The Core Problem

For a few years now, we’ve been rolling these ideas around here in one form or another. Taken together, they constitute the hardest lesson we have to learn. The core problem they describe is the most difficult and depressing conundrum of the Counterjihad.

This is the form the problem assumed earlier today as part of an exchange in the comments on last night’s news feed. In one of his comments, Outlaw Mike said:

Merkel’s INSANE decision to open Germany’s borders wide for millions of feral illiterates will do down in history as the greatest post WWII domestic policy failure in Germany. And I fear it is only the beginning. Who will stop this madwoman?

My reply:

Ah, but I don’t think it was a policy failure. A policy that achieves its objectives is hardly a failure.

The problem, as always, is with the objectives themselves, with the policy-makers who lie about them, and with the voters who so eagerly believe the lies, election after election.

The results of Frau Merkel’s policies are readily apparent to all but the brain-dead. Yet she is on the verge of being re-elected to yet another term. THAT is the core problem. All the rest are corollaries.

A response from Jordan Bassior:

Does Germany WANT to die?

My reply:

If it does, only slightly more than we do. Remember: We came within a percentage point or so of electing a corrupt globalist-communist as our president. We only escaped total disaster by a hair’s breadth.

Germany has no monopoly on the Western madness.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

To get our minds around the dilemma, we need to ask ourselves the question asked by Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, a.k.a. Lenin: Who, Whom?

That is: “Who is doing what to whom?”

It’s not an easy question to answer. Obviously, we are being invaded by millions of hostile Muslim immigrants, but that’s not the core issue.

Imagine that an acquaintance approaches you, unscrews the top of a jar full of fire ants, and dumps them over the top of your head. You immediately become covered with the swarming red insects, whose intensely painful multiple bites are almost more than a human being can bear.

For a few minutes you become preoccupied with removing the noxious creatures from your skin as fast as possible. Then for a while after that you busy yourself with finding the best analgesic salves and anti-inflammatory drugs that money can buy.

Finally, when you can once again see between you your swollen eyelids, you hobble off to find the vile person who did this to you — someone whom you may even have thought of as your friend — and deal with the core problem, to make sure that it never happens again.

In our case, the fire ants are here (in Europe, anyway), and we have to deal with them. That particular problem is going to preoccupy us for a long time. But it’s not the core problem.

As for who did this to us, the culprits are relatively easy to point out. Mutti Merkel. Gordon Brown. François Hollande. Mark Rutte. Barack Hussein Obama. Jean-Claude Juncker. And many, many more.

But they aren’t the core problem.

And, hard as it is to hear, the Left is not the core problem. Socialism is not the core problem. Because millions of people who voted for Hillary Clinton last November are not leftists. They wouldn’t vote for something they thought was socialism.

Or take David Cameron — he, at least ostensibly, is not a man of the Left. But he put his shoulder to the Multicultural Wheel with almost as much zeal as the Socialist Workers’ Party.

No, the problem is not the Left. It’s much larger than that.

I used to think that the biggest problem was the lack of any credible alternative offered to the voters. But the Dutch general election last March proved me wrong — on March 15 the voters had a clear alternative. Everyone in the Netherlands knew who Geert Wilders was, and exactly what he stood for. They’d heard him say the same things for many years. The awful future that he had predicted was being realized before their very eyes.

Yet they didn’t vote for him. Not enough of them. Eventually, after a protracted minuet of negotiations, they will get a coalition government of More of the Same. Because that’s what they voted for.

The core problem is not even the New World Order, although all the politicians and apparatchiks who are pouring the fire ants over our heads are disciples or paid servants of the NWO. But we, the electorate of the nations west of the Iron Curtain, keep voting in these same loathsome snoids, over and over again.

And that is the core problem.

It’s clear that the mass media are major prop that keeps the Potemkin village of the Modern Multicultural West upright.

It’s also clear that mass affluence, powered by fiat money, is responsible for keeping the mobile vulgus quiescent most of the time.

But are these enough to explain the apocalyptic cul de sac in which we find ourselves? Or are there additional explanations?

I’ll be thinking about this a lot in the coming months, and will post again on this topic — if I find anything useful to say.

168 thoughts on “The Core Problem

  1. Yes, the mass media.

    But also our corrupt financial “institutions”.

    Don’t forget the academy and its whizoids.

    We have plenty of bread by which to eat ourselves into death via diabetes or vascular problems. And we have so many circuses now we can’t begin to watch them all.

    Every single facet of our culture has been contaminated. Our descendants will discuss how we came to this pretty pass the same way we are still talking about the Fall of Rome.

    The whole thing is a mystery we are forced to live, creating meaning and purpose as best we can. As Gabriel Marcel said, life is a mystery from which we can never fully extricate ourselves so as to examine its contents.

    • Almost, but not quite. The people who read this and agree with it aren’t the ones we’re trying to reach.

      Somehow, against all odds, we’re trying to reach the people who vote for Mutti, Corbyn, Macron, Hillary, etc.

      • Those left wing voters you are refering to can never be pursuaded by rational arguments.
        These people live soly on an emotional level and will only respond to emotional arguments.

        Perhaps The Enlightment has failed. Heaping its largesse of logic and reasoning on a to small section of the total population to last and so it withered on the vine.
        Perhaps mankind is reverting back to a time before logic and reasoning. A time when emotions and instincts were reigning supreme. As they always have and will again.

        • Some of the comments I’ve seen here have been a little short on logic and reasoning, which is not to deny your point about left wing voters.

          • Against the censurers of brevity. – Something said briefly can be the fruit of much long thought: but the reader who is a novice in this field, and has as yet reflected on it not at all, sees in everything said briefly something embryonic, not without censuring the author for having served him up such immature and unripened fare. – Nietzsche

        • I am most emphatically NOT referring to left-wing voters. Many millions of voters who do not consider themselves left-wing, who regard themselves as centrists or even mildly conservative, vote for the people who are doing this to us.

          If only leftists were the problem, then we would have won already, because there aren’t enough of them.

        • Sometimes I feel, that yes it is time to have some large calamity, war or natural disaster to thin out the herd… Because this is a herd, with the exception of the ones who awake the rest is just sheep.

          • We can’t really plan for “some large calamity”. All we can do is to prepare for the chaotic, epochal ending – though it won’t be soon enough for most of us to see it, and it won’t be a bolt from the blue. The Roman Empire fell apart at the seams. Ours might lose its stitching a little more quickly, given our communication systems.

        • Cwriter:

          Then why does not a jihad attack or a 9/11 continue to inflame emotions in those that respond to emotional arguments? That’s what I don’t get. There is something deeper than that going on. It’s more of a world view that was shaped by the battles in the 60’s and 70’s that does not allow the afflicted to see the world in any other way, other than the “peace, love, kumbaya” attitudes of that era. It’s like a religious dogma that stays with people regardless of facts.

      • Surely the problem comes from the political parties themselves who formulate the PC/MC policies with which most people disagree and put up sock-puppet candidates to promote them. In the perceived absence of what the electorate consider to be a viable alternative, the same old tired and unacceptable people are re-elected.

        Before I left the UK, I would deliberately vote for an outsider, not because I thought they would win, but to save their deposit. I consider a vote for the main parties to be wasted.

        • No, that’s not it. The Netherlands gives us the case study: people had the chance to vote for a real alternative, someone who would stop the madness, and they didn’t.

          The problem resides deep inside the electorate itself. But teasing out the etiology of the problem is difficult. It will take me a long time to formulate a meaningful analysis, if indeed it can ever be done.

          • What about France? They had TWO chances and they blew it choosing Macron. I was educated in a french school and I can´t understand with they did it. They are comitting cultural and demographic suicide.

          • I think at least important parts of the analysis has already been done by superb thinkers like Eric Voegelin and Aurel Kolnai. And Plato battled with the same type of problems more than 23 centuries ago. We can learn much about our current crisis from them.

          • Wilders was an alternative, but whether or not he was a real alternative is debatable. The man could hardly have been less voter friendly. He was a PR mans nightmare. Had the appearance of a vampire and was too extreme for” normal mainstream “voters. Closing mosques and banning the Koran were a bridge too far. That fact that such a man could do as well as he did says a great deal about the strength of feeling of the Dutch voters.

          • Baron, thank you for this article.

            *The problem resides deep inside the electorate itself. But teasing out the etiology of the problem is difficult.*

            Yes and yes. This is what we need to understand. For example, polls have shown that the majority of Germans are against what’s happening to Germany, in terms of immigration. But Merkel is very likely to be reelected-and if she isn’t, and Schultz is, the “answer” will be (since immigration is not, I understand, something these two are arguing about) more of the same.

          • Yes. We are going to get “More of the Same” indefinitely, until the system breaks. I can’t predict when the breakdown will happen, or what will occur afterwards, but there will definitely be one.

          • As for the people, I would say that the electorate has imbibed the idea that certain political issues are moral touchstones, and only one answer can be expressed in polite society.

            As for the leaders, I would say they have imbibed certain post-modern ideas which guide their actions.

            Some believe that the morality of an action is determined by the doer’s intention. Obviously, they mean well, or they wouldn’t be caring so much about refugees. Therefore, this is the right thing to do, so they do it – and if they are willing to accept the woeful consequences, why, that just shows how morally pure they are.

            Some, perhaps, are aware of a looming demographic problem in Europe; but they have imbibed the idea that no culture is worse than any other, and therefore believe that men from any number of cultures are interchangeable. Any difficulties will be resolved by a series of lectures by a buxom blonde in a miniskirt, speaking to room full of forty male enrichers.

            Others are aware of the increase in terrorist attacks, but cannot identify the problem, because religion plays no role in their lives, and therefore they believe it plays no role in anybody’s life. And Pacifism is the dominant ideology in Europe today, so obviously, Islam is a Religion Of Peace.

            The worm will turn, but these things take time. On the other hand, a modern state can bear much more damage – and still function – than most people in Western Europe suspect. I think there’s a good chance public opinion will turn well before anything like a collapse happens – but I also think that even in the best case, Europe will face two generations of conflict before things settle down. And worst-case outcomes are also possible.

          • I realize I don’t have a good grasp of the dynamics involved, but I believe that most of Western civilization is run by governments that – like most organisms – does everything it can to assure its own survival.

            Is it not possible that thew majority of those who vote _do_ make the right choice (out of a very limited pool of choices), but that our governments have rigged the game so that our votes don’t actually count?

            (As I say this, I hypothesize that Trump’s election is merely a diversion for an American populace that might have moved into active, physical rebellion had Hillary been allowed to take office. I haven’t seen him able to follow through on his promises, on the issues most significant to our continued survival as a Constitutional Republic.)

      • Cultural Marxists have destroyed the democratic process. They have implemented consensus politics. When you go to vote, there is no choice, all candidates support the same policies. The only option left is armed rebellion

        • No, that’s not true. As I said elsewhere on this thread, the Netherlands had the choice to elect a man who did NOT support those policies, and they didn’t take it.

          • Okay, then some one needs to find those voters and interview them as to why they did not vote for Geert

          • That’s the thing. It was a man, not an actually viable alternative. His party was simply a structure that allowed him to enter politics legitimately. However, he does not have and refuses to have an actual working structure that has the capacity to root itself throughout the country.

            To any thinking person, this just smells fishy. Yes, I personally agree with what he has to say, but no, I don’t think I could honestly vote for him and believe that he would have the capacity to be a competent leader on all fronts.

            It’s a bit like choosing between someone who is mediocre at running it all, but terrible where it hurts and someone who’s good where it hurts and poor at all the rest.

            Neither is an objectively good choice. The same can be said about Le Pen by the way, albeit to a lesser degree.

          • The problem was Wilders was not a “viable” candidate. People did not vote for him because he was never going to be part of the government let alone the leader of the government. All the other parties had pledged not to join a coalition that included him therefore he would have had to win 50% of the vote in a system with at least half a dozen viable parties. Europes problem is their politics are broken. We have a similar problem in the USA. Vote for whoever you want but the policies that result will be pretty much the same. Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee you get the same result.

            How did that come to pass in so many western democracies? That is the real mystery. It is easier to understand in multi-party systems like the Netherlands and Germany. Harder to figure in a two party system like the USA. Harder still to figure how it will be resolved..or if.

          • Some of the replies get my goat. So, Wilders had flaws. Le Pen had flaws. Heaven knows Trump has flaws you can drive a semi through. He just dissed his most important appointee.

            But to pretend there is no choice is just plain dumb. Perfect is the enemy of the good. Does anyone think that Trump at his worst is not many times better than Hillary? If Trump kept not another promise, he has already justified his election.

            Slightly, but not entirely, off track, all the countries are experiencing dysgenia. They are not only allowing in sociopath, low-IQ moochers; they are stealing money from income-earners to support sickly, non-productive, but fertile members of their own populations. Take the gypsies, for instance, who are undeniably fertile, but who are on welfare when they are not stealing.

  2. Man’s will is free, but God’s will is freer! He blinds and hardens people for their sins, exactly as decreed in eternity. The Reformers understood this even as the Thirty Years’ War ravaged Europe.
    Europeans have been divinely blinded and hardened. America has been granted a temporary reprieve and one more chance to repent, not because we are more righteous, but because it pleased God to ordain this in eternity.
    What shall we do with this opportunity?

    • It is the Protestant nations which embraced the Reformation that now so ardently embrace the Muslim invader!

      • So Pope Francis is a Protestant? And France, and Austria? Pass me the smelling salts!

        • Actually, the Catholic Church more or less disappeared with the Second Vatican Council which concluded in 1965. At that point it joined the liberal Protestant consensus. So yes, Pope Francis is – in all but name – a liberal Protestant. Which is more or less the same thing as a socialist pretending to be a Christian.

          • And he is either completely clueless, or intentionally supports a universal caliphate over Christianity, which is probably why he prefers to wash muslim feet rather than do what he can to stop Christian “genocide” in the Middle East, Malaysia, etc.

            Either way, he’s a sick little jerk.

    • Hello Everyone,

      I don’t comment here very often but do regularly enjoy the articles and commentary.


      I think Hosea 4:4-6 is appropriate here, because so many have rejected knowledge (truth) God is in turn is rejecting them.

      4 “But let no one bring a charge,
      let no one accuse another,
      for your people are like those
      who bring charges against a priest.

      5 You stumble day and night,
      and the prophets stumble with you.
      So I will destroy your mother—

      6 my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.
      “Because you have rejected knowledge,
      I also reject you as my priests;
      because you have ignored the law of your God,
      I also will ignore your children.

      Hosea 4:4-6 (NIV)

      • Rene Girard has written extensively about the role of the prophet as a scapegoat in Hebrew literature. He describes it well…sounds a lot like what Donald Trump is being set up to experience…

  3. Sadly, I am afraid you have hit the proverbial nail on it’s proverbial head. The gravest threat to The Republic truly IS the uninformed voter. Because without a fundamental grasp of the issues at hand they will swallow the lies of the 24/7 agitprop which passes for media today every single time.

    “A republic…if you can keep it.”

    • Voters today have no sense of the history that they were not taught in the Public Schools. They have no background to compare proffered systems and measures against, no way to consider what has worked or not worked in the past. They have had no exposure to philosophy even reason.

  4. What we’re trying to reach are people who aren’t hard-core leftists, and at some level know very well what the problem is, but have been conditioned to continue voting the way that they always have and haven’t yet overcome their conditioning.

    I know the phenomena very well. My wife is one of them.

    • Many people, if not all grow up with a set of beliefs they cherish deep into adulthood. The sudden realization those beliefs are wrong can be shattering.
      It could very well destroy their personalities so they shy away and continue their “March of Foly” even if they know on an instictive level they are wrong.

    • So is mine. Prefers to ignore reality, allows her to sleep better at night.

      • Mine is against war/violence.

        I eventually got her to acknowledge that her position, taken to an extreme, means that she agrees to be the slave of people who disagree with her.

        Another 2-3 election cycles, and I think that she might consider voting for a Reddish Tory like Lisa Raitt. Maybe.

  5. Whoa, Baron, that is massively depressing. I’ve often thought that such a close vote for Clinton and Trump is a problem in itself. It’s a problem that Trudeau was elected in Canada, receiving a huge majority of the female vote. Both ruinous people of the Left, yet we voted for them. And conventional conservatives are only marginally less ruinous. So as you say, the problem is ‘us’.

    Or it may go deeper. I just finished reading a short book that advocates it’s a crisis of values, of the masculine virtues of defending what is ours. We see this hugely in Europe, in the Rotherham horror-show, in the Stockholm Syndrome writ large in country after country. I read that Clint Eastwood is making a movie about the 2 American young men who stopped terrorists on a train who were unpacking and suiting up with AK47s and pistols and knives and about to start shooting up the train going from car to car. The lack of any reaction by all the Frenchmen on the train is maybe the core problem. (Julian Langness, ‘Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity’) I’d say this is certainly one strand of the problem.

    All the best!

    • That was a sad and strange incident. The French males would sat there and let themselves be murdered were it not for some Americans and IMS a older English gent.

      It’s as if the self-preservation instinct was bred out of them or they lived such cloistered lives they had no idea what violence was or what was happening.

      Believe it or not there are a lot of Americans who live lives like that.

      • They say that cows in a burning barn won`t move – they just stand there and burn to death. Is that what we`ve become?

  6. “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

    • I have heard it said many times that the Bible is more current and relevant than tomorrow’s headlines and I agree. Those verses have captured the essence of our culture today. Of course, from the Bible, we know it’s going to get MUCH worse before it gets better. It’s not a time for the faint of heart.

      I’m still astounded by the blindness and smug arrogance of the left though. They’re so sure of themselves. I still see comments insisting that “no go zones” are fake (“I go there all the time and am perfectly safe”, etc). Yeah, and I have a friend who would keep his passport in his pants’ pocket and loved going off the beaten trail into non-touristy parts of third-world countries and didn’t see why the rest of us would call him stupid. He didn’t believe us that stealing passports was a big part of the black market. He did these things and nothing happened to him so it wasn’t true.

    • `I prophecy to the world`s end – women without shame, men without courage` (From the prophecies of Merlin)

  7. I have long maintained that the two most fundamental issues confronting America and inhibiting its rebirth are:

    A.) Uninformed voters [nods at Hoosierdaddy]

    B.) Uneducated consumers

    As a quick example, image how promptly the worsening situation in North Korea would be resolved if all American consumers merely announced that they would refuse to purchase any more Chinese-manufactured goods until after Kim Jong-Un assumed room temperature.

    Beijing would cap Psycho Fat Boy’s ample hindquarters with supersonic speed.

    There are few better illustrations of America’s current political malaise than the intense partisan polarization that has gradually manifested over the past several decades.

    Nothing underscores this polarization better then the disappearance of a once-crucial political animal, the Loyal Opposition. Wherein, whether the minority political party agreed with the administration’s leadership or not, they still sought to do what was best for America.

    The loss of this Loyal Opposition remains one of the most grievous wounds to our nation’s legislative branch. Its departure also was fairly concurrent with the arrival, en masse, of that most rapacious political creature of all, the career politician.

    In and amongst the career politician’s assorted carpetbags was one loaded with another virulent poison, special interest money. Such filthy lucre was soon to become an indispensable ingredient for those endless reelection campaigns that quickly came to dominate the agendas of all career politicians.

    This untoward corporate influence really started getting out of hand as large American companies began their expansion into multinational operations. It meant that, with increasing frequency, America’s military was wielded as a tool that protected foreign commercial interests and not necessarily those of the American people.

    Coupled with this rise of corporate influence was an expansion of mass media’s role in shaping public opinion. In a supreme irony, Dwight D. Eisenhower—who warned Americans about, “the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex”—also was responsible for the first political spot ad campaign aired on network television.

    As mass media and large corporations became impossible to tell apart, likewise did they become inextricably intertwined. This unholy alliance between the fourth estate and America’s capital engines rapidly determined that the Great Unwashed was far better off in its squalid (and more malleable) state.

    Just as speedily, it was mutually decided that uninformed consumers were more easily relieved of their wealth—and lured into credit card debt—when left unburdened by such cumbersome notions as critical thinking or comparison shopping. Enter Edward Bernays and the skids were lavishly greased for America’s descent into 200 cable channels, mass consumerism, and equally massive debt.

    This éminence grise of corporate influence in the public sphere just as quickly led to its undue interference in America’s political machinations. There, too, it became rather apparent that a polarized electorate made it a lot more simple to keep favored career politicians in their place (i.e., office).

    Thus, shambling out of this sociopolitical train wreck came those conjoined twin zombies, the uninformed voter and uneducated consumer.

    Most tragic of all for the average American is that neither mass media nor corporate entities have the slightest interest in reversing this supremely deleterious trend. If anything, they actively seek to perpetuate it as part of retaining unchallenged dominance over the commercial and political landscape.

    Dismembering these two hulking parasites—mass media and crony capitalism (with its political servants)—is the Herculean task that confronts all who wish to survive.

    The ability to publish these words online is one of the sole avenues remaining in this battle against overwhelming odds. Why do you think that the political, journalistic, and financial elite are so hell bent on destroying the Internet?

    • I agree with your comment about Chinese products! Imagine what would happen if Americans stopped vacationing in Mexico until that country got it’s poverty under control, and didn’t respond to it by exporting it to America!

      • Thank you, tedh754.

        Big Government has (cheerfully) gotten US voters out of the habit of taking action on their own.

        We dearly need to see Americans get “behind the wheel” and start steering foreign policy with their wallets and votes (just as you suggest regarding Mexico).

        In some ways I should be glad that the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sell) movement proved so short-lived. How to turn those tables and get a far more substantial bogeyman like China into the cross hairs is another matter.

        You’d think that some 400,000 American jobs lost (over the past decade) into the gaping maw of Mao’s industrial black hole would have stood for something.

    • China has an interest in maintaining the status quo in North Korea (as does South Korea, oddly); they don’t want to deal with the flood of refugees when it implodes. Imagine East Germany magnified.

      • China has an interest in maintaining the status quo in North Korea (as does South Korea, oddly); they don’t want to deal with the flood of refugees when it implodes. Imagine East Germany magnified.

        I’ve written about this extensively at other sites. The Korean peninsula and (united Germany) are about the same size in land mass.

        The GINI coefficient (earning differential) between East and West Germany was minor compared to that of North and South Korea. German reunification easily cost one trillion (with a “t”) dollars and some estimates top three trillion.

        Given the staggering GINI disparity between North and South, imagine what rebuilding ultra-crappy North Korea will cost. Then recall that the South Korean chaebol (economic clan) has over 50 billion invested in Communist China.

        The chaebol are notoriously parsimonious and, therefore, unlikely to withdraw that FOI (Foreign Overseas Investment) in order to dump it into a supremely unprofitable venture like rebuilding North Korea. All refugee issues aside, this economic disparity (and cost of reunification) is the real showstopper.

        Make no mistake, China’s larger concern is the potential for being flooded with North Korean refugees. However, South Korea’s cheapskate acquiescence to this inaction is a principal driver of the speed with which North Korea is becoming a conflict flash point.

        At some point, America will have no choice but to act and South Korea will end up paying a harsh price for its refusal to confront the North sooner.

      • Everybody has an interest in maintaining NK. China and Russia want a buffer state. South Korea views NK as a buffer against China and Russia, and as said fears the millions of NK immigrants. America needs NK to justify its military domination of South Korea and Japan. And Japan too reluctantly accepts the American presence, without which there would be an arms race in North Asia.

        NK just wants to survive, and as it is the reincarnation of one of Korea’s three great ancient kingdoms (Goryeo), it is not an unnatural polity. NK, with some justification, regards itself as the true Korea–the one that truly is independent and does not need a foreign army on its soil.

        Everybody says publicly they want to get rid of NK, but everybody secretly needs it to survive. This is why it HAS survived, malgre tout. It’s a funny old world, isn’t it.

        • The only problem being is that, like never before, North Korea now has a psychotic sociopath at its helm. Expecting him to remain stable is like hoping that you won’t pass gas after eating three bowls of chili.

  8. Why this inability to think geopolitics and the struggle between nations and hence the useful role Muslims play as a weapon?
    Read Paul Craig Roberts.

    In other words: in its demonstrable hostility to Russia and China, both of which have growing and/or recalcitrant Muslim minorities to act as useful internal subversives of Moscow and Beijing, the US plus vassals recruit, train and finance Sunni terrorists.

    Only today does Zero Hedge carry a story on CIA-trained jihadis in Jordan. Said Sunni terrorists act to weaken/destroy secular regimes such as Assad’s and Teheran, both of which support Hezbollah. Hezbollah in turn is the thorn in Tel Aviv’s flesh in its attempt to get hold of Lebanon water reserves; Tel Aviv and Riyadh, promoter of takfiris, are strong allies against Shia Iran. Yes Virginia, Jews working with Arabs!

    AIPAC, Netanyahu’s tool in the US, controls via campaign funding in the corrupt US electoral process US policy in the Middle East.

    Mogherini, EU foreign minister as it were, speaks favorably of political Islam, NB: NOT Islam as a “private religion”.

    The long game for US and EU is to do to Russia what was done to Libya, also using jihadis. Jihadis from the Uighur minority in western China have demonstrably fought in Syria and returned home, to the great concern of Beijing.

    Weapons makers/security firms and self-styled Left parties also profit from a Muslim inflood, the former from taxpayer spending in a climate of fear, the latter from ethnic bloc voting in the USA or UK or Australia etc. 68% of UK Muslims vote Labour, etc.

    What’s not to like, inshallah?

    • 1) “Why this inability to think…?”
      2) “secular regimes such as … Teheran”


  9. We know why the West was changed. It took a century but the Collectivists did it, slowly and surely. Yuri Bezmenov explains how. As does Ion Mihai Pacepa. There resources were used to fund those Westerners who hate the West, and through the media they transformed the culture. This is why Westerners vote for the same system – because the West has ALREADY been transformed.

    But the situation is not hopeless. The West is starting to be transformed back. The generation after the Millennials (so called ‘Gen Z’) realize they have been shafted and they are the most conservative generation since the end of World War II. Look at Generation Identaire for inspiration.

    This is all possible because of the Internet bypassing the gatekeepers of the Authorized Version of the truth. The real fight is over the liberty of the Internet. If that stays free then the citizens of the West will eventually learn the truth. You can already see that with the MASSIVE increase in well-informed ‘Islamophobia’ in the West which was unthinkable even a few years ago.

    The Marxists spent a century transforming the West, it won’t take that long transforming it back – but unfortunately a lot of people will be consumed by the fire ants first.

  10. This could be a variation of behavior with regard to fear. Some people readily acknowledge a fear and then try to cope with it. Others refuse to admit to any fears and as a result do not have to cope with it. Those who will not cope may truely be the most intimidated of all.

    Wild suggestion then: it is possible that the more precarious the balance of our civilisation becomes, the less willing a lot of people are to think about it.

    • Additional note; the public has plenty of trivial fears to supplant serious ones. Cancer and coffee, and a few pounds too many or too few, and global climate change of course. If the seas do indeed rise above one’s coastal home in the next ten years, there is no reason to indulge oneself in paralyzing fear, just plan to adapt.

      It does sometimes appear that people are more unwilling to confront the need to adapt than they are to confront real fears.

      Those who are sane need to always to be aware of when to adapt. Fear is NOT just for entertainment.

  11. I have noticed the same problem.

    I hear of polls saying that most people are concerned about immigration, or Islam. But for some reason they still keep voting for politicians that are soft on these issues. And I ask myself: Why?

    Propaganda plays a part for sure, but at the end of the day these voters know that these politicians are soft on immigration and Islam, and yet they vote for them anyway.


    One possible reason is party loyalty. Some voters decide to be either a Democrat or a Republican, and that’s the way they are forever. If they want the government to reform, it must happen within that party.

    Another possibility is the belief that only votes for major parties matter. It may be fine to vote either Conservative or Labour, but votes for UKIP or LibertyGB are wasted.

    A third are those who couldn’t be bothered to vote at all.

    All three attitudes are flawed, and need to change.

    • A fourth and imho more likely and far more damaging issue, is the vote rigging, tampering, election stealing etc. happening all over the “democratic” world. It is not the vote that counts, its those that do the counting.

  12. The female franchise, a century old, results in them voting for Big Government to control us on a routine basis. They’ve given us prohibition, abortion, illegitimacy and Affirmative Action. Few of them can supervise more than a can opener outside of their traditional fields yet they have most of the jobs and degrees inside the USA, anyway.

    • Well, there are surveys showing that single, young, white women are the most xenophilic demographic, and the demographic most strongly opposed to border controls.

  13. OMG!
    R. Crumb’s Snoids! Back, and in the right context no less!
    The Baron rocks! Totally!
    You once blocked or edited or banned me (who remembers?) for writing something in a language you couldn’t read, and which you were concerned might be nasty. It wasn’t and I was angry for a long time.
    All is forgiven.
    Stay on the subject, as this is the one.
    And please allow me to make the problem worse. How much of this is history specific as opposed to culture specific? Worse yet, how much of this is culture specific as opposed to species specific?
    I don’t actually think the answer is obvious.
    And being an old fart myself, of considerable pungency, I’ve had some time to think about it.
    Best Wishes

  14. I am about to write an essay on the real problems and the causes and forces behind it. The Jesuits and modern Neo- Templars allied to Moslem Brotherhood and Salafists like P2 (Propaganda 2) “Freemason Lodges” and overt interests in the “esoteric”. These breed like rats with new incarnations every week. All the events in the globe we see today are by design or “My version of Freemasonry is better than your version”… Then we have “Gladio” also reeking of “P2” involvement.

    My own Church was targeted for takeover, as was myself by these “Brethren”. They like their fake background dissipated into the ether like all the others, once we started to expose them. And yes they had their Moslem counterpart “Brothers”. I actually made a public statement by walking out mid ceremony of a “Bishop” I was “instructed” to consecrate.

    I realised it was an attempt to take a wonderful real Church over. A lot of the miscreants were serving Police too. The Catholic movement is obsessed with esoterica concerning the bloodlines etc. I suggest the reader acquaint themselves with one “King David” of the Isle of Mann, a self declared Royal and ex entrepreneur know for his Royalty fetish. I know one or two real aristocrats and they all knew about him and his schemes. It offended me especially as I am related to “Old Prussian Aristocracy” but am humble enough to realise that today it means nothing and frankly why should it? Respect is earned.

    We actually wrote to the Queen about this person’s claim. His Templar “Order” even issued passports and titles … for a fee.

    It taught us Bishops a great deal about the reality of what goes on behind the scenes and so called “Nobility”. Now that the Vatican and its Black Pope is being revealed for what it is- “Satanic” one can expect a lot more of this in a Christian context divided against itself. My House of Bishops has now declared the Pope Francis Anathema and changed our name to Old Anglo-Catholic Church UK to make a point. We have also adopted the Protestant Articles of Faith of the C of E and we will grow I am sure.

    Nothing in the modern world is as it seems. I too despite my extensive knowledge and education am now having to learn all over again. We also intend to return to the true teachings of the Self-Evident Truth of Jesus Christ. I also intend to adopt Reformed Church doctrine and will be approaching a learned gentleman in this subject to learn more.

    • Wow! I am personally amazed at what you have stated here and wish you all the best as you stand true on the Word of God! God bless you!

  15. Yesterday I put up the link to a local newspaper about the massive riots on German pop and rock festivals. Now Breitbart has a fleshed out post on the topic:

    “A German folk festival in Schorndorf in Baden-Württemberg was rocked this weekend by riots and a number of sexual assaults by men police describe as coming from migration backgrounds.

    On Saturday night, police arrested three 17-year-old asylum seekers from Afghanistan who are accused of sexually harassing several women at the festival. The night before several other sex attacks were reported, both at the festival and in nearby fields with one Iraqi man identified as a suspect, Die Welt reports.

    On the final night of the festival on Sunday police say that around a thousand young people gathered in the town centre, where they rioted and rampaged. Police say that close to 50 percent of the rioters came from a migrant background.”

    “Police spokesman Ronald Krötz said, “the violence against the officials was frightening, ”

    Sad sad sad. Europe, at least Western Europe, will go down in flames. I envisage a not too distant future whereby scores of whites will be killed in the streets.

  16. I know people who vote like this. Basically, they want to be “nice”. Society no longer values the truth. The truth does not conform with the Disneyfied view of the world, you know, the one that says, “If only we just love each other enough, we can love people out of their anger. We can love war away. Be Nice!” Sadly, the world isn’t like that. There will allways be inequality, there will allways be those out for the main chance, happy to step on your face and that of your baby’s, for their own gain. There will allways be the lazy and the feckless. Just wishing it weren’t so, doesn’t make it go away, as it is written into our DNA. Better face up to the fact some people wan’t to kill you, steal from you and do you harm, and frame society to protect itself from them.

    • I know people who vote like this. Basically, they want to be “nice”.

      Please permit me to introduce you Ann Barnhardt’s blistering etymological dissection of the word “nice”.

      As you so capably note, “The truth does not conform with the Disneyfied view of the world…”

      “If only we just love each other enough, we can love people out of their anger. We can love war away. Be Nice!”

      I present for your delectation: Magical Thinking

  17. I think you’re correct about why voters are supine. Most – if not all – European revolutions from the left and the right were powered by economic hardship. Relatively well off people don’t want to rock the boat, they want stability and more of the same politically so they can have more of the same. They don’t see that mass uncontrolled immigration will have a disastrous effect on their economies. Or if they do see it, they believe that it will somehow be sorted because they live in countries that – up till now – can always find a few billion to make a problem go away.

    It’s also true that in the west the middle classes don’t make revolutions – the working classes and what was once the peasantry do. Of course, the peasantry no longer exists and the working classes scarcely exist having been for the most part incorporated into the middle class.

    In other words, we’re all to fat and prosperous to take on existential issues. We focus instead on tax rates and small adjustments to welfare programmes. Add to that the left’s total control of the narrative in schools, its become very difficult for adults to even think about solutions to this crisis.

    • Check out Simon Schama’s “Citizens”. The French Revolution was driven largely by the middle classes. Come to think of it, what was the background of Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler…?

  18. Do not forget the social aspect. It’s not dissimilar to the dynamics of a cult. At some point the groupie looks around, starts to wake up, but realizes that all their friends, their family, maybe even their job, are linked to the cult. So even though they see glimmers of truth, their fear squelches it real quick. The social need to belong is very, very strong in most humans, and they do not want to lose their social “belongingness”, no matter what.

    The only thing that may supercede that is money, or the lack thereof, as the situation deteriorates. Right now it’s a race to see what happens first, the awakening of the nation, or flooding it first to the point of no return.

    People vote according to their easily manipulated feelings nowadays any more. Whenever I tried to bring up issues during the last election, such as TPP, H1B’s, etc., trying to have a rational exchange of ideas, all I heard in response were a flurry of words such as “orange”, “clown”, “stupid”. I did not hear a single rational argument in response. We have lost the ability to see and reason.

    • You’re actually right on: look to the Jehovah’s Witnesses and their practice of shunning for a standard cult experience of leaving.

      Leaving the world of left-wing PC is pretty much the same.

      Our society is as much in the throes of a cult as Islamic ones are!

  19. The problem is at core a spiritual one: The West has been almost completely de-Christianized – with the full co-operation of the mainstream churches, including the Catholic Church. Social justice activism and ecology activism are the main doctrines which have replaced Christianity. And the “Christianity” still preached by the mainstream churches (to the few who still care) is not Christianity at all, but socialism dressed up in vaguely religious garb. One result of all this is that Westerners have been taught to hate their own history and culture, to carry a massive guilt complex about “colonialism” and the slave trade, etc, and to work to redress these historical wrongs by calmly watching the destruction of their own civilization. These tendencies are of course being promoted and furthered by a ruling oligarchy which is deeply hostile to everything Christian civilization ever stood for.

    • Mr. Scott: Yes!! The problem is a deeply spiritual one. And I don’t think it’s enough to live my life, speak truth when I can, and be a God fearing person. I don’t know what the answer is; but I know it’s not “practical” and reforming votes.

  20. Sad, sad times… Most of the people, even those who consider themselves “enlightened”, do not value moral individual principles (specially Christian ones), and think only “social” values are important. The “resistance movement” against evil should start as an acceptance of good moral doctrines and practices (which are, fundamentally, Judaeo-Christian ones), even by those who are not Jewish nor Christian. It cannot be only AGAINST something; it must be FOR something. Of course we should be against evil ideological forces (such as Islam, Communism, Nazism…), but it is essential to have an alternative proposal. Most of our children, in “soi-disantes” modern schools, do not receive unbiased information about traditional values…Perhaps that is one of the reasons why Islam is such a dangerous menace worldwide…

    • That moral includes the moral of killing your enemy, when it is necessary and you’re capable of. Otherwise that Judeo-Christian moral will not save you.

      • Yes, I agree completely with that. We should never be “pacifists”.That wouldnt’solve any problem. People who really want peace must include their right to “self-preservation” in their value system, and be prepared, if and when necessary, to fight for it.

        • During the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin was driven to distraction by the Quakers, all of whom refused to join in the battle against the English. To make up for it, the Quakers (who were a prosperous, thrifty lot), gave generously in money and materiel.

  21. This can’t be the whole explanation, but some of the people standing on anti-immigration tickets come across as, or may be perceived as racist, or have past associations which don’t help (eg Marine Le Pen’s father).

    The lack of accurate reporting from the MSM doesn’t help; even when an isuue is covered by say, the (UK) Daily Mail, that organ lacks credibility, and not just among left wing voters.

    • Ah, racism. The great no-no in the UK, even though it has been the main basis of belonging for all of history. See “Black Lives Matter”.

      Nothing is more “racist” than Islam, if racism means excluding and/or killing those who don’t believe its laws.

      A vibrant culture is vital but Western culture has leukemia. For one, the sap of the great English oak has run dry, bled out by a noxious “tolerance”.

      • Islam’s greatest accomplishment was to convince the infidels that Islam is a race.

        • Islam’s greatest accomplishment was to convince the infidels that Islam is a race.

          Agreed. Rarely has human history seen such a consummate feat of vernacular prestidigitation.

      • I wasn’t defending such a viewpoint, Dymphna (though I would have no truck with those who discriminate on the basis of race, without taking the time to get to know people as individuals). But, to take the example to which I referred, Jean-Marie Le Pen was, and probably still is, an anti-semite, and his daughter is not the only antijihadist with unfortunate associations.

  22. I doubt out of my experience, that a vast majority of the People here as a concept of the word “future”, “strategy” and “responsibility”.
    Except that These are evil words, which would mean that they would have to act.

    And anyone who is intelligent and educated is secretly despisend by them and the governing elite. This is well-known by the governing elite. To them, the ca 5-10 % of the Population which still can think and can understand Abstract principles and apply them to reality is still to much.

    Thus the Import of believers of a Religion which forbids Independent thinking.

    Personally, I think as well that we have to work on ourselves, that we can contact the People around us in the language of Emotion. Here in Germany, I have found a satirist who Shocks the public with “Crazy Imams” and “3rd Reich style Pro-Merkel demonstrations”.

    To the question why Germany wants to die: Since 1945, we have got permanent Re-Education. To hate ourselves.

    • So to assuage the guilt they want to let in millions of barbarians who want to finish what Hitler started. Yeah, that is going to end well.

      • To the despisers of the [white] body will I speak my word. I wish them neither to learn afresh, nor teach anew, but only to bid farewell to their own bodies,—and thus be dumb. – Nietzsche.

  23. I think an event will cause the scales to wash from the eyes of the masses. Unfortunately, that event will likely either be some sort of economic collapse or an attack with a body count too large to ignore

  24. Excellent analysis! The decline of religious knowledge in the general population means that the traditional framework of perceiving Good and Evil has been lost. We are back in barbarian times where naked power disguises itself as benevolence for the sheep, and they only wish to eat all day and then sleep. The media sings the lullaby.

    One of my friends who lives in Londonstan and is a ‘progressive utopian’, despite (or perhaps because of) her Oxford PhD, voted for Sadiq Khan without even knowing he was a Muslim! She has no radar for real danger, only the phantom wolves manufactured by the BBC and the Guardian.

    • I respectfully disagree on that “lost perception of Good and Evil” being a direct consequence of decline of “religious knowledge”. I hail from a Central European country with its rich history of one totalitarianism turning to another. Yet, we – mostly atheists – perceive the barbarians already inside the gates of Europe very clearly and distinctly – and that feeling is identical across all the political parties in that country!

      We have lost focus on our culture, history and abandoned elemental survival instincts. Whether that has been caused by the said decline remains to be proved, documented – and that’s a tall order, probably left for posterity historians.

  25. Well. one might think that perhaps if we’d begun the century with an unprovoked and enlightening attack upon us which defines Islamic malice, we would respond appropriately. But it seems we have to wait for the KO of the North American Power Grid to grab the public attention. Until there are no televised play-off games, and afternoons are void of Oprah, no one’s leaving the living room, just to attend to some annoying reality impeding our biological existence.

  26. Did you know Hitler also despised the utter lack of competence of the democratic process? It’s written quite clearly in his book. (which is seeing a resurgence in an *edited* (read: politically correct) version at least in Germany I think)

    Obviously, he was far from the only one who came to that conclusion. The type of conclusion we are coming to now.

    A democracy, albeit being fairly stable and ‘succesful’ depending on how you judge it, will always remain sloppy and founded on weak compromising structures. It moves incredibly slow. The problem is, reality (or nature if you will) does not care about ‘rights’ or ‘compromises’. Nature runs at its own pace and doesn’t care if you get behind.

    It’s a bit like the climate change ordeal. Most people understand that it is going to impact us in some way or another, but everyone has different views on how to deal with this knowledge. At the same time there are invested parties who have plenty to gain by destabilizing the entire organization, or by simply trying to channel it into their own financial structures. This goes for every democratic process really. It’s extremely vulnerable to influences from various different angles and frankly, it’s impossible to focus down only on those influences who have the population’s best interest in mind. It’s simply too complicated and obscure to believe such a thing is even possible. Even within one party, it’s hard to really find every single one of your members to be trustworthy.

    As a result, you’ve got a governmental body which lacks transparancy on one and and is very susceptible to influence (be it cultural or financial) on the other. As a member of the population itself, you really can only hope that somehow, the amount of you being screwed over is minimized. However, in a certain way, you always will be. Just until someone notices the burning fuse and shouts fire. All eyes then become diverted to that one particular problem (which, for the record, does not necessarily mean it will get solved), while in reality there are dozens upon dozens hidden fuses that are equally lit, just not highlighted.

    Now, with that knowledge, I think the core problem lies even deeper.

    Or perhaps in a different area altogether. I believe the core problem is more cultural and resides in the hearts and minds of the people. Democracy will always remain its unproductive self, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be so problematic. Look at the Visegrad countries. They have working democracies, yet they are far less affected by the course of events over the past few years.

    I strongly believe that it is the case mainly because they have not lost their sense of identity and with it, their sense of culture, heritage and community.

    This -for me- is the root of the problem. We, the West, has completely abandoned our identity through the arrogant and decadent idea that we have ‘surpassed’ such trivialities. We are now learning the lesson that without identity, there is no self preservation. The bad part is, it’s going to be a really, really hard lesson to learn, if we even get the chance to recover from it in the first place. Some lessons are simply lethal.

    The answer to this problem is the next step: how to recover or create Western identity?

    Hint: diversity and tolerance are not the right answer.

  27. This is another phase of the spiritual battle playing out in the physical world and in the heavens.

    Ephesians 6:10-18New International Version (NIV)
    The Armor of God

    10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

    18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

  28. A really intersting essay by the Baron. I wish to deal with the part where Merkel may be reelected and not kicked out (already) on her ear.

    Robert Spencer last week reported on the case of a blogger opposed to Jihad (Maryam Namazie whom the turgid Spencer called a “marxist”. She was threatened with rape in a most gruesome form and when she reported this to Facebook they took no action. From this Spencer concludes that Facebook is defending if not actually pushing Islam. Facebook is huge and there are many along with them so there is a huge force which is working against those of us, who have learned a little more about Islam from our own efforts, because another thing this is not taught in the slightest degree in schools. There is thus a huge competition for our minds.

    Why do they do it? Simply it is ideological. There is a long history in the world of providing a cover for Islam. Many in the Enlightenment were either atheistic or were moving towards atheism. I myself am. Dawkins I do not think is and some of his positions seems closer to being agnostic. To me being atheist is an ideological position. Simply to me science provides more and more answers and religion less and less. Indeed atheism is closely tied with the development of scioence.

    tyhese early pioneers like Bacon were very interested in science and this led them towards atheism and a “struggle against religion”.

    As an interlude here I have noticed one of the ways to do down Marx and Engels is to claim they were external, from the eternal outside, soemthing really weird. A good put down you will accept. But no they were not disconnected. They were from the internal.

    One of the results of this “Enlightenment” with its emphasis on science and atheism may provide an answer today. they focussed on Christianity but especially on the Catholic Church. This tendency to be a critic of the Catholic Church led to either ignoring Islam or even to praising Islam. This may be where the cover for Islam has come from.

    In the end it is all about ideological positions.

    So if you are of that (scientific) frame of mind then you will be interested in how man got here. Th great thing I thought about Marx and Engels little treatise The Communist Manifesto is that it immediately delved into the history aspect of man. As I remember it he or they dealt with how the various civilizations arose. How anybody haughtily can dismiss this little work beats me. And it is very actively ignored.

    A similar thing happens today which Baron describes. Marx saw it in Britain. Engels was in the thick of it in Manchester. He must have visited the Irish and other slums because he wrote a book on it “The Condition xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    My point is they were just describing what was in front of their eyes. Yet savagely attacked and still so.

    That is what Spencer Baron and Pamela and others are doing. It is the method. They trust their senses.

    For example Baron is correct when he sees what Merkel has done. But there is also a reason for why this East German link to Stalinism/religiosity has done that. My point we may not yet grasp it but the answer is there (am convinced the answer is lying there awaiting)

    Marx and Engels also were right about what they were seeing in front of them.

    When it comes to history (such as the real story versus the imagined story of Islam in Spain) the same method applies. It is not exactly sensory in that we are not exactly living in 900 CE but the same rules apply. The evidence is also there for us. Also indeed the very process of finding and sifting evidence from the past needs the senses)

    I happen to think that man grew up in Africa and from a hominid ape type of creature. Why? I have done a little research and the explanations make more sense. Also Don Johanson went there (to Ethiopia in fact – The Rift Valley) and made definite discoveries of our past. He held them in his hands. Science went to work on those remnants but how! Our science in all fields has made huge strides. We do not know it all but we do know enough.

    Our minds are a reflection of reality, of a really existing material world.

    It is because of this we can never get everything at one time. But we can get enough. (The relativist things we can never get enough knowledge to form an opinion, a conclusion, a definite moment of truth)

    There can never be “The Absolute Truth” but very importantly there can be absolute truths along the way. You could call them key moments of truth.

    Karen Armstrong on the other hand in looking at Islam in Spain never had that aproach. Armstrong had her mind made up before she started.

    The reason why Armstrong worked like that, why she was a person made like that, can also be understood. We can go back and study Armstrong and the answers will be there. It might be worth it as an exercise because she will be a typical type. Somebody will.

    But it is the method of Armstrong which is so important to understand. And we do understand this method very well. Armstrong proceeds as a subjective idealist. She is not interested in reality. She is only after bits of history that can be twisted (or not even twisted maybe there are partial bits of truths that can work for her) to confirm her view (prejudice since it is wrong). So bit by bit Armstrong has worked to build up the myth of the wonderful life in El Andalus. In other words a scandalous lie. A horrific liar. But it comes from a definite method.

    It is very very similar to what is happening in the world today. By the way it is not just on Islam. There is a huge ideological aparatus that just does not like the truth about anything and seeks to befuddle minds.

    This is because the truth has revolutionary implications.

    That brings me back to the basic and simple truths that Marx and Engels wrote on. There is a class situation and has always been. The bourgeoisie does actually have a history. Capitalism did have a beginning and since it is bounded in real life by a beginning conceivably it may have an end too! And the bourgeoisie does not wish to lose its power.

    I am convinced this is what lies behind the war on Donald Trump. Trump is revolutionary because his brash New Yorker style says things that are true.

    I mean the wife of the new French PM Brigitte was 25 years older. Melanie was dressed in a sober outfit long dress arms covered I believe. But the wife tore in with that little mini skirt number and I am told she looked fantastic. So 25 years older she was making an effort. Well good for her. That is what Trump did say. Nothing else. And in Americanese she was to him “looking in great shape”. Meaning pretty damed good. Liked her effort sort of thing.

    Who said that American comedy was dead. The jokers in CNN claimed in a headline that what Trump said “hurt America”.

    Now you would not believe how the Brits took that. The Brits went totally crazy! The Brits think only they speak English and the fact that it may have been an American expression well it just passed them by.

    That is Trump also on the campaign trail. He sees something. He names it.

    THAT has revolutionary implications. Those who are stuck in their status quo, just like Armstrong and her el Andalus heaven on earth ideology hate that sort of directness. It is instinctive reactions that are rooted in ideological positions

    We are in that kind of period. That directness, that form of truth telling, drew myself to Trump but I am unimportant, it also drew more than half the population of the greatest nation ever created – America.

    They may dissipate that in time and may end Trump one way or another. But the biggest gain of all is to know from the Trump experience that telling the truth has got true revolutionary impications.

    We all take sides all the time. If you want things to remain the same and lies to continue then get a job working for the BBC.

    • I’m not a huge fan of Robert Spencer (though Jihad Watch reports items not covered here, and vice versa). However Maryam Namazie does appear to be a communist of some ilk, which places her somewhat to my left, as a democratic liberal/socialist (these terms don’t carry the same baggage here in the UK as in the US), and she’s apparently anti-semitic.

      This has not prevented me from attending demonstrations at which she spoke in London, at London University against the advice to universities that they should allow gender segregated audiences when addressed by (male) muslim speakers, and at the Law Society protesting their issuing guidelines to solicitors on how to give advice to clients attending shariah courts. Both campaigns were eventually successful.

      • Your senses work very well. The Namazie (or maybe Namazi) family are old freemasonic creatures and everyone knows that. Her ilk usually recognise themselves as Social Democrats in a French sense.

  29. Sorry for my negligence…I wanted to get the title of Engel’s book correct and especially the date…”The Condition of the Working Class in England” written September 1844 to March 1845″. Engels must have visited these working class areas and worked as a true reporter should. This was the very time that the Irish system was falling apart and the potato blight was to hit in that year of 1845, but Ireland was in a sorry state even before the blight hit.It is this age-old method of first collecting the facts and then letting the facts speak for themselves that has been completely abandoned by so many in this Media, the CNN and BBC being an example.

    A return to this traditional method of reporting is perhaps the main weapon in our struggle to defend what Donald Trump has started in America, and also to defend Theresa May in the British struggle to pull out of the EU.

  30. I have also wondered why supposedly intelligent people when presented with the same set of facts come to a completely unrelated conclusion. No matter what facts are presented about the Democratic Party the response is “Trump is a buffoon” is their response.they seem to have some sort of cognitive disorder.
    The other thing my father told me 40 years ago is “people get the government they deserve” this now seems to be true but not all of us deserve it. People vote purely for self interest which is something the major parties have trained them to do like “Pavlov’s dog” . they will vote for whomever promises them more money. This is now irreversible without some catastrophic event convincing them that this is not a good idea. Unfortunately,we will all suffer that catastrophic event even if we tried to warn them it was coming and they refused to listen. I don’t see any possibility of reversing all this selfish stupidity in many countries and if you don’t want to suffer try and leave for some where safer.

  31. “One belief, more than any other, is responsible for the slaughter of individuals on the altars of the great historical ideals – justice or progress or the happiness of future generations, or the sacred mission or emancipation of a nation or race or class, or even liberty itself, which demands the sacrifice of individuals for the freedom of society. This is the belief that somewhere, in the past or in the future, in divine revelation or in the mind of an individual thinker, in the pronouncements of history or science, or in the simple heart of an uncorrupted good man, there is a final solution. This ancient faith rests on the conviction that all the positive values in which men have believed must, in the end, be compatible, and perhaps even entail one another…” (Isaiah Berlin)

    The core problem is that so many people believe that there is a final solution to the question of how human beings are to live together here on earth.

    All values are compatible!

    This is the problem – people believe that to be true! Islam, Christianity, Communism, it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters, not really. The main thing to believe is that, whatever anyone else believes, all beliefs are compatible! However, as Berlin goes on to say:

    “It is a commonplace that neither political equality nor efficient organisation nor social justice is compatible with more than a modicum of individual liberty, and certainly not with unrestricted laissez-faire; that justice and generosity, public and private loyalties, the demands of genius and the claims of society, can conflict violently with each other. And it is no great way from that to the generalisation that not all good things are compatible, still less all the ideals of mankind. But somewhere, we shall be told and in some way, it must be possible for all these values to live together, for unless this is so, the universe is not a cosmos, not a harmony; unless this is so, conflicts of value may be an intrinsic irremovable element in human life. To admit that the fulfilment of some of our ideals may in principle make the fulfilment of others impossible is to say that the notion of total human fulfilment is a formal contradiction, a metaphysical chimera.” (Isaiah Berlin)

    If the belief that all human values are compatible is the core problem, then that is the solution. The understanding that there is no final solution because that is simply not true!

    Of course, as Berlin says elsewhere, when people believe that they have the final solution, that will bring about a utopia here on earth, then they will do anything to bring it about. So that is the second aspect of the same problem – people will destroy anything, sacrifice anyone, in order to bring their final solution about right here on earth.

    The solution is the same – to understand that most obvious of facts: the assertion that all human values are compatible, and a utopian dreamworld is possible – is FALSE! The multicultural dream world is nothing but a metaphysical chimera!

    • The statement by Isaiah Berlin itself is a belief system. And it brings down a final solution that may exist. Hence, Isaiah Berlin himself may be the slaughter, if he ever comes to power. I think his statement is overrated. Killing is somehow, sometimes needed for greater good. Overvaluing his statement results in a democratic society get killed just because the villains are not killed when killing is necessary.

      • “The statement by Isaiah Berlin itself is a belief system. And it brings down a final solution that may exist.”

        If by “brings down” you mean suggests or argues that “a final solution may exist” then you could not be more wrong. Berlin argued relentlessly and most explicitly that such a thing did not exist because it could not exist – a moment’s thought will show that the very notion is a logical impossibility – as he put it, a metaphysical chimera.

        “Hence, Isaiah Berlin himself may be the slaughter, if he ever comes to power.”

        He’s been dead for nearly twenty years.

        “I think his statement is overrated.”

        It’s certainly misunderstood.

        “Killing is somehow, sometimes needed for greater good. ”

        See Berlin’s comments regarding Machiavelli’s work (which lays out the “dirty hands problem”) – Reading Machiavelli was what brought Berlin to his understanding that there could be no “final solution” to the question of how human beings are to live together here on this earth. Human beliefs and values are not all compatible. (Therefore the multiculturalist fantasy is an impossibility.)

        • At least for me, the greater good includes preservation of myself. Possibly, preservation for the fellow of people of the same faith. You and Isaiah Berlin have problem with that? So be it.

          • “But since my intention is to write something useful for anyone who understands it, it seemed more suitable for me to search after the effectual truth of the matter rather than its imagined one. Many writers have imagined republics and principalities that have never been seen nor known to exist in reality. For there is such a distance between how one lives and how one ought to live, that anyone who abandons what is done for what ought to be done achieves his downfall rather than his preservation. A man who wishes to profess goodness at all times will come to ruin among so many who are not good. Therefore, it is necessary for a prince who wishes to maintain himself to learn how not to be good, and to use this knowledge or not to use it according to necessity.”

            Machiavelli, Niccolò; Peter Bondanella; Maurizio Viroli. The Prince (Oxford World’s Classics) (Kindle Locations 1546-1552). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.

            “At a certain stage in my reading, I naturally met with the principal works of Machiavelli. They made a deep and lasting impression upon me, and shook my earlier faith. I derived from them not the most obvious teachings – on how to acquire and retain political power, or by what force or guile rulers must act if they are to regenerate their own societies, or protect themselves and their states from enemies within or without, or what the principal qualities of rulers on the one hand, and of citizens on the other, must be, if their states are to flourish – but something else . […]

            The idea that this planted in my mind was the realisation, which came as something of a shock, that not all the supreme values pursued by mankind now and in the past were necessarily compatible with one another. It undermined my earlier assumption, based on the philosophia perennis, that there could be no conflict between true ends, true answers to the central problems of life.

            Isaiah Berlin, “The Pursuit of The Ideal,” The Crooked Timber of Humanity (London, Pimlico, 1990) pp. 7-8

            You see what I have been driving at, I am sure.

    • Let’s just stipulate that all values are not compatible and that multiculturalism is a false belief which will always create problems because of conflicting values. Free speech vs. anti-blasphemy laws, something has to give, each can’t be given free reign without compromising the other.

      I still think we’re stuck with the Baron’s core problem because the issue isn’t just who’s right or wrong but how do we we convince, influence, wake up these middle of the road non-Leftists who keep voting for Merkel and Hillary?

      Simply pointing out to them that their position isn’t correct, even worse it’s a an actual contradiction, just isn’t going to do it. Otherwise politicians would be hiring philosophers and logicians to run their political campaigns instead of media and marketing people.

      Yes, we might convince a few people by pointing out that it would be a contradiction for two competing values to co-exist without one diminishing the other. But most will be completely bored by our argument.

      Getting people to look at an issue differently isn’t easy to do. There’s so many psychological, emotional, personal and non-rational reasons people believe what they do. They have a lot invested in their beliefs and it usually takes more than cold, hard reason to get them to change their minds.

      The fact that a utopian dream, whether it’s communism or multiculturalism, is false will never stop people from chasing after it. It’s human nature.

      • Yes there are (at least) two levels to this: First is the core problem, the actual error, the mistaken belief, if you like. Second – as you correctly point out – is what can be done about this? How on earth do you set about convincing some of those brain-dead yahoos that are walking around today that they are utterly and completely wrong – that the world they are dreaming about can never, ever be?

      • I used to work as a marine engineer. The guys aboard the boat could tell that something had gone wrong, badly wrong. And maybe one out of the whole crew could give you what was known in the trade as “a clue”.

        But that didn’t do them any good because they didn’t know what to do about it. I had to come aboard & diagnose the problem correctly, then set about fixing it.

        I guess we’re all aboard a boat that’s in trouble, there’s a horrible noise like a bag of chisels coming from the engine room and the skipper is hell bent on taking us on to the rocks …

        Knowing what’s about to happen isn’t going to do us much good. Either the engine’s going to stop and the waves are going to take us on to the rocks, or the skipper is going to drive us on with whatever power he has available to him …

        If an assassin/engineer isn’t parachuted aboard in the next five minutes to plug the skipper and fix the engine, then we’re all going to be in the water shortly – better get the liferaft ready & look out the flares … !!!

  32. At the risk of being taken as a wise a– I would say the core problem is human stupidity. And lest I be misunderstood, neither you nor I are exempt. Who was it who said or wrote “There is much ruin in a nation?” I think Henry James but I’m not certain. Anyway, it’s true. Always has been, always will be. At times the ruin is so great that it overwhelms. To continue the name dropping, Saul Bellow, in one of his novels has an aside about history, the directions nations take. What he writes is that when a nation (or a culture) gets on a path, either purposeful or accidental, it must follow that path to the very end. The example he gives is the Russian Empire – in all its incarnations – relentlessly pushing south into the Middle East. It became a compulsion. A thoughtless compulsion. In other words profoundly stupid. Is not the Western World compulsively taking the path of Equality, or rather Equality Worship, to its very end? Stupid. And catastrophic. And unstoppable.

  33. I wonder if reducing the question of our vote is not merely putting ourselves in the shoes of the fellow pouring on the fire-ants—as if we had poured these fire-ants on our head. I am not certain it gets finally to the “core” of the matter, which is—why? Why do we vote as we do? Why does this fellow—be he is someone else or we ourselves—pour his fire-ants on us at all?

    Complex question, no doubt, but if I were to summarize the difficulty, I would say that we in the West are living within a certain complex sphere of ideas (let us characterized them as Enlightenment) which leads of a necessary course to our present crisis. To reject that crisis—to reject mass immigration, for instance, or the politicians who support it—means to step outside of that sphere in whole or in part. This is radical; it is not the kind of action most people easily will take. Most people live and die safely within the sphere in which they were born. We who have in some way converted to another point of view, may attempt to awaken them as far as they can be awakened, but we must have a tolerable degree of clarity about how far our ideas stand from theirs. We will never get anywhere arguing within their premises, for those premises lead inevitably back—to the fire-ants.

  34. There are matters of which we are unaware.

    Differing levels of awareness & reason & cause.

    Imagine cancer. The cause of cancer is Apoptosis Failure. Apoptosis is “voluntary, spontaneous, cellular death”. Liberalism is Apoptosis. Civilisation Termination.

    Not easy to see from outside. Beyond, in another level, is the mathematical causation.

    I’m autistic and saw a simple pattern between RNA & DNA math geometric shape coding. You won’t understand now but read me anyway, OK? RNA is 4 bit code base number 4, this is Satan. We, us, life , us DNA, 8 bit code base 8, is life.

    The bitter truth, that Satan, disease is a required function of life : To kill, terminate the unworthy, unconscious idiots.

    This is old and deep. This RNA versus DNA conflict is 4000 million years old, and is as old as Satan. Why else call him Old Nick?

    BEYOND THAT, consciousness itself, is split between the two code methods, 4 bit or 8 bit. That is the reason the leftists will never see what is in front of them.

    • ‘Ere now, the Flesh and the Spirit! The flesh is 4-bit and owned by Satan, who always shows up in the “Nick of Time” to torment our higher selves that are 8-bit which is life. Jesus said that He came so that people could have life, and that more abundantly. So…if the 8 bit displaces the 4-bit Satan loses out, just as he did at the cross and on Resurrection Sunday. Cool Deal! Thanks mate, that fills in quite a bit of the background!

    • He is Ayn Rand’s Atlas who shrugged off the burden of providing for society when society wanted to bleed him to death.

  35. Alternatively look at the wins. I think Trump, Brexit, and the Liberals in Australia all happened because of the counter Jihad in part.

  36. Dear Baron:

    The problem is not that we voted for the same, the problem is the electronic voting machines. All hacked, all set to count the vote results.

    As Stalin said:
    “it’s not who votes that matter,
    it’s WHO counts the votes.”

  37. The Left owns the culture, and has done so for many decades. Whoever owns the culture crafts the Narrative. Whoever sets the Narrative owns the politics. Culture determines politics, not the other way around. While the socialists have, like sappers, tunneling their way into all of the social institutions (arts & entertainment, education, history books, news media, literature, bureaucracy, etc.) these past 100 years, the Right has focused only on the next election. To defeat socialism, we have to create a counter-culture to take back the Narrative. The Right STILL doesn’t understand that we are in a propaganda war. Until it does, it may still win battles, largely owing to the collapse by the internal inconsistencies of socialist policies, but will still lose the war.

    • The idea of a “narrative” is in itself a Leftist idea, deriving from the deconstructionists who claim there is no objective truth, only cultural artifacts which can be molded and changed.

      The idea of a narrative needs to be dismantled before anything can change. Otherwise, the carnage merely continues…in politics, education, etc.

      Our common culture has been tunneled through and that hollowing out isn’t over. Not that there isn’t a tipping point; we just don’t know what it will be.

      We can’t restore the past either. Time moves forward, not in a linear fashion but in great chaotic paradigmatic shifts and erosions. Out of that will be born a future we can’t predict; our understanding is too limited.

      de Tocqueville warned us this would be the ultimate outcome of our Great Experiment. He cautioned that without a robust transcendent faith we were doomed to live in the moment.

  38. and here goes my two cents at the end of the line of comments,

    I have been pondering the same problem for months, even perhaps years. The analyst in me does not like non sequiturs or contradictions, both of which are impossible within the created order of things that were set in motion when Yah said, “Lux fiat.” I have learned in the course of my construction and construction management experience along with my experience as an appraiser that the solution to a problem is very rarely ever found on the surface or at first glance.
    You defined the problem as repeated behavior that was not in the best interests of those who behaved in that manner, which in this case was the voting electorate for the past seventy years. They chose badly and liked it, repeatedly. Such behavior was defined by Einstein as being insanity in practice. Why would anyone who would ostensibly know the difference and not choose that which was harmful, choose that which was harmful anyway? Why then would a person, unhappy with the results of their past choice, make the same choice again in the forlorn hope that this time it would be different?
    The answer to that question must be searched out at the core of the being as the surface, or psychological, manifestations fail to address the cause. In our search for the core of the human we do not find anything that is visible. All we have are actions. If actions define the person, then outward behavior defines the inner character. A person who has behaved badly in the past will continue to do so as long as it is in that person’s interest and is profitable for that person, regardless of the consequences that are visited upon others. I believe that you will agree that I have summed up what passes for Western ‘civilization’ which now is anything but civil.
    However, my query does not end there. What is capable of turning someone who knows (assumed) to behave well into someone that does not. The only answer that I was able to find that stated the problem unequivocally in forthright terms and was consistent in all occurrences, the bottom line if you will, was contained in the opening verses of Paul’s letter to the Romans, which was written in Corinth, (nowadays Long Beach and/or San Francisco). In Chapter One, from verse eighteen on to verse thirty three, Paul takes us down the primrose path to perdition charting the landmarks along the way. What is most notable is the passage that states in verse 28, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased (reprobate) mind, to do those things which are not fitting.” In other words, they should know better, but they have chosen their own way over what they know to be correct and true. As a result they have blinded their minds and seared their consciences to the point that they couldn’t be sane, even if they wanted to. They only behave properly as long as it profits them and then only for the moment.
    I could wax religious, but it has been all said before, ad nauseum. It has been my sad experience that they cannot even be reasoned with and refuse to even hear what they do not agree with. If the infrastructure of Western Civilization is the Body Politic, then I fear for civilization as the body politic is on its way to intensive care and maybe even the morgue. All one can do I suppose is to tend one’s own backyard and hope that it turns out for the best for one’s loved ones and family.

  39. A bit late to the conversation, but there’s been no mention of something that’s about CORE as you can get. I am not aware of a single report in the aftermath of the Cologne sex attacks (and it applies across the Western board) of any injured native males in defense of their women; not so much as a bloody nose. Is anyone aware of anything to the contrary? This is a colossal, likely mortal, civilizational failure. One can easily imagine a very different scenario were it to have occurred in Moscow or Warsaw. Again, it doesn’t get any more CORE than that.

    • Yes, “he who does not provide for his household (that includes the safety of the household members) is worse than an infidel and has denied the faith.”

    • Yes, I heard somewhere about an incident in the West of Poland, near the German border, involving “Syrians” giving the predictable treatment to some local women… but nearby was a bunch of football supporters, who soon arrived and dished out some of their own typical treatment to those Syrians.

      A few years ago I had the impression that Poles were not too interested in these matters. Not anymore… I’ve returned to a changed nation – “refugees” , immigration and Islam are on many peoples’ lips. And the opinion is almost uniform.

    • I’d suggest that a different reaction in Moscow or Warsaw is due to the fact that these cultures have not been feminized to the extent of Europe and America. And anyway, why is defending women any longer the responsibility of a Western male? Have we not been told for decades now that women are equal or superior to men in every possible way?

      Western women in large part, and especially young single women, wholeheartedly support Muslim invasion, and presumptively, replacement of their country’s men by Muslim men. They have invited their attackers with open arms. Should those men they disparage and seek to displace now risk life and limb to defend them?

      Furthermore, assuming that some White Knight were to actively defend them, what, in Western Europe, and even in some places in America, would be the likely outcome for him?…..injury, perhaps at best, or worse, prosecution for assault or a “hate crime,” and even quite possibly the contempt of the liberal maiden on behalf of whom he intervened.

      I suspect most of the women who were assaulted in Cologne and other places were not accompanied by boyfriends or husbands. The social contract has been broken. Rational private defense is now personal and tribal. Why on earth would I risk the future of my wife or children on behalf of some strange female who likely as not despises me and has otherwise engaged the political process to destroy me and mine?

      How can you blame European men for passivity in the face of government and culture that is aligned against them, living in countries that have criminalized self-defense as well as the tools to practice it? I am well prepared for defense but my energies are now reserved almost exclusively for my family and my “tribe.” That said, I probably would intervene to the help a female that is, say, sporting a MAGA hat, but antifa molls and purple haired pussy-hat wearing SJWs are on their own. Since the Trump electoral victory liberals have worked hard to imbue me with the spirit of just desserts.

  40. ‘Socialism’ in all it’s forms, is nothing more than a suicide note that historically ends with mass graves filled with the bodies of unarmed civilians. In this instance it was the largesse of America, defending Europe against the Soviets that allowed the Democratic Socialists to perpetrate the gigantic fraud of Endless Socialism upon a greedy populace which has ended, as all Socialism does, in a frantic effort to liquidate all witnesses. “Liberalism IS a mental disorder!” and apparently it is also homicidal to the point of genocide.

  41. When you accede to voting, you embrace the notion that every “oik” has an equal say in the disposition of your property.

    Right there and then, you have given up your “property rights”. What once was “my bit of land” or “my wages” … now, 40 million have an equal say in its disposal.

    By this means, EVERY voter chooses Collectivism.

    So, if you are an Elector, don’t complain that “they’ve taken my guns”, or that “they’ve taken my pension” or that they “are using my savings to import the 3rd World”.

    Don’t complain, because YOU gave your Consent to all of it. That’s what Democracy is; a renunciation of your personal autonomy, in favour of decisions made by the Collective. You have willingly signed up for it, and this is just what it looks like.

    In my view, the concept of Private Property has been the single most significant factor in the rise of “the West”. But now, it’s gone. You own nothing which cannot be taken from you at the whim of the Electorate, of the Collective. And when all Property is made common, then no Property is valued … and we find ourselves in the position where it’s difficult to identify something for which to fight.

    In Britain, your home and your land are tax-liabilities, and they can never be “yours”. Couple that with the lack of children (very common) and wonder that people don’t resist their race-replacement. At a fundamental level, so many people DO understand that there is nothing of value for which they should fight.

    Salvation lies … perhaps … in the rejection of Democracy. More specifically, in the rejection of Collectivism. But, that’s a path which remains vanishingly unpopular.

    • So it should, bogbeagle. The Baron laments the choices voters make, but being denied that choice leads to a dictatorship, and they’re much harder to remove if they get things badly wrong, as they generally do.

    • ‘In Britain, your home and your land are tax-liabilities, and they can never be “yours”. ‘

      The same is true in America though with the concept of “commons” the situation in Britain may be worse. I can at least fence the property I rent via taxes from the government, and even legally use force to prevent trespassing (though actually using such force is a more complicated matter than my simple statement suggests). I can legally use deadly force to protect my home, myself, and my family.

      You’re on point when you refer to collectivism. That is the cancer killing both our countries.

      • Check out G. Edward Griffin on youtube – he has talked about this quite a bit.

  42. The ‘core problem’ ISN’T ‘leftist voters’ or ‘disaffected conservatives’; it’s that people actively hallucinate that they NEED a “leader” and that through the socio-religious act of “voting” beg another individual to be their ‘Master’.

    When an individual comes to the full realization of “I OWN Myself!”, he/she understands that other individuals own themselves and that they (A): have absolutely NO right to inflict their preferences or choices on any other individual through either personal means or through an imaginary proxy superstition called ‘gov/authority/voting’ and (B): as a self-owning individual they have NO need of an external “leader”, they see their leader every time they look in the mirror each morning.

    All the superstition of “gov/authority” does is grant a false premise of legitimacy to individuals who are narcissistic sociopaths that band together as a gang to exploit other individuals by indoctrinating in them the hallucination that people can’t function or operate on a daily basis without such a parasite class existing and directing them from above.

    “Voting” is one of the direct methods that the parasite class uses to continually reinforce not only the original superstition, but also to re-energize their illegitimate dominion over other individuals while making them feel good about it.

    To see the extent of the mental indoctrination that’s present and active just think about the following statement:

    “I’m a law abiding tax payer”.

    With the aforementioned in mind, what such an individual is really saying is, “I’ve decided to relinquish my ability and responsibility to decide right and wrong on my own and have put it into the hands of narcissistic sociopaths. I pledge to follow whatever insane things they decree and will let them threaten and harm me at their whim. I also pledge to let them rob and coerce me out of my property on a regular basis because I accept them as my Masters”.

    Here it is in visual form:

    Message to the Voting Cattle

    There will always be narcissistic sociopaths among us. The main problem is when people blindly believe the superstition of ‘gov/authority’ and grant the above listed parasite class legitimacy through the act of voting. The solution is for when more and more people say, “I OWN Myself – I’m the Boss of Me, I DON’T Need You!!” and they stop supporting the parasite class..they ignore them and deny them any legitimacy. They ignore the parasite class into obscurity.

    How would merkel, macron, and all the rest ‘rule/operate’ if everyone just ignored them? They couldnt…that’s the beauty of it.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  43. Political correctness, virtue signalling, token rebellion (against family, church, culture), class warfare, apathy, cluelessness about history (beyond WW2), self-censorship, cowardice… these are the core problems. Allowed to develop, because of a civilisation so “pluralistic” and “developed” that it doesn’t know where to go next – apart from being more and more apologetic about its past, and more and more “generous” to others.

    Youngsters who want to be sports stars or rappers, but then don’t have a clue what they want to be when they come back down to planet Earth, or who they want to be with, or if they want to get married or have kids… so they retreat. Into sports. Or music. Or games. Or being virtuous. For 100% of the time, with zero interest in anything else – apart from maybe welcoming in the odd “oppressed refugee”… with the media censoring info about any flip-side of that.

    In any case most people are too lazy to click anything beyond Facebook, or the NYT, Guardian or equivalents in their countries – so they see only that picture, and the nice friendly Muslim in their local grocery store or kebab shop, or in their year at uni talking only about sports or music, and think that’s that… so how are they meant to understand, that they’re up against a culture radically different, much more focused on its goals, and with full pride and no hang-ups about its past? (and that it really is “against” them)

    But enough of bad news… the good news is that people ARE waking up. Many of my friends (around 34 years old) have done so… But are they waking up fast enough? Faster than the indoctrination of the even younger “Corbynista” generation, combined with the influx across the mediterranean – the army of voters for future generations of SJWs? That is the key question…

    • Well, obviously it doesn’t, because people keep voting in the same snoids over and over, even in those rare cases where they have the choice to vote for someone completely outside the Narrative.

      That’s why I look for the problem somewhere other than with parties or candidates.

  44. Another thing – I believe it was Stalin who once said “It doesn’t matter who votes – but who counts the votes” ?

    With that in mind… are we fully sure that the votes are being counted correctly – especially in strongholds of “enrichment” ?

  45. Good evening Baron (my evening in NZ). I read this fascinating piece this morning and have been thinking about your points throughout the day. It is so rare to find someone who troubles to look deep down into the fundamental issues rather than just pond-skating around the surface dross. I think in principle you are right about the fundamental problem being the public voting for the wrong people. It pains me to say that, as it makes me sound like an arrogant Lefty, but I will qualify that statement with the word ‘apparently’.

    Let us take Corbyn’s remarkable result at the recent UK general election, as it is close to my heart being an ex-pat Englishman. It is my experience that ordinary Brits only vote for Labour if it essentially proposes the same policies as the Conservatives, on the basis of “Let’s have a slight change”. Brits, particularly the English, are pragmatic, not ideological, and they view their politicians much as they do their plumbers – they are paid to do a job, be it connecting up a toilet or running the country. Do it well and your contract is extended; screw it up and you are sacked.

    So why did Corbyn get so many votes, when he is an archetypal clueless communist who clearly couldn’t run a Boy Scout sausage sizzle without ending up in hock to the IMF? Apparently there was a huge turnout of the young, and my researches indicate two things: first, there was reputedly a massive, and quite wicked indoctrination campaign throughout all levels of academia, from Primary schools upward; and second, it is now discovered that large numbers of University students illegally and immorally voted both at Uni and at home. The cream of academia are apparently so stupid that they believe Corbyn is a messiah who will bring them endless manna from Heaven, in the form of other people’s money. And all this is despite a recent report claiming that while most youngsters approve of Socialism, hardly any of them can tell you what it is!

    One could, in truth, argue that even with all the lies, brainwashing, bribery and skullduggery he still couldn’t get a majority, but what happened is still concerning. Did the same take place with that cardboard cutout Macron? And the gormless game show host Trudeau? They all have the same statesmanlike qualities, that of a bread roll. They also share the same attitude towards judging people – intelligent, noble and wondrous superior beings, such as themselves, do not do so: Everyone is wonderful and above criticism (apart from conservatives, of course), and it is only hateful, bigoted, ignorant neanderthals who judge and criticise others.

    And that – the abject terror of judging another – is, I feel, perhaps at the root of many of the issues you raise. Folk have been indoctrinated into believing that hate, criticise and judge are all synonyms, and anyone who does not vote conservative is a superior being by definition. I think this subliminally colours the thinking of so many perfectly ordinary folk that it takes a very strong will, conviction and sense of purpose to vote against those whom the Lefties have anointed.

    The fear is that the le Pens and Wilders of this world might judge, criticise and, heaven forbid, take action and cause upset. Things will – oh the horror – not be swept under the carpet so they can pretend they are not there.They may have to face up to the monsters instead of hiding from them behind the sofa. Ooh no, let us vote for someone with a toothpaste smile who promises that everything will be wonderful, just like happens on TV.

    I think that is fundamentally what we are up against, and only when the monsters crash out of the TV screen and start tearing the sofa to bits will the populace wake up, unable to hide any longer. Then the problem that twenty years ago could have been sorted with the stroke of a pen and a few glum faces will now require bloodshed the likes of which the world has probably never before seen.

    I believe the worm will turn – I am seeing signs of it already – but the problem is that the sort of man who is mighty enough to do what will then be necessary, may well be the sort the peasants end up wishing they hadn’t hoped for. In the Spring a one inch wasp nest can be crushed by a child, but if it is left till Autumn ….

    • “So why did Corbyn get so many votes”

      There was also a third reason – Theresa’s truly terrible election campaign… how many people will want to vote for a candidate who only repeats one phrase – “strong and stable”?

      Which brings us onto another reason… “our side’s” leaders themselves. Where are the Churchills, Thatchers and Reagans of today? Wilders has his court cases and “less Moroccans” statements – which played into the hands of his opponents. Le Pen is tainted by association with her Nazi collaborator father. Farage is a clown. With the exception of Viktor Orban in Hungary, why are they all so hopeless??

      • What’s this? concern trolling, oh please.

        The enemy of good is perfect. You will never get a perfect candidate because they don’t exist. The people who agree with sites like this are not found in polite society that is far removed from such concerns. Instead they come from other backgrounds and are flawed candidates.

        And the ones not flawed are people who have very good PR teams and the MSM covering for them. Like Macron, Hillary, Brown, Corbyn, etc.

        Any of the people you attacked are 100x better than the current lot. At least they are cognizant of the problem and would try to correct it as best as they can.

      • Winston Churchill was considered “hopeless” by quite a lot of people, and only came to the fore after trouble came.

        • And after Churchill served under appalling conditions (i.e., forced to work with the Stalin-FDR alliance against him), his people kicked him to the curb in favor of the siren call of socialism. That’s when the Brits who understood economics migrated to Australia.

          • I read Lord Moran’s diary not long ago. Some very interesting quotes about old FDR & HH

      • Perhaps the circumstances have not yet arisen for such a one to come to prominence:

        “In examining their deeds and their lives, one can see that they received nothing from Fortune except opportunity, which gave them the material they could mould into whatever form they liked. Without that opportunity the strength of their spirit would have been exhausted, and without that strength, their opportunity would have come in vain. It was therefore necessary for Moses to find the people of Israel slaves in Egypt and oppressed by the Egyptians, in order that they might be disposed to follow him to escape this servitude. It was necessary for Romulus not to stay in Alba, and that he be exposed at birth, so that he might become king of Rome and founder of that nation. It was necessary for Cyrus to find the Persians unhappy about the rule of the Medes, and the Medes rendered soft and effeminate after a lengthy peace. Theseus could not have demonstrated his ability if he had not found the Athenians dispersed. These opportunities, therefore, made these men successful, and their outstanding virtue enabled them to recognize that opportunity, whereby their nation was ennobled and became extremely happy.”

        Machiavelli, Niccolò; Peter Bondanella; Maurizio Viroli. The Prince (Oxford World’s Classics) (Kindle Locations 1039-1047). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.

    • “…the sort of man who is mighty enough to do what will then be necessary, may well be the sort the peasants end up wishing they hadn’t hoped for.”

      Aye, there’s the rub!

    • I very much liked your comment.

      On your final point: You will recall that the second world war began (for Britain) on 3d September 1939, while Chamberlain & Halifax were in charge. Then came the “phoney war”. Then, finally, there was open warfare in the West – instigated by the other side! Only at this point – on 10th May 1940 – did Winston Churchill become PM.

  46. You want the core problem?

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph 6:12 (KJV)

  47. ~~~~ODE TO THE REPUBLIC~~~

    This ponzi scheme has run it’s course,
    We can no longer ride a dying horse,
    The last golden goose has been plucked,
    We as a nation are soon to be f—-d,
    All we will have left is buyers remorse.

    Upon the nipple of the republic we make our stand,
    Suckling theron is for the common man,
    Cradle to grave security is our sine qua non,
    It’s promised to us and all our spawn,
    The welfare state is our law of the land.

    A plethora of sucklers, a paucity of nipples,
    When the money runs out there will be ripples,
    The golden goose we have plucked,
    The taxpayers they have been f—-d
    We have become a nation of moral cripples.

    • We’re letting your obvious use of an Anglo-Saxon word meaning copulation to stay this time. But next time, find a better rhyme or your poem won’t see the light of day – at least not on GoV.

  48. The most insidious form of tyranny,
    is that imposed through the ballot box
    by those who would fabricate their
    own chains of despotism, thus lending
    legitimacy to their own enslavement

    [Note to Attila from the Baron: I lower-cased your comment. Please don’t do all-caps like that — it comes across as shouting, and many people will skip reading it as a result.]

  49. On the horns of a dilemma we do reside,
    Choosing the bunghole or the arm pit we must decide,
    The republic is crumbling it’s plain to see,
    There are too few options for thee or me,
    Is it too late to right this sinking ship,
    Of the choices we have,I would prefer a harelip.

    What is occurring today is nothing unique,
    History is replete with scenarios as bleak,
    Victory or defeat is within our grasp,
    Rest assured it will be our very last gasp,
    For once the chains of dependency are forged,
    The collectivist state is seldom disgorged.

    For once suckling upon the nipple of security,
    The concept of individualism slips into obscurity,
    The Pavlovian mutts have been taught to slobber,
    The boiling frogs float like a bobber,
    Upon the tree of tyranny we must p—,
    Or live forever in a state of mindless bliss.

  50. The Narrative in the corporate media is that diversity, globalism, Russian expansionism, climate change, and female and minority oppression are the top issues facing the nation. These are the reigning themes and voters organize themselves to support them at the polls. So MSM narrative might properly be said to influence voter behavior strongly.

    However, sixteen years ago, the events of 9/11 were similarly treated in a uniform fashion (with which I agree, let it be said) by the establishment press and yet there is seemingly widespread dissent from that version of events which has spontaneously developed outside of MSM channels. The kissing cousins of this phenomenon are the “false flag,” “rouge CIA,” and “CIA drug trade.”

    My question is why is there what might be called skepticism or even oppositional defiance respecting certain themes but where others are concerned there is nothing but meek acceptance of undiluted flapdoodle. I thought kids came pre-packaged with a late-manifesting rebelliousness that made them disinclined to accept the sacred truths of their, at present, noodleheaded, lefty parents.

    There must be some strong attractor that neuters this instinctual defiance or independence of thinking. I suspect that the absence of real economic independence and being forced to live in the late-industrial stage makes millions feel vulnerable to change and reluctant to rock the boat the brings state benefits.

    One theory among many. Take your pick these days. Solzhenitsyn didn’t explain the reason for the armor around men’s minds but he correctly called attention to its presence. It will only be broken by terrible events and, I think, only as an unintended benefit.

  51. “To get our minds around the dilemma, we need to ask ourselves the question asked by Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, a.k.a. Lenin: Who, Whom?

    That is: “Who is doing what to whom?”

    It’s not an easy question to answer. Obviously, we are being invaded by millions of hostile Muslim immigrants, but that’s not the core issue.”

    I remember back in my younger days, when I was reading about the so-called “problem of evil”, one of the responses to is was that someone could inflict pain on another person for their own good. The example usually given was of a doctor injecting a patient with some medication or other. The patient did not enjoy the needle, but endured the pain, because the doctor told them that in the long run, they would feel better.

    The world has been injected by poison, and we are all suffering as a result. But simply saying that we think the poison is deadly is not going to help us to stay alive. We need to know:

    Who manufactured this medication?

    Who are the “doctors” who are administering it?

    Why are we being told it is good for us?

    Why is this being done to us against our will?

    Et cetera …

  52. 1) What have the voters in Netherlands, Germany, France, or the UK ever done, to lead you to believe any sort of electoral common sense was likely, let alone possible? (Nota bene “normative” common sense as voting policy isn’t even suggested as an option.)
    2) When and where can one point to any such sensible outcome(s)? 15, 20, 30 years ago? More? Anytime since the Second World War? Earlier?

    The pool was polluted long since, generations since, and the sort of behavior one might hope for has variously emigrated elsewhere, died off, been bred and “educated” out of entire generations, for generations, and what little that remains is the truest miracle.
    It’s not incredible the Wilders, for your example, didn’t get enough votes; the miracle is that he even existed as an option, and got any votes at all.

    The elites, financial, educational, media, entertainment, and governmental, have been amalgamating feces and sawdust with steak for so long, most of the peoples in question can’t recognize the taste of actual meat anymore, and actually prefer what they been born to, raised on, and died under, for going on decades and decades.

    Once in a miraculously great while, penicillin and mold may grow on the same piece of bread. But mainly, the mold that overtakes the bread is all malignant.
    We’re living in societies where they haven’t even been growing the mold in bread, but on a cultural stew of the vilest sort, with the foulest strains pre-selected and nurtured, then foisted upon people before they’re old enough to know good from bad.

    Under those conditions, the outcomes noted aren’t surprising, they are in fact exactly what one should expect, and exactly the outcome planned for and worked for by those mixing up batch after batch of such foetid horrors.

    The true miracle is the recessive genomes that manage to thrive despite such a malignant incubation, and manage to allow a remnant to mature and recognize that both the agar they’ve been handed, and the social scientists who planted them in it, are exactly the core problem you seek.

    Amidst that thesis, ponder the allegorical choice by someone like J. K. Rowling, of the malign servants of the Dark Lord of her fictional universe being named “Death Eaters”.
    Every once in awhile, when and where least expected, the masks slip off, just a bit.

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