6 thoughts on “Koran Blocks, Diversity Bollards, Merkel Legos, And…

  1. Yes, scurrying around bollards, one of many gifts of the religion of peace. Here are a few of my other favorites….

    1. Cutting my crummy steak at the restaurant in Terminal C with a plastic knife
    2. My kids having to go through a metal detector to watch a ballgame
    3. Having the manager riffle through the diaper bag when I take the kids to a movie

    • B-b-but think of all the amazing shwarma stands we have now!

      Surely these overrated gyro/taco knockoffs are better than your crummy steak!

      • I think it was Douglas Murray I heard coyly say “sure, there is more child rape but think of all the additional lunch options at the mall”

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