Even Norway Doesn’t Want to Become Sweden

The following video shows a series of clips from Tucker Carlson’s program talking about cultural enrichment in Sweden — violent crime, grenades, no-go zones, rape, etc. The first excerpt is a discussion between Mark Steyn and Katie Hopkins.

I don’t know how new these clips are. The later ones feature Ami Horowitz, and his visit to Rinkeby was back in late 2016, if I recall correctly.

In any case, the situation in the Swedish banlieues has deteriorated even further since the visits described in these excerpts:

Hat tip: Fjordman.

6 thoughts on “Even Norway Doesn’t Want to Become Sweden

  1. A country that continues to persecute “legally” Christian parents who do not want to raise their children in the mold of the State; I find it difficult for Norway not to become like Sweden. The only thing that Norway may not look like Sweden is immigration, everywhere else: a program of collective imbecilization, cultural Marxism, depreciation of Christianity, glorification of progressivism, and feminism, in short, all of this is in full swing in Norway.

    Apart from immigration, Norway is as bad as Sweden.

    • Agree with all the points you make. Apart from immigration Norway is on the same destructive path as Sweden.

      But of all the mistakes a nation can make, the mass immigration mistake is the one that’s fatal.
      As horrible as the consequences of cultural Marxism, feminism, etc. can be for a nation it still is possible to survive, recover and get on the right path again.

      Go too far down the road of mass immigration then you reach the the point of no return. Once ethnic Swedes are reduced to a minority then Sweden is never coming back. If Norway avoids that one mistake (and granted, that’s a big if) it can still survive and hopefully rid itself of the other issues later.

      • You are correct on all points. But it’s hard to understand how very unlikely it is that Norway could avoid the mistake of open borders if they continue on their current path. One thing leads to another and there’s always cause and effect for everything. Cultural Marxism will lead to a certain mindset and giving power to certain type of politicians who eventually will make that fatal decision. Very sad situation.
        Maybe there is hope if people of Norway get to see total collapse of Sweden and that opens their eyes.

        • You’re right. Cultural Marxism is pretty much an all or nothing thing. Hard to imagine Norway avoiding the same bad ending. I’m not really optimistic but, as you said, Sweden *might* shock them back to reality. Technically Norway could still turn things around. I’m hoping, but yea, I’m still betting against it.

  2. Nobody wants to commit cultural and national suicide like Sweden…except for maybe Germany, France, Belgium and the UK.

    • And even then it is the country leaders who have convinced the lemmings to follow them to suicide. Those who object to this suicide are few in number (and congregate here!).

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