An Equinoctial Blizzard

Well, it’s not really a blizzard. But still…

Spring arrived last night, but you wouldn’t have known it by looking out the window this morning here at Schloss Bodissey. We’ve had snow-covered daffodils quite a few times in the past, but not usually so much, nor so late in the season.

It was quite warm at ground level as the snow came down, but the temperature up there in the empyrean was frigid, so the snow was actually dry until it hit the ground. Nevertheless, by lunchtime it was melting rapidly. As I write this it’s still snowing fitfully, but melting faster than it accumulates.

From what I read in the news, people to the north and west of us got it much worse. I read one prediction saying that Garrett County, Maryland might get as much as two feet (60 cm) of the stuff. Ugh!

4 thoughts on “An Equinoctial Blizzard

    • Warmth is never a problem now with our gas range. However, if the snow weighs down tree branches to any extent, and there is a concomitantly heavy wind, we could lose our electricity (and thus our water, since the pump at the well is electric).

      These Spring snows are usually, though not always, gentler here in the Piedmont of Virginia. Not so in the western and northern areas. This weather forecast for eastern New Jersey sounded dangerous indeed, not to mention the Big Mess Ma Nature had planned for New York and New England.

      Sometimes I miss New England, but not in March.

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