English Cultural Genocide

English Cultural Genocide

by David Abbott

Southwark is an ancient London borough on the south bank of the Thames.

Harold, the last Saxon king, rode through it on the great road into Kent to inspect the fleet at Sandwich or Dover or to embark on a trip to France, and his doomed army marched through it on its way to Hastings. Chaucer’s pilgrims set out from there, from an inn at the western end of the Old Kent Road, for Canterbury. Many of Shakespeare’s plays were staged there, at the Globe Theatre, named after its sign, which showed Hercules with the world on his shoulders. Dickens’ father was jailed there, in the Marshalsea debtors’ prison in Borough High Street, and the author returned there often as an adult and portrayed his father’s experience in Little Dorrit.

Southwark Council recently published a brochure called ‘Welcome to Southwark’. On its page of history it reads:

‘Southwark is a highly cosmopolitan area with a rich mixture of communities going back centuries. The borough’s proximity to the River Thames led to strong links across the world and by the 15th century Southwark had one of the largest immigrant populations. German, Dutch and Flemish craftspeople excluded by the City of London settled in Southwark… immigrants from Ireland took up manual jobs… the labour shortage was eased by workers and their families invited from the Caribbean and West Africa… communities from China, Cyprus, Vietnam, Somalia, Ethiopia, Bosnia and Croatia… just under a third of our population is from an ethnic minority and over a hundred languages are spoken by our children.’

Reading this brochure, you would not think the English had ever been in Southwark. They are not mentioned. They have been airbrushed from the history of the area. This is typical. The English have gone — and been wilfully forgotten.

The people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are in a stronger position than the English. The English are doomed.

When the experimental policy of multi-culturalism has reached its logical conclusion, when the English have departed in an exodus, when every dissident has been silenced and the newcomers have multiplied until they predominate and their traditions prevail, England will be as dead as if every English person had been killed. It will have lost its culture, its beliefs, its common ideas, which have guided it and given it a soul, which, in short, made it a nation. This is not mass murder, but it is genocide; the destruction not of individuals but of a culture and a nation.

Raphael Lemkin, the lawyer from Belarus who coined the word genocide in 1944, spoke of it as meaning not only the destruction of individuals but also of cultures. Controversy over its meaning stems from the more legalistic definition set down by the United Nations four years later, when it was officially restricted to the annihilation of entire ethnic groups. ‘Genocide’ thereafter became organically bound up with race theories, and the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines it simply as ‘annihilation of a race’. And indeed genos is Greek for family, tribe or race and caedĕre is Latin for to kill.

But this was not the original definition. And what is happening in our land, though the English are indeed disappearing, does not meet that criterion. The policy of mass immigration is not an attempt to physically eliminate all of the English. But their culture is destroyed — and destruction of a culture is in the meaning of genocide as originally defined.

The establishment calls for our traditional values to be respected. But how can it expect the revival of our culture when teachers following the national curriculum are calling for it to be ignored or derided? Especially when among the settlers and their offspring are many who have an alternative source of values that seems to them more legitimate and has more vitality than our land’s discredited culture. This is, of course, Islam.

David Abbott is the author of Dark Albion. Previously: Jihad and Prince Charles.

30 thoughts on “English Cultural Genocide

  1. But can it really be called genocide when a significant part of the culture is actively pursuing cultural dissolution? As you point out, the usual transmitters of culture, the teachers, are active agents of that dissolution. The recent spate of euthanasia laws in the West seem to be an echo of the desire for cultural euthanasia. Too many English people despise their own culture for it to survive – those who would save it must battle the enemies without as well as those within.

    • Is it still called genocide if you are PC-brainwashed into hating your own people, culture and nation before you are replaced with third-world migrant welfare voters?

      • Hi, Matt. There’s something more going on than PC brainwashing. Culturally, it’s a loss of will. Biologically, it’s a loss of the drive, and, even a loss of ability, to procreate. In governance, it’s a failure to protect. One wonders if there is a suicide gene

        • A suicide gene? Perhaps that’s too short an explanation for a set of behaviors which end in the same result:


          The Greek historian Polybius largely blamed the decline of the Hellenistic world on low fertility rates,[8] writing in his work The Histories that:

          “ “In our time all Greece was visited by a dearth of children and generally a decay of population, owing to which the cities were denuded of inhabitants, and a failure of productiveness resulted, though there were no long-continued wars or serious pestilences among us…. For this evil grew upon us rapidly, and without attracting attention, by our men becoming perverted to a passion for show and money and the pleasures of an idle life, and accordingly either not marrying at all, or, if they did marry, refusing to rear the children that were born, or at most one or two out of a great number, for the sake of leaving them well off or bringing them up in extravagant luxury.”[9]


  2. German, Dutch and Flemish – are they not very closely related to the ‘English’? Were they not a single culture some 1000 years ago?

    Not to diminish the weight of the article, but is it not like multicultural Germany, full of Bavarian or whatever ‘immigrants’?

    • I suspect the dissolution of English and Swedish culture (ok, I guess the latter never existed, Franz Berwald notwithstanding) is happening much faster than Celtic culture did on the Sceptered Isle.

      • I’ll see your Franz Berwald and raise you a Wilhelm Stenhammar, especially the Second Symphony. Still not in the same class as Sibelius or Nielsen though.

  3. German, Dutch and Flemish – are they not very closely related to the ‘English’? Were they not a single culture some 1000 years ago?

    Not to diminish the weight of the article, but is it not like multicultural Germany, full of Bavarian or whatever ‘immigrants’?

  4. Of course its mass murder….The “Left” are deliberately allowing the Moslem gangs to abuse our children. This is an act of war against the English. The Left hate us all.

    Orwell observed this weird pathological illogical hatred of the English. I have heard Leftwing lecturers I once knew at University (not “Uni”) literally gloat and boast about” doing away with the Anglo-Saxons”.

    That is what we are seeing now. I was born in Southwark and the last time I visited there a decade ago I was threatened by a Bangladeshi gang “With a good ‘shanking’ (knifing)!” from a 9 inch blade.

    The extinction of English folk like myself is deliberate policy. The Left fully enjoy seeing our children abused and killed as they have been in Telford etc. Don’t allow these scoundrels any excuse to avoid what they are doing. There is a chance of a new Nurenburg from what I hear from USA.

    Trump means business and I think this is why May and Co, are trying to start a war with Russia. Communist regimes like the Maybot’s always get nastier the more they fear an end to their wickedness. People are waking up. They are trying to close “Speaker’s Corner” too despite the 1872 Act that allows this area to be a bastion of freespeech. Breaking the law was never a problem for these scoundrels.

    It is mass erasure of an entire culture forbidden by post Nurenburg laws. The reason they want the English “gone”, is because we did not revolt as instructed in the 1960s to overthrow the “Capitalists”. The Left never forget the ‘ingratitude’ of their former clients. So we had to perish as lumpenproletariat- “Useless mouths”….

    May is a Fellow Traveller- International Trotskyite. The Tory Party is a victim of the Long March. Indeed what we are seeing today is actually a neo Maoist Cultural Revolution. The Red Guards are the “Antifa”.

    Chairman Comrade May is now shutting down all speech that does not comply with “British values” espoused by the ‘Dear Leader’ in Downing Street. The Police are now rumoured to be investigating old Monty Python sketches and jokes for “pre -multicultural hate crime”. You could not make it up. The John Cleese hilarious Mr Hilter in the North Minehead By Election has attracted the ire of SJWs as ‘Nazi propaganda’. This is well beyond “Orwell”.

    Those “British values” now mean anything that was considered traditional like humour and freespeech are out and punishable by prison. The conviction and imprisonment of a Scot for a pug dog doing a “Nazi salute” as a joke, informs the world that England and freedom have gone. The Left are in orgasmic delight over our demise.

    I have said for years the Left are pathologically insane. No humour, no compassion, just shallow emotion in the moment like all psychopaths. We live in a psychopathic society. Joy and humour are a thing of the past.

      • Ahh, humour! I remember humour. The essence of humour is mocking the truth that frightens us.
        Now we cannot give voice to the truth, so humour is a casualty.

        • Apologies Cardinal, we lower life forms are easily distracted. We did not mean to hijack your thread with comedy. The movie Dr. Strangelove does bring up some interesting commentary on the self-destructive insanity of our current governments. One always wonders if there are Dr. Strangeloves still plotting away out there, planning their utopian dreams.

    • You are right, British comedy is dead. I have a collection of classic 1970’s British comedy on DVD, much of which could not be broadcast on TV anymore, as it would be deemed “hateful” or offensive.
      That lack of humour is also a hallmark of the religion of Islam. Britain is heading to a very dark future. Who would have believed thirty years ago, a piece of bacon left on a door knob could end you up in jail? Back then they would have laughed at the thought. Now no one is laughing.

  5. When people ask me why London doesn’t interest me, I say something about the dreariness of it, but this is the real reason… I don’t want to see a stolen city.

    There’s no hope for England anyway. If I were English I would migrate. If Corbyn gets into power things will just get even worse, not that Theresa May cares about the rape gangs etc.

    • Emigrate? You mean run away? I’m afraid the time for running is long past, it’s now time to stand and fight – there are worse things than death.

      • Stand and fight for what?

        Free speech is gone, rule of law is gone, several neighborhoods is lots of cities are more like Pakistan than British.

        Are there enough people that want to fight, or will you be a lone wolf? Most people have drink the cool aid and love the multi culti enrichment.

        Fight with which guns? Are there enough people with guns in England? Besides the criminal gangs who will be fighting against you.

        No, there is no possible fight left. That was long ago. The few english who don’t like the state of affairs should try to get out. With so many poles in England maybe you can learn polish and move to Poland. They don’t have enriching problems.

        • I know it`s painful, but we have to wait for the tipping point.
          It will come.

          In the meantime those who have the means can prepare themselves in a manner that suits them.
          Physically, spiritually, religiously, intellectually, financially. In your communities and families…
          Others have been in the place that we are today, even in grimmer circumstances (Greeks, Spanish, Bulgarians, Serbs, Hungarians, Russians, Indians and many others have been there, some suffered and fought for centuries).
          This won`t be over soon, and it may take generations to sort it out.

  6. As a Southwark resident, I should come to its defence. The rebuilt Shakespeare’s Globe performs his works, not only to tourists; and notwithstanding the Bishop’s horrible experience, most of us do get along.

  7. The statement the people of Scotland, wales and Northern Ireland are in a stronger position than the people of England may be slightly disingenuous, the leadership of the so-called Scottish nationalist is in principle very pro-immigration, but it does not translate into large influxes in practice.

    Similarily in Northern Ireland the former terrorists of Sinn fein are fanatically pro P.L.O, A.N.C. etc., always the non-Christian and European movements.

  8. “the leadership of the so-called Scottish nationalist is in principle very pro-immigration, but it does not translate into large influxes in practice.”

    England as better salaries and is a little warmer. Most third worlders suffer with the cold in southern England (lol) let alone the Highlands.

    “Similarily in Northern Ireland the former terrorists of Sinn fein are fanatically pro P.L.O, A.N.C. etc., always the non-Christian and European movements.”

    I don’t think the irish police and the irish people would be so calm and non-racist if they have a Rotherham case there.

  9. Reading essays like this (as well as these responses) causes me to wonder why I am writing a novel about a young graduate student of literature who is agonizing over her dissertation on Fanny Burney.

    • Fanny is a fascinating character. As a classical music buff, I’m more familiar with her father Charles, who would now be called a musicologist; he travelled Europe meeting Haydn and other luminaries, and left vivid impressions of them.

      • Fanny Burney’s biography is excellent because of her fabulously talented family. I mean, her sister was a harpsichord prodigy, for heaven’s sake! And the descriptions of her devoted family, leaning over the balcony railings, eager to see their father succeed on stage, are wonderful sketches.
        I’ve never read anything by Charles Burney, however. Yet. But this is the sort of thing that I can’t believe educated Brits are content to throw away.
        Eighteenth Century England produced more cultural achievements in that one century than vast swaths of the world’s cultures have achieved in their entire history.

  10. I’ve been seeing some videos of the Japanese having “comfort women” back in the days of WW2. This should be something forced into the face of every person who thinks the Japanese did something “bad” 80 years ago, as it is happening TODAY – IN ENGLAND. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrqOAI23c9k

  11. In Russia, too, they began to lie ungodly. The press began to write that Moscow has always been a Muslim city. Although we have a well-known expression since the Second World War: “Great is Russia, but nowhere to retreat – behind Moscow!”

    And even there is a well-known military march on this topic.

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