A Cup of Joe — With Golliwogs

Machwitz Coffee (Machwitz Kaffee) is roasted and brewed in the German city of Hannover. In a time of universal political correctness, the company’s logo is endearingly un-PC:

I can’t tell whether those are golliwogs or golliwogesses. They seem to be of indeterminate sex — short nappy hair, but those look like dresses hanging down below the shield with the company’s name.

And here’s a delicious-looking sample of Machwitz Coffee in the company’s custom cup:

Jede Tasse Extraklasse — Kaffeetradition seit 1883
“Each cup, extra class — coffee tradition since 1883”

Earlier this evening I discussed the Machwitz golliwogs with our German correspondent Egri Nök:

Baron:   But doesn’t Machwitz get in trouble for having wogs on its products? I mean, it’s so WAYCIST. Sweden had to purge itself of all instances of that sort of thing.
Egri:   Yes, they did get into trouble recently — now, as of this week. Thanks to an American cultural studies professor. The company said they were open to discussing the logo with him. My bet is that they will have to remove it.
Baron:   Better buy up those cups now, then! They’ll be valuable collectors’ items.

If you’re a WAYCIST, and plan to visit Germany in the near future, my advice is to stop by Hannover and get your photo taken with the Machwitz golliwogs. They won’t be around much longer.

Golliwogs in general are an endangered species. I expect them to be completely extinct within a generation.

17 thoughts on “A Cup of Joe — With Golliwogs

  1. I would bet my savings on immediate and total capitulation. I am astonished they have got away with it so long.

    • Though I am German, I didn’t take the name appart in two words; doing so won’t be obvious to most Germans. It’s just a proper name originating probably from some (dead?) eastern european language,

      • all the – witz endings in names are of formerly slavic origin and thus found in eastern Germany which was slavic till the early middle ages.

  2. I have a little porcelain golly on a shelf in the kitchen – a relic from the past care of Robertson’s marmalade.

  3. I showed my husband the golliwogs and they reminded him of a small blow up doll his mother got as a promotion at their local grocery store in Chicago during the 1950’s. It was called Winky Blinky and my husband said he had great fun playing with it.

    Imagine giving it out as a promotion today!


  4. They’re not extinct, Baron, and I will shortly send you a photograph of my fella – a local little old lady of the greatest generation makes and sells them to us reprobates in order to supplement her meagre pension. 😜 😉 😇

    • Well, I know for a fact that if her “racist” actions were to be exposed, your friend could be nicked by the coppers and bunged into chokey!

      People have been prosecuted for golliwog-related offenses in England.

      • At the moment you can only be nicked for public display, not for private transactions or private ownership but no doubt the illegitimati of the Thought Police may get around to that sooner or later.

  5. With this new-found publicity, the coffee shop can start a side business: selling the cups to stubborn reprobates. I can imagine the shop must have to replace the “lost” cups, too. New business line for the next year: golliwogs mugs, and tea pots.

  6. What a bizarre world it is when golliwogs are deemed offensive. They were loved and cuddled by countless children who’d never heard of WAYCISM. I had a golliwog when I was a little tacker.

    • and as a topping to it all:

      There is a tiler in Mainz, called Neger(negro) who has had a golliwog in his family firms logo for over 100 years now. Complaints arose initiated by campus folks and some people of colour.

  7. and before I forget it: Claude Débussy, waycist french composer, should immediatly be removed from concerts bills. He wrote” Golliwogs cake-walk” for his composition “Childrens corner”. Very sinistre humor in this piece: he inserted one bar of the Tristan and Isolde introductory chord into a happy-go-lucky piece. Nevertheless, Débussy should be banned from the program.

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