From Lady Zones to Sharia Zones

Or, Why We Fight: Reason #4,559

This post is the latest in an occasional series about why we at Gates of Vienna (and those in the larger movement) decided to enlist in the information war. What makes us don our virtual helmets, pick up our digital rifles, and jump over the parapet into the barbed wire and shell holes of no man’s land?

The answer naturally varies from individual to individual. Mine varies from day to day, depending on which aspect of Western Civilization I happen to be contemplating at any given moment. There is so much treasure here inside the walls of our citadel for the enemy to plunder or destroy. So much that will be lost when we are finally overrun, as Alexandria was overrun in 641 A.D. — libraries turned to ashes, churches in ruins, monasteries sacked, survivors enslaved…

This essay has been a long time in gestation. It was conceived in January 2016, just after the Groping Jihad in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. Back then I wrote a post about what happened that included the following sentence:

Islam understands something that we Westerners seem to have forgotten: A society that refuses to defend its women will defend nothing.

What I said seemed so obvious to me that I was taken aback by the bitter, angry response in the comments from some of our male readers. Their general sentiment, from which they could not be shaken, was that women deserved what happened to them at the Hauptbahnhof. Because of feminism, because of the War Against Men, because of all the humiliation and insults they’d had to endure at the hands of the Cultural Marxists and Feminists who now dominate Western societies.

I began to take notes and jot down further thoughts after the German city of Regensburg took action to protect its women from being groped on public transport by setting aside special “lady zones” on its buses. No men were allowed in those zones. There the women of Regensburg were protected from all the insistent swarthy hands that were constantly bedeviling them in public places. They were now in their own safe space marked off with attractive pink delimiters.

It seemed such a feminized response to a basic violation of public order. Such a solution could only emerge from a culture that has decided in advance that it will never respond to habitual violent public disorder with its own violence, no matter how serious the provocation. The idea that German men might be encouraged — or even allowed — to defend German women never even entered the pretty little heads of the Gutmenschen who manage German society.

The establishment of “lady zones” is yet another example of the feminization of our political culture. It represents the banishment of masculine behavior from public life.

In reaction, there is a large reservoir of male resentment out there that mitigates against the traditional male defense of women. Men who feel this type of anger believe that with the help of major Western institutions, women have collectively made war against them, and so women must collectively reap their just reward. Regardless of whether any individual female has participated in the gender wars, she must bear her share of the responsibility for the actions of her sex.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In summary, this is why Western men don’t rush to the defense of Western women:

1.   They have been conditioned by decades of “education” and media propaganda to believe that for the ordinary citizen, violence is never, ever justified. On those rare occasions when it is necessary, only members of the military or civil authority — i.e. the police — may administer violence, always with regret and restraint, as a last resort. In some countries a man may be arrested and prosecuted if he intervenes violently to protect a woman from being molested.
2.   In addition to all the acculturation described in #1, men may well have been subjected to decades of feminist propaganda that demonized them for being evil males, so that they are now experiencing gender-fatigue. Women (or should I say wymyn?) have for so long excoriated and belabored them for being “patriarchal oppressors”, for having “testosterone poisoning”, for being aggressive and violent, that as far as they’re concerned, those particular women who are being groped, harassed, and raped by culture-enrichers are on their own. The men are simply going to sit this one out.

My response, presented as answers to three hypothetical questions, is below.

Does a man need permission from the women of his tribe before he stands up to defend them?

The short answer is: No, he doesn’t.

OK, so you’re a Western Man. For decades you’ve been assaulted continuously by Cultural Marxist propaganda that demonizes you, belittles you, and holds you responsible for all the ills in the world. One aspect of the propaganda push is to delegitimize any act of violence that is not approved by feminists and the girly-men they have deputized to manage our cultural and political institutions.

In other words, your feminist guardians frown on manly action. Does that mean you can no longer act decisively? Just because the feminists are mean to you?

A real man doesn’t care whether a woman approves of his defending her. He doesn’t wait for her permission.

A real man — a manly man — defends his people, no matter what. He defends his women (and by “his”, I mean the free, independent women of his family, his hometown, his district, or his country) regardless of their opinion of what he does. He defends the old and the young, the beautiful and the ugly, the brilliant and the stupid, and, yes, the feminists and the sane women. All of them.

Which women deserve protection?

The short answer is: All of them.

Or, more to the point: how do you, a Man Going Your Own Way, determine whether any given woman deserves to be defended by your strength, cunning, and skill?

Imagine that you’re in the Hauptbahnhof in Cologne next New Year’s Eve. If you see a young woman screaming and crying, surrounded by hooting “youths”, how do you tell whether she is “modern” or “traditional”, so that you can decide whether or not you will defend her?

Do you pull out a ruler and measure the length of her now ripped-off skirt?

Do you check to see how much slutty makeup she is wearing? It might be somewhat hard to tell at this point, since it’s all running down her face mixed with tears and blood.

Do you push past the young thugs and ask her a series of questions designed to determine her political position on the Gender Wars?

“Who did you vote for in the last election, mademoiselle? Where do you stand on the issue of gender-inclusive pronouns?”

Now tick off the boxes on your clipboard, add up her score, and make a decision on whether or not to clock the nearest “refugee”.

I remain skeptical of the practicality of such measures…

No, a real man defends vulnerable young women of his own family, clan, hometown, or nation. Period. He doesn’t determine in advance whether they deserve it or not. He doesn’t require that they desire to be defended, or be grateful for it. He just does it.

What will happen to a society whose men make the bitterly conscious decision not to defend their women?

The short answer is: It will be conquered by Islam.

And that’ll show the feminists, won’t it? Boy, I’ll bet they’ll be sorry then!

If you, Mr. Western Man, persist in being preoccupied with such matters, then Islam will conquer you. It’s as simple as that. Your women — the nice ones and the feminists both, the ones you like as well as the ones you don’t like — will get to be the playthings of the new local emir, or, if they’re lucky, they’ll get a place in the harem of the Sultan of New Zealand. You, on the other hand, will get dead.

Defending your homeland, odious feminists and all, means exactly that. In practical terms, it means that when you encounter one of those gender-specific moments of cultural enrichment, you must vigorously defend, at the risk of your own life and well-being, any women being molested by the Hosts of Mohammed. You must do so without questioning those women beforehand about their ideological views, without determining whether they are feminist wymyn or the more traditional sort. You must do this because they are your people.

If you and millions of other men like you do not make the conscious decision to behave in such a fashion, then you will be conquered by Islam. And after that you will have the satisfaction of knowing that there are no more feminists, only slaves. You may smile, knowing that those nasty man-hating bitches finally got what was coming to them. Except, of course, that you’ll be a headless corpse at that point.

Therefore I recommend that you and your family memorize the shahada now. In Arabic. That will protect you.

Otherwise, when the pre-dawn ululation of the muezzin from the minaret of the local mosque wakes you up, it will be a reminder of who won the argument. Only it won’t wake you, because you’ll be in a mass grave, along with all the other Western men who couldn’t bear the thought of defending their own culture unless the ideology of the Feminists/Marxists was defeated first.

You say: “But Cultural Marxists and Feminists must learn the consequences of their subversion.”

Why? Why must they be required to realize that or anything else before you decide to defend our damaged and pitiful civilization from complete destruction?

There will be no more Cultural Marxists after Islam gets through with us. But there will be no more us, either. It will be a thousand years or more before there is any chance of a new beginning, and by then the remnant societies of the West will resemble Yemen.

Imagine you’re the guy who has decided not to intervene, not to help, not to take a stand — what happens to you after the incident is over, when you turn away from the window beyond which all the culture-enrichers are rampaging and raping and looting and kicking people to death?

You empty your highball glass, slip another DVD into the player, sit back, and close your eyes, attempting to forget all that unpleasant stuff.

And then the next night, or a week later, or a month later, those same culture-enrichers come rampaging down the hall and kick in the door to your well-appointed apartment.

What then?

At that point, assuming that you don’t have automatic weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo, you will have two choices:

1. Get down on your knees and recite the shahada (in Arabic), or

2. Die.

That’s what the issue is here. Defending what we have now may not seem worth the trouble. But is the alternative future really what angry, alienated Western men want to create for themselves?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

As it happens, there are men here in the West who would prefer to recite the shahada and join the new ruling order when it arrives. At least one of them showed up in the comments back in January 2016 to explain his preferences. He said he would derive satisfaction from a strong, masculine culture that would force women to submit. And he was looking forward to having four wives who would be required by law to obey his every command.

That’s a nice, straightforward position. It’s good to hear such ideological clarity.

But I don’t share his preference. I prefer to interact with strong, feisty, independent women. Maybe it comes from being married to Dymphna for all these years. Total obedience from a woman just isn’t a selling point for me.

Mind you, I can understand what drives so many young men to bitter misogyny these days. I’ve seen how the Mean Girls and narcissists and inflamed SJWs behave in relationships with men of their own generation. I’m very glad not to be a twenty-something man in the year 2017 looking for someone suitable to marry and settle down with and have children by. It’s a nearly impossible task.

The foundations of our culture definitely need some serious, fundamental repairs. But not before we take care of the problem of the Ummah. We must deal with that first, or we will be assimilated.

And then there will no longer be anything outside the Ummah.

187 thoughts on “From Lady Zones to Sharia Zones

  1. I’m reminded of what happened a few years ago in India. A group of bandits broke into the carriage of a train and starting robbing the passengers. Then they started tearing off the clothes of a young woman, preparatory to raping her. In her distress, she turned to a man sitting nearby, and appealed: “You’re a soldier. Please help me!”
    At the next stop, group of bandits ran screaming from the carriage, some of them bleeding for gaping kukri wounds, leaving many of their number wounded or dead in the carriage.
    You see, the soldier was a Gurkha. You don’t mess with a Gurkha.

      • Wrong enemy. Muslims are INVITED into our lands by Marxists like Barack and Frau Merkel of Karl Marx University. they’re then given goodies and rewards for getting to the nation giving out the most goodies. Marxism has always been the alien within not folks looking for a better life.

        • Defending random young women today against “Islamists being Islamists” is defending cultural Marxism so that it can have it’s cake and eat it too. Regardless of how they came to be cultural Marxists, young western women today are almost universally cultural Marxists.

          I think I will have business cards printed up which say “Refugees Welcome!” on one side and “Cultural Enrichment!” on the other, to be tossed at women as I pass by such or similar incidents. These women were offered a choice between your culture and one which wants to turn them into sexual slaves, and they chose the latter, possibly out of pure hatred for your culture. The fact remains. Protecting people from the consequences of their actions is always counterproductive. It simply hardens their resolve in their wrong decision. If we actively defend them we are telling them we accept their cultural Marxism.

          Defending people who want to enslave or kill you is surrender to them. There is nothing noble or masculine about it. It is counter productive and does nothing to further your culture.

          You are surrendering, sir.

      • Oh Canada! I just returned from vacationing in Waterton, Alberta. Over 1/3 of the holiday makers were Mohammedans. The multiple wives and dozens of offspring were everywhere, blocking pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic.

        There’s no hope for Canada, you people can’t come close to the reproduction rate of the invaders you’re paying to subjugate your children.

    • I remember that story. He was a RETIRED Gurkha, going home from his duties.

      He took care of business and did what needed doing. Would we, you, me, Joe Sixpack or John Q. Public, have the same strength of arm and of character to do such? Those are questions we cannot know the answers to until we NEED to answer them.

      There have been times I have not, but I’ve grown a lot over the years. I did twice in my younger years watch women get hit and done nothing.

      In recent years, I have stood to defend women who were not known to me. Hopefully, that will always be true. Those occasions that I did not rise to help are shameful to me.

      You can answer that for yourself, and I suspect you won’t KNOW the answer until you see something happening that ought not be allowed to happen. I’ve had my [fundament] kicked more than once. It won’t be the first time if it happens.

      Fortunately, I’m old enough now that if the police get called (no, I’m not likely to call them), the first guy to swing (also not me) faces “battery on an old fart” charges.

      • The issue is not one of willingness to fight, to take injuries and deal them out in defense of your tribe. The question is one willing to be financially destroyed and go to prison for acting out his “white patriarchy” on some invited guests of the local Marxist establishment in the process of defending his tribe? I’ll pass. If I’m ever to unleash the Kraken, it will be on the treasonous bastards who’ve invited in the enemy.

        • I wouldn’t put it past women today to turn on their rescuers to show their progressive credentials to the world. I’d try my damn best to save a kid; grown American women, I’d have to think about it a while.

          • As much as my instinct would be to defend, as a former police officer I experienced intervening in domestic disputes where the wife/girlfriend had been beaten and injured by the husband/boyfriend, and the officer (myself on several occasions) was attacked by the female when the male was taken into custody.

            These days it is worse: Leftist harpies have actually been known to press charges against – or at least testify against – men attempting to defend them, supporting their attacker simply because they felt the man who intervened was “violent”, “over-reacted”, was not _asked_ for help. Anyone who has been paying attention to what is going on in Europe – as has been amply demostrated right here at GOV – has read of girls refusing to press charges against their muslim rapist, apologizing for them and claiming their culture excused their behavior.

            Yes, it is probably a poor example, but it is only different in degree if you think of getting castigated for holding a door for one of these feminist harpies. Their desire to harass every male for his gender “privilege” makes many men – younger generations than mine, for the most part – stay away from women in general, but specifically those whose response about which they are uncertain.

            It could be a difficult decision for anyone not raised in the “boomer” generation, anyone younger who has not had the “women and children first” meme inculcated since birth.

            BUT – as Matt Bracken points out – going “Ghurka” on muslims attacking anyone (including a healthy, fit male or even an armed police officer or military individual, let alone a female) is a no-brainer: muslim attacker = target for deadly force response.

        • I remember reading about a group of men who – once they had signed their own death warrants, pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to a mutual endeavor.
          You don’t sound like you’d have even been there.

      • That’s the first time I’ve seen ass replaced with fundament. Just sayin’ is all.

        BTW, ass is a proper word.

        • Yes, it is, when it refers to a donkey or onager. When it means [derriere], it is commonly considered vulgar and improper.

          • oh, please. Too PC for me. JMJ for the foul(?)mouths. None o’ my bidness ‘mong adults. Referees gonna call “linguistic encroachment” or then all we will have to listen to is ghetto idiom. It is a slippery slope, doncha know. Greater gaff….then, than. Eg. My [masculine apparatus is of greater magnitude than yours]. I am going to take off my clothes then take a shower. Than for comparison, then for time. I expect this note to be censored. Chickens… bok, bok, bok. (Well, I never. Thurston, dahling, won’t you have our people escort the miscreants out?) Lovey complains to herself the batteries in her godemiche
            are impotent. Thurston retreats from the upstairs maid to rally the housemen. Its the mental image which pollutes, not the words themselves, wot.

          • What, is Tim our Laurence Sterne?

            Our culture has grown excessively coarse and our human dignity compromised at (seemingly) every turn.

            It’s BB’s blog and he should employee editorial discretion as/when he sees fit.

    • During WW2 the British operated Q-ships. These were ordinary merchantmen whose upper works could be instantly collapsed to reveal a battery of heavy guns and soldiers to fire them. U-boats would invariably surface and attack single vessels with their puny gunfire rather than waste valuable torpedoes on them. I believe they were rather effective, the U-boats becoming very wary of unescorted merchant ships.

      I believe Air Marshals do a similar job on planes. Perhaps instead of making women-only buses, prey to this LGBTQWERTY farce noted by Disenfranchised – “heavily tattooed, bearded, 18 stone stevedore, Identifying himself as Mandy”, they should have Bus Marshals – trained killers looking like young women – who sit on buses, ostentatiously crossing their legs when Muslim gangs are prowling round.

      Reminds me of the CCTV footage of an aggressive drunk attacking what he thought was a group of three transvestites, but who turned out to be professional cage fighters going to a fancy dress party. One of them picked him up, slapped him round a lamp-post then threw him in the gutter, all with one hand without breaking step or interrupting his conversation.

    • Unless the woman explicitly asked for help, it’s not coming from me. But if ask I will do what I can. I’m 54 and sick. I really don’t care about the cops but if I can dispense with a couple of Muzzie rapists by sending them to their ancestors I’m okay with that.

      The following for all the guys who won’t lift a finger:

      There comes a time when a man has to blow off the stinking authorities. And when they start openly raping our women, kids and beating the elderly, it’s that time. That’s go time. when we declare war on them and their enablers in the government.

      Remember no matter how nice you are to the authorities and you are white, they will take everything away from you including your lives. This is coming. We are one election away from it. Our authorities in many respects are no better than Quislings who in this case work for globalists and Muslims. If you doubt it look at the German and British police bullying the natives into submission for the Muzzies to rape and terrorize at will.

      They are as much the enemy as are the Muslims.

  2. “A real man — a manly man — defends his people, no matter what. He defends his women (and by “his”, I mean the free, independent women of his family, his hometown, his district, or his country) regardless of their opinion of what he does.”

    Well, Baron – you might have experienced the nicer side of women, but I can guarantee you, that the MGTOW men do not consider those wymyn as “his”. The reason being that they have never experienced anything than whoring stupidity, no respect, and psychological abuse – beginning with their single mothers, going on through feminist indoctrinated female teachers… And then – when a man wants to start a family today – the female considers him to be her slave, whom she can divorce and steal half of his property any time…

    So the question is: Can a young western male consider young western women as “his”?

    Of course not! They are strong and independent, and a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle – haven’t you heard?

    That is the kind of mindset you are dealing here: Complete breakdown of relationships!

    • In GofV today:

      It’s our Marxists!

      A school affiliated with Columbia University trains future teachers in feminist, neo-Marxist and other social justice-oriented theories, according to its 2017 course catalog.

      Princeton University is looking to hire a “men’s engagement manager” to exorcise the campus from “aggressive masculinity.” In college-speak “aggressive or hyper masculinity” means “any masculinity.”

    • Yes, I have experienced the “nicer side” of women because I’m old. In my youth I didn’t have to deal with all that abominable fallout from Marxism/Feminism that has plagued us in the five decades since. Men of the future Baron’s generation are bearing the brunt of all this.

      I can’t argue with any of your observations. Yet if you act according to them (or rather, fail to act) by not defending the women of your culture, and if millions of other men make the same decision, then your culture will be conquered by Islam. If you are under 40, it will probably happen within your lifetime.

      If this is your choice, I recommend intellectual honesty: Just follow the example of our commenter from back in January 2016, who said he would welcome the coming of Islam, when women will finally get their comeuppance. He’ll have four wives, and they will obey him.

      He considers this outcome to be just deserts for the feminists.

      • One year ago during a volleyball match between Poland and Germany Polish fans unfurled a giant banner reading, “Protect your women, not our democracy!”
        Look what German police did :
        Cultural ,ethical and moral difference between “developed ,cultural advanced West Europe” and untermensch from CEE clearly seen…

      • I understand your point, and am not really willing to submit to islam as you suggest.

        The way I see it God is the head of Christ, Christ is the head of man, and the man is the head of the woman. Why has God created us male and female? Maybe to teach us something about hierarchy?

        What do the Satanists want? Do as you please – that should be all the law – or something like that?

        So – the forces of darkness, if you will, attack the hierarchy, and are succeeding – because women play along, but – and I want to stress this – young boys and girls are seriously misinformed about the true nature of men and women.

        It is sexual education this and that – ever since parents turn on the TV and all through the school… But what about family business? Austro-Hungarians had family ed in their schools. We had that in Czechoslovakia well into the 1990’s. But then things turned wicked…

        It is my strong belief that it is “the trust in your family” – in parents, brothers, sisters… that’s been wiped out out of these young kids minds, especially after 2000.

        It is “the family trust” that’s been attacked, and the damage in the west is already very significant.

        It’s not that the boys wouldn’t want to protect women. It is that women play along a very sinister plot, and the boys are withdrawing from society.

        Game of thrones is now ruled by Queens – because “all men must die”.

        Interesting how it turns out with killing the newborns in Egypt.

        • You equate physical strength with intellectual superiority; men being ‘the head of women’. Sounds pretty islamist.

          You can’t seriously believe that in a couple the man will make the better decision on all issues? Decisions should be made together, leaning towards the person with the more information/experience. I trust my man to make better decisions on things he knows more about, and vice versa.

          Protecting someone against a physical attack is a totally different matter. If you were being attacked and I could do something to help you, I would do it. I helped an older man across the street recently: because I am younger and stronger. I’m also stronger than some men my age: should they ‘obey’ me, because physical strength means I’d always be right? Of course not.

          • Sounds pretty islamic? What if that is what’s going on – that the God-given law and order has been turned upside down? And you saying “men and women are equal – but…” is just the result of 100 years of “equality propaganda”?

            West was strongest when it was a Patriarchy, where women had no voting rights.


            Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

            21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.

            22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

            23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.

            24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.

            25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

          • Barn: in a heterosexual relationship do you think you’re more intelligent and correct on every decision? Or are decisions best made together.

            And yes: equal rights before the law obviously doesn’t mean we’re all equally strong or don’t need help in some situations. Should a stronger man be able to order you about, however stupid he is?

          • I don’t know, guest, I never met a woman who wouldn’t think she is smarter than me… That’s why Im MGTOW, can’t be bothered anymore. Women have brought only stress into my life, so I also withdrew to the mountains and hermit around…

            And a stronger man to order me around? Haven’t met that guy yet. Usually I am the stronger guy, a lot of swimming done that to me… 😉

        • You are only able to look at gender relationships through your Christian mindset. But there are millions of people who do not believe in God at all and they do not necessarily have a Marxist viewpoint either. Men and women have different strengths to bring to relationships and decisions can be made by either. But when there is disagreement someone’s decision must prevail and whose this is needs to be agreed at the start of the relationship . Whether it is the man’s or the woman’s is an individual couple’s decision but unfortunately most people don’t go in for setting such parameters at the beginning of a relationship. Those without religious views to guide them need to do this more.
          Talking about “God given order” and quoting a pile of Bible verses just makes you look like a supporter of a Gilead type society.

          • Madge hirsch, why do you mention that people who don’t believe in God mignt not be marxists? Did I say something like that, or is that just you trying to guid the argument away from my points?

            Differences between the sexes are a proven scientific fact: Including psychological differences. Im only trying to point to relevant bible verses about it. Do you have something to say in criticism of those verses or are you just trying to stereotype me into some Gilead type?

            And I don’t really care how I look like. My priority is pointing out to the Truth.

            PS: Trying to silence people via shaming them saying “it just makes you look like…” is a typical mark of woman’s controlling behaviour. It works on children, and on other women… 😉

        • There were different faiths before the early Christian misogyny. Even in the land of your birth, long before the arrival of a certain Slavic tribe….The Raven goddess, the goddess of Fate, War and Death. (Three strongholds, three sisters – Kazi, Teta, Libuse. A wise woman, a healer, and a seer. The youngest was chosen to become the leader of the tribe upon the death of their father, wasn’t she? The story of Premysl marks the new era – the rule of men. At least in this sense. Of course, there’s a lot of different interpretations.) The most interesting thing is the Premysl’s dream…

          • Sorry, but I just have no more sympathy for you women who keep on saying how wonderful women are. I give you an example from the bible about how God deals with unfaithful unloyal harlots, and this is what you see in it? Misogyny? Oh come on!

            “And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked;”

          • PS: Just for those not familiar with Czech legends. Wise Libuse was chosen to be the leader of the tribe – no problem with that…

            But when she died, women could not bear that they shall not rule anymore, so they viciously attacked men.

            First, men thought it was fun, but it wasn’t. In the end, the men had to kill all those emancipated women, because they just wouldn’t come to their senses.

            Funny thing how “The Women’s War” predicted MGTOW as a result of women’s emancipation 😉


    • Modern state-sanctioned marriage is a horrifically one-sided business contract that no one would ever sign outside the context of marriage.

      • That’s what pre-nuptial contracts are designed to address. But if you need one of those contracts, it’s a sign you’re marrying a shark…male or female.

        My first marriage was to a shark, but fortunately, it didn’t turn me against men.

        • Pre-nups are hardly iron clad.

          Better to hide one’s assets in some sort of blind trust offshore.

          • Prenups vitiate intention. Marriage is and must be a leap of faith–just be prudent about it.

        • Not necessarily. I’ve been happily partnered for 21 years, and we have a pre nup. We’re not sharks. I wanted the agreement mainly because I came from a broken home and just want to feel secure, knowing that the worst case scenario we could *both* get our fair share and start a new life.

          This feeling of independence and security has helped our relationship: we’re together for love, not out of financial need.

          • You’ve provided a good example. If more people did that in this fractured world, there would be less divorce, and fewer ruined children.

        • I believe, Dymphna, that today almost everyone is “shark” as you say.

          I don’t really know anyone being happily married anymore. Given I work hard jobs months at a time, “our” experience with our women that stay home and wait for all that nice money is – Girls today are unable to wait for their man even just a couple months: And I don’t know a single worker who wouldn’t be stressed out by his wife or girlfriend right on a very dangerous job.

          So, our boys are working outside, 12 hours 90 meters high up in the air, in bitter cold and snow and rain. And when they climb down to rest and drink coffee number 1023…

          …they get a phone call from their modern girl or wife that she is dissatisfied that he’s not home and they are divorcing. Or she just stresses him out with – sorry to say that – BS.

          When we get new workers I tell them straight away: Expect your girlfriends will dump you, because “modern girls” are very impatient, and very stupid, and have absolutely no idea that they should support their man – not stress him out even further.

          Thats the Brave New World we – the younger generation – are living in.

          • This is the correct answer.

            Western society’s fixation on Mammon-worship has made every interactive transactional.

          • Elective affinities…as [Kant] would say.

            Hope that’s not too coarse! 😉

          • I can. But, I was making a deliberate pun; one I apparently can’t make here.

            I do have respect for the chocolate connoisseur of konigsberg.

          • Sounds extremely recognizable to me. I’m absolutely sure that, given the hours I spend in my small business, a Belgian/Flemish woman would long ago have divorced me. That’s a given. I’m married to a Polish gal (18 years the day before yesterday), they are less spoiled there.

            Or were, because that is changing too. Also, my experience is that in ‘arch-Catholic’ Poland the youths are leaving the Church in droves. I can see that for myself when we visit my wife’s family there.

    • No, he mindset we are dealing with here is simple cowardice disguised as common sense.

      • So just like the sufragettes who shamed boys into suicides – all you’ve got is call someone a coward?

        If “our” women have had like 50+ sexual partners and three quarters of it was with refugees – you would call them cowards for not caring for those harlosts?

  3. I began to become disillusioned with Feminism back in the eighties. Previously I was a male supporter and though I did my best to accept the ear-bashings I received from them I finally had to rebel against the sheer hypocrisy and stupidity of the movement.
    Funnily enough once declaring myself a “born again sexist” I got on better with women.
    Alas I received heaps of opprobrium from ‘feminist’ males. Still do.

    A very good article Baron. At times I have caught myself thinking that they deserve everything that’s coming to them from Islam, but you are right. Let’s suffer the slings and arrows but still do the right thing none-the-less.

  4. My Dear Barron,

    It’s too late to do this justice, but I had to say something.

    Women have always, everywhere, taken it upon themselves to make sure that their men stay charged up with testosterone. A very notable part of culture is dedicated to precisely this end.

    We have EVOLVED in this pattern for millennia.

    Why would we imagine that if the females drop their end of the biological deal … forget perceptions and attitudes and sentiments … why would we imagine that the testosterone levels would stay constant?

    We evolved together, male and female, with attendant animal natures and interdependencies.

    Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize with your sentiment:

    Does a man need permission from the women of his tribe before he stands up to defend them?
    The short answer is: No, he doesn’t.

    And that is how i approach matters in my personal existence.

    But how deep has the rot gotten in the human fabric of the West?

    • Well said. One problem claimed is that the discharge of birth control pill residue into our wastewater leaves estrogen and other hormones in our drinking water. Bottoms up men!

      • Except that birth control isn’t the only source of estrogen and other hormones in our drinking water, and in fact may be a relatively small part compared to the runoff of industrial agriculture. A cow-calf operation, a farrowing operation, any farm with a large number of pregnant domesticated hoofed mammals is going to be producing enormous amounts of estrogen runoff. There used to be an estrogen replacement drug (don’t know if it’s still used, or it’s been entirely superseded by synthetics) called Premarin, which stood for PREgnant MAre urINe, because they extracted it from the urine of pregnant mares.

        Row-crow agriculture also uses a large number of pesticides that are estrogen mimics, since the chemical precursors of estrogen go way back to the beginning of eukaryotic life, which means that blocking or disrupting those pathways is a very effective way of killing pest species. And you can bet your bottom dollar that a certain amount of it runs off the fields and into the watersheds.

        It’s very hard to determine the relative contributions of birth control hormones in human urine, normal pregnancy hormones in domestic livestock urine, hormone mimics in pesticide runoff, and other synthetic hormone mimics from industrial processes (plastics seem to be a big offender here). It doesn’t help when the studies that are undertaken are often heavily politicized.

        • Thanks, Leigh. We never stop learning at G of V.

          Seems like the women are getting testosterone somewhere, too, observing some of these battle axes.

          • I wouldn’t be at all surprised that there are environmental testosterone mimics. I do know that some plants produce significant levels of sterols, although I don’t remember whether they are edible plants. And it’s quite possible that some industrial processes and products involve substantial amounts of testosterone-mimics.

            However, most of my research has been into environmental estrogens and estrogen mimics, largely for practical reasons involving menopause.

          • How about the hormones given to beeves to fatten them up by the Big Meat producers? This doesn’t apply to pork, but it may be the case for poultry.

    • That’s the $64k question. No one knows whether it is too late for the Men of the West. We may be “working the dying fall“. The next generation may well witness the collapse of our entire civilization. Who knows?

      Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
      Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
      The lone and level sands stretch far away.

        • OZYMANDIAS

          by Percy Bysshe Shelley

          I met a traveller from an antique land
          Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
          Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
          Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
          And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command
          Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
          Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
          The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
          And on the pedestal these words appear:
          “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
          Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
          Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
          Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
          The lone and level sands stretch far away.

    • Why would we imagine that if the females drop their end of the biological deal … forget perceptions and attitudes, and sentiments … why would we imagine that the testosterone levels would stay constant?

      Brilliant question, namonai!

      Dropping one’s end of the “biological deal” is a capital crime. The only problem being that any execution for such bio-genetic treason is so far down-the-road that few of the actual perpetrators ever suffer anything in the way of genuine consequences.

      Again, brilliant question!!!

  5. Cannot wait to see how this will sit, with the PC stasi, leftist, SJW,
    LGBT obsessed movement if a heavily tattooed, bearded,18 stone stevedore,
    Identifying himself as Mandy and a lady, suitable clad in a crop top and
    Mini skirt is refused permission to “parade” up the pink carpet.

    Huuuuuuuuman rights folks!

    Last count in the UK there were 30+ gender “choices”

    We are going to need a lot more buses!

  6. “Sultan of New Zealand”? Do you know something I don’t Ned? My future revolves around being an elderly court eunuch with my grandsons in the Janissaries eh? We’ll see about that brother…

    You’re dead right about our culture at the moment though – if we wait to be greeted as saviours & liberators by the prominent voices in society in its current state we’ll be sadly disappointed.

    But this is an immature & unbecoming position for us to take. People simply don’t know what they don’t know. If we do our best, transparently & with some humility, then I think most ordinary people will see us for what we are and get the point one day. The prominent “thought leaders”though … meh, not so much.

    Hopefully, having the truth on our side, and with our love, compassion and courage we might even slowly change them – but it will be at some not inconsiderable cost.

    We’re not doing this for the prestige though. If we’re looking for thanks it’s going to be a long time coming. If it ever does.

    • I chose New Zealand because it will be one of the last Western nations to submit to the Ummah. Poland, Hungary, Czechia, and Slovakia will last longer.

      • I am following the Czech (internet) press on a daily basis … the proverbial Czech xenophobia and almost universal disdain for Islam is very strong indeed. Even political parties across the board are all opposing the rapefugees, some more than others.

        Yes – countries of V4 will definitely last longer, but as 4 lonely soldiers in the crushing battle around; not sure how much longer. V4 is a symbolic union, in terms of economy and military power totally insignificant in the European playground, or rather battleground now.

  7. Well said, Sir. I live in Europe, and the streets have become more scary, especially after dark. The few times I was in hairy situations, even way back when I was young and pretty, it was always older men who came to my aid. We as a society have bred chivalry and to a large extent basic courtesy out of our young, and our society as a whole is paying the price, even as an old woman one is no longer safe from sexual predation. The pornification, coarsening of manners and the overall breakdown of social cohesion are all a very much intended side effect of the implementation of Kalergi-Coudenhove’s evil plan. We are witnesses and victims of the greatest genocide in human history. When the dust settles, the 1% will still be there, but the rest of us will live in a nightmare even Orwell wouldn’t dare to imagine. And the masses, pacified with entertainment and burdened with debt lack the skills or energy to see what is being done to them.. well, I may be old, but the viking spirit is alive within me. Not just men must defend all women. All women must defend men under attack. It may only be a weak effort, but better than looking away. LEARN KRAV MAGA. You are not too old.

    • “We as a society have bred chivalry and to a large extent basic courtesy out of our young”

      My university son was home for a few days and we drove out of town for a family walk. I and my wife were carrying rucsacs. Wife’s got too heavy for her so daughter offered to take it. I told son to carry it for her. He said: “I don’t do gender differentiation.” I said: “I don’t give a toss what your current uni fad is, what you will do is take your little sister’s bag! If you don’t, you can walk the 50 miles home in the pissing rain and the dark, and your dinner will go in the dog.” He took the heavy bag from his sister.

      I think it is called ‘tough love’ these days, but when I grew up it was just ‘normal’. I dread to think how my Yorkshireman father would have reacted if I had behaved like that. I would not have been able to sit down for a week.

      • How frustrating that he can’t see the difference between unfair gender differentiation in workplace/social situations where we can function at the same level vs. the simple fact that a stronger person should help a weaker one. As I will help an older, disabled or sick person, male or female.

        I do think people who don’t want physical help need to be grateful and polite. An older woman was extremely rude to me once when I [younger woman] offered her my seat on a bus. I was doing what I had been brought up to do: offer physical help to those who may be weaker/in a threatening situation.

        So: not just men are sometimes offended by others rejecting their help.

        • Ah, but you see, to the cultural Marxists there are no differences between men and women, thus women are just as strong and capable as men.

    • Agreed. We should all defend each other. As a 68 year old female who despises feminists and males who have wimped away all their manliness to keep the peace, whether at home or society, I can say that I will always defend one under attack, no matter who they are. At my age I would probarly get a beating, but it beats doing nothing and giving away our future to bullies and cowards.
      At least I won’t be 1 of 4 wives, my head will be separated from my body instantly at the takeover, but as I’m a Christian I have no fear over this.
      I care more about my family who will suffer under islam.
      If we don’t stand up and fight now we never will and the younger generations will learn from this.
      I only hope I get to see the leftists and feminists bow to islam and receive their just desserts.
      As it stands the nightmare is just beginning and unless Jesus returns soon life won’t be worth living.

  8. I agree when you say you can’t a priori know if a woman is a crazy feminist or not. So we should help any way we can.

    On the other hand, if she is wearing a pink “lady parts” hat, a “I hate men” shirt, and in a Linda Sarsour sponsored women’s walk, she is on her own if some thug tries to culturally enrich her.

    • Reminds me of a time I was on my way to lunch with a car load of fellows and we passed a lady who had stalled her car in the middle of the street. We could have easily stopped and at least pushed her car to the side of the road, but she had a bumper sticker that said, “LIFE IS TO SHORT TO DATE UGLY MEN”. As we passed her I called out, “We would help, but were ugly.”

      If she had been set upon by a bunch of thugs we surely would have come to her rescue, but the burgers and beers were waiting and she had decided to advertise that she was a [word for a female hound that Dymphna won’t let pass].

      • Many decades ago I was at a party where a group of men about my age were sitting, drinking beer and talking football. I knew one of them and as a joke, walked over and said to the group, “okay, it’s never too late to be appreciated, so will the most handsome man please stand up?” Without any hesitation, they all stood.

        No false modesty there…I do like men.

  9. I think you have it the wrong way round. You don’t intervene to defend white women, you intervene to teach muslim men that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

    • I agree. Many of the young women in my circle of aquaintences are certainly not ladies and do not deserve to be defended at risk of life and limb. But that does not then justify muslim scum from the worst parts of the ME and Africa being allowed to have their way with them.

      At risk of being labeled a white supremacist, I believe that whites, or those who identify as europeans and their descendants need to stick together in the face of attacks by other racial groups. No one else will do it for us if we do not do it ourselves. And the atrocious behavior of many western women will someday need to be dealt with, but first we must defend what is ours from third world scum.

      • Too late. The Third World woman does not try to become a man. She births 6 or more babies in an actual family with a male head of household. Western Woman breeds 1.6 or so on average. Dusty wombs are cause of celebration for Western Woman, unless she’s third generation Dole recipient. It’s a self imposed population CRASH. The suicide of the West.

        • It is not so much that third world women breed like rats or that ours have so few children; it is that educated men and women that are middle and upper class have so few or none while the lower classes of all colors breed indiscriminately. It is as if the will to live and procreate has been sucked from those who should be doing the most of it. It does no good if we match muslim birthrates but the births are coming from single woman welfare households with six different baby daddies between them.

          The lack of a will to live is at the root of this mess.

        • It’s not a matter of first-world white women (and their men) not wanting a lot of children; it’s a matter of the taxes that a tyrannical government takes from them to support all that cultural enrichment that we see around us.

          • It’s not entirely taxes that keep successful, intelligent people from having children. I believe it is mostly by choice. I lived in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia for many years; there, I knew many successful childless couples who chose to have dogs instead of children. They also had the nice McMansion, new Audi or Mercedes or two, and took lavish vacations. Childlessness was a choice that allowed them to live a life of luxury and pleasure.

            For myself, I have only one child. He has the best schooling I can afford. Even so, relations between men and women make it to where I am glad I only had one because my liability would be far higher to the point of being financially crippling regarding child support were I to have had more than one. I also fear for the future of my son and what kind of world he will be living in. If I had to do it again, I would think long and hard about having children but it would be due to the last two aspects, and taxes would not enter into my thinking on the issue.

      • “At risk of being labeled a white supremacist, I believe that whites, or those who identify as europeans and their descendants need to stick together in the face of attacks by other racial groups.”

        You are completely correct Sir. One does not have to look far for signs just below the surface, or actually already above it, that many among other races are craving for some sort of ‘payback’ time.

        I do not doubt for a second that many people of color (but here again, how many is many?) would stand up for us. On the other hand, I also do not doubt that in the nearby future situations may develop in which Whites will be attacked primarily for their color.

        • Outlaw Mike,

          Your second paragraph captures the fundamental concept behind all identity politics.

          People of European descent need to realize this and band together.

        • You’re not the racist when people of colour hate whites. And you’re not the sexist if women walk around in ‘I hate men’ shirts.

      • Unfortunately too many of “whites, or those who identify as europeans and their descendants” have drank the kool-aid offered by progressives and no longer see any need to preserve their race or heritage. Some of the most vocal defenders and enablers of the invaders are “whites, or those who identify as europeans and their descendants,” they’re just overwhelmed with the guilt of their privilege.

      • I have no problem being called a white supremacist. I simply consider the accomplishments of the other races and draw the obvious conclusion.

    • Defending women does both: it protects our gene pool, AND it teaches the savages a healthy respect for us.

      • It is what a decent man would do so he could look at himself in the mirror. A society that fails to protect women doesn’t deserve to survive. You can over think these things.

        • The problem is that in most cases that man would be looking at the mirror in a prison cell.
          If you have a female companion (I’m sure the word “wife” MUST be sexist) and a child, are you really going to risk x years in prison, loss of job, female companion (who will dump the chump criminal), child(ren) etc. all for the sake of protecting a feminazi who will probably be the one who reports you to the police and defends her rapist if he’s a person of colour?
          I think not.

  10. And it means that you also defend the Armenians, the Jews, the Gypsies, the Suomi, The Yazidies, and any other traditional minority, even if some of them are (fill the blank). The Kurds did not understand it during WWI, but they learned from their mistake and defended the Yazidies, despite the fact that they, the Kurds are Muslims themselves.
    I know that many people will take exception for some groups that I have mentioned or some that I have not, but the Baron’s assertions are correct for all of those groups, no exceptions.

  11. Hello Baron,
    would you mind listing the links to the other posts in this series about why you and Dymphna decided to enlist? In case I missed them previously!
    Thank you, G

  12. Women inflicted this upon themselves and we are seeing the unintended consequences of true equality. Rather than depend,demand or expect men to defend them, I believe it is truly “every woman for herself” when it comes to her defense.

    I am sure many will not agree, and I don’t care at this point. One can not be equal if one is not able to pay the price for equality, and that includes defending oneself.

    • I can only repeat what I said to another commenter further up the thread: I recommend intellectual honesty — Just follow the example of our commenter from back in January 2016, who said he would welcome the coming of Islam, when women will finally get their comeuppance. He’ll have four wives, and they will obey him.

    • Equal rights before the law do not mean equal strength or no need for help in some situations.

      You will need help sometimes from other people, stronger perhaps, better armed.

      Should this give you fewer rights than people who happen to be stronger?

  13. Great post! It began when feminists discouraged men from opening doors for us, a traditional civilized gesture. Feminism does not define me.

  14. Well said Baron!

    Let me synopsize: If you don’t defend your women and girls,

    THEN You are a craven and spiteful coward, bullied by feminism and Cultural Marxism, you are the very girly-men the feminists and the Islamists want you to be!

    • Whoah, I don’t support that. Not randomly attacking people. Defending women who are being attacked, but not randomly attacking people.

      I thought I heard also that this story was between trumped up and fake.

      • Please remember that this story was told through the lens of the Swedish authorities.
        There was no mass beating, it’s a lie.

        Note there was no mention of people needing medical treatment for cuts or abrasions which would have been mentioned if such had happened. A stubbed toe would have made headlines if a migrant had been thusly injured.

        No, this was a group of Swedes handing out pamphlets and the police shut them down, the same police who stand by when any kind of patriot is attacked by antifa but yet who give a wide berth to mobs of foreigners.

        It’s amazing how quickly people from around the world have learned that when dealing with westerners, if they cry racism they will not only be believed right away, but will likely get some kind of compensation for doing so or at least get their way.

  15. “I’m very glad not to be a twenty-something man in the year 2017 looking for someone suitable to marry and settle down with and have children by. It’s a nearly impossible task.”

    That surely sums up the problem. The role of the man has been under attack in the west since the 1960s, and having been marginalised. legislated against and insulted, it is hardly surprising that western men do not feel they have a role any more.

    What is the point of defending women if they do not want you to, and the state will lock you up if you try?

  16. Dear Baron, worry not — we will not die because we have guns and aren’t afraid to use them.

    I found this interesting but I will have to read it again and right now I’m too tired.

    I’m not a mean girl, never have been. Neither is my daughter nor my DIL. Is it because we live in the middle of nowhere? Could be, I think. However, there is no way I would want to be tied up to a muslim man (I don’t think they belong here in the first place).

    I am sorry for all the bad things happening out there, but it does seem to be working up to a civilizational crisis I think. People will have to make up their minds about how to live. We here in the heartland do not have these problems, (thank God), but others do.

    You either live a civilized life or you don’t. (muslim is not civilized, btw).

    If you don’t then you are on your own. I’m troubled by all the signs of crisis taking place. People — some — seem to be unable to find a life for themselves that is decent and enjoyable. Why is that? I don’t know.

    I agree that we have to drive the muslims back to their own territory — they are incapable of assimilating to western thought, nost of them anyway. And if they think they can make us adopt their thoughts, they’ve got another think coming. It is no accident that we in America have guns. . . or could if we wanted to have them. I don’t know, it’s all such a mess. I do think muslims belong in muslim-land, where they are more comfortable. and everyone agrees with them. They are not compatible with a free democratic western society.

    Just my opinion.

    • Every time civilization merely beats back the muslim invaders to the “muslim-land” it only leads to a different generation having to deal with the next time muslim invaders attempt to take over the world.

  17. Lemmie see now…………………………………
    Poor unidentified unidentifiable girl is attacked. Somewhere. (Muslims, natch.)
    I defend.
    THE ENTIRE WEIGHT OF THE ‘STATE’ AND ‘JUDICIAL SYSTEM’ descends on my [fundament] forthwith.
    Arrest, imprisonment, fine, humiliation (FOR ME), loss of job. (Loss of home, financial and marital distress–likely divorce and RUINED LIFE—-for me. No more home, kids, etc.)
    THIS is a trade-off????
    For ME?
    God forbid a bunch of actual MALES got together on this. Check out the LAW on ‘conspiracy’ sometime. VERY EASY to prove–it ‘they” want to. Easier than indicting the proverbial ham sandwich–and they WOULD WANT TO.

    My unspoken point here is that we will first have to fight our way through our own “culture”, legal “system”, ‘laws’, etc. BEFORE our fist hits the nose of our enemy.
    Right now (2017) I don’t see that happening–anywhere.

    • Yes, any man in Western Europe who might dare to intervene to defend a woman needs to think carefully about the consequences of doing so. Loss of employment and/or prosecution — all for a stranger? Not likely.

      Extended family, friends, immediate neighbors — it may be worth the risk for him to defend them; it’s hard to say.

    • You are right.
      Just for your info:
      A few years ago an afro-american refugee came into a policestation claiming to be assaulted by two neo-nazis.
      Those two were found, arrested and hold into prison a long time. The police and the prosecutor told them that if they said that they had assaulted the refugee the trial would happen in a few days and they would be given light sentences. Otherwise they would have to wait a long time for their trial as the prosecutor had a lot of other things to do…
      They insisted on their innocence and that the afro-american was the culprit.
      They were so long in prison that they lost their jobs, flats and their entire property (the men who rented them their flats threw everything on the streets because they could not pay their rent).

      Then, lo and behold, 5 minutes before the trial began, one LEO dared to look at the Smartphone of the afro-american. And the guy had used the camera in movie-mode. The afroamerican refugee had taunted and attacked the two guys and not vice-versa. And all could be seen in 5 Million Pixel Quality.

      They were given some money as compensation, and the trial was dropped and nobody ever spoke of this again.

      This, Baron, happens even if you are attacked. And maybe you can ask the PEGIDA guys about the guys at the supermarket who tied a refugee to a tree. The refugee wanted to do bad things to the cashier at the Supermarket.
      Those guys will soon be prosecuted.

      Any act of defense or resistance of the natural Population of Europe is criminalized.

      So the only recourse is hit and run.
      If you get into some altercation, save your life, and run like hell. Do not call the Police. You get a first class ticket to Karlsruhe (home of the highest prosecutor in Germany) before you can say CHEESE.

      You see, whenever a native german and a refugee get into a scuffle the prosecutor takes it as a nazi attack and then it is automatically something for Karlsruhe.

      And according to german law three or more People are a conspiracy.

      And for those who like conspiracy theories:
      When the foreigners attack Germans like Niklas from Bonn, Daniel Seiffert or the vietnames Boy of Berlin the prosecutor always charges them with assault, murder etc.
      And then the lawyers of the Bereicherer aka Enrichers, refugees just ask: “And who did it? Can you prove it?”
      And as nobody can prove or say who made this attack or this strike it is always “We cannot prove conclusevly that Mohammed was the one who made the killing stroke. Therefore only 6 months for assault 2nd degree…”

      On the other Hand…
      The Nazis of the NSU, only Beate Tschäpe is alive, was charged with COMUNALLY assault, in german: gemeinschaftlich.
      This accusation was used by the state against the leftwing terrorists of the RAF.
      Either you spill the beans completely (Yes, Frank did the Kidnapping, I guarded the victim and gave him food, Torsten hit him twice in the chest and kicked him and Angela killed him) or you are guilty of murder and it is twenty years without parole.
      And to tell you how strict the rules of this Comunally is:
      If the medical doctor tells the court about the wounds coming from the hits by Torsten and you do not tell about Torsten, then it is “You have not spilled the beans completely, so twenty without parole.”
      Even if you dont know about an attack, if the court even suspects you are lying or protecting someone – yes, it is twenty without parole.

      So, why is it not used against the refugees?
      Sorry, just a conspiracy theory.

      And if you allow me to be a bad boy:
      How can you call for violence from us when you many times have stated that you do not support violence. Did you and Dymphna not change or erased such comments?)
      So, where is the difference?

      • I have NEVER opposed violence in self-defense, or when defending one’s own. I’m on the record repeatedly for that position, stated clearly over the past 13 years.

        I’m lucky to live in the Commonwealth of Virginia, where such actions are not only legal, but esteemed by the community. At least they are south of Burke; I don’t know what it’s like for real men up there in the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy.

      • This is what I’ve been saying all along. If you get into a fight with muslims, hit them with everything you’ve got, win the fight, and THEN run for your life. Don’t ever stay behind, call the police, ask for witnesses or anything stupid like that. When the authorities arrive, the first one in handcuffs will be you, not the attackers. And it all goes downhill from there. No, after it’s over, run and save your life.

    • Flintlock,

      Great post.

      You’ve raised a lot of issues that a lot of other posters are overlooking.

  18. Sorry but I have to disagree with you on this dear Baron. Over the past year or so, I have gradually come to identify ‘feminism’ – not the early 20th century suffragette feminism or the Jane Brigode feminism, mind you, but the 60’s feminism – as one of the main pathologies destroying us from within. It’s an added ‘plugin’ in the cultural marxist ‘software’, so to say. I never claimed I was a perfect Christian, and I believe in there being a concept like ‘payback’.

    Let them feminists drink the bitter goblet to the last drip, and then have it rammed in their derrière. I fail to see how their continued existence can contribute to Western survival, so spending resources and manpower to ‘defend’ them is a big no-no in my book.

    • The Baron has already identified why that is a thoroughly stupid idea — and I would add that it is a thoroughly immoral one.

      You have no freaking clue whether the women being attacked are ‘feminist’ or not.

      If they were ALL feminists you might have some case, though I still wouldn’t agree.

    • Mike, as I said to the commenters above: I recommend intellectual honesty. Just follow the example of the commenter from January 2016, who said he would welcome the coming of Islam, when women will finally get what’s coming to them. He’ll have four wives, and they will obey him.

      Your decision, magnified to include the bulk of Western men, is what is even now opening the gates of the West to the Mohammedan horde.

      • Hi Baron, imho your reasoning would be correct if all western males adopted that policy from Day 1, i.e. at the very beginning of the muslim invasion.

        Since that is not feasible anymore (and it actually never was, since the muslim invasion is some kind of osmosis process that has actually been going on for centuries – Frederick The Great allowing a small muslim presence in Berlin comes to mind) other tactics must be contemplated.

        I see it this way: when an enemy is attacking your position from far afield, the best way to stop him is using artillery (non-direct fire).

        When the enemy is already inside the gates, the clumsy heavy artillery is of little use. One must resort to direct fire and hand to hand fighting.

        In other words, tactics must evolve with the tactical situation.

        So I am of the opinion: let the muslims have the feminists, it will distract them, we get rid of troublesome elements (and enjoy some Schadenfreude), plus we can concentrate on real women.

        • Ah, but the Muslims aren’t just targeting the feminists — they’re after all our women. Many of those who are molested are more or less normal traditional females, to the extent that it is possible to be one nowadays.

          Furthermore, young women who are vulnerable, fatherless, and have weak characters are drawn to the violent masculinity of Muslims, and are converting in significant numbers. This may well be the biggest issue. As Western women drain away into the Ummah, our culture loses what little remains of its lifeblood.

          I have concluded that we don’t have time to drain the Cultural Marxist swamp before we tackle Islam. The Islamization of our countries is simply moving too quickly. But if we somehow manage to confront the Mohammedan horde and overcome it, that will reinvigorate our culture and give us a fighting chance against the progressives/globalists.

          Success seems less likely with each passing year, but I still have hope. Unfortunately, I won’t be around to see how it all turns out in the end.

          • “Furthermore, young women who are vulnerable, fatherless, and have weak characters are drawn to the violent masculinity of Muslims, and are converting in significant numbers. This may well be the biggest issue.”

            On this I agree completely. How utterly, utterly ironic is it that those who have been chastizing ‘run of the mill’ males like us for being machos insisting a woman’s place is at the hearth (complete and utter nonsense btw) will now subject themselves to males with views on women a million times more archaic.

  19. “A real man doesn’t care whether a woman approves of his defending her. He doesn’t wait for her permission.”

    I totally disagree!
    While it`s clear that in a critical situation there is not much time for talking, one just reacts.
    But if I do have the choice, I would think twice before risking my health and live for such stupid bit*** (male or female alike).
    This is reserved for close relatives and friends (and fellow combatants), let the police deal with the rest.

  20. No need for pretzl thinking here.

    The issue has nothing to do with religion, ideology or gender.

    Just do the right thing.

    Honor … you remember?

    • Many stupid and even cruel things are done because of wrong concepts or a false understanding of honor.
      And when people actually do the right, hard and dangerous things it`s rarely done because of honor.

      And never listen to others who tell you what YOU have to do because of honor!
      It`s your live and health, not theirs.
      And there`s a difference between being honorable and brave or just foolhardy.

  21. By the way, I’m just back from a two week vacation with my wife and kids in the US of A and I thank the Lord on my bare knees all was well, everything was plentiful, we had no problems whatsoever and we have been treated to great sights and sounds wherever we went. The Mall in Washington DC, all those phantastic Smithsonian museums completely GRATIS, the Steven Udvar Hazy center near Dulles IA (a must see), Gettysburg battlefield, the White Mountains (climbed Mt Washington via the Tuckerman trail), Cape Cod/Plimoth Plantation, the MFA in Boston…. it was a wonderful experience.

    Three things stand out: Americans are very friendly. We encountered perhaps two or three people who were somewhat less extrovert. Chauffeurs are non-agressive (I only got honked at once, and that was before Logan IA where the guy behind me probably had to catch a flight). And gas is cheap.

    Time permitting, I’ll do a post on our voyage. It was good to chase all the thoughts of doom out of my head for a while.

    • Ah, yes…and I thought your itinerary was too rigorous. You proved me wrong.

      Next time, I hope you get to see Red America. Flyover country. Everything is cheaper, including the petrol. And the people are even friendlier.

      • Hi Dymphna, oh, we saw even much more than that. At the risk of being frowned upon, when travelling from Gettysburg over Harrisburg on our way to NH, we stopped in Bethel, NY, and visited the iconic field where the Woodstock festival was held. Also (more frowning risk) the Kennedy Museum in Hyannis.

        What was wholly unintentional, when we reconnoitred the Cape od peninsula till the very end, it appeared that P-Town (Provincetown), where I climbed the Pilgrim Memorial, is actually an LGTB refuge.

        In NH, we visited the famous hotel in Bretton Woods, where the World Bank and the IMF saw the light. There’s a room there, the Golden Room, where all the flags of the participating countries are displayed, together with plaques of the names of the countries’ ministers of dignitaries who signed the accords. All very interesting.

        Also in NH, we walked through the Lost River valley, which has been wonderfully fitted with sturdy wooden walkways and stairs. Magnificent!!!

  22. A most thoughtful article and timely after a half century of Affirmative Action in the USA.

    The problem, of course, is that our Marxists…including many women…are using Islam to infiltrate to destroy the Christian West, not the other way around. Helping a Marxist female who helped bring the vipers into our house so she isn’t bitten seems counter-productive. In a chicken-egg analysis, I’d argue the Marxist instigators must be cleared out first; then, the Ummah problem ( a tool created by our Marxists) can be easily resolved.

    Western woman has also decimated the West demographically by single-handedly deciding, under the protection of Leftist judges, to abort tens of millions of unborn Western babies. This is the Woman’s Holocaust. Only Marxism can almost match the numbers of intentional deaths in all of world history as this decimation continues. Woman rather likes this power over Life itself.

    Western woman also enjoys, tremendously, her preferences in education and employment. Female teachers and bosses are not kind to males. Whole industries are occupied with a disproportionate percentage of women. Some say they don’t like male employees or are “uncomfortable” instructing and disciplining them…so they can them WITH DEPLORABLE REVIEWS (the weapon of choice) or don’t allow them into their college or hire them in the first place. They surround themselves with other like-thinking women. So much for diversity.

    White voting patterns in the USA are hopeful. Most white women voted for Obama twice, running with the pc herd, but then switched to join white men in electing Trump, even though HRC played the gyno-card mercilessly. Yet, most black, Hispanic, Jewish and Muslim American female voters chose the female socialist candidate because they demand and depend on a powerful government, not a family centered nation. In sum, helping the enemy within is a ticket to martyrdom, as any cop who’s gone to a domestic will affirm. Marxism needs to go first.

    Meanwhile, each tribe will have to take care of its own?

    Oops, I have to go, my wife is calling.

    • The Left has embraced Islam because they have realized it is a far more effective weapon against the West than wishy-washy secular humanism or arrogant, empty, intellectual atheism.

  23. When my nephews were babies and toddlers, I would have defended them to the death. Today was their first day of 7th grade. Very soon, our roles will reverse and if need be, they will become my protectors. My nephews were raised to hold doors for women; I was raised to give up my seat for my elders, regardless of sex. It’s what you do. Call it civility or the Golden Rule. Call it anything you want, but don’t forsake it without agreeing to the civilizational cost.

    Baron is spot on. The strong must defend the weak.

    • Yes, and using our physical strength to help does not mean that the physically weaker [male or female] are lesser humans or shouldn’t have equal rights before the law.

  24. I wonder whether LADYZONEN on the bus sign is photoshopped. If it’s for real, an additional problem is the linguistic imperialism. It should be DAMENZONEN. More broadly, there should be no need for a sign at all. This is the equivalent of “free speech zones”. The whole country is a free speech zone.

    • I don’t know whether it’s photoshopped or not — it looks authentic to me — but it’s from one of the original German articles referenced back when we first posted about it.

      • It’s weird enough they discussed it, but the proposition was called off:

        Der Regensburger Stadtrat Christian Janele schlug vor, „Lady-Zonen“ im Stadtbus und eigene Taxis einzuführen. Damit wollte er Frauen vor sexuellen Übergriffen schützen. Der Antrag wurde abgelehnt.
        The city councilor Christian Janele proposed to introduce “lady zones” in the city bus and taxis. He wanted to protect women from sexual abuse. The request was rejected.

        So I think the picture is photoshopped.
        Anyway, a good article by the Baron.

  25. Respect, hard work, honesty, honour, patriotism, LOVE. Old time words.
    Entertainment, sex, play station (4), virtual reality, maximize profit. New time words.

    When you grow in a real life style, the new time words can’t affect the meaning of old time words.
    New generations, do not understand the old time words. It is also our fault. Or we was to dumb to understand the future results of political actions in our life time.

    • Well, you’ve touched upon one of the fundamental issues with Western culture as it currently exists.

      That issue is the idea, pushed by Big Government, Big Tech, and Big Media, that we must constantly seek newer and better novelties in every aspect of life, much like a junkie chasing his next fix.

      I see this novelty seeking as the dark counterpoint to the Western drive for creativity and innovation.

  26. My understanding of the “Lady zone” bus…everything start from idea…The response to aggressions against women can be solved “a la” islam. Females must be separated. In my opinion this is a pervert way to implement sharia. Has nothing to do with taking care of our women. A responsible authority will stop the aggressors. With bullets, if necessary.

  27. Count this western woman out. I did not vote for Obama. I am not part of the feminist brigade, which I can’t stand.

    I would never vote for a man like Obama. I do not approve of any of this crap. I do not depend on government; I depend on my husband to whom I’ve been married for over 50 years and that is, pardon me, true love. And I worked, too — held a job for many years until I could retire. He did the same. We are self-sufficient in every way, which is the way, in an ideal world, it should be.

    We shouldn’t even be having this discussion. Back in the 50’s when my mother immigrated here, she worked her butt off to support us children. Father was in Norway recovering from TB (tuberculosis) (sp). Life has a lot of tricks and you have to be ready for them. Whining and crying do not cut it. So get over it, get up and pull up your big girl panties and go out and do your job and DON’T WHINE. It does not become you.

    It really doesn’t, especially if you consider youself a feminist. I am a human and that is all. I do not belong to any “ism” other than freedom for all.

    • Maria, modern feminism has gone mad, but it sounds like you and I appreciated and used our equal rights to work.

      Feminism that gave us equal rights before the law is as far as it needed to go. The rest was up to us. In fact I worked in a ‘male dominated’ profession for years, never being rude when a kind man would open a door for me or say something nice about my appearance.

      • I have been reading the comments after reading this article, and as a female Westerner, there have been many comments so far, that have worried me.

        I see bitter, angry men who are so frustrated (and I completely understand that frustration) with the changes to society in the last 3-4 decades, that they are lashing out with spite.

        I don’t blame them for that, but it worries me, as a woman. Ironically, it makes me feel less safe. Ahh, being a woman in the West! Is that technically a first world problem?

        I used to consider myself a feminist, to be honest. I abandoned the ideology several years ago, very loudly and angrily as I watched feminism decay and corrupt itself. No longer is feminism an ideology that seeks true gender equality – and fairness for both males and females under the eyes of the law.

        Feminism is about punishing today’s men, for the sins of the past. Its about subjugating men – hilariously ironic given the whole fight to begin with, was to STOP the subjugation of women by men.

        What a mess. What a freaking rotten mess we’re all in.

        I will support the ideas of gender equality and fairness for all under the eyes of the law, til my dying breath. I believe that irrespective of your gender, you deserve the same rights as anyone else.

        I also recognize that the two genders are not, identical. We ARE different – and its a difference that needs embracing. Because we’re two parts of the puzzle, the ying and the yang. As long as we can tread a line wherein everyone is treated fairly and NO-ONE is subjugated or relegated to an inferior state simply based on what gender they were born as, then we can have peace and safety and a society in the West that allows men and women to flourish together.

        I can’t fight. As a female, I’m hopeless at even throwing a punch. It is something I desperately need to remedy. I need to learn how to defend myself. I need to learn how to save myself. As a woman, I am deeply appreciative of any male who should come to my rescue if and when I’m under attack. He will save my life by doing so. He is (almost always) physically stronger than I and thanks to testosterone and a few other interesting differences, he is generally more instinctively focused on the aggressive protection of others.

        But I don’t expect a man to automatically rush in and save me. That’s not fair of me. Especially given the way of the West today- and by his protecting me, he’ll probably wind up in huge legal trouble, no matter how much I try to defend his actions and show my appreciation and gratitude.

        To all those men on here who are bitter and resentful and fed up. I get it guys, I truly do. But please – be sensible here. Feminism has become poisonous – but you cannot write off 50% of the global population, based off an ideology that is supported by a very loud and vocal group, who are only a minority.

        I do not look at all men and blame all of them, for the true misogynists out there. I know the true misogynists are few and far between. Most people who say misogynistic things – are just venting with bitterness and anger. Don’t turn on women – and we need to not turn on men. We need each other – on every possible level.

        And we need to work together, united, to save our culture and to save ourselves.

        Men are more than mindless work drones who exist to wage slave their lives away and bash at any threat in their path. Women are more than submissive breeding machines who exist to clean and cook.

        Women are NOT your enemy. Islam is. Feminism is. They are ideologies. Women are 50% of the human species. Living, breathing people who are just as important and necessary to the survival and growth and the stability of our cultures and the human race as men are.

        Sorry for the very long comment.

        • Thank you for that, Sarah. I’ve been reading GoV for a while and your comment really resonated with me. I’m in my sixties and the current obsession with supposed ‘rape’ culture in Western countries is something I simply don’t recognise. I worked in advertising for many years and, even in that ‘free and easy’ environment, was never harassed, molested or made to feel uncomfortable. I too used to be a ‘feminist’ – now I despise the current incarnation of feminism.
          I love men: I love my husband, my sons and my male friends and they all treat women in an exemplary fashion. And I’m not weak, or a doormat: I’m an equal partner. We each bring different things to relationships.
          About the fourth wave feminists: I feel sorry for them, in a way, in that they go through life being outraged about, well, everything really. No joy, no real partnership; just a never ending struggle for the upper hand.

  28. Old time…
    WANTED ! Dead or alive. Reward 500$.

    New time…
    You go to prison if you kill the killer of your mother, father, wife and children.

    We have been “socially” modified. Somebody was gradually defecating in our brains and we were to busy to feel the smell. It took also billions of dollars and time to cover the smell.

  29. “Which women deserve protection? The short answer is: All of them.”

    Except for the one’s holding “Refugees Welcome” signs.

    Actually, you are correct. The best way to fight feminist lunacy is to behave as decent men should.

  30. Baron at 11.10am quoted – Just follow the example of our commenter from back in January 2016, who said he would welcome the coming of Islam, when women will finally get their comeuppance. He’ll have four wives, and they will obey him.

    Commenter should remember two things – he will be circumcised whether he likes it or not and the female population would have to be four times that of the male population for everyone to have have four wives. (If he can’t get one woman to obey him – how does he think he will manage four?)

    • “If he can’t get one woman to obey him – how does he think he will manage four?”


  31. Acts of agression are dealt with in the following ways, by order of priority:

    1. You avoid provoking and evade being subject to.
    2. You escape…
    3. Unless you consider your best option is to fight.

    Option number 1 is the most ruthless as it also includes black ops, that is that you may initiate the agression and close the story before it starts to avoid the agression of another. Effective, ruthless, arbitrary and dishonourable.

    Whoever is stupid in this gets hurt or killed.

    Whoever, of whatever gender.

    Defense of another in distress is an option, never an obligation, even when written into law.

    Boldness, noblesse, morals, mean nothing to a dead person.

    Intelligent action means everything in terms of the highest rate of survival.

    Get used to it.

    Take down the scourge of liberal, neo con, socialist egalitarian politics NOW, instead of being subject to an endless weakening that leaves you in a sad position of having to fight unprepared on your own doorstep.

    Be intelligent about it, leave the bravado for idiots, expect no reward, but set to work in the GOOD way, by pinning responsibility and confronting those who propagate false values, with strong and coherent arguments. Refine those arguments, sharpen them over time, and be relentless in your use of them. Bystanders will miss you if you fall, they WILL pick up your work for you, your achievements so far, and continue with that work with the benefit of you experience.

    No violence, do not search violence, only defense, the power directed from what would have been violence is incredible when it is directed and used correctly.

    Be brave, it takes a lot of courage to present yourself and your argument, your reputation, amongst those that manipulate.

    You are there to bring peace and resolution, to be a centre for that.

    You are not there to sow conflict.

    God bless.

    • Everything you said is valid…but wrong in our new situation.
      All this things produces the right effect, when the other have same values as cultural heritage.
      For some others, this will be weakness.

      It is one thing if I invite you to dinner, and a very different thing if a cannibal invite you to dinner.

  32. I’m a German woman and I have NEVER accepted the feminism propaganda that was inflicted on me since my childhood in school, then in college and constantly by the media. I no longer feel safe in my own country and when I talk about this with feminist deranged women they accept that many German cities are now dangerous places but they refuse to acknowledge that it has to do with Islam and third world immigration, they tell me that men in general are the problem. Sometimes I skip buses and trains because they are full with many dark faces with covetous looks and I see that other women do the same because they know – as I know- that is dangerous to board them, I’ve seen black and brown men molesting women, masturbating and urinating in buses I never saw that before immigration went out of control, I never saw German men doing that, feminists lie when they say all men are the same! I am so angry and frustrated as I write this!

    • Your first-hand observations about these changes need to be shared more widely if possible and in more detail, but without compromising your identity and safety.

  33. That is why I conceal carry everywhere I go. Even where it is posted it is not allowed. Remember- all but six!!!

  34. Well can I just say that I have had this discussion with family members, and my position was this: If any filthy Islamic scum ever laid their abuse hands on either of my two nieces, I just hope that my brother & I get put in the same cell afterwards, because I would go all Knights of St. John on them! And if I was present when any of the females I know were attacked by said filthy Islamic scum, I would once again channel old Vallete, and hang the consequences. I’m reminded of a passage from an Andrew Vachss book, where one of the characters fails his parole hearing because when he was asked why he did someone in, he replied (honestly): He needed killing. I’d take that sort of line: such beasts need to go to hospital with multiple injuries. Of course there are still remnants of normal male-ness around here. We all remember what happened when those mischievous Mohammedans tried to blow up Glasgow airport. The public “set about them”.

    Well … aye.

    I was in a tube in London once and a Mohammedan sat down across from me, he had a backpack with him, which he laid down at his feet. I watched every move he made. He knew I was watching him as well. And regardless of what he was actually doing on there, if he had made a move I didn’t like he would have gotten a size ten Caterpillar boot clean off his jaw, I’d have kicked his napper clean off his shoulders in an instant, even if it turned out he was only reaching for a hankie to blow his nose.

    Another time, I was on an airplane at Dyce, waiting to fly to London, and the voice came over the speakers and announced that we were being delayed because an extra suitcase had been found in the hold. Immediately there was a whole bunch of big hairy half-drunk Scotsmen standing up in their chairs and scanning the other passengers. You could feel the violence in the air … it was crackling, man. If there had been a Mohammedan on board & he made a wrong move, or started with the ridiculous caterwauling, believe you me, it wouldn’t have been a case of waiting around for the bobbies to deal with it.

    Some people might be willing to die for political correctness – the ultimate case of “virtue signalling”. But I am not one of them. If it came right down to it, I would act in a serious and violent manner.

    Which is a perfectly natural response to such a situation. Fight or flight? I’ll go with option one, man. Every time.

    Iron John Lives!

    • Course it matters not a jot what any individual might do in a given set of exceptional circumstances, what matters is the fact that our governments are letting every tom, dick and harry come into our country in the first place. And not one of them will stand up and speak the truth about Mohammedanism, not even after a soldier gets murdered in the middle of the street, or a bunch of teenage girls gets blown to smithereens by a jihadist with a suicide vest. The question is not what would anyone do if they saw a rampant Islamic attacking a girlie right in front of them. The question is: What are we all going to do about our politicians? Because they’ve had us bent over, trousers round our ankles, for ages. That’s the real issue here.

      • It matters very much to any given individual what he decides to do in exceptional circumstances. Dietrich Bonhoeffer?? Lone jihadists?

        Individuals may be meaningless to a collectivist state such as the UK has become, as has the rest of post-religious Europe. That is the fatal flaw of all socialist states: before long, the individual has become a null set.

        Your question about what we are going to do regarding our politicians is a good one despite the collectivist overcast darkening Europe. Even more important to both Europe and the U.S. is how to address the malaise created by Deep State unaccountable bureaucrats.

        In America, they are in league with many of the lazy legislative branch. We have *some* remedies in our Constitution which will require a great deal of gumption to start up again.

        But poor Europeans cannot access anything similar via their “Constitution”, which is hundreds of pages of Brussels bumpf; those dense paragraphs lay out the costs for daring to be an individual. Unelected, unaccountable paper pushers in Brussels wield breath-taking power beyond the reach of any mere politician.

        Britain only gets away with Brexit because London is the financial nerve center for Europe. But whether it’s enough to make genuine change possible for average individual Brits is another matter. Dietrich Bonhoeffer could act as an individual because for him there were worse things than dying. In our thoroughly modern materialistic cultures that is no longer the case.

  35. Love the essay.
    On the macro level you are right. If society will not (cannot?) defend its women it will not (cannot!) defend itself.
    On the micro level, consequences arising from islam aside, if you won’t defend women, you ain’t a man. (Even those of us not capable of direct physical intervention have other ways to work for the defense of women.)

    While I can in some sense appreciate the independent spirit of MTOW, when they advocate the abrogation of their manly responsibilities because their feelings got hurt they sound like college snowflakes–SGTOW?

  36. Two areas I know quite well are west Texas and south Georgia. Some [epithet for a desert nomad brigand] gropes a woman, shame on his hospital bill. It will be more than his EBT card can handle.

  37. Well said! And this shows you why they hate trump because he is a man who will stand up

  38. The situation here in Germany is really serious, I live in Munich and things are getting totally out of hand by the day, the list of attrocities is staggering : cops, nurses and doctors are resigning in record numbers because their jobs are getting too dangerous, specially for cops who are expected to deal with violent savages without ressorting to the use of force, the migrants threaten dog owners, poison dogs, dogs disappear all the time and the police refuses to establish a link between this and islam despite all evidence, migrants use our streets like toilets or use “incorrectly” the public toilets in train stations, bars, restaurants, hotels, schools (don’t ask me for details please), women live in constant fear we are catcalled, insulted, spat at and groped by the migrants, swimming pools have now women only hours, gyms have women only sections , female drivers get their cars trashed, bars , liquor stores butcheries that sell pork are often vandalized and their owners threatened.. I could go on and on, telling you about the horrible things that 70 years of self hating indoctrination have done to my once beautiful country, yes beautiful because Germany existed long before Hitler and I am tired that barbarians, leechs and degenerate use the nazi card on us to abuse us, enough! Hitler died long time ago end of story, we must shake shake off those destructive feelings of guilt and go on, they key to our survivals lies in rekindling with selfsteem and pride, it’s not nazi to love your people,your culture, your country , your family. We must wake up and fight back.

  39. Re: “It seemed such a feminized response to a basic violation of public order. Such a solution could only emerge from a culture that has decided in advance that it will never respond to habitual violent public disorder with its own violence, no matter how serious the provocation. The idea that German men might be encouraged — or even allowed — to defend German women never even entered the pretty little heads of the Gutmenschen who manage German society.”

    The above description is correct – as far as it goes. What is missing is the underlying cause, the driving force if you will – behind the Islamization of Germany. Baron, perhaps I am misreading you, but you seem to imply that ordinary Germans have consented to what is happening to them – that they have agreed, en mass, to become an Islamic nation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    The European elites and European Union – including German members of that elite such as Angela Merkel – have betrayed ordinary native Europeans, just as Merkel has betrayed her fellow Germans. The single most-critical duty of a national leader – any national leader – is the protection of the nation and its citizens from external threats. Merkel has not only failed this test, she has doubled down by opening the doors wider still to the onrushing tidal wave of third-worlders and Muslims entering her country. Merkel is a globalist who seeks the erasure of her nation and people. That is the reason for her actions. She has won the Charlemagne Prize; research what that award means, what it stands for – and you will have your answer.

    The proof, if you look for it, is easy to find. An example: On New Year’s Eve, 2015, over 1,000 German women and girls were raped or otherwise assaulted in the square before the Cologne Cathedral. Care to guess what the first instincts of the authorities were in the wake of these horrible attacks? If you guessed logically, concern for the welfare of the victims and catching the perpetrators, you would be wrong. No, the first concern – the primary concern – of Merkel’s government was that “Islamophobia” not become a problem in the wake of the attacks! Is this the action of a government concerned with the welfare of its people? I submit that it is not. This is the action of a government which has turned upon its own people.

    Insofar as Europe has been brainwashed by politically-correct propaganda for the last forty or so years, your thesis is correct. However, the approaching death of Europe – if it in fact occurs – will not have been a suicide, but a murder committed in cold blood. The perpetrators will have been the Muslims and their European accomplices.

    • No, I don’t think that ordinary Germans have consented to what is happening to them. However, each nation has a national character, and a notable feature of the German national character is a deep-seated, almost unquestioning respect for authority. This is a Nordic trait — the Swedes seem to have an even more intense version of it, and Norwegians as well. Danes, not so much. The Anglo-Saxons have been corrupted by too much mongrelization with the Celts and the French, so they tend to be fractious and ornery and disrespectful of authority (especially those of us in the American branch, who have been even more mongrelized — Italians and Poles, egad!).

      This respect for authority has earned Germans a bad name, thanks to Hitler. But it is actually an admirable trait when not taken to extremes. It made Germany orderly, prosperous, and safe. Maybe it’s because I have a lot of German blood, but I like this aspect of the German character. There’s something to be said for an orderly society where people have a natural respect for the hierarchical system handed down to them by their ancestors.

      Ordinary Germans presumably are unhappy with what their chancellor has done to them. Yet they are poised to re-elect her to a fourth term. This is where respect for authority verges into the pathological — it seems that this particular national character trait has caused Germans to be unable to perceive that which is before their very eyes.

  40. Contract, in my opinion is the issue here. Behind cultural Marxism lays NATAS, which explains it all. By voting for lame stream Party Politics for decades , most everyone took S’NATAS coin, gold, wealth, easy living, materia wealth in exchange for their soul which is effectively, our ECAR.
    These feminists, indeed the majority of alt-righters, chose the current situation, by contract, through the ballot box. They wanted it, they voted for their own destruction. Now and in the future, by virtue of that contract NATAS has legitimate right to take his due and rightful payment. The issue at root, is one of contract, with NATAS, and how do you get out of what, you yourselves, agreed to, wanted, voted for?
    Likewise, Mr Baron, I think that you underestimate the seething and vicious resentment and hatred that the MGTOW now have towards the opposite sex who have behaved, mercilessly, despicably, disgustingly, and dare I say, unforgivably towards them.

  41. Let’s imagine this scenario:

    A Western woman is about to be culturally enriched by a ME thug. A Western man sees it and beats the thug to a pulp. A few minutes latter the police arrives.

    There are two versions of what happened: the Western man says the thug was trying to culturally enrich the woman. The thug suddenly knows how to speak the country’s language and says that is not true, it was a WAYCIST attack.

    Who’s left? The Western woman. If she confirms the Western man’s version that he was a knight in shining armor that saved her honor he’s safe. If she doesn’t he is in a lot of trouble.

    You posted a video a few days ago about a Sudanese being beaten by people from a restaurant he threw stones at. In that video there are a lot of female voices saying “stop it”, “don’t beat him”. Who do you think those women would side in our hypothetical scenario?

    I believe most men thinking about this before acting will not act. Western men cannot afford a criminal record, jail time, possible lose of income. Cultural enrichers can.

  42. this society trumpets women being equal to men in EVERY facet of life, even to the point of being in combat units. what does this say about women to men, or about men to women? the answer is quite obvious: women do not need men for any purpose, including to defend them. i would not exert one iota of energy to defend women who believe and act this way.

    there are obviously women in this society that do not buy into the feminist, diversity promulgating, women are equal to men in every facet of life bovine scat. these are women who have not imbibed the kool aid of this ‘modern’ society we inhabit and just so happen to be the type of women most men desire. the reason is simple: they are real women, not the manufactured ‘woman’ of today, featured in news outlets 24/7, whose qualifications are simply to ‘hate men’ and believe ‘they are equal to men in all facets of life’. real women will be defended by their men to the death.

  43. Its the eussr beauracrats we must go after!!!

    These are the scum who are enforcing iur genocide using cultural marxism, and frankfurt school pc.

    All of them, coppers, penpushers, council employees, politico actors, even artists and musicians who say 0 about this.

    People like sting,mhow does this hypocrite [epithet] from newcastle keep a straight face, he keeps silent.

    Until people like sting, and from the performing arts start comingbiut, speaking up, these shysters have to be also on the list of the scum we must reign in and anillate.

    Our whole systems are utterly poisoned and contaminated with left wing
    Marxism and its lies and absurd insane propagations.

    Yes we must after the enabelers first and fast!

    They are the murderers of wester civilisation, they are the new “vichy regime” of 2017.

  44. I will not be told by a woman how to be a man. She / ze/ it/ whatever lacks the gear to make that judgment.

    As far as drawing blood for their society goes, I owe nothing to people who I don’t know. I’m a white male. I am the only group on the planet that it’s OK to hate…and hate me they do. Tell me again why I would want to bleed for a society that so clearly doesn’t want me. [Fie on] the little blue haired harpies….what’s in this for me? Western women have made their bed and chosen their sides. Now they can live (or die) with it. I will only defend those whom I know and love. My tribe first, my tribe always.

    Protection? Isn’t there a government program for that?

  45. Two things:
    #1 Eventually feminism will burn itself out; though many a man will suffer until then.
    #2 Many a man has been raped by a soldier of Islam to humiliate them and for twisted pleasure. So either win the fight or get ready to get buggered.

  46. …”So either win the fight or get ready to get buggered.”…and then beheaded and/or tortured to death. There is no inhumanity that muslims are incable of

    Best to kill or be killed and save the last round for yourself.

  47. Feminists are so in love with their victim status that would consent an army of muslim savages only to continue playing their victim role, I know this from talking to these revolting women. I don’t feel sorry for them.

  48. I would not risk my freedom or livelihood to defend an unknown woman from anyone. Who will care for my family if I am rotting in a cell charged with abusing Moslems?
    We have to reach a point where white men are willing to take the law into their own hands. White men need to be willing to physically attack LEO’s and courts en masse and free their compatriots that have been unfairly arrested. Until we are willing to do this we are no where. If Eric Rudolph was sprung tomorrow….what effect would that have on planned parenthood?

  49. My grandfather from my mother’s side, was a very religious man. But also a smart guy.
    I will tell you some of the things we talk, while he was alive and I was pretty young.
    He was a combatant soldier in WWI and WWII. He was forced to flee from Transilvania during the hungarian administration of a part of Transilvania. He’s father and older brother were killed by Horty’s soldiers. With his mother run over the mountains in Moldova (also a part of Romania). After WWII, during the soviet occupation, he was tortured and lost his both eyes during interrogation. So, he had a “full life”…so to say.
    He loved god. I’ve learned from him to pray. He was always correct, honest and hard working. He regarded communism and islam as satan’s tools. Only satan’s tools can produce so much hate and pain.
    About god…
    God is the sum of all love, he is love, his main purpose is generating and receiving love.
    He made us after his image, so we can give love and receive love. We can say, with the risk to be god like creatures, god created us able to love and be loved.
    More love we give, closer to the “god” status we are. Must be that kind of love, that you are ready to die for your love.

    Yes, god made women not so strong as men, not so creative as men, not so courageous like men, but she is the only one that can love a man so hard, so she can die for the man she love.
    Women must obey men’s decision in family, never insult her man in public.
    Men must respect women, must listen to women. In a family, 2 brains are more than 1. The man must consult with woman, and the best idea must be put to practice.
    A smart man will always ask his wife what she think about his way of thinking, ideas.
    Yes, man can beat his women, if this is the only solution to correct wrong doings. But only if the man is right. If not, all relatives of the woman must save the woman, defend the woman and if necessary, beat the bad husband.
    Women can beat or kill a aggressive husband, when her life is in danger because of her husband. She can beat, wound or kill her husband, if her children are at risk because of her husband.
    Women are not animals…they are the mothers of men. There is nothing more important in life than god, children, wife. All the rest can be negotiated.

  50. Here’s what I think regarding the U.S.A. In 2020 we either get another 4 years of Trump if enough of some domestic problems come to fruition which will slow down the [illiberal leftists]. That means with any luck that Trump will be wedded to the idea of a free America with great limits on immigration as he has so far advanced. That would mean we are on the right path.

    But the continuing non stop attacks on Trump with a rampaging media leading them could put us in a hole. If that happens we have some good people out there. My favorite is Tom Cotton who unlike Trump can explain himself. Those among the normal of the liberals, (not the [illiberal leftists]) would see the light. Cotton could (1) get back the never Trumpers, and (2) stop the great divide because no one will be able to attack him like they do Trump. So Cotton could potentially run in 2024 and pull us out of a hole assuming the Democrats could come up with someone for 2020.

    So then the question is how to help save Western Civilization. Step one, is to get rid of General Mac-hate-Israel, a.k.a. General MacMasters. The vipers are ready to give up Israel. The non vipers are not. This is an acid test for Trump and Western Civilization.

    Don’t forget Israel is now getting to the buddy buddy stage with India. If Trump were smart enough and I am afraid he is not, the U.S., Israel, and India could make a play for world wide democracy. Those smart enough in Europe would follow and perhaps the day could be saved.

    As far as Europe is concerned funny how Poland and Hungary, where anti-Semitism reigned seem to be gate keepers at this time for freedom.

    And I haven’t even mentioned So. Korea and Japan.

    So not all is lost. Hold tight, the fascists haven’t won yet. Keep the internet alive and don’t fade out.

    Mike from Brooklyn

  51. To me, this essay seems to present a false dichotomy – either 1) Allow the woman to be subjected to violence at the hands of Muslims and other aggressors, taking that first step down the slippery slope of civilization collapse and barbarian takeover; or 2) intervene to protect the woman for the sake of honor and be willing to suffer the draconian legal and extra-legal consequences that will certainly arise. Commenters have offered (IMO) good arguments as to why each of these options falls short.
    May I suggest a third option?
    If women truly wish to be equal to men, let that equality extend to their personal self-defense. In other words, if you don’t want to be a victim then learn to use a weapon and carry it.
    I carry concealed and am willing to use my weapon only in those situations where me and mine are in grave danger. I will not use it to protect others who refuse to assume the responsibility to defend themselves. I don’t pay for their car or home insurance, so why should I have to pay for their personal protection insurance?
    Sort of like the dialog in the movie “Unforgiven”:
    “You just shot an unarmed man!”
    “Well, he should have armed himself!”

  52. I think people should just try to defend each other regardless of sex, whenever there is clearly someone being victimized. Hopefully feminists don’t truly want men to stand aside in such situations.

  53. problem is not women, problem is the government apparatus which is willing and capable of destroying any individual who is sticking out his neck, this state machine wants population to be masses, that way its primacy will never be contested, muslims and islam is a hive, perfectly suits the government apparatus’ wellbeing

  54. Barron,

    Long time. I got here from here:

    One thing we don’t know (it is covered up) is that at least 70% of female heroin addicts were sexually abused in childhood. The rate for male addicts is 50%. And of course there are other kinds of abuse.

    We don’t have an addiction problem. We have a child abuse problem.

    The Moral Reality of The War On Drugs

    If you send me an e-mail and I don’t respond – try again. My mail box gets a lot of traffic.

  55. I will defend my woman, to the death of her attacker or myself if necessary, I am prepared for that. I will defend my neighbors and kin with the same zeal. I would defend any woman in my small town from an attack by any parasitic scum. I will not however defend Moldylocks. Her and her ilk wish death and destruction to white hardworking honest straight traditional men everywhere. If you would choose to defend her, save your chivalrous sanctimonious [odiferous substance] for your adoring fans. Bleh, you are no better than she is.

  56. I agree that Feminism, of the Marxist variety, as opposed to the idea that women should be given equal opportunity, has done a lot of damage. Actually, a case could be made that your true Marxist feminist cares as much for women as the Soviets cared for their workers, or less. Their main goal is the leftist goal of the destruction of the family because it is a rival authority structure for the all encompassing State. Two main pillars of the family are marriage and the mother-child bond. I am old enough to remember being told by fellow students and faculty (in a university that was and is considered to be exceptionally liberal-leftist, that a college education is wasted on a woman because she will “just get married”, and that women can have a profile for the sciences that looks good on paper, but still not have the right stuff to be able to succeed. That was in the early sixties. A friend that was 10 years younger and a student at Barnard was disturbed by how a feminist professor would attack the married students in her class for the crime of being married. Can you imagine how dangerous it must be for a young woman to express dissent about feminism nowadays? Google it.

  57. I am late for the party again. Oh well, it may improve my brevity.

    Plenty of angry comments here. Understandable, there is much to be angry about.

    For some help, I refer a book that GoV has already suggested: “Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited”, Emmet Scott. Pp 171-172, on the vulnerability of those cultures whose members are too civilized or advanced to recognize risk, or the necessity to participate in their own defense.

    For some more help; a you tube video today by Stefan Molyneux: “The Lefts Alliance With Radical Islam”, 34 minutes, after the first several minutes. One very good comment there, among others of course. He said it is almost a shame that we have to save civilisation even for the foolish.

    Trigger warning: Molyneux does sometimes use rough language and even more worrisome for some, is not always kind to fools.

  58. How about a Merkel zone, draw a circle in the the sand on a german beach, she is only allowed to stay in the circle, german problems solved

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