Insh’allah: A Peek Into Germany’s Future

David Berger is a conservative German theologian who owns and operates the website Philosophia Perennis. The following guest-essay from his site was written by Barbara Köster, an author and scholar of Islam.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Insh’allah: Things that we will see very concretely in our future

[Photo description: Not just dog owners and homosexuals will be surprised, but women too will have to get used to changes]

Everyone speaks of Islamization. There is no daily news in which sooner or later Islam will not be mentioned. You think that is the high point of it all? Think again. Here you will read what will very concretely arrive in the future: From your dog to your wine reserves, all the way to your gay neighbor!

A guest entry by Barbara Köster

One word for you, Dear readers, in case that you don’t see a larger problem about Islam. I want to try and show you, which possibilities are becoming reality and what you are supporting if you support those that accept Islamization and even purposefully bring it here. You will have to decide if this is how you want to live.

To all house and apartment owners and renters:

You own your property unrightfully. Rightfully it belongs to Muslims. This also goes for all the things you own which you have looked at as your own property until now. For the practical transference of your alleged property to the true owners, time is merely not quite ripe yet.

To all single women:

You should get married as fast as possible, or you will have to move in with your parents, uncles or siblings. A woman living alone is a prostitute. Landlords are told not to let such women rent any apartments. Mixed communities of men and women that aren’t related to each other are also not possible in Islamic culture. Here, as well, sodomy is presumed.

To all single males:

You will also want to marry as quickly as possible. Unmarried men are not supposed to be visible in Islamic society. Marriage is a quasi-religious duty.

To all homosexuals:

You should know. For you, the death penalty is in store.

To all married people:

Marriage according to Islamic law is only between a man and a woman, wherein a man may have up to four wives. The principle of Islamic marriage is usufruct. The man acquires the right to use the sexual organs of his wife (wives). The concept of marital rape does therefore not exist. For the husbands only the picture of the prophet Mohammed stands: they represent the prophet to their wives. This is all about the power of order. For the wife, the example of Mohammed is not applicable, but the example of his wives is. It is about submission and obedience. The man-wife relationship is about super- and subordination. Family relations comes before marital relations. In Islam, the word family does not pertain just to the small, isolated nuclear family, which is seen as Western decadence, but the large extended family. While the family as a social entity is untouchable in Islam, the couple’s relationship in Islamic marriage is always vulnerable through the easiness with which men can enforce a divorce, through the use of masked prostitution such as the “temporary marriage”, or through the permission to take concubines.

To all fathers:

Childhood in Islamic culture is not valued. Children do not have rights; they are part of the general property. To set their own well-being behind one’s own, even to play with a child on a regular basis, garners you just as little respect as there is towards the child. Respect is given only to the father, and you have to work for it. You can command your children at your own discretion; the child has to follow you blindly, similar to the way it has to listen blindly to god. Children have to listen to all their elders and stronger ones. Even a grown man remains his father’s son and can only gain independent authority through his dominion over women and children.

To all mothers:

Child-rearing is the duty of the family and therefore yours as a woman and mother. But you will still have only a partial right to your children. In the case of divorce, your ex-husband may allow a son until the age of seven, and a daughter until puberty, to remain in your care, and afterwards they will live with him. The father is always the only legal representative. Organizations for the relief of families — such day care and kindergarten — are not necessary. They are even harmful, as they disturb the family network. Family is a norm that has to be fulfilled, and not just a word that describes familial relationships.

To all who live with care-dependent relatives:

The support of dependants falls into the responsibility of the family as well. An Islamic community generally doesn’t see itself responsible to take over family duties. It would be entirely conceivable, however, that welfare organizations, which until now were involved in elder-care and nursing homes, would be transferred over to Islamic charity foundations who then would exercise welfare and poverty relief according to their own ideas.

To all girls and women who love to ride bicycles:

Watch the movie The Girl Wadjda!

(Full movie rental or buy link.)

To all dog owners and those who wish to have a dog:

Dogs are unclean and therefore are not allowed to be kept indoors. Black dogs are to be killed.

To all vintners, beer-brewers, distillers and those who appreciate a well-rounded drink:

Alcohol is forbidden. The ban encompasses the manufacturing, sale and consumption of alcohol. Wineries, breweries, distilleries, wine-and-alcohol shops may receive an imminent visit from a Kalashnikov that will destroy inventory and ruin the owner. That’s how it’s done in Islamic countries. The consumption of wine is punished with a flurry of blows. In Iran it’s three strikes and you’re out, you can be executed on the third known instance of alcohol consumption. The destruction of entire cultivated landscapes on the Rhine and Mosel, and in the Pfalz, in Baden and in Franken — to name only a few of Germany’s largest winery areas — will only be a question of time. Tillage will become wild; terrace sites and cultivated plains will become suitable for the building of more settlements.

To all pig-breeders and those who have a love for ham and all things pork-related:

In Islamic food culture there is no Parma or San Daniele ham, no Serrano, Aragon and Pata Negra, no Westphalian, Black Forest, Tirol ham and bacon, no Lardo, bacon or any other kind of bacon-like product, no lard, no spare ribs or pork hock, no schnitzel, no salami or any other pork sausages. These foods are unclean. And nothing will ever change that attitude. Your business will have a bleak future.

To all vegans and vegetarians:

You way of life is not looked upon kindly in Islamic culture. The prophet said: Whoever doesn’t eat meat for 40 days, his character is wicked.” The number “40” is not to be taken verbatim, it merely stands for a longer period of time, but not for a very long time, otherwise it would say “40 years”.

To all lottery players and other players and gamblers and such organizations:

Gambling is forbidden.

To all employees of insurance companies:

Insurance is counted as gambling, and is therefore forbidden.

To all bank employees:

You will be further educated in Islamic banking.

To all female doctors and nurses:

You are allowed to only treat girls and women. Women are people that look like women and not those who feel like women.

To all male doctors and nurses:

You are allowed to only care for boys and men. The deciding factor here, too, is appearance.

To all hairdressers and massage therapists and physiotherapists:

You are allowed to only treat or attend to members of your own sex.

To all phychotherapists:

Your profession is considered fairly exotic in Islamic culture. Psychoanalysis wasn’t invented and developed by Muslims. Islam doesn’t think much of introspection; instead it looks for the external enemy. Let’s see if you’ll be able to make a living among people with this attitude.

To all church employees:

It is expected of you to behave even less conspicuously than before.

To all monks and nuns:

Your position is forbidden in Islam. Monasteries are not worth being protected. The accumulated wealth, including all church real estate, would definitely be very welcome in an Islamic charity foundation.

To all female judges:

In Islam women are not allowed to practice law. You will be let go.

To all judges:

The current constitution will be under further pressure. Rights and justice are essential fields in Islam that it will want to occupy. The goal — Shariah and an Islamic legal system, first only for Muslims but later for all — is something that’s never far from focus.

To all teachers, students, and those studying:

There will be a strict separation of the sexes enforced during teaching events. The curricula will be Islamized. The curriculum of the Islamic State, for example, looks like this: Memorization of the Koran, reading, writing, basic math. For boys a militaristic education is added. For admission to higher studies (college, universities) it is mandatory to have committed the Koran to memory.

To all curators and visitors to art museums:

There won’t be so many exhibitions to see anymore. Statues are forbidden. Pictures of people as well.

To all gallery owners and art dealers:

Maybe a transfer over to Islamic art will help.

To all musicians, singers, concert goers and music dealers:

Composers such as Bach, Händel, Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, Mahler, Schönberg are unknown to Islamic culture. Opera and symphonies, instruments such as the organ and the piano, also do not belong to the Islamic culture. It’s seen as righteous to destroy musical instruments. The female singing voice endangers morale. Music and singing are only tolerated as long as they don’t disturb the senses. The highest art form in Islam is the recitation of the Koran. it virtually is the “music” of Islam.

To all dancers and those who love to see dance:

Ballet is not Islamic. Dance is forbidden. It’s clear when one looks at the ban on mixed genders in public spaces and the ban on stimulating the senses through music and movement (dance). There will be no more opera balls; they’ll be a thing of the past.

To all athletes and sports fans:

Sport is pagan. Olympic games are idolatry. This attitude was — for instance — also held by the church father Tertullian, which again is an example of Christian life under Islam. The Olympic games were indeed held in honor of antique gods.

To all poets, writers, dramatists and readers:

The lyric is held in high esteem in Islamic culture, but only in Islamic language. The novel is, despite the Egyptian recipient of the literary nobel price Nagîb Mahfûz, still foreign to Islamic culture and is rejected by many religious authorities because novels create fictional worlds that divert attention from Allah. Science fiction is especially seen as presumptive and blasphemous, because only Allah knows the future. Instead of writing novels and reading them, it is suggested that one stay busy with reading the Koran.

To all fashion designers:

Fashion for women in the typical western style will only be worn in a controlled family environment or in a purely female company. You should therefore cancel your drafts and offers. Men’s wear, too, will change. Ties will disappear (especially because of their crucifix-like outline), and especially those made from silk, because silk is haram for men.

To all perfume makers:

Alcohol is forbidden as a basis for perfume. You should start to learn how to manufacture perfumes based on oil.

In conclusion, to all men:

The decadence of lacking the will to power over women has come to an end.

And to all women:

Because an emancipated woman goes to hell, it is therefore the duty of the community to save you from emancipation. True emancipation is modesty; modesty is freedom. Also prohibitions and patronization are true emancipators. Imprisonment is granted for protection. Disobedient women are not women.

I thank you for your attention!

The author just recently published a book titled: The misunderstood Koran: Why Islam has to be reformed.

Vera Lensfeld wrote about the book in “Achse des Guten”:

“Since Merkel’s opening of the borders over one million Muslims have entered Germany. This number grows daily. By the time I have finished writing this text, multiple hundreds of Muslims will have arrived here. In the meantime “Integration” is praised to us as the cure-all, the magic bullet for the continuously increasing problems with unregulated migration. Green politicians such as Caudia Roth even want to throw integration into turbo mode. Frau Göring-Eckardt claims that refugee homes are operating “under our rules of living together”. Both, of course, have no clue what they’re talking about. In our refugee homes Christians and women are shamelessly oppressed and bullied. Whoever wants to know what’s in store for us should maybe try to familiarize themselves with the situations in refugee homes. Concerning the illusion of integration for millions of Muslims, all responsible politicians, journalists, ‘Welcome’-culturalists and tutti quanti (all their ilk) should familiarize themselves with the Koran and Islam. I can recommend a great book, written by Barbara Köster: The misunderstood Koran. Why Islam needs to be reformed.”

45 thoughts on “Insh’allah: A Peek Into Germany’s Future

  1. ‘Why islam needs to be reformed’. Hopeless. islam needs to be banned in the western world, and all it’s brainwashed followers repatriated to their original countries in the middle east and Africa

    moslems cannot exist peacefully with westerners; and the entire western world shows limitless examples of this, anyway, the koran forbids it.

    • Islam cannot be reformed. It is perfect. Allah said so.
      Bill Warner has a useful video on the subject.

    • Banning something means limiting the freedom. Limit the free speech, limit the democracy. Islam may be studied in university, but not to be practiced. The study is merely to understand the mind of moslems. PARTIAL freedom, PARTIAL free speech. Not anything claimed to be religion be treated as such, not anything claimed to be religion is acknowledged nor protected.

    • What to do with individuals who want to keep practicing Islam if Islam is banned? What to do with lawyers who file lawsuit protecting the muslims? We must prepare.

  2. Correction

    Britain will simply “revert”- at least the trendies in the cities will. Blood is going to flow elsewhere in great quantity, if the new Islamic Government tries to enforce these Koranic diktats on the yob classes. Just imagine? When I was born one heard the gentle whir of manual lawnmowers in the evenings and the odd clickity-clunk of a passing train on its way to Waterloo. Nowadays it will be the rattle of AK47s.
    Thankyou so much Mrs Merkel for our wondrous future. My you enjoy yours in Hell along with Hitler, Amen

  3. I want to puke.. there are little and not so little previews of practically all the points this entry exposed in Germany today, the seed of islamization is growing at a steady pace and they know it, every day they feel more confident in our land and act bolder and harsher. I can see it everyday muslims don’t respect the police, don’t respect the laws, park their cars in any place, they insult women who wear “indecent” clothes, muslim men try to push past women if they are at the head of a line in stores and supermarkets, they poison people’s pets… they feel destined to be our owners and I don’t see German people reacting proportionally to the evil that is trying to sink us ¿what can I do? ¿to flee? where? I have a wonderful south african friend of Dutch desdent she moved to Germany when she was 12 and has been my friend for 20 years, when we just met she always told me stories about the brutal crimes against white people in South Africa and how they had to flee when the farm of her grandparents was looted and torched, she always marvelled at how peaceful and safe Germany was and fell in love with my Land, now she says she is very angry at Germans because we are ingrate and we have voluntarily decided to turn Germany into South Africa, I am afraid she is absolutely right.

    • Your wise south African friend (Afrikaans?) Makes an excellent point.

      However you could argue that the indigenous black population were
      Defending and ceasing, wrongly, that which they perceived to be theirs,
      After years of apartheid.

      The majority indigenous German population have just meekly surrendered,
      Without a fight, their nation to a plague of third world invaders.

      You vote for mufti Merkel again and again you know what is coming.

      • I do not campaign for any party, merely lament for the
        Poor, betrayed German Citizens.

        Diversity is seemingly foisted on the Western first world
        Countries by their ethno masochistic, self loathing and
        Deluded “Leaders” under the guise of globalisation.

        Meanwhile Africa rejects European values (whilst) still
        Extending the begging bowl for ever increasing foreign
        Aid hand-outs.

        The Middle East LOATHES European values and certainly
        Sticks to seventh Century political and social thinking.

        Just once, like Donald Trump in the USA, I would like to
        See a European leader put the protection and rights of
        Their own citizenry FIRST. Mrs Merkel in my eyes is a
        Traitor, and should be prosecuted as such for the
        Irreparable damage she has caused to Germany and
        Europe too!

        • Hey Disenfranchised,

          as You are from Germany as I am, just read Articles 5, 120, 139 and 146 of our constitution.

          And do NOT CALL me “Reichsbuerger”. Anyone who unreflectedly uses state media Propaganda Terms should ask himself if this “operational conditioning” is intended to not ask Questions like “Cui bono?”.

          I am critical, and ask myself: Why can Mrs Merkel get through with treason, trafficking etc ? Why did not we have a Military coup yet, despite Mrs von der Leyen’s Actions?

  4. Hey, look on the bright side – western progressive liberalism will be destroyed for a few thousand years.

    • ‘Ere now, nothing like a dose of harsh reality to bring one to their senses, eh? New Age doesn’t work. You can’t imagine something out of existence. John Lennon tried to imagine and look at where it got him. Liberals will fare no better. They are only useful haram kuffar, and traitors to the rest of us.

  5. I’ve come to hold in contempt all far-along dhimmi states in the West – Germany, Sweden, France, Canada, Spain, & Democrats in the US. Trump’s speech in Poland is a call-to-arms for a dying civilization. Yes, the state & bureaucracy is most to blame, but ordinary people have largely acquiesced.

    • please keep in mind that in the u.s., the left turned public schools and all universities into indoctrination centers back in the 1970s; in eurabia, the takeover occurred at or before the turn of the 20th century. thus, the poor average citizen in most western countries, and almost all western eurabian countries, comes out of school at any level at least nominally leftist; he doesn’t know how to think critically, and took in leftist ideas with his mother’s milk. they populate all walks of life, including the media and that government, and it’s illegal to tell the truth, so what else can U expect?

      there are those who have figured things out, mostly by browsing non-german websites, but also by having been hit by the bus of reality. more will figure it out when their child is raped, they are beaten and robbed by a pious muslim who is released and not punished, etc., and when that number is large enough, there will be a civil war.

      none of this should be happening, so why is it? i believe it’s because the hard-core among the left intend for chaos to get so bad that the citizenry demand that the State do something. that something would be martial law, and since the State is always controlled by the left, it is far easier to convince a nominally-leftist chancellor to keep that state permanently (if the chancellor doesn’t happen to be a hard-core leftist) than it is to convince a majority of the electorate to put a dictatorship of the left in control via the polls (that has *never* succeeded *anywhere*). the average nominal leftist doesn’t understand what’s going on, and furthermore never will, because he is not being told the truth, so he just goes along with what his leaders say, because they must know what’s going on. any non-leftists keep their mouths shut, because they don’t want to lose their jobs, homes, or freedom for speaking the truth.

      the percentage of german population that is muslim is still a minority, but although it is becoming sizeable, it would be difficult for muslims to seize control of the nation by brute force. if the left waits too long to impose martial law, hans-in-the-street may start a civil war against the traitors running the State; if they try to impose it too soon, they could end up going to prison for treason. it’s a fine line they are treading, and what they are risking is the lives of their fellow citizens, not their own. that all by itself should be enough to imprison them for life. regardless of which way this turns out, however, *ALL* of the blood which has been shed and that will soon be shed is on the hands of the treasonous left.

      • Hey b.a. freeman,

        here two small Videos about german Soccer fans from the City of Dresden, Eastern Germany which declared (symbollically) war on the german Soccer association because they felt disregarded:

        The westerners in Karlsruhe were totally shocked and the Police was unable to do anything against this!

        Now take this for a thought Experiment what will happen in different parts of Germany in case of ….. !

  6. There will be a proportion of Western men who may think life for them will be okay under Islamic rule. (After all, the Arab-Islamic world is full of double-standards when it comes to alcohol and male on male sex, so alcohol drinkers would get by and gays would just have to be very discrete and take a wife as a “beard”).

    Such men may think it would be fine to have women in a very subordinate role and no doubt this is what attracts a lot of Western converts to Islam.

    But the list of aspects of Islamic life as the article above sets out, should persuade any reasonable man that life under Islam would be just awful. And the list is incomplete.

    The Islamic attitude to dogs alone, is, for me, a deal breaker. And the article doesn’t get it quite right. Whilst black dogs must be killed, all dogs are fair game for mistreatment, abuse, torture and poisoning.

    Every Western person should “treat” themselves at least once to a visit to an Islamic country. It will cure them of any illusions they may have about Islamic societies and the wisdom of importing a cohort of Muslims into their own countries. I arrived and left Morocco on the same day by ferry from Algeciras in Spain, although I had planned a venture of a week or two. A few years later I visited Egypt, the east coast of Sinai on the Gulf of Aqaba was as far as I cared to go. Petra is a wonderful artifact, but even pro-Western, comparatively liberal Jordan is a pretty awful place. The absence of freedom for (and visibility of) women is, of itself, oppressive. The synthetic friendliness of the people, well men, because you don’t encounter women, is nauseating and there is always at least a hint of menace or exploitation (you are the intended patsy) with every encounter.

    • Your last paragraph in particular reminds me of our one day in Turkey. (Kusadasi–Ephesus) “Synthetic friendliness” with “a hint of menace” describes perfectly what my wife and I experienced at Kusadasi, Ephesus was nice though.
      On the flight back to Canada I sat beside a young couple who had been travelling in Turkey, and the young woman told me never again would she set foot in an islamic country, and she would never have gone but for her 6 ft 4 inch husband.

    • Hey Julius,

      there is in muslim-dominated neighbourhoods a certain trend among “lower class” young men to convert because of the same reasons you discribed regarding to women. Our marriage laws are well-known here in Germany by many young men: The woman is always right. A divorce or even an illegitimate usually ruins practically every man if you are not earning 100 k € per year. And do not ask about the silent weapon of choice for women at work for submission of their male colleagues and bosses: The threat of calling someone a rapist.

      For instance, ethnic german gansta rappers are mainly convertites. A true “Generation Haram”.

      Heaven forbade that Islam will be successful here in Germany, as those who are secretly hoping to reverse feminism:
      In both cases, an islamic revolution according Matt Bracken’s scenario or the legal, evolutionary complete power grab of Islam, there is no Illusion what happens next.

      A combination of ethnic cleansing (direct or indirect via oppression) and institutional demotion of all ethnic Germans to practical slavery will take place. Our Dear Commissary for Integration of the Federal Government, comrade Oezoguz, has already published the proposal of a muslim contingent of wealth(via Transfer) and Leadership positions in the economy.

      The foremost transfer machine is the Perversion of the social security System.
      It was invented by the founder of the modern german state, O. v. Bismarck with the principles of insurance and subsidarity. Insurance principle means paying at least 5 years into the System before getting benefits(health, pensions). Subsidarity means Control by local communities and the participiants.

      Now it is a free-for-all and federal-controlled( i e no Control by the insured possible, except for pseudo-elections, a General health fund instead of a local controlled treasury). As soon as Islam takes over officially, ethnic Germans will have to pay in but without getting (except as a fig leaf) any benefits at all. This is already starting: Ethnic Germans do not get treated as the emergency healthcare funds are not anymore paying their surgeries, but for the poor migrants still. The number of surgeries is limited per physician (General healthcare fund).

      Apply this steady process to all social security funds, and all ethnic Germans will have a bitter awakening after Mrs Merkel will be re-elected (by the electoral commission, not the actual vote 😉 )

      • I think Europeans will eventually awaken to what is going on with Islam, even the liberals. By then it will be too late in the sense that a significant portion of the German population will seek its’ Islamic rights. In the meantime there will be blood and running skirmishes as the extreme right finally stars to battle back. Then eventually, partition as in 1949 India, when the Islamic population which had been spread through out India decided eastern and western portions of India would now be their homeland. So get ready, maybe not soon but it will happen.

        • Hey Anil Gupta,

          you are totally underestimating Cognitive Dissonance and the Stockholm Syndrome. This prevents any dissenting Liberal from admitting their mistakes. They won’t admit this, but rather be killed by their ghosts they called or starving to death. These guys(except for their leaders which would convert to Islam or already have converted in secret) are arrested by our educational System and the Quality media in an emotional state similar to childhood and early puberty. These souls are lost.

          As the vast majority of our “refugees” are dependent on the social security, I see a different scenario. As soon as this “hidden dzizya”-social security collapses, they are left in a hostile environment(Spoiler Alert: We’ve got a chilly winter here). No nanny state which feeds them. And the social security System already is at the verge of collapse(Time horizon about 2 years maximum):
          – The Health Care fund is depleted and cannot pay surgeries anymore. Migrants first, Germans last. But in a year it will be completely empty.
          – The Pension System is about to collapse
          – The municipal communities are largely broke, and These are the ones who pay refugees (housing, Money, Food) and Basic unemployed benefits(which disproportional goes to migrants and non-ethnic muslim “Germans”)

          Thus my personal expectations are as I have described. I predict a total or near-total collapse of the feeding hand of Islam here in Germany.

          What will happen? These are the scenarios I expect:
          A) Matt Bracken’s Scenario, with ISIS LIKELY attacking in Bosnia and Italy(=Rome) and reaching Mid-Europe over the Balkans, Switzerland and Austria. This will result in an uprising of the Germans, and do not underestimate their will to defend. In this Scenario, there will be no Legitimacy left of Merkelistan. Those who are supporting her will have an unpleasant meeting with their karmic fate, as mentioned above. They would be irrelevant.

          B) An Islamic Legal Coup on the Basis of the Integration Proposals of Commissary Oezoguz after the elections: mass Migration via an abused Family reunion Programme starting in November 2017 leads to calls, and Merkel reacts via suspending the “constitution” or amending it according to Oezoguz’s demands. But for this, there must be ressources which are missing(Do not Forget the coming Euro currency debacle)
          C) An bloody civil war (30-years-war Vol. 3.0 Merkel did it again) which takes about 10 to up to 30 years caused by an economic downturn and collapse of the perverted social security. The modalities and outcome will resemble the 30-years war (1618-1648). A war which devastated the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation (The state/assembly of state which existed before Bismarck’s Creation in 1871) socially, economically and politically.

          These are basic scenarios, mixtures are possible with Scenario D: Intervention by an external force like Russia, the USA(If Trump holds on to power) or Turkey. The interventioning power is ranked according to probability.

          I cannot tell what exactly happens, but I think that in the end, Islam will lose except if there is an unanswered turkish intervention. The question is, what will remain of Germany and the other Western European Nations, politically, economically and culturally.

          • I want to thank you for your detailed comment.
            And if you are on Facebook I would love to get in touch with you.
            I am a German not living there anymore, but happy in Mexico. Und natuerlich koennen wir Deutsch sprechen.
            Nochmals Danke. ich werde mir Zeit zum Darueber -Nach- Denken nehmen. ginaschurcas (at) yahoo (dot) com

  7. In Tom Kratman’s novels on Islam supremacist insurrection in a parallel universe (yeah) the hero embraces what becomes inevitable in the absence of any pushback against Islam’s endless demands and violence against civilians, and it’s unlikely ever to be even whispered in ‘this’ universe: extermination. At some point, after Western governments start spiralling and collapsing, quasi-governments will emerge with one agenda – the interning and/or extermination of Muslims. I’ve heard military historians say that the worst battlefield excesses usually occur after an out-of-place policy of compassion does more harm than good. The left’s actions are making this all but inevitable.

    • I worry about this because of the sympathizers screaming to high heaven about internment/extermination. They will also require the same treatment.

  8. Would a German speaker kindly tell me the (derogatory) German word for “the people who wait at the Bahnhof to greet and welcome “refugees”/refugees? It’s “Bahnhof ……….”, I believe, but I can’t find it on the internet.

  9. The elites seem to be putting all the elements of civil war into place. I sincerely hope they succeed. The only thing Islam understands is force and warfare. Once, for example, Germany’s football hooligans become bored with beer and video games, Islam in Germany may well be driven into the ground like a tent-peg. This is profoundly to be encouraged.

  10. This is an excellent article. It could be useful, I’d like to suggest, if someone with the knowledge and expertise would give the source references for all these matters in the Koran/the Hadiths. For the luvvies and sundry unbelievers (unbelievers in the sense of not knowing or wanting to know what’s really happening and what the future holds), such references might make it a “stronger” article. (“Look, I didn’t say this, this is what the Koran /the Hadiths actually say.”)

    I am too often appalled by the stubbornness and arrogance of the do-gooders and their ilk when it comes to refusing to recognise not only what the future has in store but also what’s happening right now.

    I experienced a small incident yesterday in my town, one in which contempt for both me and my culture, as well as lack of gratitude, were shown. A “small” incident in a way but in another way not so small in that it was very revealing.

  11. Why the majority of people are so ignorant about Islam astounds me. As far back as 50 years ago the occasional report was published about the laws of Saudi Arabia. Many thought this was just black humor! Great piece and absolutely right, must get the book.

    • Majority of people are dumb. This truth has been told repeatedly (see Stephen Carter ‘ordinary people have largely acquiesced’. This reminds me of the truth in the Bible too ‘many are called but few are chosen’, ‘broad are the roads to hell’. Most people are lazy to learn Koran, do not have willingness and ability to read thick books of scripture of any religion. ‘Broad are the roads to hell’ captures not only the hell in after life, but also hell in this world as we see today.

  12. Very very scary reading the list, and it’s all true!

    This list provides a vivid stark warning, and to anyone who still wants to parrot that islam is a religion of peace, then you are either a turkey voting for christmas, brain dead, or a leftie, commie, socialist or taquiya artist,
    Or paid off political traitor involved in treason.

    I advise people to spread this post, to all and sundry. It makes hard stark reading, it’s clear again from this, that we must prepare for war in [the] very near future, war against our own western leader traitors, left wing nut jobs, socialists, and any other groups out to destroy western civilisation, by using Islam, marxism, and PC ideology, frankfurt school nazism.

    [redacted for violence]

  13. Living in a sea of constant cruelty and its pervasive stress will inevitably take its toll on our brains. It will forever preclude the finest delights and thrills and superlatives of life: lying on the warm summer grass on a college campus at 17 and looking at the coeds; getting an A in philosophy; buying a new doggy; getting published a powerful critique of our newly elected leaders….whatever…we shall then only, and forever, submit our souls to the ancient whims of a desert psychopath.

  14. Like they say it is not over before the fat Lady im Hosenanzug sings or better resigns…as for the Germans their hope and future may be in the East – what cannot be reformed may have to be [redacted]

  15. Joe Creho on July 10, 2017 at 8:41 am said:
    “Would a German speaker kindly tell me the (derogatory) German word for “the people who wait at the Bahnhof to greet and welcome “refugees”/refugees? It’s “Bahnhof ……….”, I believe, but I can’t find it on the internet.”

    These people are called “Gutmenschen” (good-people) because they feel they are better than the rest of us, or “Teddywerfer” (teddy-throwers) seeing they were throwing toy teddybears at the new arrivals to welcome them.

    • I can’t help feeling there’s a relation to Fred Saberhagen’s Berserker science fiction series. The Berserkers were ancient war machines that were super-intelligent and had only one objective: the extermination of all organic life.

      Unlikely as it seems, there were human beings who sympathized with the Berserkers and formed secret societies to help the Berserkers in their goals. The Berserkers were intelligent enough to forebear from killing their allies, at least until they had no more need of them.

      The human allies of the Berserkers were called “goodlife”.

  16. I stumbled on this publication by coincidence and wonder, whether this comment will ever be considered worth while :
    As a technical expert, who has been working for 22 years in various countries of the
    ME, I have been trying to warn the German public of what Merkel’s agenda is bringing to them, to absolutely no avail : None of my contributions were ever published !
    Otherwise “friendly” Arabic colleagues tell me frankly, yes Armin, what you read in the Koran (Sunnite,I read it all (!), is correct, non-negotiable, and must be followed by every “good Muslim” – by the word !
    Startling : most of them are well educated on western universities, came home with values, they enjoyed while in UK, Canada, US or Australia and….
    forgot everything about democracy, human rights, free speech etc, etc, etc, the instand, they set feet back on desert sand!
    Yes, they support “Taqiiya” and “Hijrah(4/100 Koran)” and “Jaziya”, because Allah (via Koran) told them so !
    Startling : The western governments (not only Germany !) don’t know about it ? And a “humble” technician does ?
    Startling : Armin, calm down, you guys lost Europe already, it’s a matter of only a few decades ! And, did you not live very well here with us ?

  17. In 1914, Europe used 19th Century mutual defense treaties to commit genocide against a generation of young, European men; even though by 1914 the world had drastically changed since the Mid-19th Century.
    Now, Europe is using Mid-20th Century immigration and refugee law to commit genocide against a generation of young, European men; even though the world has drastically changed since the Mid-20th Century.
    Insects and worms have a greater capacity to learn from experience than Europe.

  18. We are fortunate that the fundamentalists attacked innocent civilians in Europe, else we would have woken up too late to the Islamic insurgency. I always thought of Islam as a benign, exotic Eastern religion, until the bombings compelled me to research the Koran and realize the nature of the threat. Europeans don’t realize how close they are to the day of reckoning, by which time there will be no opportunity for democratic debate, it will be do or die.

  19. The problem with Islam is that it is all about its rules. There is no wiggle room in it. There is no space for personal conscience. It cannot be reformed without being destroyed; and that’s why Islam must be destroyed or else it will destroy the humanity of the human race.

  20. No European countries are about to have a Mohammedan revolution.

    I’m sure no one is suggesting that under-educated new arrivals from third world countries are in any position whatsoever to just somehow take control of nation states. Ah, but what of their children born in Europe will they eventually take over and start a new caliphate? – This is extremely, extremely unlikely. Yes the idea of an islamic takeover has traction in some young Mohammedans, but these are naive ill thought out views and as such very characteristic of people under 30. The problem for would be revolutionists is that most young European born Mohammedans have tasted education, freedom and democracy, it’s what they have been brought up with – once adult only a tiny minority will want a future of theocratic rule. Indeed the current young Mohamedans in many years to come will be held up by subsequent radicals as having failed to start the revolution but by then the chance will have passed.

    Yes there are going to be future social changes and laws tinkered with but nothing stands still. There will even be crazy Mohammedans on the fringes of politics, a few will even be elected on mad platforms but will achieve nothing. There will also be a lot more Mohammedans in main stream politics, they will be like the current mayor of London, they will just be politicians – they will not taking over.

    One of the perhaps insurmountable problems of starting a Mohammedan revolution in Europe is that it will be up to those born in Europe to deliver it. As the Mohammedan bible, is such nonsense piled high on ghastly nonsense, education will be its undoing. The faith in Europe is destined to become only a minor part of a cultural identity -there will be no revolutions.

    And lastly Europe is not facing civil war, that idea is just too silly to argue.

    • Your ideas were useful – if highly controversial – until your last sentence, the one in which you reduce many others’ reasonable concerns to “silly”.

      Lost on points, sir.

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