Fear and Loathing in Sweden

“The Internet is a tool for the bad guys and their ideas.”

The following pieces about the suppression of civil liberties in Sweden all have one thread in common: the far-left organization Expo.

Fjordman sends the following introduction about the history and political affiliations of Expo:

The organization Expo is — unfortunately — very powerful in Sweden today. It was founded in the mid-1990s by the now-late Marxist activist Stieg Larsson. He ironically went on to sell tens of millions of books of crime fiction after his death.

In 2007 Mona Sahlin was elected leader of the Social Democratic Party, which has been Sweden’s largest party for generations and often its dominant political force. She stepped down as party leader after losing the 2010 elections, when she was the left-wing candidate for Prime Minister.

In 2011, after having been a serious candidate for Prime Minister only a few months earlier, Sahlin joined the board of the organization Expo.

The journalist and dissident writer Ingrid Carlqvist is currently co-editor of the newspaper Dispatch International, along with the author and historian Lars Hedegaard. They have documented how Expo came to have a very powerful unofficial influence over the Swedish public debate on immigration, or the total lack of such. Sweden is nearly paralyzed by a climate of fear. You risk being fired from your job and socially demonized by the left-leaning press if you say anything remotely critical of mass immigration. As a matter of fact, you risk being fired without saying anything at all in public. It can be enough merely to give a small donation as a private citizen to democratic dissident websites such as Avpixlat.

Expo has contributed negatively to this totalitarian climate. Some of its harshest critics have even compared it to Stasi, the secret police in the Communist dictatorship of East Germany (DDR). The few who dare speak up against mass immigration in Sweden risk being physically attacked as well. Expo has been accused of having too close a relationship with violent left-wing organizations.

The leading Expo member Charles Westin was in 2007 editor of a book about alleged right-wing extremists. In addition to contributions by radical left-wing academics such as Mattias Gardell, it further contained a chapter written by the extremely violent left-wing organization Anti-Fascist Action (AFA).

AFA have for years staged very violent attacks on people who dare to question mass immigration or oppose Islamization. Some of their victims have been attacked with axes even in their private homes. AFA often post videos on the Internet where they brag about such attacks. They have done this with near-impunity for many years. The political establishment looks the other way.

Among AFA’s many targets have been members of the perfectly democratic and legitimate political party Sverigedemokraterna (The Sweden Democrats) These attacks have continued even after the Sweden Democrats entered the Swedish Parliament in 2010. Expo’s notable board member Daniel Poohl, who is not democratically elected, has publicly stated that it’s “not undemocratic” to deny the Sweden Democrats access to political influence.

In early 2011Mona Sahlin went directly from being the national leader of the very powerful Swedish Social Democratic Party to sitting on the board of Expo together with Charles Westin. That a leading politician sits on the board with a person who has cooperated openly with groups beating up members of a legal opposition party might have raised a few eyebrows elsewhere, but not in Sweden.

[See also: Fjordman on Expo here and here.]

Thoralf Alfsson is a member of parliament for Sverigedemokraterna from Kalmar. On Tuesday he wrote wrote the following post in his blog about how he has come to live in fear, as have many other Swedes who hold politically incorrect opinions. Mr. Alfsson identifies a particular trigger for the onset of his fear: Expo.

Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated Mr. Alfsson’s post, and follows it up with related material about the official and semi-official crusade against “hate” on the internet:

I’m Afraid

Every time the phone rings and the display shows the hidden number, I feel a great discomfort and a strong sense of unease, but I still almost always answer it. In nine cases out of ten, it is a journalist calls, or Expo.

Yesterday a person from Expo called. My discomfort and malaise is not lessened by the fact that it was someone from Expo — in actuality, one becomes only more uneasy and anxious. I know that he is no kind man, but someone who dislikes me, maybe even hates me and does not wish me well. He is not objective and has no honest purpose in calling, but is just looking to get a quote he can use to hurt me politically! In other words, a person from the Expo just want to hurts me by damaging my reputation and defaming me within legal limits. That is the stark and bitter truth! Therefore I never answer his questions but just say that I have no comment, and then the call is over for me, but it is never respected and he continues nagging, and I finally get to hang up with the knowledge that one will soon get to read something less nice on their hateful website.

An Expo employee is never objective, but has an agenda that seeks to harm me and my party. This process also spills over to my children and other relatives and friends who are indirectly affected. These items will attract further various “hilarious” people who do not hesitate to engage in such actions as unlawful threats.

Expo’s staff has all the politically correct media corps behind them who happily pick Expo’s twisted creations for their own newsrooms. Aftonbladet and Expressen have their own hacks rooting around, and come with their own interpretations of the same material that can also be spiced up with various errors. Here is no serious and honest journalism, but this applies double standards and practices. One rule applies to 7-clover* politicians and quite another to the Sweden Democrats.

Moreover, not only the politically correct media corps are cheering on Expo; numerous members of parliament from the 7-clover alliance, artists, celebrities, top union figures and even the Swedish Church also support the Expo’s personal persecution. Stigmatizing is just the beginning word for what is going on in Sweden.

I also think it’s very cowardly to call from a hidden number! Not daring to stand for something is just pathetic and a sign of weakness. Not to show who you are when you call is pure cowardice.

Starting today, I stop answering calls from a hidden number!

Last Sunday, I wrote a blog post about Islam Net in Norway. On several occasions Expo has identified myself and others as Islamophobes. It is documented! The first time I ended up as such, it was not only me on Expo’s list of Islamophobes, but also the journalist Kurt Lundgren, who became angry. Read the article from Ölandsbladet.

That 1,500 Muslims gathered in Oslo, our lovely neighbor to the west, believe that adultery should be punishable by stoning to death is daunting, to say the least. It is not a small sect of some tens of people, but several thousand people living in Norway. Had this happened in Islamabad, Baghdad, Kabul or in Mecca, I would have not reacted so much, but now it was in Oslo.

How many others hold the same opinion in Scandinavia? Probably very many, and it scares me! It not only scares me, it makes me also afraid. Afraid that no one dare to protest against these religious fanatics! I have never heard any MP from the 7-clovers protest against Sharia law in Parliament or in any debate article. Possibly also because of a fear, a fear of being singled out as Islamophobic by PC Swedish media.

Has anyone heard the moderate parliamentarian Abderizak Waberi protest against stoning as punishment for adultery? No, he is silent as the grave! It is sad and pathetic for a moderate member of parliament, who should instead be leading the “resistance” against Stone Age culture, but that is not the case.

I’m afraid of the developments taking place in the Western world and in Sweden, and how the establishment coddles Islam. The most worrying is perhaps the incomprehensible attitude of the Swedish Church, if you consider how Christians are persecuted in Muslim countries.

On my blog I will continue to highlight all the sick things in Islam, and what is going on in our country or in neighboring countries. Whether someone calls me Islamophobic or not. I am not afraid of being called Islamophobic. I am, however, both scared and frightened of the developments in our country, and over the naïve approach the establishment shows!

Expo is part of a much larger network of “anti-hate” NGOs and government spinoffs that expend a massive amount of time and energy (and presumably money) chasing down “Islamophobes” and attempting to neutralize them. There are versions of Expo — and also versions of their ostensibly unaffiliated bully-boy comrade organizations, such as UAF and Antifa — in all Western European countries, and indeed throughout the Western world.

INACH is an international NGO that fights “discrimination” on the internet. According to its mission statement:

The object of INACH, the International Network Against Cyberhate is to combat discrimination on the Internet. INACH is a foundation under Dutch Law and is seated in Amsterdam. INACH was founded on October 4, 2002 by Jugendschutz.net and Magenta Foundation, Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet..

Earlier this month INACH sponsored a conference in Uppsala on the use of the internet to spread “hate”. Below is the advance announcement of the event posted on INACH’s website:

INACH Annual Conference 2013 in Uppsala (SWEDEN) on October 17th!

At this year’s conference we will focus on the relation between civil society and politics/policy making and address three different spheres of accountability. Trough the theme “CIVIL ACTIVISM AND POLITICAL RESPONSIBILITY” we call upon the public internet users, the civil society and the official politicians and ask them about their role, ability and responsibility in creating a safe internet environment. What can be done by ordinary citizens? What should our elected politicians do? What is already done by the civil society to combat hate or to improve the environment on the Internet? Where do our strategies reinforce each other and where do our different intentions collide? During the conference we will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from each other as well as discuss our various approaches and strategies on countering cyber hate. The conference will be held in the centre of beautiful Uppsala, Sweden, in the old university building known as Norrlands Nation, Västra Ågatan 14.

Erik Ullenhag, the Minister for Integration in the current Swedish government, was one of the prominent attendees at the INACH event last week in Uppsala.

On Tuesday the Swedish dissident website Exponerat published a caustic account of Mr. Ullenhag’s participation, noting that left-wing extremists at sites such as Expo are never the targets in any investigations of internet “hate” (translation by LN):

Ullenhag: “Swedish media and the ‘Twitter Left’ are the evil ones”

As you all know Erik Ullenhag was in Uppsala the other day, where he held a conference about net hate. Ullenhag said, inter alia: “… Unfortunately, the Internet is a tool for the bad guys and their ideas.” And those who use the Internet the most to put out their evil and biased messages and hatred are the Twitter Left and PC media, spewing tons of nonsense.

Ullenhag found that everyone has a responsibility to combat “intolerance and hatred on the internet.” So also the world’s politicians, who have a particularly large responsibility, the little integration minister, Erik Ullenhag (FP) pointed out. The International Conference on net hate went on for two days in Uppsala. The other day we published a photo from the meeting where Ullenhag is standing with folded hands in between five cloth-wrapped young Muslimas, see [Exponerat for photo].

The Internet, Ullenhag thinks, has played a “crucial role” in the fight for democracy and human rights all around the world.

“Unfortunately, however, it is also an instrument of the wicked and their ideas. There is currently a lack of political initiatives against all this,” said Erik Ullenhag in his opening speech at the University’s Norrlands Nation, said UNT.

Ullenhag now wants that all the world’s politicians to review the legislation and consider other measures to reduce the presence of “hate” on the Internet. What Ullenhag does not seem to understand is that the Internet is too large for the “hate” to be stopped. Just look at all the terrorist sites, Arabic hate sites, fanatical Muslim organizations, the Swedish Green Party website, the Twitter-Left, the constant acidic bile from Aftonbladet and Expressen that drowns everybody online. It will not be easy to stop this. But Ullenhag live in a bubble.

Erik Ullenhag stressed that the greatest danger in a society is not the extreme views; the greatest danger is when the good forces are silenced because then we risk losing those who stands teetering in between. One of the good forces, Exponerat.info, will not be silenced, so Erik can rest easy on that score. We will do everything possible to bring the truth and expose the lies and hatred from the seven-clover* and the ‘Twitter Left’s’ controversial tweets.

Internet hate shall be countered with facts and sound arguments, said Erik Ullenhag, who drew thunderous applause from the participants. Then Ullenhag must obviously mean net-hate sites such as slutpixlat.blogspot.se, interasistmen.se, “Research Group page”, EXPO, “Revolutionary Front page”, Antifa, Aftonbladet, and others.

A Dutch woman named Suzette Bronkhorst, who is a member of the international network INACH that sponsored the conference, was very impressed with the Swedish minister’s commitment, saying that “He seems pretty aware of the problem; he should be the leader of a group of European politicians.”

The Discrimination Office in Uppsala was organizer of the spectacle.

As Deborah Weiss pointed out yesterday, last month’s Geneva conference discussing the criminalization of “Islamophobia” has pushed Western governments that much closer to the implementation of Shariah-compliant Islamic blasphemy laws. If Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have their way, that pesky First Amendment will be thrust to one side so that the United States can ensure that “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”.

Expo is just one small piece of a much larger mosaic that is gradually being cemented together by the leaders of the Western democracies and their state-funded non-governmental allies.


*   Sjuklövern: seven-leaf clover, the seven-party system. All parties in Parliament, apart from the Sweden Democrats, are seen as one party when it comes to policies on mass immigration. These seven parties are the “seven sisters” or the “7-clovers”.

29 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing in Sweden

  1. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is basically libel.

    Does anyone in Sweden know who this mass murdering rapist abductor of immigrants is supposed to be based on? He’s a social construct if there ever was one.

    The actual cannibals and rapists in the North are invariably Pakistanis, Arabs or Africans of one sort or another.

    Talk about a bloody “blood libel”.

    • Remember that Stieg Larsson was a communist. I guess that in his mind, all rich people were bad. That’s probably why he portrays the rich family Vanger (in The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo) as a bunch of perverted, dysfunctional, psychopathic nazis, rapists and serial killers.

  2. Since islam is so intolerant of adulters and homosexuals… why NOT OUT those EXPO people and their politician buddies who partake in those endeavors, to their MUSLIM SUPPORTERS and watch what happens?

    Perhaps the FEAR of islam should be shared with EXPO. : )

    • Sorry about the spelling errors… ADULTERER is the way it is spelled.oops.
      Fornicators are also on the Koran’s list of people who NEED punishment by stoning too…SURELY amongst the EXPO god haters there MUST be more than a FEW of them… surely.

  3. There are many rather disturbing reports about the latest activities of the EU apparatchiks in various European countries and then there’s this rather alarming one from Sweden. I’ve sometimes wondered whether or not a majority of Europeans really understands liberal democracy, their social engineering instincts are too powerful.

    Perhaps only members of the so-called “Anglosphere” really understand the concept.

  4. The last 10 years I lived in Sweden (Emigrated november 2012), I only took the phone when I knew the number calling. The others would have to send me an sms or an e-mail.

    The same with all authorities – only written communication. This way of protecting oneself is absolutely necessary in Sweden.

    I have no intention of returning to Sweden, but merely the fact that I’m writing at GoV under my true identity would make it too dangerous for me. Mr. Alfsson’s fear is definitely not “Swedenophobia”.

    • Point out, that according to AFA in the Netherlands and Germany, there exists LEFT-Antisemitism as well.

      And which members of Expo do have “white privilege”, which members of the Bonnier family do have “white privilege”?

  5. When the leftists’ heads are on the Islamic chopping blocks, I can’t help but think their last words will be that from the movie “Play it Again Sam:” “How did I misread those signs?”

    • It’ll be like Chelmsford in Zulu Dawn…

      Go to the peak of the hill witha telescope and report the events at Islandwana to me.

  6. Btw, the words “hate” (hatred, hateful) and “intolerance” are another words on my list in my work with the “Daily Life Language of Violence”.

    All of us in the western world knows that it is very ugly to hate or to be intolerant. But, in the same way that I don’t find “fascism” or “feminism” in the law text, nor do I find “hate” or “intolerance”.

    This type of words are often used in accusations. Merely by noticing the choice of words, you can judge the validity of the accusations.

    At the same moment somebody makes an accusation, a crime has been committed. Either the accused person has broken the law or it is a false accusation. Since the risk of being charged and convicted for false accusations is minimal – of course it is used by people with manipulatory intentions.

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  8. “…the now-late Marxist activist Stieg Larsson… went on to sell tens of millions of books of crime fiction after his death.” Would he have sold so many had they not been promoting the ‘equality’ agenda?

  9. There are a couple of more things I would like to point out about EXPO.

    Stieg Larsson was meny times in London and taught the MI5 and Scotland Yard about the “right-wing extremists” (ie any one who is critical of the open boarders policies). Remember that the founders of the british version of EXPO, Search Light, where also MI5.

    We also have the Aschberg family with strong ties to EXPO. Just like Larsson they are a bunch of commies. Robert Aschberg is a huge TV personality, while little brother Richard Aschberg was the journalist that “broke” the story about exposing a list of people who have donated money to the anti-establishment webbsite Avpixlat. Theire grand father Olof Aschberg was fundamental in financing the bolshevik revolution. It is no wonder Lenin stopped by Stockholm before traveling to Moscow to launch the communist revolution.

    Finally, Stefan Löfven, who is the new leader of the Social Democrats, and set to win the elections next year, was schooled by EXPO, before becoming a candidate. It would be a great victory for EXPO if one of theire alumni became the leader of Swedens next government.

  10. You know what? I have spent around two years working in Malmö as a programmer. During this time I was constantely forced to listen to Swedes talking about how awesomely “colorful” Sweden is-unlike Poland, apparently we are not “tolerant” enought, so colored people dont want to live with us, unlike “tolerant” Sweden. How “multicultural” Sweden is (does it have,like Poland, African migrants as representatives in its Riksdag?), how Poland should “fight its problems with anti-Semitism” (according to a recent googleble study, over 50% of Jewish Swedes are afraid of mentioning their religious belonging.which places Sweden at the very top of the list-Poland does not even make the cut…), how there is no “religious oppresion” in Sweden, unlike in Poland, where apparently the Catholic Church is running the state ect.

    To be honest-and I know Im being terrible here-seeing Sweden chock on its own 1. arrogance 2. stupidity and 3.do-gooder pseudo-moral lets me giggle with glee.

    • It’s not arrogance or stupidity of the Swedish people, but of ideology they have naively bestowed trust in. Having enough power one can brainwash every nation and none is immune to it. It all depends on people in power and we both know that their qualities and real intentions are too often question of mere luck rather than good judgement of voters.

    • Dear Sobieski,

      I can only confirm what you are saying about the in sane Hypocrazy of the Swedes. But this has been developed over a long time. Please, let me tell you this anecdote:

      When I was studying Building Engineering in Lund, in the 3rd year in “Stadsbyggnad” (= town building), we were supposed to be paired with a student from the Architectural department (Which unhappily belongs to the technical faculty in the Swedish Universities.).

      At that time in 1972, parallelly with my studies, I worked as a student advisor. This made be late to the pairing session.

      When I arrived, there was only one person left – Andrzej from Krakow.

      I couldn’t have got a better partner!

    • You are next.

      Jerks like Sol Campbell tried to get England to boycott the European Football championship because Poles make Monkey noises.

      Poland, Ukraine, Russia are all slated for enrichment.

    • The Poles probably should have been invited in as factory workers to the UK, France and Germany instead of Pakistanis, Algerians and Turks. The only reason it didn’t happen us that Commissars in The USSR prevented the natural flow of migration. It’s almost a conspiracy ! Who, I wonder, could have predicted the demographic results?

  11. Hello baron,

    Someone is posting comments using my nickname. Sobieski

    Can you stop this???

    This is not nice, i was using on here the name, sobieski for long time.

    I also support you in full.

    Please advise.

    Sobieski (original)

  12. Sobieski —

    I’m sorry, but unfortunately I have no way to control what nickname people use when they comment.

    Sometimes popular figures from history or fiction will appear two or three times, used by more than one commenter. Sobieski is a very popular historical figure, so at least one other person has chosen to use his name. I’ve also seen at least two different Charles Martels.

    The only thing I suggest is that you add a further identifier to your nick — “Sobieski from Wroclaw” or something similar — to make your identity distinctive.

  13. Well you folks could continue to whine and cry about how unfair, mean and hostile expo and the anti-fascists are, or you can start to fight back by using their tactics against them. Follow them home, see how they like it, call them at all hours of the day or night. The bottom line is, if you don’t fight for what you believe in and continue to take the so called high moral ground, they are going to bury you in it.

  14. Why don’t you find out if any of your leftwingproIslamization is 1) sleeping with a girl friend: FORBIDDEN IN ISLAM 2) Being an adulterer: FORBIDDEN IN ISLAM or homosexual: FORBIDDEN IN ISLAM and expose him to see whether the Islamists are keen to work with him/her?

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