The Wretched Refuse of Your Teeming Shore? Let Them Come to Berlin!

…And in particular to the Berlin Police.

The following articles were all translated by Egri Nök and were posted separately at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Article #1

Berlin: Weapons Seized in Islamist Milieu

An original translation of a press release from the Berlin Police:

Weapons seized in Islamist milieu

Police Announcement from October 25, 2017

Joint Release Police and Office of the Federal Attorney Berlin

No. 2426

Raids were carried overnight at four locations in the districts of Reinickendorf and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf [Berlin]. During these operations, weapons, parts for weapons, and large amounts of ammunition were seized. This is the result of several months of joint investigations of the Office of the Federal Attorney and the Berlin Police against a 40-year-old man with German citizenship who is suspected, among other things, of being a member of the Islamist milieu.

During investigations on a different matter, indications surfaced that pointed to the suspect’s having access to arms and to weapons of war. As there was a concern that these might be used for attacks, the Berlin Attorney General took over the investigation. The decision for an arrest was made, as an increased readiness for violence was currently noted. The suspicion of possession of arms was confirmed, but currently there are no indications of any concrete plans for an attack. Investigations into this are ongoing. The accused will be presented to the committing magistrate today.

Article #2

Berlin police: “This is the enemy in our own ranks”

An original translation from Die Welt:

Hate, Noncompliance, Violence:

Stir about an audio recording regarding conditions at police academy

By Michael Behrendt, November 1, 2017

  • An anonymous voice recording is causing a stir at the police Berlin.
  • Allegedly, there is hate and violence in a class taken by many migrants in this Berlin police school. The man who made the recording is, by his own account, an instructor at the academy.

At the Berlin Police, an audio file is causing a stir. In it an instructor is complaining about insupportable conditions at the Berlin police academy in the district of Spandau. Die Welt has obtained the recording.

There is no doubt of the authenticity of the recording, police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf tells the Deutsche Presse-Agentur on Wednesday. “We will closely inspect the school and speak to students and instructors about shortcomings.”

The man, who says he is an instructor at the academy, laments hate, refusal to learn, and violence, in a class that includes many police students with a migration background: “I was an instructor at the police academy. I have never seen anything like this before. The class room looked like s**t, half of them Arabs and Turks, insolent as s**t. Dumb. Couldn’t articulate themselves.”

German colleagues were allegedly “threatened with violence”. He was “truly scared of them”. The lament of the — real or alleged [Berlin Police did confirm the authenticity of the speaker — translator] — instructor culminates in the conclusion: “This will become a two-class police, which will be corrupt with no end.” And: “They aren’t colleagues, they are the enemy. This is the enemy in our own ranks.”

Police Chief Klaus Kandt said upon enquiry that he confidentially received the anonymous voice mail from a coworker last week. “The head of the police school was subsequently asked to clarify the issue and the situation in the class. Without anticipating the results, it is my firm conviction that it is the duty of the police academy to socialize the students in a way so that they will show discipline, politeness and appreciation in their interactions with each other as well as with their superiors and the people of the city.”

The Police Union (Gewerkschaft der Polizei, GdP) announced that they knew of the problems but that their hands were bound without concrete hints. “We know this audio file, and it worries us, because it is not the first such statement about the academy,” says GdP spokesman Benjamin Jendro. “But our problem is that no one has contacted us so far.” Despite repeated offers for talks, no one who witnessed such extreme conditions contacted them. “It is nothing tangible, always just hearsay,” says Jendro to the dpa. But it was striking that the accusations were always made against people with a migration background. Additionally, none of the other police institutions in Berlin said anything comparable. In one case it was quite evident that the accusations could not possibly be true [Welt here somehow forget to mention that in other cases though, it was established that police students were dealing drugs and fencing hot goods from burglaries on the premises of the academy — translator.] Jendro urged anyone who knew of anything to get in contact.

Marcel Luthe, a spokesman for internal politics of the FDP Berlin, chided the lowering of the human resources standards at the Berlin Police: “The complete lack of ideas” of the vice police president responsible for recruitment were showing first results. The goal should be, “to win the best of each year for the police, and not to take anyone you can get. Additional qualifications in language and culture are wonderful*, but just an add-on to the very minimum requirements of language competency and social skills. Someone who does not have these does not belong with the Berlin Police.”

*   A hint at the political objective to increase migrants in the German police force. The percentage of migrant trainees at this particular academy is 36% — translator

Translator’s note:

We are reminded of this photo which surfaced in April 2016, and which we published back then: Someone in the uniform of the police Berlin, wearing a so-called “Ring of the Ottomans”, and making a salute of the “Grey Wolves”, Turkish fascists.

Article #3

Berlin police at an Antifa riot in Rigaer Street

Berlin: Police Leadership Knew of Conditions at Academy

Berlin — another police officer has come forward anonymously and confirmed an instructor’s allegations of intolerable conditions at the Berlin Spandau police academy, due to the high number of migrant students (see our original report from yesterday).

Also, a newspaper has obtained an internal document from a Berlin police leadership meeting, which shows that the leadership has long known of the problems.

An original translation from B.Z. Berliner Zeitung.

New urgent reminder after instructor’s complaint:

State Office of Criminal Investigations Officer: “Just a matter of time when first shot will be fired”

November 2, 2017
by Axel Lier

After the serious accusations against police students with migration background who are in training in Berlin-Spandau, now a — in his words — “concerned police officer of the state of Berlin” comes forward in an open letter to police president Klaus Kandt (B.Z. has obtained the document). Earlier, an instructor had lamented intolerable conditions at the police academy Spandau — here is the full text.

The LKA-officer now comes to the instructor’s defense — and raises serious allegations against the police leadership! They were downplaying grievances, as for example at the academy in Spandau. The officer detects infiltration of police and justice by Arab clans, and, in his open letter, describes problems with police students with a migration background.

“Pushes The Imagination To The Limit!”

He has been a police officer since 1986 and has seen his fair share of things. He writes: “In my whole professional career, I have only feared police officers twice. The first time was at an assignment‚ ‘Ongling burglary suspected, perpetrator probably armed with gun’. When we entered the house, a colleague behind me loaded his gun, but the familiar ‘ka-klick’ of the decocker was missing. He only decocked the gun after I drew his attention to it. Now I am worried again, but more than about that colleague who might have shot me in the back in the chaos. Because what we have to expect of new colleagues in the future pushes the imagination to the limit!”

Treating Female Officers Like Cleaning Women

Die Welt reports that the police leadership was aware of the allegations for quite some time. The newspaper cites an internal document from a leadership meeting which they obtained. The percentage of migrants at the academy was currently 30%. Some of the candidates for police service couldn’t swim, even though this was mandatory for recruitment. They treated female officers like cleaning women, it says.

But the police leadership were denying any dialogue and downplaying the grievances, says the officer in his open letter: “If an instructor goes public anonymously, then only, because the dialogue with the leadership that they were asking for is non-existent!” The leadership were “watering down, downplaying, and talking down incidents” and were “shrouded in silence”.

“Police bend even anti-socials into shape!”

The officer quotes the internal police intranet in his letter: “Without anticipating the results, he (Mister Kandt) is of the firm conviction that it is the job of the police academy to socialize the students in such a way that they will show discipline, politeness and respect in their interactions with each other, as well as with their superiors, and the people of the city.”

But, says the officer, the academy cannot socialize the students:

“Socialization — this is what I was taught at exactly this faculty — of a human being takes place at two places: in his parents’ home — this should be the norm — or in a correctional facility. The faculty is dependant on people who are already versed in the rules of social interaction, as well as in the official language, German, as it is required by legislation.”

The officer continues in drastic words: “This is how I translate your statement: ‘The police will bend even anti-socials into shape!’ No, they won’t. If this were the case, then there would be no need for the police!”

The LKA officer in his letter also admonishes the subversion of public service and justice: “Without doubt we can state that the subversion by Arab clans has already begun”.

He had doubts “that this still was the same police force where I started more than thirty years ago.”

Besides, the anonymous officer criticizes that the police vice president Margarete Koppers was allegedly giving too liberal treatment to applicants from Arab clans notorious to the police, and that notorious lawyers of the milieu represent her.

“Tolerance comes to an end when female superiors aren’t respected anymore”

The officer condemns further outrages in the academy:

“When female superiors aren’t respected anymore, because they are women, when the students refuse swimming training, because ‘someone unclean’ might have been swimming in the pool, then tolerance and the welcoming culture and ‘Multikulti’ come to an end!”

Such people should “be shown the door, because they haven’ grasped the basic rules of our democracy, they aren’t socialized in the spirit of our laws, and the citizen out there can’t expect any help from people like these.”

“Just a matter of time when first shots will be fired”

It were “just a matter of time when between two colleagues of rivalling ethnicities at the police first shots will be fired”, the police officer worries.

He did not want to give his name, because “I trust the police leadership less than the colleague with the not-decocked gun in my back.”

He closes his letter “with collegial greetings” as a “concerned police officer of the state of Berlin”.

(with dpa materials)

Article #4

Berlin police at a demonstration of Turkish nationalists

An original translation from Die Welt:

Internal Document

Police Leadership Knew of the Problems At Police Academy

by Michael Behrendt

It appears that the leadership of the Berlin police knew of the problems with police students with a migration background.

This is what an internal paper suggests. It talks about “condescending treatment” of women, and deficits in the professional ethos.

According to information that Die Welt has obtained, there is a climate of fear at the academy.

Why this is relevant:

The debate about grievances at the academy started with an audio recording in which the complaints of instructor about Turkish and Arab police students can be heard.

It appears that the leadership of the police Berlin had been aware for quite some time of the escalating grievances at the academy. Die Welt have obtained an internal paper of a leadership discussion from August this year.

According to it the police academy laments problems “that developed due to the recruitment of officers with a migration background (currently 30%)”. For example, some of the candidates can’t swim, even though this is mandatory for recruitment. Besides a “condescending treatment of female officers, as if they were cleaning women”, is candidates additionally lacked professional ethos.

According to Welt’s information, there is a climate of fear at the academy. “There were teachers who wanted to meet representatives of the parties to talk about the grievances. But pressure was exerted on them,” a leading Berlin police officer says.

The spokesman for inner politics of the FDP in Berlin, Marcel Luthe, says: “The police union organized a meeting with us and the teachers. It was cancelled.” The debate about grievances at the academy started with an audio recording in which the complaints of instructor about Turkish and Arab police students can be heard.

Die Welt was the first to report on this. Police president Klaus Kandt announced that he received the audio file last Friday. The sender of the file was identified, and there was a talk with him. He was criticized for not having turned to his employer.

Luthe said: “I do not know of a single case that had an outcome other than denying the problem. The police academy is directly subject to the police president; the dramatic problems that repeatedly occur are his direct responsibility. The academy needs a police leader with experience in duty and in teaching at its top.”

Luthe demanded that the interior senate take action. “No matter which stone you turn around, terrorism, a 15% increase in crime since 2011, the lowest clearance rate, areas where there is open drug dealing, and now the police academy — the leadership of the Berlin Police is a total failure. How much longer will the Interior Senator ask the Berliners to put up with this?”

15 thoughts on “The Wretched Refuse of Your Teeming Shore? Let Them Come to Berlin!

  1. Could there be any more ludicrous a situation than what this article portrays? A Kafkaesque scenario certainly comes to mind here! What these articles expose is the gradual undermining of the only recognizable social cohesive force (police) within Berlin. If the police are undermined completely, then who gets to control whatever situation develops on the streets from such undermining?

    Short answer = no one, not even Frau Angela! And in times of civil unrest – which will come about if this undermining of the police is not soon corrected – then it will become every man for himself!

    Those within the police hierarchy, that is those who drive desks and not patrol cars or walk the beat, have been heavily indoctrinated through politicization that includes all those utopian fantasies regarding diversity, religious rights etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, and that to the open minded is pure hogwash.

    It is through them that the government enforces its utopian ideals.

    And this police politicization has occurred throughout the West and not just in Germany, and so we all have this kind of problem that has reached various stages of future social destructiveness in whatever country you may live in.

    I already have my plan for when civil unrest really breaks out. How about you?

  2. The situation is really out of hand when within the ranks of the police there exists a large ‘fifth column’.

  3. That’s a boatload of ammo in that picture and it’s only four locations that were involved? It’s almost enough to make you think those lads are planning something. If only Merkel knew. Her aides keep this information from her.

  4. People, you’re missing the point of this story: GERMANY DOESN’T LEARN! At the minimum they’ll stick to a bad plan at their own expense & let their children be damned!

  5. It’s not the first time I’ve read about large quantities of illegal weapons (destined for ISIS terrorists already in Europe) are seized on the continent. If I remember correctly, 10.000 rifles were seized in Spain at the beginning of the year and a truck full of weapons was identified in Italy some time before that. And was there a boat docked in Sweden full of weapons as well?

    Guns, drugs and people are transported illegally from Africa into Europe. This has been going on for many years. It wouldn’t be hard to track down the rifles, but I don’t think the results of that investigation would be made public.

    • It all makes sense when you realize the mosques are the Ummah’s own network of private bonded warehouses.

  6. I was wondering about the symbol, as I know it as the symbol for the Devil in Christianity and the symbol to ward off demons in Buddhism and Hinduism. Not surprised muslims use it to promote themselves, though not happy about it…

  7. Remember the Kronstadt Baltic Fleet sailors who had been radicalized and joined the Bolsheviks in the October revolution? …and also in the earlier March revolution?

    When police or military are on the other side, time remaining is short.

    These sailors had been mostly sitting around during WWI and had terrible conditions, low rations and low morale. Easy pickings.

  8. Police bosses wont act until concrete evidence is provided?

    You mean someone needs to step forward and expose themselves to antifa, the bosses and the problem recruits.

    Such whistle blowers would likely lose their jobs and be branded as racist like what happens with all such people who dare point out the failures of multi-culturalism.
    How long until some welfare type still living with mum and dad pays the “racist’s” home a visit?

    • Reports from street police outlining ‘problems’ they may encounter while on the job are generally ignored by the politicized hierarchy who get to apply the standard ‘diversity’ and ‘multicultural’ test to what the report states – if it doesn’t pass those utopian ideals then it ends up filed with no action recommended stamped on it.

      It’s is a fail safe system installed by our cultural destroyers to keep the complaints and problems on the level that they emanate from, so as the real issues that matter to societal cohesion, never get to see the light of day.

  9. Remember the muslim Minneapolis police officer who shot an innocent woman, firing across the front of his partner, shooting the woman while she was standing there, talking to his partner? He is a Somali muslim that the police department hired as a way of showing how diverse it was, how it supported muslim immigrants. He was showcased by the department, but he went on to receive three complaints in a short time after graduating and working as an actual police officer. One of these unnamed complaints has supposedly been closed, but two were still open at the time of the article (after the shooting of Justine Damond).

    More of these incidents (murder in this case) will happen in the future, although evidently – big surprise – the muslim officer was cleared of any wrong-doing. After all, as any muslim would say, “It was only a woman.” (sarc) Germany will have a serious problem on their hands, especially when the muslim cops begin to arrest for sharia offenses. They may just decide that a bullet works better than a stone.

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