It’s Poland, Not Brussels!

The European Commission has initiated infringement proceedings against Poland for its government’s recent overhaul of the judicial system. The reforms implemented by the Law and Justice Party are not to the Commission’s taste, to the point where it has expressed “grave concerns” over the changes; hence the infringement process.

The EC’s decision doesn’t sit well with many ordinary Poles, some of whom gathered yesterday in Warsaw to express their anger at and contempt for the EU.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this clip, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Chant: It’s Poland, not Brussels!
00:12   Chant: …Dad in ZOMO [communist anti-riots units], son in KOD [Soros group]!
00:16   …they talk about the lack of the rule of law and so on…
00:20   they interfere in Polish internal affairs, and in the meantime…
00:36   Banner: Association Never Again [leftist anti-racist, anti-fascist, blah blah organization]
00:40   Good!
00:52   Picture: Donald Tusk, former PM for leftist Civic Platform, now President of the European Council
01:08   banner: Political criticism
01:20   “But in Poland, the Polish people should be the ones who rule, and not some oligarchs
01:24   from Brussels, who say: ‘This law is bad, that law is good.’
01:28   We don’t agree with that. We solve Polish problems in Poland.”
01:32   “Informers get lost! Get out of Poland!” Her banner: “Wake up Poland, fascism is coming!”
01:36   Chant: Red mischief!
01:41   [unintelligible]
01:45   Red mischief!
01:49   Chant: Children of Soros!

5 thoughts on “It’s Poland, Not Brussels!

  1. I thank the Good Lord every day that we just missed the Hillary bullet.

  2. still don’t think the eu was a communist plot. these people used to governed by Moscow now they are being governed by brussels.

  3. The eurocrats are getting madder and madder, it is high time they were stopped.

  4. RE banner at 1:12 – “Krytyka Polityczna” (“Political criticism”, or critique) is a “cultural” organisation organising events centered around books or plays, which tend to promote gender ideology, multi-kulti, anti-Christianity and other “modern” topics… they used to run a bar on the corner of Nowy Swiat and Swietokrzyska streets in central Warsaw called “Nowy Wspanialy Swiat” or “Brave New World” (1930s dystopian novel by A. Huxley). In 2011, the bar became famous for sheltering German Antifas who came to attack the Independence March – but were besieged in the bar by riot police… (some of the brave Antifas subsequently called their parents to complain that Polish prisons were not quite up to German standards). Beforehand once, when I visited the bar (and didnt know about its background), one window displayed a large, crossed-out Polish flag.

    The bar, in one of the most prime locations in Central Warsaw, was rented for 30 zloty per square metre per month (around 1.50 dollars per square foot) – this extraordinary rate for a bar licenced to sell alcohol was given by the Warsaw centre council – at that time a coalition of ex-Communists and centrists. Now their licence has been revoked and instead, there is a centre devoted to the memory of Pope John Paul II…

    Apart from this, as someone in Wednesday’s protest, it struck me how peaceful it was, apart from a confrontation with around 10 “anti-fascists” , surrounded by around 20 police… not sure an event like this would be allowed to proceed so peacefully, in Germany, Sweden or Britain.

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