Norway’s Political Elites Cheer for Islam

Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at the Gatestone Institute. Some excerpts are below:

Norway’s Political Elites Cheer for Islam

by Fjordman

Erna Solberg, Norway’s supposedly conservative Prime Minister, has long been known for her positive views of Islam and mass immigration. As PM, she has repeatedly warned against Islamophobia and Christian “racism” against Muslims. In 2011, then as leader of the major opposition party, Solberg stated that Muslims in Europe are now being harassed just as Jews were in the 1930s, during the rise of Nazism.

On June 25, 2017, an estimated 8,000 Muslims celebrated Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, in a major sports arena and concert hall in Oslo. Prime Minister Erna Solberg attended. She made some comments about creating a sense of community, and warned against anti-Muslim forces and others trying to divide people. According to national media, many of the Muslims treated the Prime Minister as if she were a “superstar.”

The deputy leader of the Norwegian Labor Party is a Muslim woman from a family of Pakistani immigrants. The leader Jonas Gahr Støre, as Foreign Minister, held talks by telephone with the Islamic terrorist leader Khaled Mashaal from Hamas. In a book published in 2014, Støre criticized “Islamophobes” again, including this author.

On September 11, 2017, Norway will have parliamentary elections. The voters have a realistic choice between two Prime Ministers: Erna Solberg or Jonas Gahr Støre. Both are Islam-friendly, anti-national globalists and multiculturalists who promote mass immigration. Other European countries such as Germany are in a similar situation: virtually all the establishment political parties are promoting more immigration and more Islam.

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10 thoughts on “Norway’s Political Elites Cheer for Islam

  1. So.

    This just means that a “political” (or peaceful) solution to the muslim invasion is not ALLOWED or even possible –for Norway, Germany, and most likely the rest of Europe.

    If not a peaceful, political solution–what pray tell is left?

  2. This “treatment like a superstar” is probably one of the vehicles through which the muslim community deceives our politicians. I noticed it also on the videos from Calais jungle: The young refugees smile and laugh – and then they throw a brick at a lorry.

    I find this behaviour rather psychopatic – but hey, it really works on our western wanna-be-superstar prime ministers!

  3. A few days ago I was told in quite a bit of detail why Angela Merkel will be re-elected in Germany. That is because there is no one else to vote for. The same seems true in many EU countries.
    The fact that Donald Trump came along, the crazy nut with strange hair and an odd skin color, and that the people actually voted for him is an anomaly in this climate.

  4. Trump was and is the leader of established political party. All the other anti-Muslim/multiculturalism/endless mass immigration leaders are outside the mainstream.

    If people want to change politics they should join the established parties and bide their time.

  5. FM Douglas Haig employed frontal attacks in the first part of WWI and wondered why the troops showed a certain reluctance. Frontal attacks were the name of the game it’s true but it took a while before the British realized the killing power of the machine gun. There was a strange imbalance where they equipped each battalion with one machine gun but the Germans supplied two to each company or perhaps each platoon. I don’t remember the ratio. The British also employed cavalry at the outset and also invested little in making their trenches livable on the supposition that they would soon be moving forward. The Germans made their trenches both comfortable and capable of withstanding artillery. The British did develop better tactics as the war dragged on but the losses were simply staggering.

    Point being here that old habits and ideas, as well as a near criminal persistence in continuing the slaughter for nothing more than stalemate, did horrific damage with consequences for the world that are felt 100 years later. So Merkel will be re-elected it’s said (and the U.S. debt ceiling crisus will end with the predictable authorization of more debt). Norwegians will choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Then the realities of moronic leadership, leftist malevolence, feminist lunacy, arithmetic, demographics, and the old enemy will kick in with a vengeance. European war will again be a reality with the native peoples unarmed at the outset and millions of the enemy deliberately imported beforehand. Millions. And for Indecent purposes.

  6. I’m sorry to say this, but Europeans deserve what they get. They are all much more concerned with keeping their socialism- pensions at an early age, socialized medicine (which only benefits you to see the medical system for something minor) free university, labor protection laws, etc.- than they are having freedom. The degree of pacifism and appeasement is unbelievable in Western Europe. Socialism makes a whole continent passive! These people are nuts!!

    • I must contradict. If you care about your old mother, is not same thing like taking food from your kids to feed neighbours kids. Social and health care are normal, imbecility is abnormal.

    • I don’t see a link between socialism and immigration. If the Europeans keep socialism and reject immigration they will be fine.

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