Hannover: Moroccan Culture-Enricher on Trial for Raping 7-Months-Pregnant Woman

A Moroccan immigrant is on trial in the German city of Hannover for alleged multiple rapes of a woman who was seven months pregnant when the rapes occurred. I note with interest that the Moroccan’s lawyer seems to be presenting a defense based on the fact that his client was too drunk and stoned to know what he was doing — which is not the usual “it was because of cultural differences” tactic taken by Muslim immigrants who are prosecuted for violent sexual crimes.

So how much time do you think this guy will spend behind bars if he is convicted? Given that we’re dealing with Modern Multicultural Germany, my guess is six months to a year.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Bild:

Trial in Hannover: Heavily Pregnant Woman Beaten and Raped

[Photo caption: The Moroccan held the woman captive for almost two hours. Photo: Frank Tunnat ]

By Mirko Voltmer
July 12, 2017

Hannover — In the courtroom, he holds a file folder before his face, does not want to be recognized. For a good reason: Naji N. (27) is said to have mistreated and raped a woman (22) for almost two hours. She was in her seventh month of pregnancy with twins!

Now the trial of the alleged rapist begin before the court of Hannover.

According to the charge, the asylum seeker from Morocco, already known to police (for battery, and having several alternate identities) had trapped the soon-to-be-mother at about 10am at the Ihme Center in the summer of 2015.

Kathrin P. (name changed) was on the way to her apartment in the Ihme Center, when she was hit on the head from behind. Naji N. Allegedly dragged her to the elevator, where he continued to beat her. Then he abused his victim in a corner next to the elevator.

In between he allegedly played psycho games with the pregnant woman, cynically caressing her baby-belly. Then he turned her over to rape her again.

With her last bit of strength, the woman defended herself against her tormentor, freed herself with kicks.

Bloodied, and dressed only in a T-Shirt, Kathrin P. ran into the arms of a newspaper delivery man at the crossroads Gartenallee and Blumenauer Street. He called the police.

An investigator (34) testifying: “She had massive injuries to her face, was crying. She could only stammer, had repeated fits of screaming.”

The only good news: The twins in the womb survived the crime, and were born healthy two months later.

Kahtrin P. testified as a joint plaintiff, and mother, in a session that was closed to the public.

Naji N. was not captured until November 2016 — in Lüttioch in Belgium. A match in the DNA data base tracked him down. He had been living in Germany since 2014, and had no connection with the victim before the deed.

The Moroccan’s defense attorney Philipp Kaiser declared that back then he was drinking one and a half bottles of vodka daily, and smoking weed. He therefore had no memories of the deed, but was “shocked” about what he had done to the woman.

21 thoughts on “Hannover: Moroccan Culture-Enricher on Trial for Raping 7-Months-Pregnant Woman

  1. Drinking impairs judgement, but forcing yourself on someone is forcing yourself on someone. Your state of being has little impact on the harm done to the victim.

    Every criminal act could be excused by claims of toxic impairment, depression, being beaten as a child.
    These are reasons why crime takes place and should never be seen as excuses. Why else do laws exist if not to calm the actions of agitated people? If someone chooses to intoxicate themselves then at some level they have chosen to accept responsibility for the bad choices they may make while in such a state.
    That is the whole premise behind drink driving charges. It’s known the dangers that can come of such recklessness to the point that severe penalties exist for simply being being the wheel.

    Of course what I really mean to say is hang the bastard and move on.

    • The willful act in that case is the drinking.

      I would only accept “I’ve been drinking” as an excuse to crime if the drinking was INVOLUNTARY, i.e., someone strapped you down and FORCED you to drink the alcohol. In that case, I think that it’s a valid excuse. Otherwise, tough luck!

  2. It has become difficult to muster up any pity for the Germans. They and their ancestors made bad choices. Until a strongman appears on the scene, German citizens will remain victims.

    • There’s the ticket: a German Strongman.

      What could possibly go wrong?

      • That’s the reason they have to stop this immigration madness so they don’t resort to another strongman.

      • Uh, I think the game clock has run out on that guilt tic. If the choice is between turning to a dreaded FASCIST and submitting to the utter annihilation of your people-culture-way of life there’s really no choice at all. I’ll take the fascist, Alex, FOR SURVIVAL.

        • Sure, but last time the Germans turned fascist, the outcome wasn’t exactly as they had hoped for. Europe’s and their own healthy young men dead, and everyone’s cities in ruins.

          • What Germany needs is fit young people, uniformed and marching in cadence as they sing the merits of their history and culture and demonstrate their sense of volk pugilistically upon the Musselmen inflecting their communities. Let the Muslims cringe in fear, this is Christendom.

  3. May God deal with him as he deserves because the evil Germans will not. Too bad that a woman’s life has been traumatized forever – not to mention her unborn children who would have had all that adrenaline and crisis coursing through their veins. They won’t be unaffected either and if the father of the twins doesn’t want to slaughter the culprit, then he is a saint.

  4. No surprises here, as the Kufr “justice system”, again, with absolute predictability, overlooks the divine entitlement of Muslim males to the non-Muslim pubis. We’ll just add this to the lengthy list of crimes against the Prophet [pbuh] and his Powerhouse o’ Piety that is his Blessed Ummah. So, sharpen up your blades, Brothers, the hour of reckoning draws near and the harvest of pelts from these European Chattel will bring a handsome price in our divine market places.

    Allah-hu Akbar!!

    • “Their women are yours to take, legitimately. Allah made them yours. Why don’t you enslave them?”
      Sheikh Saad al Beraik

  5. Why isn’t this man’s face shown and his full name published?

    Fourteen years without parole seems about right. Let’s not lose track of this. It’s essential to see the outcome.

    • That will give him the pleasure to meet some burly 250 pound bikers doing time for a much much smaller offense.

      • Doubt it. There are huge Muslim prison gangs in every European system.

  6. How dare any lawyer defend this man? Is drinking and smoking supposed to be an excuse?

    • I think soon you can say, you did not know killing was wrong… As long you can make them believe, you are a Leftist, all will be fine.

  7. maybe he has to do Mutti’s laundry for a day as punishment and after that he is free to rape again !

  8. From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caning_in_Singapore

    “Singaporean law allows caning to be ordered for over 35 offences, including HOSTAGE-TAKING/KIDNAPPING, robbery, gang robbery with murder, rioting, CAUSING GRIEVOUS HURT, DRUG ABUSE, vandalism, extortion, SEXUAL ABUSE, and unlawful possession of weapons. Caning is also a MANDATORY PUNISHMENT for certain offences such as RAPE, drug trafficking, illegal moneylending, and for FOREIGNERS WHO OVERSTAY BY MORE THAN 90 DAYS – A MEASURE DESIGNED TO DETER TO DETER ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.”

    Lee Kwan Yue was prescient!

    A bit of LKY way of handling things, and all problems are solved!

    • I love Singapore. I walked around with a female friend at night, and at no time did we feel in any way threatened or intimidated. Lovely place, lovely people. And no bloody chewing gum sticking to my Jimmys!

  9. Re: Alcohol & drugs ‘defence’

    A recent article about the Afghan crime wave in Europe — by a woman who ‘worked with refugees for decades’ — has something to say about the alcohol / drugs defence:

    “So… what’s going on? Why is this happening? And why the Afghans? A few competing theories are in circulation.

    First: “They get drunk.” One of my interlocutors, a diaspora Afghan who has lived in Vienna for decades and works as a certified court translator and advisor, and thus is intimately familiar with these cases and the persons involved, dismisses this explanation out of hand. Rather, he says, word has gotten out that claiming to have been mentally incapacitated during the commission of a crime—including from alcohol or drugs—counts as an extenuating circumstance.””

    Source: http://nationalinterest.org/feature/ive-worked-refugees-decades-europes-afghan-crime-wave-mind-21506?page=show

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