Bill Warner on the Manhattan Truck Jihad

In the following video, Dr. Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam discusses the Halloween jihad attack in Manhattan. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting the interview.

In the interview, Dr. Warner and Vlad talk about the template used by political leaders (in this case, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio) when reacting to news of Islamic terrorist attacks. In my opinion, additional talking points need to be added to that template, but first let’s hear what Vlad and Bill Warner have to say:

Here’s my expanded list of what we can normally expect in the template used by media anchors and political leaders when reacting to an incident of Islamic terror. Call it:

Seven Talking Points for Countering Violent Extremism

1.   Nothing to do with Islam

This is the most important point, and usually comes first. The functionary or media talking head who says this is not a Muslim, and has little or no knowledge of Islam or Islamic law. He may trot out a taqiyya specialist from the “Muslim community” to reassure the audience that what he says is correct, but he will have no information of his own to back it up.

2.   No connection with terrorism

This means that there is no terrorist command structure (al Qaeda, the Islamic State, etc.) that ordered the attack. It’s important for the security agencies to establish this fact; otherwise they would have failed in their duty to prevent such an attack. If it’s just one “lone wolf”, who inexplicably was “radicalized”, it’s unfortunate and tragic, but there’s really nothing they can do to prevent it.

3.   The perpetrator has a history of psychological problems

In other words, this isn’t Islam; it’s mental illness. The possibility that psychopathy and Islam have an natural affinity for one another is never examined.

4.   He was radicalized online

So we can’t do anything about it unless we crack down on the internet — which, by the way, we really should do.

Subtext: In order not to discriminate against Muslims, we have to crack down on “right-wing extremist” websites, too.

5.   We must beware of any backlash

Subtext: Right-wing extremists are salivating after opportunities like this to go out and attack Muslims and other people of color. We will make sure that doesn’t happen, by giving even more protection and special favors to the Islamic community.

6.   A tragedy such as this one will strengthen us as a community

By doing more “outreach”, and holding more “interfaith” events, and engaging in dialogue, our diverse community will be stronger and more open and etc blah yak.

7.   We won’t let it change our way of life

We will keep on shopping. And going to raves. And drinking ourselves into a stupor. Nothing can stop us!

24 thoughts on “Bill Warner on the Manhattan Truck Jihad

  1. That’s an inspired list, Baron.

    Two others might be “Expressing anger at the people we have marginalized is intolerant and it’s not who we are.”

    And “We ourselves have a history of genocide, slavery, theft, and imperialism against peaceful natives so we’re hardly in a position to judge others who resort to violence because of legitimate grievances from living in the exploitative and privileged society built on those crimes.”

    • I don’t think that I can add any more worthy comment to the article than Col_B or to the article itself. Except perhaps that it is not funny living in Britain and the only plus side is that it is not France.

  2. The ‘normalizing’ of Islamic Jihad is an attempt to lull the citizenry into an acceptance of those who are compelled to initiate such attacks. Such a scenario is based more on the psychological aspects of the Stockholm Syndrome where the victims of hostage takers, or in this case, the perpetrators of Islamic Jihad, join (submit) with those who would otherwise target them for slaughter.

    But, as it is still the case, in a general sense, that Western Civilization fosters individual thinking rather than an Islamic hive mentality, this attempt to cower the general populace is doomed to fail.

  3. I’m missing ” The rape of a great religion..” , as uttered in a gravely voice by the danish head of government Lars Loekke Rasmussen a couple of jihadi-attacks ago ; that would make the attack in N.Y. : “Raping a great religion while driving a pickup-truck”…..

  4. another one is “.. he is beautiful boy, respected his parents and teachers, always played football, was role model for children, prayed five times a day, – we don’t believe he can do harm to innocent people”.

  5. Point 4 doesn’t go far enough – the actual position is that conservative websites must be banned while Islamic sites must be promoted.

    Point 7 is another way to say the West stands for nothing, so it will fall for anything.

  6. …………….and ALL of his neighbors thought he was calm, quiet and very polite……………though he seemed to keep mostly to himself……………………..certainly not violent in any way……………….QUITE RELIGIOUS……………………..and yadda, and yadda, and more yadda.
    Plus more yadda, yadda, and yadda–in addition.

    So, move on now–nothing to see, here. Nothing to do with US, or YOU, or ANYBODY ELSE for that matter—so SHUT UP!

    • ‘Quite Religious’ , That’s it in a nutshell, these inbred mutants, subhuman vermin get their ‘marching orders’ from the ‘Muslim Manifestos’, the Quran, Suras and Hadieths. IMHO they carry out their instructions quite well, to the detriment of of the countries that take them in.

  7. Dr. Warner had a good, but incomplete, response to the idea that Allah is the same as the God of Judaism and Christianity. But he missed a point that Daniel Greenfield made recently on the Glazov Gang and that I had not encountered before. Daniel noted that Allahu Akbar (Allah is greater [than your god]) gives the lie to the notion that Allah and Yahweh are the same. How else to explain that “Allahu Akbar” was the rallying cry Mohammad used when slaughtering the Jews of Arabia?

    Screaming that Allah is greater rather convincingly makes the point that Moslems do not think of themselves as praying to the God of Christianity and Judaism.
    So much for the balderdash that “it’s the same god.”

  8. As a professional translator, I disagree somewhat with the idea that “God” is an incorrect translation of “Allah.” While I think it is clearer to use the term “Allah” in English (because it is a term that we understand, and using the term “Allah” does inform us some of the assumptions of the person who was speaking), “God” is not as incorrect as argued in this video. It should be noted that when the Bible is translated into Arabic, the term “God” is translated as “ALLAH.” The term applies to the monotheistic creator deity, but what is different is some of the secondary attributes of this deity. The argument is not whether the term “God” is correct, it is what we believe about the attributes of God.

    • I believe that the use of Allah as the Arabian Moon God – and historically speaking, that is what Allah represents and is the reason for the crescent Moon on the Mosques – and the term God, Lord or Creator, as Christian representations should always be presented and as they are written within the belief systems that abide by them.

      It is obvious to many that Allah is the antithesis to God as represented within the New Testament or Christianity – so best to keep them apart in name also.

      • and one should add that the christian deity is the sacred Trinity and Jesus as the Messiah. A concept I would have problems with were I a believer.

        • If you were a Christian believer, the Trinity as a “concept” wouldn’t trouble you at all. It’s the lesser dogmas that might be problematic, though.

          A “believer” by his very nature accepts much on faith. Since we can never know the truth, we accept whatever cosmology makes the most sense to us.

  9. The one good thing I see coming out of the NYC attack is that Americans learned about the “Diversity Visa Lottery”. This program is sheer insanity and the American people were made aware of not only this immigrant’s status but that he brought over within a short 7 years 23 of his closest relatives… SPIT
    The very idea that America is crying out for more Uzbek Uber drivers I don’t think strikes anyone as a reasonable statement.
    I would find it interesting to track down the 23 “relatives” and find out how many are on the public dole…

    • I agree with you. But it looks like that disastrous information doesn’t even begin to change the NY political leadership. THey’re all prepared to dominate this coming election. It must make sane NYorkers despair.

      • Northern, Central, and Western NY would love to secede from the Sodom-esque pits called “Albany” and “NYC” if possible.

  10. One leetle question…umm regarding #7. What’s wrong with drinking yourself into a stupor? Not all the time mind you, say only on days that end in “y”.

    • Drinking oneself into a stupor is a form of escapism that is fast approaching the medical condition knows as alcoholism.

      I once removed a bottle of methylated spirits (generally used for cleaning and 40 proof alcohol) from a man in his forties, an ex-boxer and a down and outer, who had not been able to make a name for himself in the ‘ring’.

      Such was his insistence on drinking himself into a stupor, a bottle of methylated spirits was all he could afford.

      That is not living and learning, which is why we were sent into this world.

      Maybe you should be thinking a little more about your own life?

  11. We should not be too disturbed by these attacks when they occur in large cities such as NYC. After all, these are the people who voted in the idiots who brought the Muslim invasion upon us. The more dead lib[eral]s, the better. Small towns know how to take care of this problem.

    • Small towns know how to take care of this problem.

      Not always. A town near us had a mosque “descrated” – the word NO! was spray-painted on it. Now they want to call in the FBI and the town will probably go along with it if that call doesn’t mean it will cost the town anything.

      While we don’t like liberal thinking here on GoV, we don’t wish them dead.

    • No thank you Sir; this is far too often the response of the SJW too, for example, the deaths at the church in Texas.

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