The OIC’s Long March Through American Institutions

The following report by our D.C. correspondent Frontinus concerns the use of foreign money by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to buy American public opinion and change government policy. There’s no secret about what the OIC is doing — they planned it at their annual conference last December, and posted a policy paper (PDF) with the details. It’s a blatant, in-your-face operation.

Frontinus’ report is designed as a game plan for grassroots organizations and think tanks to use to expose and counter the subversion of American journalists and our public officials

The OIC’s Long March Through Western Institutions

by Frontinus

The Tactic:

In late December 2016, the OIC announced plans to pay American and European journalists and influential political leaders in order to change government policies based on OIC instructions and coordination.

This isn’t against the law in the United States, but anyone taking the OIC funds — a journalist or an influential person — should register as a foreign agent under the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). These three criteria are required:

1)   Foreign money,
2)   foreign instructions, and
3)   an intent to influence public opinion and change policy to align with foreign interests.

— for an organization or individual to have to register as a foreign agent under FARA. And, given the OIC’s statements in the linked document (also excerpted below), they are indeed in place.

We just don’t know who in the U.S. is taking the money to do the OIC’s bidding. Which brings us to…

The Asks:

1.   For the media and other advocates for the OIC’s policy positions: Journalists, and political leaders probably won’t announce that they have been paid by the OIC. But when they clearly ARE writing and advocating for OIC positions, we can ask them outright if they’ve accepted money from the OIC, either directly or indirectly — and demand that they register as Foreign Agents, if they have in fact been paid.
2.   For Congress: Let Congressmen know that the OIC has announced it’s going to do exactly what the FARA legislation was written to cover: it’s a foreign entity purchasing influence and journalists in order to change US opinion and government policies. FARA has come up in the news recently, with the failures by both Paul Manafort and Tony Podesta to register as foreign agents. The State Department needs to demand that the OIC provide lists of any American citizens it is paying, and how much, so that the FARA office can implement the FARA legislation. And of course, the FARA office needs much stronger congressional oversight.


On December 21, 2016 in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, the OIC held the 11th Session of the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers, titled “Session of the New Media to Counter Terrorism and Islamophobia”. The goal of the meeting was to develop the “OIC Media Strategy in Countering Islamophobia and its Implementation Mechanisms.” The document is here. It’s only ten pages long, and various sections may be useful for organizations dedicated to opposing Islamization.

As always with OIC documents, the English can be a bit odd — presumably badly translated from the Arabic.

Somewhat arbitrarily, I quote the following bits, starting with the Long Term Goals (emphasis added):

III. Long Term Goals:

1.   To call media professionals to develop, articulate and implement voluntary codes of conduct to counter Islamophobia. The OIC and its Member States should be vocal in calling media professionals to use the power they have with responsibly through accurate reporting.
2.   To assess successful media campaigns with a view to understanding the strong factors to be replicated and review the unsuccessful ones for avoiding the weak contents and procedures.
3.   To engage with western governments in creating awareness against the dangers of Islamophobia by addressing the responsibility of media on the issue.

The Actions are also worth noting — Page 2:

3.   To enhance the presence of Muslims on the internet and benefit from the experiences of successful Islamic institutions in this regard, as the success of Islamophobes in the West is the failure of Muslims online. However, extra care should be considered while investing on this enhancement, as there is a need to be aware of unintended consequences of the increased presence of Muslims on the internet. In addition, there is a need to identify and support non-Muslim bloggers and researchers from outside the mainstream media positively disposed towards Islam and Muslims.

Page 7:

This campaign proposes that the OIC plays a leading role in fostering effective anti-Islamophobia initiatives across the western world and achieve through a range of interlinked actions designed to accomplish both short-term and long term-targets. These include seeding a proactive anti-Islamophobia grassroots media network in the United States and specific European countries, overseen by OIC – appointed regional public relations offices (PR); researching and identifying the key misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, and refuting these through a comprehensive online resource supported with social media; building alliances with scholarly, journalistic and media communities, and civil societies. In addition, the project would seek to develop an “Ambassadors’ Programme” or “OIC Friends Program” to recruit local public figures and celebrities to support the initiative; organize key engagements between western delegates and figures from the Muslim world; create a fund to support local anti-Islamophobia initiatives; media monitoring and high impact media positioning to place commentary and news stories in key western publications; arranging a high profile advertising campaign to leverage this work through mass market publicity, and developing broadcast quality documentaries to explore how Islamophobia has affected Muslim communities and western societies alike.

Pages 9-10:

5— Anti-Islamophobia Ambassadors or OIC Friends Network

  • Identify and recruit leaders, opinion-formers and public figures in western politics, media and the art [sic] for the anti-Islamophobia “ambassadors” network.
  • Apply “ambassadors” network to other aspects of internal OIC anti-Islamophobia work.
  • Engage with specific projects, events, and other publicity generating activities elsewhere that are suitable for ambassadors.

6— Anti-Islamophobia Independent Projects Fund

  • Determine scope and potential recipients for anti-Islamophobia fund.
  • Create application materials, determine application process, and solicit projects.
  • Determine methodology for assessing projects and selecting recipients.
  • Disburse grants on the basis of assessments and determine criteria for delivery.
  • Institute review / monitoring and evaluative mechanism of the process of media campaign and apply to recipients to ensure delivery of results within deadline.

7— Examples of Mass Media Campaigns and public relations

  • A two-week television campaign and a two-week advertising campaign targeting public transport (bus and metro), famous newspapers and magazines for each country two times in one year.
  • Produce and/or commission and television and transport media campaigns.
  • Promote media campaigns through social media, ambassadors, and through secondary or internal networks.
  • Reporters Exchange program (ten reporters and journalists per year).
  • Arranging three talk shows per year in key TV channels in US and Europe about Islam, with the participation of selected members from the Muslim countries.
  • Holding ten lectures per year in each country (universities, unions and suggested important centers) about Islamic role in building cultures and connect between religions.
  • Visits to schools and universities and educational search by specialist team from our side.
  • Arranging 100 Guest programs per year to be organized through the OIC with the Cooperation of its Member Countries to host a 100 – western activist from various fields in selected Muslim countries where they can interact with intellectuals, politicians, media figures, and religious scholars.

8— Documentary Productions

  • Produce a broadcast quality one-hour documentary examining the growth of Islamophobia in the West and its impact on Muslims around the world and interfaith relations.
  • Facilitate broadcast on mainstream networks such as Britain’s BBC and Channel 4 or America’s PBS.
  • Promote documentary through social media, conventional advertising, ambassadors, and through secondary or internal networks.

One last point: The OIC’s institutions and policies are currently in flux, given the changes in Saudi Arabia’s governance, the Sunni-Shia wars, etc., all of which will affect the OIC’s policy positions and ability to function.

The OIC is just barely keeping it together, since so many members are at war with each other, and alliances keep shifting. The one thing they may be able to agree on is the need to use the Islamophobia campaign to open the West to hijra, to enable the onslaught of “refugees” from the Islamic countries’ civil wars and their regional wars against each other. The more that chaos descends in the Muslim world, the more they may project “Islamophobia” and make demands of the West.

And that’s why this is important.

8 thoughts on “The OIC’s Long March Through American Institutions

  1. It seems the Left copies the latest theme that is going around….fad thinking. The conservative mind is much more questioning.

    I can see this happening in my own family.

    Brains borrow and copy ideas, some more than others. Peculiar. Au courant thinking.

    • A commenter on another site described Islam as a, ‘memetic disease,’ which I found quite apt.

  2. This is the most dangerous thing I’ve seen.

    A well-funded foreign organization with permission to spend money freely on individual reporters, politicians, and academics to advance Islam and suppress criticism.

    The receivers need to be required to register as foreign agents, and do hard time if they don’t. Better yet, make foreign contributions illegal for any religious, political, or educational institution. Foreign governments can hire representatives to present their points of view, but any foreign gifts need to be public record and absolutely make it a felony for any direct or indirect contribution from another country to an elected official or political campaign.

    And more the laws need to be enforced. If they’re not enforced, they are worse than useless. Unfortunately, part of Muslims worming their way into governmental organizations is, they can affect the way laws are enforced. So, that’s a solid reason to absolutely cut off all Muslim immigration.

    The OIC is in disarray, but that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. It means, it would be easy to neutralize it. But, if the will to do so is not there, then it remains extremely dangerous. The Israelis are allied with the Saudis, but perfectly aware of the limitations. I’m sure the Israelis would not permit Muslims from outside to affect their politics. They have enough trouble with the Muslims there.

  3. I suspect that Putin’s boys and Chinese communists are also up to similar tricks.

    Anti DOMESTIC oil activists, for example, are likely funded by sources of this nature.

    Much as I hate Soros, I suspect that he’s not at the *origin* of all of his nefarious ideas, but actually a conduit for them. Complex financial transactions lead to him having large profits (virtually assured if you know in advance what moves are being planned, or are able to influence them), which he is then expected to turn over to pre-designated causes. I have no evidence for any of this, it’s just my feeling as to what is likely going on. I can hardly understand his motivations otherwise.

    Obviously, he’s not the only one. Lots of left-wing extremist groups are essentially “for hire” to anyone who wants to make trouble in a manner not 100% at odds with their official goals.

    • Why would Soros not be the driver of much of the immigration and anti-national activity? You picture him as a wealthy financial manipulator who takes orders. But, what would the motivations be for those who give Soros orders?

      It’s just as likely that Soros follows his own agenda. He’s worth about $12 billion. He is about 10 times wealthier than Trump, who largely financed and won his own campaign. There’s no reason to think that someone with a mere $12 billion is not able to push his own agenda very effectively.

      If you look at the GoV article on the OIC, you will see that bribes in the right places can be extremely effective. Even the Clintons, offering Presidential firepower, required a only few million per transaction. The journalists, educators, local bureaucrats, and NGO workers, can be had for almost laughably small bribes (grants).

      Soros has written tracts explaining his globalist “philosophy”. Look at his entry in “Discover the Networks”. Again, there’s no reason to think he’s the puppet, rather than one of the evil puppeteers.

    • “I suspect that Putin’s boys and Chinese communists are also up to similar tricks.”

      Let’s hope they win then – because no-one else is even trying to stop this nonsense.

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