A Target-Spotter for Antifa in Hamburg?

It’s been a busy summer for award-winning Swedish journalists.

The first one in the news was admittedly “Swedish” rather than Swedish, a mischievous Algerian named Farid Ikken who attacked police officers with a hammer outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on June 6. Mr. Ikken got ventilated by the cops for his trouble, but survived, and will eventually face whatever passes for justice in Modern Multicultural France.

The second prize-winning Swedish journalist is an authentic Swede, a blond and presumably blue-eyed fellow named Mathias Wåg. To put it in a nutshell, last week, during the G20 riots in Hamburg, Mr. Wåg appeared to be acting as a target-spotter for Antifa. Based on the videos of those smoky events, he seemed to be consulting with various activists, pointing out journalists who needed to be beaten up.

In addition to being a stringer for the Swedish newspaper Expressen, Mathias Wåg works for an organization called the Research Group (Researchgruppen — see these posts in 2013, 2014, and 2015). The Research Group is part of a consortium of extreme-left organizations that act in effect as a collective intelligence agency for Antifa, with the tacit support of the Swedish state. EXPO is the most notorious, but the Research Group is right up there with it. Among other things, these earnest activists dox “neo-Nazi” politicians and journalists so that the “anti-fascists” can visit their homes and throw bricks through their windows or firebombs through their letterboxes.

Mathias Wåg took a road trip last week to help out the comrades who thronged the streets during the G20 summit, a-burnin’ and a-lootin’. Multiple videos of his involvement in those events have surfaced, one of them taken by some of the journalists who were beaten up.

The following compilation was taken from two reports on those events plus one of the videos. Many thanks to Tania Groth (Swedish) and Ava Lon (German) for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

First, a report published in Fria Tider on July 10:

Battered reporter to the man from Expressen: “You asked a crowd to beat me up”

It was Expressen‘s partner, Mathias Wåg, who asked a left-wing mob to beat up an American reporter in connection with the riots in Hamburg. That is what the victim himself, Marcus DiPaola, writes on Twitter.

The Research Group’s Mathias Wåg, who was once awarded the Golden Spade and works for Expressen, was captured on film when he took photos of a US reporter last week who was being beaten up by a group of left-wing extremists.

The reporter Marcus DiPaola from Heavy.com now tells Twitter that it was Mathias Wåg who told other left-wing extremists to attack him.

“Hi Mathias. Remember me? You asked a crowd to beat me up…” DiPaola writes. Marcus was beaten by the left-wing extremists and then repeatedly kicked as he lay on the ground.

“You’re the first journo I’ve met that asked others to beat me…” he continues.

Since Fria Tider wrote about the video clip on Sunday, another video from the event has been published. The clip clearly shows Mathias Wåg taking a brief look at Marcus DiPaola after the abuse, and that Wåg discusses identifying different people with the other left-wing extremists.

Since then the Expressen man has himself posted his pictures of DiPaola in a tweet aimed at the left-wing extremist Anti-Fascist Action in New York.

Mathias Wåg and other members of the Research Group were employed a few years ago by Expressen‘s editor-in-chief Thomas Mattsson to identify and expose private Swedish individuals who criticized immigration policy anonymously online. The left-wing extremists were later rewarded the Golden Spade, a prestigious journalism prize, for their efforts.

Fria Tider is looking for comments from Mathias Wåg.

The second report (already in English) was posted by Pål Bergström on July 10:

Award winning Swedish journalist part of attack on journalist at G20 meeting in Hamburg

During the G20 meeting in Hamburg journalist Marcus DiPaola filming for heavy.com was attacked by extreme left demonstrators calling him a Nazi. Part of the attacking group or seemingly knowing them was the Swedish journalist Mathias Wåg. According to Marcus DiPaola he instigated the violence, that somewhat can be confirmed by the video above (Mathias Wåg in cap and light blue green shirt).

@guldfiske Hi Mathias. Remember me? You asked a crowd to beat me up. About me: I’m not a conflict or political journalist. (1/

— Marcus DiPaola (@marcusdipaola) July 10, 2017

Mathias Wåg is one of the founders of a group called Researchgruppen (Research Group). A network of journalists started in 2009 with the mission to map extreme right-wing environments. By some Mathias Wåg and others behind are accused of belonging to the violent left.

In 2014 Researchgruppen was awarded Guldspaden (Golden Shovel)an annual Swedish journalism award for revealing names of members of a well known Swedish forum where users are required to be anonymous but by Researchgruppen claimed to be right-wing extremists.

In another incident German journalist Max Bachmann was also attacked. So was Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange.org. By pure coincidence they together with colleagues Tim Pool and Lauren Southern were all photographed in the same photo in Hamburg during the meeting. This was then spread in social media with a false claim that they are nazis. Probable reasoning behind the attack on Marcus DiPaola.

All but Lauren Southern are independent citizen journalist without political association. She is more right-wing though not extreme right, as I can tell, even if she seems to collaborate and move in groups with questionable motives. Still no reason to be exposed to hate or violence.

Video transcript:

0:08   Nazi swine
0:12   Nazi swine
0:16   F***ing Nazi swine, f*** off!
0:32   Who shows up and takes pictures of a journalist being beaten up? Yup, it’s Mathias Wåg. (Journalist from Expressen)
0:34   But he is not interested in taking photos of those who are beating up journalists, as it is his friends who are doing it.
0:44   Nazis. Get lost!
0:48   The buddies of Mathias Wåg, the winner of the Golden Spade (Sweden’s most eminent journalism prize), are beating up, threatening and kicking a journalist, and Wåg is more interested in taking photos of those who are documenting it than those who are doing the physical abuse.
0:56   Guys, guys, it’s OK, it’s OK
1:12   Go away!
1:25   Now Matthias Wåg is talking with one of those who later threatens to kill the journalists (guy in the black hoodie)
1:39   Here it looks as though they are comparing photos so that they can find “the right persons”.
2:17   Here he (Mathias Wåg) is directing who the mob should go after and who they should not.
2:53   Here they appear to be comparing pictures with those people they are looking at.
3:08   ”Look here. Are these people we have in front of us?”
3:23   ”Look! Who’s this chick?” (You can hear it if you listen closely).
4:29   The speaker voice says that Sören Kohlhuber is central to the troubles in Hamburg. But Mathias Wåg is also a central figure as he is there coordinating attacks, taking pictures so that they specifically go after and beat up ‘the right’ journalists and so on. Because if he is not, it is strange that he can walk amongst them unmolested without the least bit of suspicion (from Antifa).
    He can do that because everyone knows that he is there and in control of the mob.
4:35   Same event from a different angle:
4:46   F**ing Nazi swine!
5:01   Here you can see Mathias Wåg documenting his friends beating up a journalist.
5:09   Here you CLEARLY see that he is not as interested in taking pictures of the attackers as he is of photographing the people documenting the attack.
5:17   Which can clearly be seen when he grabs the phone lightning-fast to take pictures.
5:31   Go away!
6:02   ”Who’s that girl?” He says and shows a picture on his phone.
    It is clear that the phone is loaded with pictures of persons his friends (in Antifa) are supposed to hunt and abuse.
7:00   Who was it that showed up and threatened them?
7:05   It looks as if it is Mathias Wåg’s friend, the guy with the black hoodie (from earlier in the video).
7:13   If the German police were to investigate this man’s involvement in the torching of Hamburg, they would probably discover that Mathias and his friends enjoyed themselves a lot.
    He CLEARLY played a central role in the events.
7:27   I hope that the Swedish journalists who celebrated this man and his friends are now satisfied that the pack of thieves have vandalized and destroyed Hamburg.
    Because you knew the type of people he and RG are but you chose to not do anything. On the contrary, you have chosen to protect them.
    Today Hamburg thanks DN (Dagens Nyheter), Expressen, Aftonbladet, SVT (Sweden’s state television channel) and all the other journalists who have celebrated the “Independent Journalist Collective Research Group”.
    I hope you think it was completely OK to award them “The Golden Spade”.

22 thoughts on “A Target-Spotter for Antifa in Hamburg?

    • Why are his knees intact?
      Why aren’t EACH of his shoulders dislocated?
      His STILL has his TEETH?
      He can walk?

      One wonders, doesn’t one? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue IMHO.

  1. If [Progressive] “journalists” are going to point out conservatives for Antifa goons to beat up, then [Progressive] “journalists” are painting targets on themselves as active participants. Are they too stupid to understand action-reaction?

  2. I’m sorry if this sounds insentive, but when you act like a [milquetoast] instead of a man, as the pitiful DiPaula did, you’re asking to be kicked. He was no where near the degree of danger to be such a weakling, and he encouragd rather than discouraged the attackers. The attackers were not even very fierce or very aggressive- he should have fought htem off , yelled at them, whatever. Sorry- the Right has to get strong and aggressive, holding your hands up and begging for mercy is just pathetic and it encouraged the dogs.
    Second, what do you meant by suggesting that Lauren Southern has “questionable motives”? What?? She’s a patriotic, pro-Western white woman- that’s a questionable motive?

    • I didn’t offer any suggestions about Lauren Southern; that was from one of the Swedes in the block quotes.

      There aren’t really any Swedish conservatives. Even the Swedish “right” is liberal by American standards. The same is true in most of Western Europe.

      • Baron-

        There are some on the alt-right that are questioning the depth of Miss Southern’s commitment, and whether or not she is using her looks to exploit a market gap, ala Megyn Kelly.

        • Well, she’d be a fool not to! Grab the green while you can — the beauty that God gave you only lasts for a little while; make the most of those few years.

          I’m all for pretty young women talking on YouTube. Mind you, I may or may not be paying much attention to what they say, depending on their, ahem, wardrobe.

    • I disagree, he was there to report the situation. The people at fault are the Hamburg authorities for not providing a safe city and the members of that fascist gang who dress like ISIS.

      If DiPaula belonged to a group that attacked other people then sure, he could be seen as a validly provocative target and be expected to defend himself.
      As it stands he is a member of the public with conservative? (I don’t know who he is) sentiments. That a weak person gets such a beating is more evidence of how incompatible these fascists are with modern democracy. They really are no different to the jihadis who run over children in heavy trucks.

      Thinking about it as I type, these fascists can mobilise like this to oppose our civilisation, but not even a fraction of them will come together to protest ISIS style terror attacks – they simply don’t have anything to say on the matter – they really are ideological brethren of ISIS.

  3. “The attackers were not even very fierce or very aggressive – he should have fought them off, yelled at them, whatever. Sorry – the Right has to get strong and aggressive, holding your hands up and begging for mercy is just pathetic and it encouraged the dogs.”

    You are correct: “Begging for mercy” does “encourage the dogs.”

    I’ve been in several “altercations” with the local Moroccan-Belgians here in Brussels where I have been living, unfortunately, the last six years. Whenever I’ve started throwing punches (after they’ve pushed or hit me first) is when they immediately start showing respect or even run away. Luckily I’ve only been in one on one fist fights, they are notorious for attacking in packs.

    As a born and bred American in my late fifties there is no way that I am going to bow down in fear to a young Muslim punk in his early twenties. The fighting that I learned how to do as a kid growing up in California in the 70’s still pays off forty years later on the streets of Brussels, Belgium today.

    I can understand, to a point, the fear that this one man had in being surrounded by scores of aggressive Antifa punks calling him a Nazi. It all could have escalated in a split second and he could have easily been beaten to a pulp in a way he’d never recover from. But, at the end of this video when he was near the cops and the lone punk in the black hoodie returned one last time to threaten his life is when I’d have knocked him out with a solid punch to the face; when a stranger (this punk) specifically walks over to you in order to threaten to kill you for one last time I’d take him seriously; consequently you have the right to strike him first, and to strike him repeatedly with everything that you’ve got.

    • I could not agree more with your comment. I’ve been in a few scraps myself over the years with one or more thugs who believe that their intimidation will relieve them of receiving a ‘bruising’.

      Thugs will hunt in packs because they are basically cowards at heart and generally do not have much faith in their own fighting ability.

      Watch the eyes of your opponents to detect the weakest among them. They will be the one’s who can’t look in you in the eye and will either run off or stand back when the action starts. Then target the person who has the biggest mouth because he generally is the weakest in character when it comes to the physical aspects of the altercation.

      If you can knock the ‘mouth’ down with one or two quick punches, then his ‘mates’ may think twice before remaining to take you on.

      But most important, unless the odds are too heavily stacked against you, stand your ground, don’t forget your training and fight as hard as you can to win while avoiding falling down because that is when the pack will attack hardest and can do the most damage to you by using their feet, which is just so typical of the gutless coward.

      Both my sons had to learn about one of life’s necessary lessons for the male the hard way – on my advice of course – that the only way to keep the Bully at a safe distance is to whack him when he first starts his intimidation tactics.

    • Martin-

      I agree with your points, and agree that, one-on-one most of the invaders are not much of a threat.

      That said, please be careful and make sure you have a solid escape route available at all times because the invaders are usually able to form packs that are a threat very quickly.

  4. In Italy the debate rages on about whether or not Africans born in Italian hospitals after crossing the Mediterranean are ” Italians ” and thus eligible for the freebies. This in a country with a serious poverty problem. Of course the innumerate leftists pompously announce they, being ” civilized ” stand for inclusion of the Africans. It is astonishing how meager the intellects of leftists have become. They appear to have no quantitative abilities whatsoever. The ” rightists ” are left with job of pointing out that Italy doesn’t have the resources to pay lifetime benefits to unemployable illiterates. Qualitative reasoning by the left fails as well. What precisely is ” inclusion ” ? Sleeping in a tent in Rome – for instance – playing video games is not inclusive since it can happen anywhere, and does. Drinking, fighting and lolling about is ridiculously common. Reproducing aimlessly is the African norm. How will Italy survive if millions of Africans hang around for the next fifty years ? It is not like Fiat is going to engage in de-automation so Africans can find work. The level of stupidity of the political class is unbelievable.

    • Exactly. They are unemployable in any modern society and would be left to starve in their home countries if they followed the same behavior there.

      What does one get when one feeds a thousand starving Africans?

      Ten thousand starving Africans…

  5. The Golden Spade, eh? Is this awarded to the journalist who shovels the most horse excrement through his newspaper’s press?

    • Spade? SPADE?! Don’t they know that is a racist term for African-Americans?

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