Jihad and Prince Charles

The following look at the Islamophilia of Prince Charles was sent by David Abbott, the author of Dark Albion.

Jihad and the Heir to the British Throne

by David Abbott

Prince Charles’s undignified sucking up to Muslims is so extreme it is widely rumoured he is a secret convert to Islam.

The idea of him lugging around a prayer mat and turning to face Mecca five times a day seems incongruous, and the rumours may well be false, but he has made so many speeches endorsing Islam as the solution to the spiritual and cultural ills of Britain and the West that people are naturally suspicious.

In 2001 a beaming Prince Charles opened a London mosque. As he was shown around the prayer hall in the new Al Manaar Mosque in west London he praised the modern building.

This mosque became a breeding ground for Islamic State killers, with two of them, Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh, making the news on February 8 when it was announced they had been captured by Syrian Kurdish forces.

Security experts had long suspected it was a hub for young Muslims subsequently involved in the Syrian war, and on February 8th 2016 the Mirror had revealed that at least nine members of the Islamic State had regularly attended it, including Kotey, Elsheikh, Mohammed Emwazi (‘Jihadi John’) and Aine Davis, who were together called ‘the Beatles’ because of their English accents by the captives they tortured in Syria.

The purpose-built mosque was where Emwazi got to know Kotey, who also went by the name Big Sid from his Islamic name Sidique, and who was probably ‘Ringo’. In the quiet street outside the building Kotey talked openly of suicide bombing. Emwazi, Kotey and Davis had formed a close bond at the Al Manaar Mosque long before their reign of terror began in the IS stronghold of Raqqa, where Emwazi appeared in several gruesome IS videos beheading hostages, including British aid workers David Haines and Alan Henning and US journalist James Foley.

The ‘Beatles’ group kept their hostages in a state of permanent fear, forcing them to fight each other in boxing matches as they watched and then torturing the losers. Their torture techniques included electric shocks from Taser guns, waterboarding and mock executions, including a staged crucifixion. Their ‘execution cell’ beheaded more than 27 Western hostages and at least 18 Syrian soldiers and tortured many more captives.

A Danish hostage, Daniel Rye, who was released in June 2014, recalled in a book published the following year how ‘Ringo’ kicked him 25 times in his ribs on his 25th birthday, telling him it was a gift. In his chilling book, Rye wrote that ‘George’ dominated the group of jailers and was the most violent and unpredictable. Rye also described being taken to an open grave where a suspected spy was shot by Emwazi on the instructions of ‘George’. The scene was filmed by ‘Ringo’. Rye said these terrorists forced him and other hostages to climb into the grave, where they were photographed.

In social media posts Kotey stated he was ‘as British as they come’, adding he was ‘born and raised in Shepherd’s Bush, was a big QPR fan, love a good old fry up in the mornings’.

Emwazi and Kotey had been connected to the ‘London Boys’, a network of Muslims who exchanged essays on Islam while playing five-a-side football. Four ‘London Boys’ were arrested in Africa in 2006 while fighting for al-Shabab. They were picked up by the SAS and then flown home at Foreign Office expense, causing an outcry at the time.

Emwazi was killed in a drone strike in 2015 and Davis was jailed in Turkey in 2017.

Another jihadist seen regularly praying at Al Manaar before going to Syria was the erstwhile rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, known as the ‘hip-hop jihadist’. Bary was pictured on Twitter holding a severed head in Syria above the caption ‘Chillin with my other homie, or what’s left of him’. For a while he was thought to be Jihadi John until Emwazi was unmasked. Bary, who had tracks played on BBC radio during his rapping days, once tweeted a picture of the Al Manaar Mosque.

Yet another Al Manaar worshipper was Hamza Parvez, later known as Abu Hamza al-Britani, who left his family without warning to join IS in Syria. His best friend Mohammed Nasser, a former fireman who travelled to Syria with him, also attended the mosque. Nasser died in 2014 when he was hit by a piece of shrapnel between the eyes.

Kotey, a key IS recruiter in west London, recruited brothers Flamur and Fatlam Shakalu. Flamur was killed fighting in March 2015 while Fatlam, known as Abu Musa al-Britani, became a suicide bomber who blew himself up two months later. The engineering student Mohammed el-Araj, who died in Syria in 2013, was also recruited by Kotey at the Al Manaar Mosque.

Prince Charles also aided the building of the infamous Finsbury Park Mosque, which became an al-Qaeda hub, where the hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza recruited and trained terrorists. While the prince was visiting the proposed site, the trustees, realising that he was due to greet King Fahd of Saudi Arabia on a forthcoming state visit to Britain, implored him to float the idea of funding past his guest. When the two men shook hands on the platform at Victoria Station on the king’s arrival, he immediately presented the Finsbury Park scheme. The Saudi ruler quickly approved, and wrote a cheque for £12m to fund a number of mosque-building projects in Britain, starting with the Finsbury Park Mosque.

In January 2003 Detective Constable Stephen Oake became the first victim of the ‘war on terror’ when he was stabbed to death trying to arrest an Algerian named Kamel Bourgass who had been living at this mosque, where Bourgass had plotted to make ricin, cyanide and explosives to carry out terrorist attacks in London. When he was caught, Bourgass was using a complex tried and tested escape route to Morocco for hunted terrorists established by the North African al-Qaeda cell that operated out of the Finsbury Park Mosque. Manchester was the first stage, and he was staying at a house there run by Muslim sympathisers while his associates obtained a false passport and an air ticket, when he was captured purely by chance, severely wounding three other policemen as well as killing DC Oake before being restrained. The North African cell at the Finsbury Park Mosque also ran a fraudulent fundraising ring that raised millions of pounds for mujahideen campaigns in Chechnya, Algeria and Afghanistan.

The Finsbury Park Mosque has also provided sanctuary to many trained and dangerous Muslim fighters from abroad. If they wish to remain in Britain, living outside the mosque, it gives them lectures on how to blend in, including suggesting that they marry a local woman.

All these activities, and many more, are down to the heir to the throne’s procuring the money for the mosque to be built. In setting himself up as a champion of Islam he has a lot to answer for.

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  1. International mafia leaders.
    If I would be one of the few top leaders (I mean owners) of the world, islamic society would be the best I wish for entire Earth. You control the religious leaders and you have silence all over the Earth. Islamic society works far better than communist societies. In communism, you must report to the security or militia, there will be a trial, neighbors will hear what you did, some of them will consider you the worst person from Earth, your children can be beaten at school because they have a “trumpet” father and so on. So, even in communism “sharing” information with militia or the political security service about neighbors can be dangerous. This is why islamic society is way better. If you feel that your neighbor is not muslim enough, you must kill him. And you are going to do this in order to demonstrate to the rest of neighbors that you are a real muslim and they have no reason to spy on you. And also the city imam will thank you, in front of the friday meeting at the most important institution in town, the mosque, were everybody must be. In islam is no fun, no jokes. You can’t question what is commanded to you to do, actually, there is no place for questions. In this way, the “owners” of the world have an ideal society and they can advance their own business. They are not going to pray with the rest…They will have a special, custom made mosque, with their own private imam.
    If Charles was once in Mecca or in holly mosques (where we are not accepted, you know…we are dirty), then he must be Buddhist.

    • It is more like a soulless morally bankrupt society that tends to favor only the rich oppressing the poor; and that underneath all the huge ostentatious mosques lies extreme poverty, extreme hatred for others, extreme inequality, that is made worse by their inability to control their greed for more wealth from western civilization.

      No sane, right-minded nonbelievers would want to be part of their Islamic societies that are inherently so cruel, deceptive, unfair, exploitive, oppressive, primitive and backward. [T]hey continuously failed to improve our lives in any meaningful way.

  2. I think that this is why Her Majesty the Queen is holding on, at 91.
    She knows what will happen after her, and is hoping for her grandson to take over instead.

    Remember that she has had regular meetings with Prime Ministers going back to Churchill. I can’t imagine that there is another person alive who has a better idea of what has really happened politically in the post-WWII Anglosphere. Her husband is probably a close second.

    • All the moslem terrorism in the UK has happened during her reign. All the grooming of underage English girls by moslem communities has happened during her reign.
      A soldier of her military had his head cut off nearby his barracks during her reign. Military personnel have been told not to wear their uniforms in public for fear of antagonising moslems during her reign.

      What has she actually done to stop the rot? Instead things like Christmas messages are a time for her to show everyone her bloody family picture albums! She lives in a very protected bubble.

      • She has very little real power, though she would have some sway on the Prime Ministers of the day in their private meetings.

        Here’s the thing: I suspect that without her, it would be WORSE. I might be wrong, but I suspect that she engages in some pushback at the highest levels.

        • She has plenty power, if she would only use it. If she were to stand up and speak the truth about what is happening to her country, the shockwaves would be felt around the world.

          She’s untouchable. No one could do anything to her if she stood up and spoke the truth. (Unlike your average British citizen, who faces the possibility of losing their jobs, their families, their freedom, etc.) No one could do a thing.

          So she has that power – and chooses not to use it.

          • If she wanted to say anything anti-Islamic, she would have no access to the media. We would hear that she was too ill to carry on, and Shah Charlie would be installed as regent.

      • And now those Muslims are spreading more ugliness in UK with their mosques, halal food, Islamic schools, Islamic ghettoes, etc.

        Do they and their oppressive and backward, corrupt, immoral death cult culture even have a right to be in UK?

        Their Islamic presence is extremely offensive and a danger to our free societies and they should be made to feel unwelcome just as they frequently made us feel unwelcome in their predominantly Islamic countries.

        • It would also be a good idea to leave the increasingly irrelevant Commonwealth that represent the multicultural cesspit that we are being forced to pander to.

  3. Thankyou for another informative piece of writing
    Dark Albion is a terribly sad book and echoes so many of my experiences in London.
    I discussed it with an 80y old customer in Ealing a few years ago. A century before my great uncle was Mayor. He would have been horrified at the changes.
    However, I will never surrender my country.

  4. The UK is no longer relevant, so he can become any religion he wishes. My biggest fear is the security of their nuclear arsenal.

    • The French nuclear arsenal is the one that worries me most, among “Western” nations. But granted, the UK one can’t be far behind.

      • Try the South African one where robbers have stolen Plutonium and other nuclear material from dismantled nuclear bombs by the last white government . As far as I know it was never recovered.

        • I do want to point out that the last white government at least had the decency to do their best to get rid of their nukes on the way out.

          Looking back on it, it would have been much more useful of a warning to the world to be less decent, perhaps…

          I doubt that the French and others will be similarly decent.

  5. Just listen to/ watch: „Les Brigandes – What the [expletive deleted]“ they have seen it the same way!

  6. Just check out The Oxford Islamic Studies Centre on Wikipedia, it tells you all you need to know about Charlie Boy and Islam.

  7. Many Brits of my generation (pushing 70), whether republicans (like me) or monarchists, admire the Queen, but have grave reservations about Charles, not least for his taste in architecture! (see the National Gallery extension.)

    More seriously, Her Majesty apparently believes in the monarchy’s divine mission (without the arrogance that lost Charles I his head), so I’d be surprised if she hadn’t made provision for her eldest son to be bypassed in favour of his eldest, William, who is better regarded by the populace. I hate to admit it, but there is something to be said in favour of a democracy having a non-executive Head of State. Also I suspect, with no statistical evidence, that a not very inspiring building with a resident monarch, such as Buckingham Palace, attracts more tourists than one without said monarch, eg Versailles (and how ridiculous that it’s closed on Mondays!)

    • William might be OK but pray for his health as his brother, Prince Harry is a total jerk like his sold man. Any man who wants Obama at his wedding is dangerous.

    • The major “something to be said in favour […] of […] having a non-executive monarch” in my opinion, is that it focuses the human tendency towards “leader worship” towards the one who has no real power, by personifying the state.

  8. Once the Queen dies the Monarchy is over. The remaining commonwealth countries will abandon it quickly and Charles will be deposed.

  9. Charles is not particularly bright (he only just managed to complete a bachelor degree) and quite poorly educated over a range of subjects. Like earlier generations of royals, most were “home schooled” by tutors. Charles understanding of Islam is likely to be very narrow and flawed.

  10. Charles is an absolute dropkick. If becomes king the reputation of the royal family will be thoroughly trashed and Australia will become a Republic.Right now Queen Elizabeth is our head of state.Long may she reign.But Charles is not an acceptable substitute.

  11. I posted my comment about this [epithet redacted]! u deleted it, u let this drivel of others be posted.

    I b fan u site for 10 years, ive noticed u r becoming like thought police.

    U need get grip on u selfs, u r losing plot. Maybe u r cia fbi funded???

    I want know, do u handover peoples ip addresses??? Do u get requests?

    I bet u dont answer this……

    • Your earlier comment was so vile, so nasty, so vulgar, so useless, and so utterly without merit that I deleted it.

      It had no redeeming social value whatsoever. And the determination of that characteristic is entirely at the discretion of this blog’s admins.

      Deal with it.

      BTW, if you talk to my paymasters at the CIA before I do, please tell them that their check must have got lost in the mail. Maybe they should switch to Bitcoin.

      • Well, at least the gefilte fish are still arriving in a timely manner from Mossad. I do wish they’d throw in a little chicken soup occasionally.

  12. I recently visited Crick institute – huge modern biological R&D hub just in front of St.Pancras station and British Library.
    (I’ve even seen Professor from Switzerland expressing envy; it’s really impressive).

    When going to washrooms, I’ve spotted “Quiet Room”.
    I looked inside – praying mats, slippers and a device reminding foot bath.
    A mosque!

    Supposedly, that should be neutral scientific institution.
    But “Institute Operations” is likely recruiting according to MC quotas, – still you won’t see too many bushy beards, although hijabs are already there.

    And every university in the UK is now like this.
    Mean times.

    • And I think one can’t learn much with them around silencing our speech every time we say something unfavorable about them or their culture or their Islamic characteristics.

      I noted many of them that had been to university were not brighter than us who have never been to a university. Many of them can’t even form a proper or rational sentence or a rational argument. I just wonder how they got through university with such inferior mentality. With them around, one can’t even have any meaningful discussion due to the fact they came from a primitive culture and have been branwashed by their meaningless Islam.

      I think there is no point in them going to university when they are only interested in suppressing our free speech and retarding our development with their oppressive backward Islamic nonsense.

      I think university should be an interesting experience for us who have never been to one but I certainly would not be interested to go to any university that is known to be corrupted and infested by their oppressive politically correct culture that seek to dumb us down with more their repulsive Islamic agenda.

    • AY, it is indeed weird to see their Islamic obsession for praying and properties for their creepy Islamic agenda in a supposedly Western institution.

      Actually, they don’t need a mosque to pray because one see them laying down their mats and kneeling on the floor or even roadside to do their praying ritual.

      Is it filthy? I mean their Islamic infested places can be quite filthy and primitive or turned filthy in a short time and tend not to be as clean as what we are used to as per Western standard.

  13. Queen Elizabeth is the enemy of Great Britian. Her silence is approval of what the satanic muslim are doing….destroying her country. The sun now sets on muslim countries…like England.

    • She is not a politician. She does not rule. Neither will Charles. No monarch has ruled since the restoration. Look to the politicians and the electorate to change things.

  14. I think Prince Charles is the prototype for the leadership of the Western countries: verbally intelligent, able to navigate the bureaucracy to obtain unearned power and wealth, and utterly stupid in terms of logic or scientific thinking. Morally, the leadership is unable to follow through abstractly on the consequences of its actions, and truly doesn’t care. They are unable and unwilling to focus on the future past the next election or two.

    The monarchy is at this point completely toothless in terms of political influence. It might actually not be a bad idea to give hereditary royalty some real influence. You may have duds like Prince Charles and Prince Harry, but there are benefits to having a government with a bit of long-term, personal interest in the future of their country.

    On a lighter note, I’d speculate one of the attractions Islam holds for Prince Charles is that on the whole, brain-dead, inbred Muslims make him look super-intelligent by comparison.

    • You could be talking about Justin Trudeau, you know?

      A friend of mine say that in the future, when they’re trying to figure out this strange ideology of our times, they’ll look to Justin Trudeau as the standard-bearer – the one whose positions always aligned with the full and proper idiocy…

      • Hmmm…I never noticed the similarity, but you’re right. Chaz in the UK, and Baby Doc in Canada…so who’s in the dugout for Oz? That would pretty well finish off the Commonwealth, wouldn’t it?

        Come to think of it, China has its eye on Australia…

  15. Charles descends on Mohamed the prophet of Islam.
    He wants to be the next Caliph -uniting Shia and Sunni

  16. Gone unremarked in the article or comments is Charles’ notorious statement that when King, he would be “Defender of the Faith (s)” !!!
    That was the first hint that all was not well in the realm.

    • BTW, “the first hint that all was not well in the realm” is cited near the beginning of the book, “Dark Albion”…in the 60s, I think, when the first immigrants from former British colonies began arriving.

      Dark Albion: A Requiem for the English

      part of a reader’s review:


      This book is both artful, and minatory. The short stories (perhaps better called “essays” as in some cases there is little “story” but rather considerable “description”) show the author’s years as a journalist. But underlying all the art are the frightening illustrations of what happens: 1) when a ruling elite is inculcated with the conviction that culture is an artificial construct; 2) when all cultures (even those that stone adulterers and amputate hands and feet for petty crimes) are accepted as equally valid; 3) when individuals who are products of such cultures are permitted (invited, encouraged) to have an equal say in how a society into which they have been admitted must be revised to suit their preferences. The picture is at the least disheartening and at worst horrifying.
      Wake up, West! Don’t say you weren’t vividly forewarned. Your grandchildren will be victims of your torpor.

  17. There is something wrong in the head with Prince Charles, his long love-affair with Islam is directly contrary not only to reason and historical evidence, but to the culture he not merely belongs to but in substantial part represents in terms of the lineage of his position at any rate, especially if he besomes King and Supreme Governor of the C of E. His proper role is to oppose Islamization of Britain and the West, not advance it.

    As such, pray he never actually succeeds to either position. Long Live the Queen! No that she has done much better in fact.

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