Laura Huhtasaari: “A Nordic woman is free, and does not belong in a ‘safe tent’ as in Berlin”

The Finns Party is a Finnish nationalist party that opposes mass immigration and Islamization. Laura Huhtasaari is the Finns’ candidate in next Sunday’s presidential election.

Below is Ms. Huhtasaari’s latest campaign video. Many thanks to KGS for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Hello once again to everyone.
0:06   Yesterday I was in an HS [newspaper] election debate panel, and
0:09   the day before in one for Ilta-Lehti [tabloid].
0:13   In the IL election debate I was asked:
0:19   “Who among you are against women wearing a burka?”
0:23   Meaning a full covering of women’s faces,
0:26   making them fully invisible.
0:29   I am the only one of the presidential candidates
0:32   who was against it. Then came the headlines.
0:37   Then yesterday after the HS debate,
0:42   I happened to meet a man who moved from Iran.
0:47   He had seen the headlines. He came to shake my hand, and say,
0:51   “Thank you, you’re the only one who knows what’s happening inside Iran.
0:57   Thank you. You’re the only one who’s against Islam.” He left there [Iran] because of it.
1:04   “You’re the only one who defends women’s rights.”
1:08   I thanked him and promised that I intend to continue
1:12   to promote true women’s rights.
1:16   Because the burka is not really voluntary.
1:20   As a free Nordic woman, I choose what to wear in the morning,
1:24   whether to put on jeans or wear a dress. That’s voluntary.
1:29   It’s because our politicians are cowards and are dastardly,
1:35   because they don’t really dare to defend women’s rights
1:39   from political Islam.
1:42   I think that’s sad.
1:45   In Sweden rape is increasing all the time,
1:49   then at the same time they talk about feminist foreign policy.
1:55   What is this “feminist foreign policy”, if politician decision-makers go to Iran
2:02   and put scarves on their heads? What is Swedish feminist foreign policy,
2:09   if they don’t defend women’s rights in the shadow of the society
2:13   that they have allowed to take root in Sweden?
2:18   How many ‘feminist politicians’ in Sweden have dared
2:22   to take a position that in Malmö, Göteborg, Husby and in Rinkeby
2:28   there’s a shadow society which lives according to sharia law?
2:32   The Finns party promote women’s rights.
2:37   I disapprove speaking about ‘feminist foreign policy’,
2:41   because I don’t want foreign policy being about gender.
2:46   I genuinely support equality in foreign policy.
2:49   I don’t support chauvinist nor feminist foreign policy.
2:52   As president, I want to have a friendly-minded foreign policy,
2:59   to be tough, and truly, bravely, promote women’s rights.
3:05   And as president, I won’t be inviting the Iranian ambassador
3:10   to the independence celebrations at the presidential palace if he won’t shake my hand.
3:15   The invitation won’t be sent, because I want to genuinely ensure that a Nordic woman
3:22   is free, and does not belong in a ‘safe tent’ as in Berlin,
3:26   that was set aside for women.
3:29   A safe tent because of sexual molestation during New Year’s celebrations.
3:35   Where were the feminists politicians in condemning this?
3:40   The Finns party drive women’s rights. I also drive genuine women’s rights.
3:45   Remember number 5!

7 thoughts on “Laura Huhtasaari: “A Nordic woman is free, and does not belong in a ‘safe tent’ as in Berlin”

  1. A modern day Eowyn. Her work is cut out for her, as she also faces innumerable hordes of mindless orcs in thrall to those who sold their souls for power. We too, will eventually find it necessary to take up the sword to defeat such evil if we are to have any hope of success.

  2. In these debates she should perhaps ask her fellow panelists to explain how it can ever be a good idea to import people into Finland who have a mass murdering, child abusing rapist from the 7th Century as their “Perfect Man” role model.

    • Or again she should be ask how she thinks she will find a way to get Finland out of EU, as the majority of Finns does not want do not eant to leave EU.

      It may be easy for Switzerland to “import” talented people to work just in Switzerland, but Finland has a lot of less to offer both for inventors and students. And again – there is no great peak of refugees coming to Finland.

      It is so very sad that there is no fact testing, “alternative truths” do live a life of their own.

      Switzerland pays of lot more to EU than many EU-countries to br albe to benefit the free market. And so does Norway, one of the richest countries in Europe due to the oil business and a very long costline for the flourishing fishin business. – Finland has a lot to offer, but it is not competitive with e.q. those two contries.

  3. God bless Laura, shes a patriot and hero for Suomi.

    But she is fighting against a rigged system, the outcome is already determined,
    Niinisto is the puppet of the banks and is a traitor to Finland.

    He speaks and follows the cultural marxist narrative, the pc line he tows.

    Finns have guns, or easy access to get hold of guns, finns are going to need guns to save their country in this new continuation war.

    In Finland, feminism poison is well implemented into the minds of myriad young and older women, Helsinki has become a paradise for Queers [redacted].

    • I agree. I see no harm, if the capital region (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, maybe Vihti and Sibbo, about 1,2 M people of 6M total of Finns) would declare them independent from rest of Finland. The effective national production comes from outside of that region: inside there is only governing and administration. And any kinds of tax-funded punks. Of course there are much infrastructure-keeping services, but such stuff is needed anyway and anywhere…

      Nobody, I guess, believes Laura has real chances to win the Presidential Election. If she goes to the second election round, it would be a major victory for the Case. And even being the 3rd with about 20% share of the votes would be a victory. I´m seeing her as a modern day Joan of Arc for us Finns; a rolling snowball growing to an entire avalanche. She is the one blowing the fire of national pride and practical reason to our hearts.

      Presidency of the Finnish Republic is no major politically operational status anymore, rather a symbolic one. The real goal is at the next Parliamental election – and Laura´s performance promises good for that goal.

  4. She raises the issue of the infamous all-female “feminist” Swedish governmental visit to Iran, and of the Swedish acceptance of the Iranian Ambassador’s refusal to shake hands.

    The open secret about not shaking hands with a Kuffar woman, is not just that women are inferior, and Kuffar women doubly so. To shake hands with any Kuffar woman in any position of responsibility is to grant her a degree respect that Allah does not accept.

    Also, it’s that he cannot tell if she may be menstruating.

    Kuffar women are unclean already, but a menstruating woman to a pious Muslim is utterly disgusting in her uncleanliness.

    This uncleanliness is something that cannot be washed out with soap and water, and can taint the Muslim who allows himself to be touched so that he has to perform ritual cleansing, known as “Wudu” before he is clean enough to address Allah in one of his five daily prayers.

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