Another Golliwog, And Some “15-Year-Old” Boys

On last night’s post about the golliwogs of Machwitz Coffee, our English correspondent Seneca III left this comment:

They’re not extinct, Baron, and I will shortly send you a photograph of my fella — a local little old lady of the greatest generation makes and sells them to us reprobates in order to supplement her meagre pension.

As promised, here is the photo of the samizdat golliwog:

And now for some additional photos that have collected in my to-do box since last night, all sent by our German correspondent Egri Nök. None of them are golliwogs, although some of them may be a bit woggish-looking. The traditional golliwog doll is much beloved of small children, but these swarthy fellows are generally beloved only of 15-year-old German girls.

First, this photo of some 15-year-old German schoolchildren:

Those little boys don’t look a day over 14. Especially the one on the left with a receding hairline— he’s not even bald yet!

The three photos below are of Abdul D., the “15-year-old” Afghan who allegedly stabbed a German girl to death in the town of Kandel in Rhineland-Palatinate. Egri found a batch of photos that don’t have black tape over the eyes:

Abdul’s five-o’clock shadow is so endearingly childlike…

When I saw these photos, I said, “What’s with the bow tie? The guy looks like a waiter.” But according to Egri, based on the context, the bow-tie photos were taken during Eid festivities.

Finally, on a different sartorial note:

42 thoughts on “Another Golliwog, And Some “15-Year-Old” Boys

  1. They all look like 25 to me , and this naive brainwashed girls with them , outrageous, this young generations are so stupid..

    • The only positive is that those snowflakes are so violence averse that when it comes to the use of violence to set things right, they will be easily cowed by those for whom violence and the use of it was once an occupation. In other words, veterans, active duty military, guard units, friendly law enforcement. Like snowflakes, they will melt before those who are willing to use force to reassert law and order.

      That afghani poser would run before anyone who offered real resistance. Like the rest of their kind they are cowards individually, and even in packs they flee before determined opponents.

  2. It used to be that New Year’s Eve was a time for joy and celebration.

    It used to be that people felt safe whilst celebrating.

    Indeed, it used to be that people generally felt safe walking in the street and that cars, buses and trucks stayed on the road, where they belong.

    I see that the Berlin authorities (and perhaps others) have decided to cordon off a ‘women’s safe area’ for those who will no doubt be robbed, groped, fondled or raped.

    ‘They’ win again !!!

    • No doubt a senior German police official like Cressida Dick, Met Commissioner of Londonstan will pop up to say rape-gangs have been in Germany, like Britain for ‘hundreds of years’.
      “Part and parcel of big-city living….innit” or cowardly and profoundly disingenuous words to that effect.

  3. I like the pic where that fifth colunnist/murderer is in fatigues. Who thought he would be so blatant.
    There are hundreds of thousands of this kind of military age fanaticists in the middle of Europe. This is terrifying. The German army only has a few hundred thousand heads and decaying vehicles.

    • Irony on:
      you don’ t seem to get it right, Ethel.
      The desert camo fatigues are part of a psychiatric treatement by ” conditioning” to sort of debrief the heavily traumatized youngster by confronting him with his trauma : war.
      Like claustrophobics get accompanied rides in elevators or arachnophobics are familiarized with the nearness of spiders. 🕷☠️

      • Not kidding: I heard the opinion in Germany that one should not welcome New Year with fireworks and crackers, cause the sound might be frightening for the traumatised refugees.
        Can’t make this … up.

    • If you mean the group photo of the young people: I don’t know, except that it was in Germany. Maybe Egri can tell us more.

        • Thank you!
          At least these guys didn’t pretend to be 15. Still it is questionable why authorities bring them together with teenage girls.
          Interesting to read the comments below the article (n.b. Comment function had been closed in the meantime) Seems like more and more people are viewing these developments critically.

          • @A German – have you been following comments directed at the mayor of Kandel on his Facebook page?

            Initially, there were only critical comments, but in the meantime, the Blockwart types have arrived. They lick the mayor’s boots, congratulate him on his refugee politics, assure everyone that it was just a regrettable crime of passion that any German teen might have committed as well, and remind critics that their negative comments will get them prosecuted.
            Very disturbing.

            The number of critical comments is reassuring though.

  4. Yeah, I’d like to know where that photo came from and to see some text or caption that, presumably, went with it.

  5. My educated guess about the bow-tie photos is that they were staged – in line with a black limousine , in order to make his family believe that he had made it in Germany. Thats what they have been doing in Morocco decades ago I as know first hand.
    The smarter ones in the village knew they were trashmen or handymen, but they came home in a 12 year old Mercedes, a suit and tie and pretended they were secretaries. One more proof of how stupid these people are to believe that an illiterate can make it in a highly developed country.But they do.Worse.

      • The problem is not how can Germans believe the males are 15, but what could they do about it?

        The process of the welfare state is far advanced in Germany: meaning the government takes away most of your income, and then meets your needs through “grants” of your own money. This makes any German extraordinarily susceptible to government.

        In addition, you have a powerful bureaucracy, with no guarantee of individual rights. An individual can be jailed for statements which could be interpreted as being critical of Islam or refugees. In addition, the bureaucracy can take away the children of parents deemed “unfit”, a very broad term.

        So, Germans are not free agents when dealing with what is clearly a totalitarian and oppressive government. I suppose a parent could tell his teenage girl on the sly to stay away from the immigrant “children” – very sound advice and equally likely to be not listened to, given the natural rebelliousness and conformity of kids that age.

        • Hopefully the incessant have sex with the Muslim rapefugees will make the teen age girls turn against the incessant propaganda and date only German boys.

        • sorry, Ronald, but I have to talk back here.
          There is no bureaucracy here that takes away individual rights. And it does not take away most of my income, just about 20% income tax. The rest is taken by a private health plan that many of your compatriotes would like to have and still leaves me enough for a comfy life. So come off it. And it does NOT jail people for anti-islamic speech as was proved by Stürzenbergers appeal. And in many cases it is good to take children into foster care from unfit parents.
          Your ideas about Germany seem to root in 50 ies Hollywood movies clichés and Hogans Heroes. And believe me: I am extremely sceptical towards policy in this country.
          Your ideas about girls that age are spot on.
          Has always been like this, even vice versa.
          Say when I was abroad as a young guy, even in oriental or catholic countries, opportunities arose with local females who obviously liked the stranger in me, not the person.
          I will save you the details, even if they were enjoyable.

          • Ronald may have been confusing Germany with Sweden (whose tax rate is close to 50%, if I’m not mistaken) or Britain (where they really do imprison people, LOTS of them, for saying Islamophobic things or putting bacon on the doorknob of a mosque).

          • I was thinking of the Stürzenbergers case. And, I made the deduction about the income tax from a German who bragged about the very complete coverage of the German medical insurance. I deduced a complete medical coverage would result in a high tax rate. My deduction apparently was wrong, and I should have checked the facts out.

            In October a new law comes into force in Germany that will impose huge fines on social networks if they don’t delete illegal content including hate speech. It’s touched off a huge debate over freedom of expression and has attracted an unusual collection of opponents.


            “sorry, Ronald, but I have to talk back here.”

            Absolutely no apologies should be extended for factual corrections. That’s one of the benefits of posting in a website with intelligent readers.

          • OK Herb, so Stuerzenberger “won” … great! At what cost though? Months of stress, anxiety, probably many thousands of Euros lawyer fees, a good few death threats from Antifa types, maybe problems in his family life… so what do you think that case will make the ordinary Fritz on the street think? Are they gonna think, having listened to the details of his court case, that it’ll be worth risking their reputation, and maybe career and family life, to say something “politically incorrect” about the Grand Mufti, or anything similar? And I fear that such self-imposed silence may be the real result, and purpose, of court cases such as Sturzenberger’s. A form of legal terrorism if you like.

            As for children being taken into “care” by the state, it seems to happen most often to children from Eastern European families, but never to Turkish or Arab ones. Why do you think that might be? Is it because Eastern Euro families are so bad to their children, and Islamic families so wonderful, or might it just be that the Eastern Euro families make for easier targets, which won’t start big riots as a result? As has been written, this is yet another reason why people might just prefer to keep quiet about the Religion of Peace, in countries like Germany.

      • What other access to information do they have? Most can sense the danger, but they also feel their own isolation and dread of the future.

      • to Ronald again:
        medical care in Germany is not tax financed.
        Employed people pay 50% of the due fee, deducted off their gross income at the source, the rest is by law purveyed by the employer, which increases overhead costs. I have a private plan , my wife is employed. The 100% coverage almost amounts to about 700€ each p.m. This is what a self employed person is due.
        Just to enlighten some things.
        Have a happy new year, to all of the readers here.

        • If it’s deducted automatically off your pay isn’t that a tax? Or is it going into a private company that your business is paying towards? I’m confused. Canada’s health care is definitely tax funded and usually requires a private “benefits” plan to complement it as what is covered by the public health plan is limited. Some provinces require an additional monthly fee on top of the taxes. Benefits from a private company are often available through work and does come off the pay cheque but the company is paying a group fee to the private insurance company directly.

          And narrow court escapes from official discrimination of certain views is already fairly worrisome and discriminatory. If the cost for your opinion is that high then I would think it’s a not-so-subtle message for the masses to just shut up. I’m in Canada and am familiar with the way the tides are turning in our more “liberal” nations. There is a role for child services but the threat of losing your children for “wrong think” does hover overhead. Court cases can be the watershed that wakes a society up and helps right the ship but it can also (and most likely) be the signal of the way things are going.

          • Your comment certainly lays bare the holes in Canada’s “free” medical care. Thank you.

            You’re also right about “wrong think”; our leftists would have long since criminalized those of us on the right if they could. That’s why Hillary’s loss was so bitterly felt. She promised we’d be “shamed and shunned”.

          • No, Anon. A tax is a tax, but however, the amount you are due is always 17% of your income, of which you pay half as does your employer.Both tax deductible.

            It is partly going to private insurance companies, if your income is above a fixed level, you have the choice either to insure private or public( that is apprx. over 3800€ a month). The others, workers, secretaries a.s.on have no choice. You have to have a health insurance and those companies are closely scrutinized and are non-profit. Meaning that in a good year, they have to reduce the fee.

  6. I feel very bad for the German people, most of them are completely deluded and unable to understand that they have been overrun and will soon be assimilated into the Ummah.
    Would the parents of the 13-15 year old German girls in the photo allow them to go hang out with Caucasian German men in their early twenties? Probably not.

    • yes, but they are different from my generation some 55 years ago. We were in boys/ girls schools and easily ” honey trapped” if I dare say so simply. The coeds of our days are mostly much cooler towards the other sex than we were. The old chivalry games are definitly over.

  7. Here is a thought experiment.
    The millions of young virile sex-starved males are imported as a breeding stock.
    Angela Merkels EU husbandry project?

  8. This savage on this pics , have not even one smile on the face , But they like nice clothing from tax payers money, what that girl was thinking is a mistery..

    • She was 15. Having been one at one point I can tell you that 15 year old girls are generally dumb. I had a mother who warned me against dating middle eastern men — even ones who seemed western as she knew someone who was tricked by such a man — and I had watched “Not Without My Daughter” at school. So I wouldn’t have gone for one never mind that I always knew I wanted to date someone of the same religion as myself.

      I think there is a reason the legal age of consent needs to be relatively high. Young teens are mostly incapable of making wise sexual decisions. But now it seems even the adults are living in the ‘now’ with heightened idealism. Yeah, it would be nice if we could all just get along and be with who we wish but there are bad people and cultures.

      • Young teens are mostly incapable of making wise sexual decisions.

        Or any other kinds of decisions. The problem is situated in the brain, where impulse control is not yet fully cemented in place. They do stupid stuff all the time and when asked what they were thinking, are forced to shrug – their “thinking” was never engaged. Drugs and alcohol make the situation infinitely worse.

        Car insurance actuarial statisticians know this only too well. That’s why car insurance for this age group is so high.

  9. As I understand, some Green types since long ago wanted to legalise paedophilia… from the pictures above, they seem to be getting their wish – indeed, paedophilia seems to be officially promoted. (Though it’s probably not their daughters who’ll have to live with the consequences).

    Here is hoping that normal, non-Green, non-brainwashed Germans and their daughters and sisters will have a peaceful Silvesternacht without any need to visit a Berlin-style “trauma tent” – and may 2018 finally be the year all of us red-pilled Westerners organise and fight back against this madness!

    Happy New Year, from “dictatorial” but peaceful Poland 🙂

  10. In Australia, I recall recent media reports that immigrants’ ages/adulthood are to be determined by examining bone growth progress in their hands.

    • but do not forget the dangers of x- rays for the young invaders!as one lawmakeress pointed out( left,at that)
      To wit: after the war, we had annual mobile x- rays at the school for fear of tuberculosis. And I am still alive.

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