instruct communities
41:06   in the Arabic language that was lost by their parents when they immigrated to Europe.
41:10   It is fascinating to watch students from Switzerland, Turkey,
41:14   who come here to be reintroduced to Arabic.
41:17   Afterwards, they begin rigorous intensive religious studies in the Quran and theology.
41:21   Then, professions such as imam, legal expert, or Sharia jurist.
41:26   From here they set out to communities, guiding them according to the Sharia.
41:31   A graduate from here is able to lead a community in the Sharia way, without evil’s eye…
41:37   And then they go the mosques? Of course, this is the purpose.
41:40   The student could be from France, or Europe, but he can be an imam.
41:43   He can understand the youths, and speak their languages in France, Germany or in Britain.
41:47   You mean, today there are imams in France who speak French fluently.
41:53   I have a class now… —Oh.
41:56   From here imams will end up in mosques, prisons and schools.
42:00   Long arms expand into the entire society… And here is the trick:
42:04   when they earn government salaries, no one will know what they studied.
42:07   How is this school? Do you like it? Praise Allah! I loved it
42:11   from the moment I came in. Without evil’s eye!
42:15   When you graduate, do you want to be an imam? I would like to think about this issue.
42:21   Maybe I would want to be more than an imam. Bless Allah.
42:25   With Allah’s help, wishing you success! Allah will grant you success.
42:28   Do you study Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi’s books here?
42:31   YES! —And the fatwas of Yusuf al Qaradawi?
42:34   YES. —Sheikh al Arabi teaches them here.
42:37   With Allah’s help, this is the mosque. —The mosque? Is there a muezzin? —Of course!
42:42   Wow! —There is the muezzin’s location, and he is heard
42:45   in all places here; in the library, and in every building here! —Beautiful!
42:51   When I enter the mosque, I see the connection on the wall
42:54   between the two Muslim Brotherhood branches in France. Posters and charity boxes
42:57   for the “CBSP” foundation (Hamas front) transferring money from France to the Palestinians,
43:00   which supports Hamas, and is considered in the US to be a terror organization.
43:04   Its chief leader is Dr. Mahmud a — Zuhir, who also heads this Institution…
43:08   One head leads two arms…
43:11   What’s written here? Is this for Palestine? Donations?
43:14   Yes, yes, donations,
43:20   Is this a classroom? —This is a library. Library.
43:24   With honor, thank you.
43:27   Salaamu Aleikum, and peace on you!
43:30   Salaamu Aleikum, peace, peace, hello, Husein.
43:33   Hello, Husein; where are you from? —I live in Frankfurt. Originally I was from Morocco.
43:38   Ah, Morocco, hello, hello.
43:41   They have been trying to close this college for the last 25 years. Who?
43:44   The State — The French Government. What’s here?
43:47   There’s nothing here; they didn’t find anything. But for a long time they tried to close
43:50   this school. —What do they say? —They say… that we are a Muslim Brotherhood center.
43:55   The Brothers here, Praise Allah, try NOT to give them a reason to close.
44:04   So, they named this place: “The European Institute…” —Ah, that’s why?!
44:10   Only in this section it’s written: “Sharia Institute” — Islamic Sharia Institute.
44:14   As if in Arabic… Here inside at our place.
44:17   “Sharia Department”. But on the sign, the word “Sharia”
44:21   does not appear. That’s it! This is the purpose…
44:24   The Catholics —Ah, Catholics!
44:27   With them there are always problems. —Wallah. —Really?
44:31   They slaughtered a pig and placed its head here.
44:34   Where? —Here at the entrance to the road.
44:37   Who? The village residents? —Yes, it happened not long ago… one time,
44:42   not always, but you know…They harbor great hatred against anyone different from them.
44:49   Yes, against Islam! They only say bad things against Islam. —The French? —The French.
44:56   What do you think of the terror attacks in Europe?
45:00   Truly, we don’t really know where the problems come from.
45:06   They always blame the Muslims.
45:10   But we don’t really know.
45:13   A new generation of Islamic leadership is established here.
45:16   They sense the French animosity towards them and doubt the motives of terror attacks.
45:21   they always attempt to attract more and more Christians into Islam.
45:25   This is a brother from Switzerland. —From Switzerland? —Yes, from Switzerland. —Nice!
45:28   He looks Swiss. Are you originally a Muslim?
45:33   No, no, no, I converted to Islam — Praise Allah!
45:37   Salaam —Hello, pleasure to meet, Salaam.
45:40   What does your Swiss family say? No, no problem.
45:45   Wallah! —But it’s hard to revert (convert) them to Islam. —But praise Allah!
45:50   What prompted a young guy? A Christian guy…
45:53   What attracted you to Islam? —I read material about Islam,
45:58   and I lived in an area with a lot of Muslims. —And with Allah’s help
46:02   will you return to be an imam in Switzerland? —With Allah’s help —Thank you.
46:06   These future imams will speak their neighborhood language where they grew up,
46:10   They won’t view the European countries as migration destinations, but as their homeland.
46:15   Hello, how are you brother?
46:18   Pleasure to meet. —Hello, Salaam,
46:22   I am originally French — Jean-Jacques Pierre Joseph
46:27   What? You were born Christian? —Yes.
46:30   Really? —Yes. —You look like an Arab.
46:34   I came to this institute in 1993.
46:37   I studied Arabic, and then the Sharia.
46:42   Currently I am the accountant for this institute. —Praise Allah!
46:45   Do you believe that in the future an Islamic state will be established in France?
46:53   I think that we actively live Islam in France and in Europe,
46:57   in a much better way than in countries which are much stronger in the Sharia.
47:01   and I mean not only by expressions or words, but in the way we practice our Muslim life.
47:09   Here we are far from wars, from civil wars, from hunger,
47:14   and all of that allows us to build our future
47:22   in a rather secure environment. —Very wise! Thank you. —Thank you. So long. —So long.
47:29   Bye, bye, Haj.
47:33   Yah Osama, Yah Allah, that’s it! What do you think?
47:40   Listen: today we experienced a major strategic operation.
47:44   I was very surprised to find such an organized place.
47:48   You know what? This is the power of Sheikh Yusuf. He has a foresight.
47:52   Al Qaradawi said it: He said: OK, we lost during the Middle Ages,
47:58   but we can restart our invasion.
48:01   Not by the sword! Rather, by Quiet Da’wa. —Da’wa! —Exactly! Peaceful Da’wa.
48:07   The tree didn’t grow properly, but the roots are deep.
48:13   This is troublesome. The Muslim Brotherhood are very patient.
48:16   This is part of their ideology. Their worldwide political plan is long-ranging.
48:23   If you place a frog in boiling water, the frog will jump from the heat,
48:29   But if you place it in lukewarm or cool water,
48:34   and you gradually increase the heat, the frog will die without paying attention.
48:40   This is exactly what happens to us now. They slowly grow.
48:44   And the most treacherous element is that this threat progresses gradually.
48:48   One can face an immediate threat.
48:54   As long as soft Jihad hardly disturbs the slumber of ‘peaceful’ France, and it is not bleeding,
49:00   no one cares what happens in the suburbs,
49:03   or what type of legal system is built inside France.
49:06   These are two developments that will inevitably collide.
49:11   Here there is a loaded gun that eventually will fire.
49:14   When and how will it happen? It’s hard to know!
49:17   But the two sides in France already use the same term:
49:20   CIVIL WAR! A strange nation, ah? No one imagined that the French Revolution will erupt.
49:27   No one! And then all of a sudden, at once!
49:30   I think that if things won’t be acted on very quickly,
49:35   and I am afraid they won’t; then we are moving towards civil war.
49:40   Most members of parliament I know, when we speak together,
49:43   they use the term “civil war” first. I never raise it first.
49:47   The police are preparing for it, the military is preparing for it.
49:51   we all know it will happen one day or another.
49:55   If they catch your microphone or camera,
50:00   don’t talk, let me intervene…
50:03   I do not want the German law to intervene in my life.
50:06   It’s an issue between you and her.
50:09   He is an Arab my brother. Where are your eyes?
50:13   Get out of here! I warn you, you will get 100 slaps.
50:20   I suspect that you are the director of the film on the Muslim Brotherhood…
50:26   Haji, Shalom, Salaam, Salaam Aleikum.
50:29   Are you alone, correct Haji? —I am alone. —Alone!
50:32   Haji, we are changing the meeting location — we will go to another place in the Syrian area.
50:36   Yallah…

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    • I looked up the book. Here’s a section of one review:

      The author had a knack in observing human nature throughout the Middle East as Israel was born. The author noted the Arab communists hated el-Banna’s Ikhwan because they “look backward…Egypt will never progress by looking back over its shoulder and trying to live in yesterday’s world” (79). The author visited Cairo’s slums: “At Aishash el Tourgoman thousands of agonized men, women, and children stared at me in living death. Their hovels were built of earth, or of rotted wood creaking on tottering foundations. They were dark caves, and the earthen floor was lined with dried dung. People slept there…The odor of death and disease was everywhere….He was on crutches, a rag over his head, dressed in a patchwork of rags. I caught a glimpse of his face. It was horribly pockmarked, and his right eye was a molten grayish ball ringed with a perimeter of reddish sores….” (p. 102). The author discussed how the Muslims were opposed to communism throughout the M.E., except for those who thought it would help expel the French and British colonialists. The Arabs hated the U.S. because of its support for Israel. The communists wanted to divvy up the agricultural lands that were owned by a few oligarchs…

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