Police Car Goes BOOM! in Malmö

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this report from Fria Tider about an incident in the southern Swedish city of Malmö:

Police car blown up outside police station in Malmö —Two arrested

29 December, 2017

A police car that stood parked outside a police station in Malmö was blown up on Friday evening. That’s what was described by police on their home page. The detonation was very strong. Two young suspects were arrested in connection with the crime scene.

It was around 7:30pm on Friday when the police car that was parked outside the police station on Sallerupsvagen in Malmö was subjected to a detonation of some kind.

“There is a lot of damage to the police car,” write the police on their home page.

It must have been an extremely strong bang.

“It sounded ridiculously strong, and smoke is coming from the hood of the car,” said a witness who lives in the vicinity to Aftonbladet, and pointed out that it sounded much stronger than a New Year’s Eve explosive.

A large area around the police car was blocked off and crime technicians and personnel from the national bomb squad were dispatched to the scene.

Two men, born 1991 and 1995, were arrested in connection with the crime scene. They are suspected of involvement in the explosion. The investigation is continuing with, among other things, house searches, interviews with witnesses and a review of surveillance tapes, the police state.

No one was injured.

No motive for the attack is known as yet.

20 thoughts on “Police Car Goes BOOM! in Malmö

    • Just wanted to add, that my money is on faulty mechanical job, and I would not want to be the mechanic to fix police cars; next time there could be police inside.
      Besides, it would be impolite to invite hordes of third worlders and then blame them for all sorts of crime. Never.

      • No. We cannot blame a scorpion when it sting treacherously.

        We cannot blame the police because Malmo police belong to Sweden. And Sweden belongs to those bunch of rare countries in the world which are humane. These Brainiac Einsteins are humane countries . They want to teach the Christendom how to build permanent peace: humanely of course not by brains or Bible wisdom.

        Now they discovered that it is better to learn something from muslims.

  1. Can the German people grasp that a bomb on a police car is AN ACT OF WAR?

    This is one ideology pitted in hostility towards another. The active hostile one is in “a permanent state of war” with all other ideologies: that is part of its base doctrine.

    Girls and young men have been killed, Jews terrorised, churches set on fire, crucifixes vandalised, statues destroyed, synagogues vandalised, whole areas of towns made no-go. All these are components of the slow-motion war being conducted on the West. The pattern is repeated in every European country where muslim settlement has been facilitated.

    Germans, Europeans, come along now, JOIN THE DOTS.

  2. It will be even funnier when the politicians who imported these scum realize they depend on the police to keep them safe from the consequences of their actions.

    • That’s what sometimes, often, shakes my Christian faith.

      Those who cause wars, disasters, mischief, crimes, . . . are killed last. Just like Iago in ( Othello) they were all deceived until much shed blood. And even that revelation to all around happened just by mere chance. Or let’s say a miracle.

      • As long as they are still killed… Not all sins should have to wait for the next life to be punished.

    • They well know they are safe in their own enclaves and will be protected, either by the police or their own armed security services. ‘Tis the same all over Europe.

  3. Sweden like Germany is finished, they need military not police , this scums not afraid of police anymore

    • The scum were conditioned by the coward Traitors not to be afraid of them (police). Need military? If police are not allowed to do their job why should the military be allowed?

      The REAL cause is that the Traitors did not do their job, and keep the natives safe. They love muslims and hate the natives. But the natives are too stupid to know that.

      • Which natives are these? Do you mean Swedes? And if so, which socio/economic class are you calling out here? It’s easy to throw insults around, harder to comprehend what leads people astray.

        • Dymphna,

          ” . . . harder to comprehend what leads people astray. ”

          I hope I will never throw insults at innocent people. I only judge after I see and feel their attitudes and intentions.

          By natives, of course, I mean pure Europeans, of Judaeo-Christian heritage and way of thinking. Contrasted with the invaders.

          Traitors is not my invention. I remember who used it. I saw it was suitable to describe those who force invaders on Europeans exploiting their naivete, ignorance, and sense of compassion. But compassion for scorpions is dead wrong so is for invaders. Invaders are repelled not invited. And are those who say “islam belongs in Germany and Europoe.” ” Muslims are here to stay.” “muslims have greatly contributed to progress of the west.” “without muslims we would still be in the Dark Ages.”

          And Those who deny what muslim invaders are up to.
          Traitors are those who find reasons for murdering us. And it seems it works because no riots have broken out against Traitors’ flagrant shameless lies. Do most voters know that they are lying when they describe invaders as refugees and soldiers of allah with beards as innocent young hchildren, wanting care and kindness. And then 6 month later they ” burn alive their native naive girlfriend.”

          “> . . . harder to comprehend what leads people astray.”

          Yes. I really appreciate your wisdom.

          The process of “democracy” helps voters choose one who is like them: superficial, hypocrite, young looking, with a thick thatch of hair, cracks jokes, has done cocaine like them, plays music, dances, lies when they think (s)he tells the truth.

          Why voters cannot comprehend how much Pres. Trump loves his people and country?
          They think inside the box, don’t they?

          Western Rulers have gone astray and their populations follow willy-nilly. They have no choice. After election is over we have real dictators: No morals no conscience. Just think about Nice and how Traitors commented on it doing nothing.

          • By natives, of course, I mean pure Europeans of Judaeo-Christian heritage and way of thinking.

            There is no such being. Europeans are as motley a mix as you’re likely to meet – read about the early invasions of the Gauls into various parts of southern Europe. The Romans were sure they wouldn’t survive these barbarians…

            As for the religion part, it “took” in a variety of places as long as local peoples could keep their own gods, tricked out in Christian attire. You can really see that in some of the feast days where large contingents of immigrants stayed in conclaves and had their own celebrations. I loved the Italian celebrations in the East End of Boston. They vaguely coincided with the Irish ones – I was more familiar with the latter, but the food was never as good.

            What differs this time is that leaders -traitors – invited the barbarians in and have silenced their critics. Now people have to figure out a work-around for what’s been inflicted. Since Merkel won the election, it’s obvious not everyone considers themselves endangered.

          • Yes I am with you Murad.

            People of European descent and Judeo Christian heritage are at the pointy end.

            White people are being targeted as are Christians and Jews.

            And it is about time someone had the backbone to talk out about it.

            White males in particular are a threatened group.
            Even white females turn on them to virtue signal and because the have been taught that the white male is the root of all evil.

            It’s okay to be white ,it’s okay to be Jewish or Christian and it’s even okay to be a white male of European Judeo- Christian heritage.

          • White males in particular are a threatened group.

            That is one area in which women can be of help. Don’t put up with anti-male “jokes” – whether it be the bumbling husband, the hapless boyfriend, the clueless father…IT HAS TO STOP.

            I got into a lot of trouble as a kid for listening to the nuns talk about God loving all his children, with the Scripture quotes to go with it, and then I would talk out loud about the awful way we treated black people. “Negroes” back then. Boy, did I get into serious trouble with my peers…it was ugly.

            If we are not willing to talk out loud about the necessity to defend men, then we might as well quit complaining when those SJWs mouth off.

  4. The Swedes are tough cookies, and can take a lot. For instance, one of the previous immigrants is a soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic (who now plays for Sweden). One of his typical low-key Swedish quotes (after being disqualified from World cup): “A World Cup without me is nothing to watch, so the it isn’t worth waiting for the World Cup.”
    Ingmar Bergman would have been proud of him.
    Check out other famous quotes from Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

  5. Paraphrasing a recent tweet I read: “Authorities noted that the police vehicle was well-liked by its neighbors and colleagues but had a history of emotional problems as well as alcohol and drug abuse. This may have contributed to its tragic suicide.”

    • In America we always add that the police car was just turning it’s life around and once was taken to church by his grandmother.

  6. So many mysteries in Sweden, anymore. Police cars blow themselves up, young women are raped and murdered but no one in Sweden can figure out why, it’s unsafe to be on the streets after dark………yet no Swede intellect or Elite can grasp why this is happening. I think it’s the fact that the culture isn’t diverse enough. Surely, if there were more Africans, Arabs, and mentally ill in the country, all of this confusion would clear itself up. Islam and Sharia Law will shine light on every facet of Sweden.

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