A Quantum of Merkel

JLH has translated and annotated three articles on the upcoming German election from the same non-PC news outlet.

A Quantum of Merkel

by JLH

Here are three articles from the Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung — one of the minority of German news carriers that have misplaced their rose-colored glasses.

First, some of the ominous developments in immigration, law and finance for Germans to look forward to:

What is in Store for Germany After the Election

The Republic will change after the September 24th election, but how?

by Norman Hanert
July 28,2017

In presenting the election program of the Union [CDU/CSU, Christian Democrats], Angela Merkel declared as a goal that everyone in Germany should be better off by the end of the next legislative period. And in fact, much points to the likelihood that conditions will change significantly in Germany in the next four years. Whether to the advantage of Germans is an open question.

With unaccustomed clarity and explicitness, in this year’s summer interview on ARD[1] the federal chancellor laid out asylum policy. She sternly declined the upper limit demanded by the CSU. “My attitude toward an upper limit is clear — that is, I will not accept it.” Taking present polls as a basis, there is ample indication of a continuation of present right-of-asylum and immigration in a fourth Merkel term.

Just the mass immigration since autumn of 2015 has changed the picture of Germany, reaching even into the smallest community. Most recently, since the notorious New Year’s Eve in Cologne and the terrorist attack on the Berlin Christmas Fair, it is also obvious that criminal activity and the danger of terrorism have risen along with mass immigration.

This, and the reactions of the Grand Coalition[2] allow the expectation that the social climate will change drastically in coming years. All of the parties thus far represented in the Bundestag adhere to the dogma of open borders. Instead of working against mass immigration, the Union and SPD are only trying to address its negative effects with new laws.

The result is that the liberal rule of law is taking on ever more characteristics that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Bavaria, for instance, now has the possibility of preventive detention in case of serious suspicion of terrorism. Persons may be taken into so-called preventive custody if they may pose a danger to internal security. The number of Muslims who may be suspected of a terrorist attack climbs steadily. At the same time, surveillance of these threats to public safety ties up enormous numbers of police personnel.

So there are reasonable grounds for instituting a preventive custody as in Bavaria. There is nonetheless the danger of abuse. Once a police capability is introduced, instruments such as preventive custody can be used for purposes other than combatting and preventing terrorist acts — for instance, for political goals, as was the case with the “network tracking law” [aka the Facebook law], recently voted into law in the Bundestag in the shadow of the debate on “marriage for everyone.” According to this law, social internet providers like Facebook shall take quick action against hate speech or false news.

Lawyers and trade groups warned beforehand of disproportionate encroachment from the domain of Justice Minister Heiko Maas on freedom of press and speech by means of this law. The steady shrinking of the liberal concept of law under the impact of a fragmenting, multicultural, immigration society could be only one of may trends in the next legislative period.

The Union’s campaign promises of tax relief or SPD’s plans for an “opportunity account” with €2,000 for every qualified applicant notwithstanding, Germans will have to get used to higher financial burdens. As early as this Spring, the Bundestag’s scientific service determined that the care and integration of immigrants in 2016 will cost considerably more than had originally been calculated.

Bundestag Vice President Johannes Singhammer (CSU) summed it up for the Welt: “If you add up the expenses of all the federal states, 2016 cost €23 billion for immigrants and refugees.” Just bringing family members here will ensure that the expenses for this group of people will remain high for a comparatively long time. The Foreign Office estimates that soon 200,000 to 300,000 Syrian and Iraqi family members may be coming here.

It will not only be foreigners in Germany who will continue to cost Germans dearly in the future. Signs in the EU point to consolidating the euro-zone into a comprehensive (bank) transfer union. After a recent meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, Chancellor Angela Merkel confided that she would present specific suggestions for a consolidation of the currency union, after the election.


1.   Working pool of broadcasters in Germany.
2.   Merkel’s CDU/CSU plus the SPD and the Greens — a merger of the largest parties.

Second, even though we know that politicians think nothing of lying when they need to, desperation can lead them too far:

AfD Can Be Happy

An act of desperation: Martin Schulz makes a campaign theme of the asylum crisis

By Hans Heckel
July 26, 2017

Can you believe the SPD [Social Democrats]? Their candidate Martin Schulz is criticizing Merkel’s asylum and immigration policy and deservedly attracting anger.

The newest foray by Martin Schulz reveals the depth of desperation in the Social Democrat camp two months before the Bundestag election. The SPD leader incredibly chooses to criticize the chancellor for her asylum and immigration policy.

The answer from his coalition partner CSU was harsh and accurate: “Here someone is speaking about a new stream of refugees, and he himself rejected and contested all methods of controlling it. More deportations, more stable countries of origin, border controls and transit zones. Martin Schulz and the SPD have blocked them all,” is CSU General Secretary Andreas Scheuer’s retort to this astonishing attack by the SPD chair.

Apparently Schulz saw no other choice. His platitudes about “justice” and “hardworking people” went over like a lead balloon. By taking up asylum, Merkel’s challenger is pulling a subject out of the shadows that the established parties would have liked to steer far clear of, because they know a majority of the people is against them in this.

Even for the CSU, a serious immigration debate is divisive. Since the Summer of 2013 the Bavarians have been throwing demands (upper limit), threats and ultimatums at Chancellor Merkel. None of this uproar was followed by action. The demands echoed away, the ultimatums timed out and the threats remained empty.

Nevertheless, the CSU secretary-general is right to deny the SPD the position it has moved into as the main critic of an uncontrolled flow of immigration. Of the three coalition partners, it has the least claim.

Schulz can expect gratitude from only two directions. First, the critical voters who have hoped for a long, long time that the existential subject of immigration and border control would finally be discussed and the cartel of silence broken — for whatever motive.

Second, the AfD should send Schulz some flowers. In recent weeks, the young party has stopped its slide and stabilized at 7 to 8%, Now it can even dream of a rise. Besides internal quarrels and external hostilities, the conspiracy of silence had repressed them most. Previously the party had reached record heights talking of the failure of asylum and border controls. The “Alternative” had been declining since these subjects faded into the background. Thanks to Martin Schulz, these burning questions may now become the order of the day again.

Finally, making ready for national suicide:

Two Waves At One Time

Brutal asylum seekers shock Germany; the next wave is coming from Italy

by Hans Heckel
August 2, 2017

The problems caused by radical Islamic asylum seekers are becoming ever more threatening, while the policy persists in its false dogmas.

Alarmed observers are talking about the second wave of illegal immigrants surging toward Germany. The reality, however, is even more dramatic, as shown by the bloodbath in Hamburg. And now two waves are crashing together.

First, there is the new wave of immigration now pouring into southern Italy. Politics and the notorious smuggler-enablers are doing their part to make this wave a really big one.

What occurred in Hamburg and reached its zenith, for now, in the Berlin Christmas Fair massacre, that is the other wave — a result of the radicalization of those already enticed here and allowed to enter. There, religious fanaticism is blended with the predictable lack of prospects in Germany facing hundreds of thousands of young men from the Near East, because they have no training and can’t (or won’t) adapt to Western culture.

Both these developments conjured up by policy will simultaneously rise to the surface. Correspondingly, the nervousness of those responsible is becoming palpable. So they are competing with one another in making worn-out recriminations and demands. More surveillance by the security services and the police? Hamburg alone has 800 Islamic extremists, and the attacker of Barmbek [the Hamburg supermarket where a jihadi with a knife killed 1 and injured 7] wasn’t even one of them. How do they propose “surveilling” this mass of people?

In their campaign platform, the CDU speaks of “resettlement” — i.e., finding a new home for asylum seekers in Germany. That does not sound like sending them back to the land they allegedly fled because of danger. Federal President Steinmeier talks about “integration” that would require “decades,” instead of returning them. SPD candidate Schulz promised Italy more “European solidarity” and means by that taking more asylum seekers off their hands. If necessary, EU countries can be forced to take them in. Robert Klinak, the Interior Minister of Slovakia, replies that when the roof is leaking, you don’t share the water — you repair the roof. In other words, secure the borders, instead of talking about “sharing refugees.”

Karin Göring-Eckart knows what will happen if EU partners like Slovakia close off access. The Greens leader asked extortionately on welt.de: “If no one will accept them, are you prepared to let people drown in the Mediterranean? I’m not.” Which means, if necessary, Germany will take them all.

Anyone who was hoping that Berlin’s politicians had actually learned from 2015 is bitterly disappointed. The next fiasco of ignorance is warming up for take-off.

18 thoughts on “A Quantum of Merkel

    • It will become an even sicker country for centuries to come.
      But who are we to judge, the Germans seem to like it this way.

  1. Nasty nation the Germans.I could not even want to touch foot on their ground I dispise them so much.If they are suicidal that is ok with me, go ahead make my day…

  2. There is no more pitiful creature in Europe today than the politically correct German. Which means about 90% of them, because it is socially risky to the reject the PC cult in this country.

    I remember the old Germany, the German Germany. What a great place it was: a good people, a solid, recognisable culture, a place of great music and ok not so great food, a place of beauty and substance, a bit stodgy and rule-bound, but eine Heimat–a homeland.

    And now you have 70 million pathetic, brainwashed idiots pretending it’s great that the Stube (local) is full of Croats and Poles, that the commuter train is full of unemployed Arabs, that the park is full of thieving Roma, that the market place at night mills with bored, randy male Muslims of every stripe who cannot go into the bars. Seventy million idiots and cowards pretending to not mind that their women no longer dare to walk out alone, pretending that they like sharing their apartment blocks with Chechens and Iranians, that they don’t mind millions of completely undeserving aliens taking over their housing, using their social services, displacing them from the old jobs, from their schools, from their hospitals, from their care homes.

    I used to pity the Germans, but all there is now is contempt, and because of what they are doing to the rest Europe through their degenerate, irresponsible self-loathing—letting their enrichment leach into neighbouring countries—I have come to really dislike them too. It took a thousand years to build Germany. One worthless generation of imbeciles is destroying it in a generation.

      • What percentage of counterjihadists admire Nazi Germany of 1933-1945?

        I would venture to say it’s around 15%.

        Evidence here.

    • How much choice did they really have? Germany is still occupied by the military forces of two of the allied powers that defeated them 70 years ago.

      The process of de-nazification included that German culture from the end of the war was overseen by the allies who were keen on a weak culture for future Germans to prevent a comeback like the one under Hitler. It was very successful.

      Young adults in Germany today are the first Germans to be the product of this enforced culture. Previous generations had either parents or grandparents who remembered life under a pro-German regime.
      As those generations die off all that is left is the anti-German rhetoric.

      That groups like Pegida and AfD can come into being under those circumstances is amazing and shows that there is hope for that country – or at least part of it. Germany is still in a better position than France who is several steps ahead of Germany in national suicide.

  3. What does one expect when their leader, Die Frau, is a graduate of Karl Marx University where she was the student propaganda chief, in uniform and all?

  4. Merkel is the typical “sugar mom” that pays young immigrants for her insatiable sex hunger. The Bible does have a special verse for sterile wombs like Merkel’s, who married twice, but didn’t get pregnant: “Four that will not say, “Enough”: 16Sheol, and the barren womb, Earth that is never satisfied with water, And fire that never says, “Enough.”- Proverbs 30,16.
    She can’t get enough of immigrants, like her sterile vagina….Armes Deutschland!

    • Go look at her selfie shots with male invaders.

      Her facial expression and the glimmer in her eye are unmistakable.

  5. Twice in the twentieth century Germany destroyed or nearly destroyed Europe by homicide. Today it is destroying Europe by suicide.

  6. Hubris, guilt, ignorance and leftard stupidity. Is it any wonder at the state Germanistan is in? People get what they deserve generally.

  7. Anon, you said it well. I too used to love going to Germany. Now I will not touch the Euro, nor authorise any purchase of vehicles or equipment manufactured in Germany, Sweden or France. If they are hell-bent on self-destruction who am I to prolong their suicidal cravings?

    • Hi Basil,

      I reject two of your sentences, the first sentence is:”Now, I will not touch the Euro, nor authorise any purchase of vehicles or equipment manufactured in Germany, Sweden or France.” The second sentence is:” If they are hell-bent on self-destruction who am I to prolong their suicidal cravings?”

      If these nations and any other nations in Northern Europe, Southern Europe and Western Europe becomes invaded by any hostile units, of any kind, the Former East Bloc European nations, will have a huge mess to clean up. Do you agree with me?

      Thank You.

      • The second should not be refused. Yes, why should we prolong suicidal craving by buying their product? I see no good reason.

        • Hi Bret,

          If some European nations are prevented from committing suicide, then we can prevent another catastrophe in Europe.

          After all, there are patriots in Europe who defend their European nations, that are labeled right-wing. Have you heard of Defend Europe?
          That is a good reason.

          Thank You.

  8. If only this problem would stay within the borders of Germany. It has/will not and for this reason extreme measures are needed: a return of the Iron Curtain around those countries who refuse to see what is happening right before their noses. Countries whose citizens placidly graze in the manicured meadows of political correctness like so many gentle myopic sheep either because they are so trusting of their leadership or because they have been indoctrinated to ‘go along to get along’ or because they have been subtly trained to feel guilty about their first world lifestyle are incapable of taking up cudgels in defense of their nation and will only succumb to the barbarians at the gates.

    I remember a conversation several years ago with a German Frau when obamacare was rearing its ugly head. Her opinion: but why shouldn’t everyone have free healthcare? The USA is a rich country and can afford it.
    Perhaps that is all it is in Germany, too. They are a rich country so why not take in everyone?
    P.S. I believe we should chisel off that wretched poem from the Statue of Liberty and gift it to Mutti Merkel…

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