Tommy Robinson Reports From Cottbus

Recent assaults and murders by “refugees” in Germany have resulted in a series of public demonstrations against the government’s migration policy. There have even been protests in western Germany — in the town of Kandel, where a native girl named Mia was murdered by an Afghan — and not just in the East, which is the heart of the resistance against mass immigration and Islamization.

There have been several mass demonstrations in Cottbus, a town in the former DDR where there have been repeated stabbings of natives by migrants in public places. Tommy Robinson recently attended one such protest in Cottbus, and filed the following report for Rebel Media:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

9 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Reports From Cottbus

  1. How sickening and depraved that an allegedly ‘free’ Western country is a place where folks cannot express their opinion if it differs from the ‘official’ government line of BS and propaganda. To fear reprisal from the government,police or harassment (including dismissal) at the workplace smacks of the former DDR regime complete with the STASI (state secret police). The only thing missing the the Volkspoliezi (Peoples Police) rounding people up for ‘questioning’.

  2. Scary!! Very scary those people, those state media thugs all look like stasi thugs, tall, well built, and trying to hide their faces when they realised they are being filmed!

    Good work tommy :), its clear they dontvwantvto be seen, they run away, these evil persons i prey will soon be overwhelmed and rounded up, locked up in some dungeons. The lot of these stasi traitors.

    Rebel media, keep going, keep shining light onto the faces of these stasi traitors.

  3. Germany went from the III Reich and soon to the 3rd World, all in less than 100 years. I can’t imagine where it will go next, but looking a the way the Middle East operates, I can come up with a pretty good guess.

  4. There are going to be a lot of “Julius Streichers” soon! He was hanged for his behaviour as Hitler’s press propagandist in 1946. Leftists suffer from collective historical ignorance. What these Lefty reporters are doing is in some ways worse than Streicher and Goebbels.

  5. These are not journalists, impartial bystanders reporting on events as they happen, these are political activists and propagandists. Tommy quiet correctly called the TV woman a Fascist and her reaction was to go look for a Policeman. He couldn’t believe it, neither could I.

  6. Germans have to be willing to face the previous unimaginable; the government will label ‘Nazi’ ‘far-right’ anyone who dissents with the official leftist narrative.
    Germans understandably are very sensitive to this label but… MUST be willing to face the ingenious criticism if they are to save their nation.

    These who face up to the true fascists will be called True Patriots by those who love freedom!

  7. Hilarious. This exposure of the media deserves to be as widely shared and seen as the Jordan Peterson-Kathy Newman Channel 4 interview.

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