Breivik Repudiates the Counterjihad

The Swedish organization Expo is a anti-racist trust co-founded by the best-selling author and communist Per Stieg Larsson and the hard-left activist Tobias Hübinette. The group’s stated mission is to expose “organized intolerance”.

Their publication “Expo” is edited by Robert Aschberg, the grandson of Lenin’s financier. Mr. Aschberg also owns the data-collection company Piscatus, which has the legal right to run registers of all available data on members of the public.

Together Piscatus, Expo, and Research-Gruppen have built an impressive private far-left intelligence organization.

For his part, Tobias Hübinette is on record as having said this:

To feel and even think that the white race is inferior in every conceivable way is natural with regards to its history and current actions. Let the Western countries of the white race perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural, racially mixed and classless ecological society! Long live anarchy!

Given the stated ideology of the Expo organization, why would it publish an article saying that Anders Behring Breivik had repudiated any affiliation with the European Counterjihad? Mr. Breivik’s announcement certainly does not serve the interests of Expo, so why broadcast it?

The answer is simple: the Butcher of Utøya sent the same letter to a number of media outlets. Expo needed to get out in front of the sensational news in order to minimize any harmful impact.

It’s not really a surprise that Anders Behring Breivik was no friend of the Counterjihad movement, and was only using us as cover to protect his neo-Nazi comrades. So can we expect this to be big news in the Norwegian newspapers? Will VG publish a correction? Will former Prime Minister Stoltenberg apologize to Fjordman?

Don’t hold your breath.

Below is the article posted yesterday on the Expo news page. Many thanks to Ted Ekeroth for the translation:

Breivik wants to deport “disloyal Jews”

The terrorist Ander Behring Breivik has sent a letter to international media. In the letter he describes himself as a fighter for the “survival of the Nordic race” and demands a land area reserved for whites in Norway.

Anders Behring Breivik has sent a letter to international media that “Expo Idag” has read. He describes the letter as a first step in a “peace negotiation” with his political opponents. In the letter Anders Behring Breivik has partially changed his rhetoric from that used in his so-called “manifesto”. He says that he in the manifesto was using “the counterjihad” rhetoric to protect “ethno-nationalists” and instead prompt a media campaign against the anti-nationalistic counterjihad movement. He calls this strategy “double psychology”.

Anders Behring Breivik claims that he strives for a “clean Nordic ideal”. He means that the “Nordic race” is about to be eradicated and he wants there to be a Nazi party in Norway just like the party “Svenskarnas Parti” (The Swedes’ Party). He mentioned several infamous right-wing extremists in Norway that he wants to lead the party, among them Varg Vikernes and Erik Blucher.

“We lost the European civil war (the Second World War)”, Breivik writes, and directs his words at nationalists that he wants to support his “peace treaty”.

Breivik defines himself as part of a “Western Europe’s fascist movement”. Breivik says for there to be peace, the nationalists should be offered the south-western Östfold in Norway to “secure the survival of native Norwegians and Northeners”. Similar pieces of land should be allocated to whites in European countries.

Breivik also says that his love for Israel is solely based on its future role as a place to deport “disloyal Jews”.

Anders Behring Breivik also writes that he does not think that he will survive his time in prison, where he claims he is being tortured.

Hat tip: Snaphanen (Danish and Swedish).

59 thoughts on “Breivik Repudiates the Counterjihad

  1. The bloke’s a nutjob!! Have they been supplying him with “magic mushrooms”? He sounds like Himmler. What next “The Chicken Man Of Alcatraz Norge”? How dare this murdering swine claim to speak for any race, let alone “Europeans” or any other aspect of Humanity?

    I suppose he regards “hisself” as a “martyr” for his “cause” an and “intellectual” on this “movement”? This murderous “pr***” has doen more damage to western society and its survival than any Moslem bomb could ever do!

    • It’s very easy to come on this site and slag off Breivik as a nut-job or whatever, and nobody in their right mind would support him. The problem is that he is a clever nut-job, not only in manipulating those around him, but also by the fact that SOME of his ideas overlap with many
      of the ideas I have seen on this and other modern, relevant sites.

          • Nej Bilbo Og JeanJean. Jeg tror ikke at Breivik er og var et redskab for den stalinistiske venstre, ikke nazisterne.
            Anders Breivik er særdeles nem at forstå. Man skal bare gidde og sætte sig ind I hvorfor han handlede som han gjorde.

            Hvis manden er eller var, Skitzofren, psykisk syg og hvad ved jeg, med alle de fine ord, så havde Norge intet problem, Så kan de jo sende ham til Lofoten, ligesom når russerne sender folk til sibirien. Ifl retten, Er Breivik ved sine fulde fem.

            Norge har et problem:
            En mand med de skitzofrene tendenser er slet slet ikke rolig og forudseende nok til at kunne lave sådan et kommandoraid (endda helt alene), som Breivik gjorde det. En syg handling kan vi blive enige om. Men tosset er han bestemt ikke.

            Folk er mest fordømmende, og det kommer der INTET godt ud af. Det er Bare sååååå neeeemt, med denne Skitzofreni-diagnoce. De mennesker der er så fordømmende tænker ikke langt, de følger bare strømningerne.

            Tænk: hvilken vildfarelse. !!
            Har I tænkt på: Det der stod i VG for et par år siden, eller længere. Har I læst det.?? + den uansvarlige indvandringspolitik, der blev ført af socialdemokraterne, ikke alene i Norge, men alle steder, der hvor Sosserne er.
            Link til VG
            Tror I ikke det KUNNE være een af årsagerne til at hans ventil røg af. ??
            Der er mange ventiler der er presset, allerede nu: !!!

            Der er åbenbart ikke nogen der skænker det en tanke, at indvandringspolitikken kunne være årsag til den tragiske ulykke der skete hin dag på øen.
            Man skal særdeles passe på med kun at være fordømmende, for det løser ikke problemet Islam og problemet muslimer.!!!

            Disse to ting er lig med hinanden.
            Nazismen var problemet og Nazisterne var problemet.
            Islam er problemet Og Muslimerne er problemet.

            Nazismen og Nazisterne, blev elimineret, Islam og muslimer ender med at blive det.
            Hvad endten man kan lide formuleringen eller ej er det sandt. !!!
            S Å D A N – L I G G E R – L A N D E T.

            jeg kræver ikke enighed her, kun lidt forståelse.

            [machine translation:

            No Bilbo And Jeanjean . I do not think Breivik is and was a tool of the Stalinist left , not the Nazis.
            Anders Breivik is extremely easy to understand. You just bother and understand the why he acted as he did.

            If the man is, or was , schizophrenic , mentally ill and what not , with all the fine words, Norway had no problem, Then they will send him to Lofoten , like when the Russians send people to siberia . According to law, Is Breivik sane .

            Norway has a problem :
            A man with the skitzofrene trends do not worry and foresight to make such a commando raid ( even alone ) that Breivik did. A sick action we can agree on. But crazy he is definitely not.

            People are most judgmental, and it will be NOTHING on well . It’s just soooo easy, with this schizophrenia – diagnoce . The people there are so judgmental thinking not much , they just follow the flow .

            Think : what delusion. !
            Have you wondered : What was in VG for a couple of years ago or longer. Have you read it. ? + The irresponsible immigration policy , which was led by the Socialists , not only in Norway, but all places where Sosserne is.
            Link to VG
            Do not you think it COULD be one of the reasons that his valve came off . ?
            There are many valves that are pressed , even now : !

            Apparently, there is not anyone given a thought that immigration policy could be the cause of the tragic accident that happened that day on the island.
            You have to very careful not only to be judgmental , because it does not solve the problem of Islam and Muslims problem . !

            These two things are equal.
            Nazism was the problem and the Nazis were the problem.
            Islam is the problem And Muslims are the problem.

            Nazism and the Nazis , was eliminated , Islam and Muslims end up being it.
            Whether near the end you like formulation or not it’s true. !
            HOW TO – IS – THE COUNTRY .

            I do not require consensus has little understanding .]

      • In a dictator, people are not allowed to protest or demonstrate unless demonstrations are pro the ruling side.
        In a democracy the “elected” urge the people to demonstrate and protest as long as they are against Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Lybia, Saddam, Mubarak, Israel.
        Democracies actually encourage such protests because they make the people forget and ignore and not focus on the problems of “democracies”, and they don’t know what “democracy” rulers are doing, anyway.
        If people in western “democracies” demonstrate against their own rulers and corruption, they are allowed to some extent but NEVER to the point where there will be some change to the status quo. giving to the naive (most are naive) the impression that “we are demonstrating because we are democratic?
        If a democracy decides to build a pipleline for conveying oil over 14 000 kilometres and constitutes danger to man and environment, democracies encourage the public to discuss it while they are building the pipelines. They will build it anyway, because the environmental report will just come in time and show clearly that “there will be no impact of an form of life.
        Democracies are the greatest system in the world because the people demonstrated, a committee was formed for millions of dollars to write the report. Created jobs. The project, says the report is safe. The pipeline is built. Money will pour in for the next election. Some of it will be spent on multiculti, on schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan to be demolished by Taliban Mujahideen. But that’s unnimportant because the UN will praise us for giving so much for International Charities. It feels good to be praised.

  2. The political traitors and left wing marxists have killed far far more than breivik, you should spout your angst towards the enabelers and murderers of the native european citizens who sre currently being wiped out, exterminated,

    The evil deeds of the current and former euro political actors are committing a genocide that far outweighs anything breivik did, yet you say o about it!

    Islam = NaZis


    • You are right. Breivic killed 67 who were being indoctrinated with poison to hate native white Europeans and ignore the atrocities committed by Islam ( conquering the Middle East, North Africa, part of Asia, and part of Europe, and subjugating their dhimmis. Today they are conquering the 5 continents with the white politicians’ blessings. If you point that out you are a criminal.
      The servile behavior of the European/ and white politicians in general forced Breivik to commit his massacre. Some criminals are the product of their interaction with their criminal surroundings. The only goal for the western politicians and over the last 50 years is to help Muslims rule the 5 continents. Is Satan behind this! Is G-d behind it to bring about the end of the world when: nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom…
      Why people/ politicians in the position of power are always drunk whether they drink or not. Why “democracies” are the enemies of their own white citizens. Unbelievable but true.

      • Norway is particularly reprehensible in its material support of Hamas. Here’s a fairly recent source, from last October:

        Hamas Supporter Appointed Minister of EU Affairs in Norway

        The moral equivalence on display is shocking in a supposedly moral country, which in reality is an anti-Semitic swamp. It remains the only western democracy which not only does not condemn Hamas but also provides it with immense support. In the not-too-distant future this multi-cultural fantasyland will be pure and free of any Jewish culture.

        The Karmic Boomerang will return eventually.

    • Yes and I live it everyday mate!

      The UK is full of Leftwing “nutjobs”. And yes we are facing the greatest mass genocide in our history, caused by self-hating white “liberals”. I have been fighting them for years. My writings are well known. So don’t lecture me please on “The Left” or the threat of “Islam”. Both are a pain. All I meant was that Breivik didn’t help our cause..

      • “All I meant was that Breivik didn’t help our cause..”
        he wasn’t/didn’t intend to.
        he was a tool of the multicultural traitors.

    • This remark by Sobieski is an example of the intersection of Breivik and the Counter-Jihad; and in my experience it is not that uncommon among others who write here and elsewhere. Just because Breivik may have apparently recently claimed not to have noticed this ideological intersection, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. But I remain unconvinced that Breivik actually has specifically done this, as this article only summarizes that crucial aspect with paraphrases; it has not quoted Breivik on it.

    • How come the murders of London 7-7-2005, the murderers of Madrid, and the twin towers get less often mentioned than Breivik?
      How many times “ethnic cleansing of Muslims” in Yugoslavia was mentioned by every reporter and politician in the west until everyone fell for the BIG Lie, But no one is mentioning Ethnic Cleansing of Whiteys that’s taking place every day, nay, every hour in the west.
      Why western politicians are so eager to get rid of the white people who elected them to power? This type of treachery is unique and has no parallel in history, except an individual quisling here or there. But not the whole western countries turn against their own blood and flesh.

  3. He’s being tortured?? Sure he is. The parents of those he butchered are surely tormented when the cynical Scandinavian media agree to publish anything this mass murderer says.

    In the days when Breitbart ran some of the Baron’s essays – as long as they weren’t “too” European – commenters seemed to rush to be the first to say “Europe’s done, stick a fork in it”. And that appeared to be the sum of their knowledge of things European.

    Now, while commenters like that are still in the lead, it seems all the countries of the West are in a race to the bottom. Publishing ABB is further evidence for the media, who surely must be in the pay of their masters who have set up that race to start with.

    Breivik, sad to say, is a product of his culture, a lawless oligarchy covered with a thin veneer of “democracy”. Not that we’re any better off. Just bigger; with more room to spread out it’s less intense in some places.

    Until there is evidence to the contrary, I will continue to believe this puppet was led on by unidentified psy-ops professionals bent on furthering that tired “extreme-white-right-wing-lone-terrorist” meme which Hillary began harping on when her husband was discovered (uncovered) to be suffering from satyriasis. She had a full symphony orchestra behind her when the OIC joined in the chorus…pretty near to Breivik’s rampage, iirc.

    Those pros working of the hapless nerd had to flee Norway when WikiLeaks started spraying everything in sight. But their intention to be the architect of the US Sec State’s smack down could have worked had they been able to stay on site. They had ABB believing he was the leader of an underground movement which would rise up when…well, obviously not when he went on trial. That “we” stuff he was spouting in the first days of his show trial, back before he realized he’d been had, was telling indeed. Notice he never spoke that way again as the trial went on. No more “we”…perhaps out of the public eye his lawyer explained enough reality to get him to shut up about his ‘team’?

    I’ll believe he was a lone wolf when I see a forensic analysis or three of his “Manifesto” proving that all the interstitial material is his. Even if he now admits it was a cut-and-paste job, he still seems to claim it was his scissors and his Elmer’s glue. Sure it was. Just like on his ownsome he gathered those thousand email addresses he used to send out his message before taking off in his bomb truck…uh huh.

    But his culpability aside, why do the authorities let him speak now? What usefulness does it serve them? For sure, NOTHING gets out that they don’t want outed.

    The pitiful part? Saying ethnic Norwegians ought to be allowed to have their own little reservation. I suppose they’d be allowed to keep their quaint customs and food? Their girls would be safe from rape and molestation? Maybe…

    I try to imagine what the parents feel when this 21st century version of Lille Lord is allowed to take up space in the media. Do they ever feel afraid to turn on the TV or open a newspaper, fearful that he’ll be lurking in there?

    Those media bottom-feeders have no heart, no integrity and NO pity.

    Lord have mercy…

    • I do not know what they are up to. But something is shifting. that has been the black sheep of the Norwegian media for a long time, received large mentions / reviews in large Norwegian newspapers during the last few weeks, somewhat critical of the bad reputation awarded to them and somewhat related to their publishing a collection of articles from the blog in a book distributed through large retail chains and a translation into Norwegian of Christopher Caldwell’s book Reflections on the Revolution In Europe.
      Also, general debate and “research” articles has appeared in the same newspapers balancing the commonly communicated opinion that Internet based discussion forums are only cesspools of hatred and bigotry.
      And “suddenly” ABB presents his “true” views, where ethno-centric “nazis” are suddenly the real good guys according him, which is what the left has claimed the whole Counterjihad has been representing the whole time.
      New temporary focus on new and easier targets? I do not know. But something is shifting.

  4. Breivik is/was an implant of security agencies which let it happen, maximum destruction be it physical or psychological or both, mission accomplished! so they think…

    “For his part, Tobias Hübinette is on record as having said this:
    To feel and even think that the white race is inferior in every conceivable way is natural with regards to its history and current actions. Let the Western countries of the white race perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural, racially mixed and classless ecological society! Long live anarchy!”

    Hübinette is a fake and Breivik is his 180 degrees counterfake! At least I’m to the 0.50 point!

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  6. Wiping out the future leadership cadre of an opposition party is a remarkably stark political act.

    The other astonishing thing is that not one armed security guard was present on the Island.

    Breivik’s massacre looks far more clear cut now. It’s straight up kill your opponent. For all intents and purposes it is the last Plague of Egypt. Kill the first born!

    • It was murkier than that. A step-father had abused him and among other things told him he’d never be good enough to belong to that youth group.

      The element of revenge was strong but the act wasn’t “clear cut” at all. And don’t forget he was fooled into thinking he was the leader of many who were waiting for him to act. His handlers apparently knew about the bomb truck. The plan was to wait for him to drive in to Oslo and when he stopped, they’d roll him up before anything happened. They knew nothing about his Act II. So while he seemed malleable, he was equally using them.

      IIRC, he left earlier than planned. Then after the truck blew, he was already in his police uniform and off the radar, on his way to Utoya.

      The so-called leaders eventually got off the island by boat, leaving the other people to their fate. The TV chopper flew overhead and filmed him while he walked the shoreline finishing off his victims. They just watched him do that.

      It took the police an unconscionably long time to reach the island, and when they finally got there he simply surrendered. End of massacre. My bet is that he thought he’d be rescued by a neo-Nazi uprising of his fantasy followers, the ones his handlers told him were being formed for him. Thus his pictures, his plastic surgery. Lille Lord + Hitler.

      When he’s out of prison expect a tell-all book if he lives long enough on the outside. Lots of CYA folks will be after him to shut him up.

        • My speculations about Breivik’s handlers are merely that: my own Occam’s Razor approach to an otherwise insane story. Back in 2011, I read a great deal of online material from many, many sites.

          So some of it’s speculation based on old intel folks’ appraisals, some of it just common sense – e.g., the lack of a forensic look at his purported “Manifesto” which he now conveniently disowns (but that doesn’t solve the mystery of its existence).

          Before the Wikileaks flood, the numbers of American personnel at the embassy in Norway were way out of whack.After WL they scattered and left all their “projects” which I’m assuming included HUMINT. At the time Hillary was working closely with the Turks and OIC, talking about the lone wolves we needed to shun and shame. Her words.

          His appearance was simply too convenient. I suspect Norway’s psy-ops ppl thought the American three-letter know-it-alls were insufferable and didn’t keep close tabs on this dork in his basement after they flew out of the country. Why they didn’t follow up on his purchase of bomb-making materials remains murky.

          And so on…

          Just one credible linguistic analysis of that stack of paper would put to rest – or go a ways toward – my contention that he could not have written the stuff he didn’t cut and paste. Not only that, the cuts and pastes are way too insider baseball about the vast right wing conspiracy in the US, at least the online version that they wanted so badly to discredit.

          I talked to a Norwegian who knew some of the American players in Oslo pre-Wikileaks and he found my hypotheses credible.

          Except for the linguistic forensics, none of these ideas are original with me. However since the toadish Norwegian MSM hung Fjordman on a peg and took turns bashing him until his life was in shreds (anyone remember the oh-so-funny -if you’re Norwegian- Fjordland ‘satire’? That is a look into Norway’s soul.) I continue to talk about this because of the immense injustice, the creepy desperation for a scapegoat so nothing would have to change, etc., shows Norway’s true colors.

          A man I respect, a gentle scholar, was crucified by his own country. That is despicable.

          • I read the wiki on copy cat attacks. In the case of the Polish copy cat, he actually recruited
            Intel officers in what he thought was a cell.

            It wouldn’t
            Therefore surprise me.

            Radio Gleiwitz style stuff.

          • “Just one credible linguistic analysis of that stack of paper would put to rest – or go a ways toward – my contention that he could not have written the stuff he didn’t cut and paste. ”

            I was in a room with Norwegian journalists a week or so after the Breivik incident, and I pointed out to them that in the supposedly original writings of Breivik within his “Compendium” of quoted texts, there were at least 2 distinct authorial voices (when you’ve spent years grading the work of undergraduates, you get used to spotting when the authorial voice changes and they’ve plagiarised some section).

            The journalists looked at me like I was mad. Supposedly these journalists were flying all over the world trying to find people associated with Breivik (and in this endeavour they drew a blank). Yet the evidence that he was not working alone was right there in front of their eyes in his “Compendium” — one of the authors of the original parts was indistinguishable from a native English writer, whilst the other authorial voice was clearly not a fluent English writer (very probably, Breivik). But the media would not pursue this line of inquiry when it was pointed out to them.

            Of all the events that happened around Uttoya Island, one thing is clear to anyone who has studied literature: the “Compendium” was not written by Breivik alone.

          • If one starts out by asking who benefited from Breivik’s actions, it is the white elite that has been hard at work demographically destroying Europe and the U.S.

            I have no doubt the elites were nothing short of estatic when the nerd went on his rampage. It gave them all the excuse they needed to systematically discredit the anti-jihad and nationalist movements across Europe.

            Politically it was a home run for the elites.

            As to the question were they behind Breivik? There certainly is a case to be made for it. The use of agent provocateurs is a well known and used tactic among the intelligence agencies.

            Simply select a loner, gaslight him, let him have access to appropriate weapons and turn him lose.

          • Good analysis Pork Chop.

            I’ve not read the manifesto but this guy didn’t look like a prolific writer.
            It’s pretty obvious when a writer shifts the overall tone. In this case perhaps he was helped.

            One problem with your analysis though. Breivik did not derail the radicalization of the ordinary Scandinavian. They appear to be wide awake to the destruction of their homelands.


  8. Overall outside the inner circles of the counterjihad ABB’s actions were not that negative. Generally if the operation was to discredit the contentions of the counterjihad movement then it failed, ABB was far too surreal for the public to link with the political concerns that were already becoming part of their political consciousness.

    • The subject of Breivik came up today in conversation with a friend. He pointed out the same thing. He said at the time of the Uttoya massacre, what surprised him most was that in his working environment (where there are about 1000 people who mill around and talk all day), none of these ordinary people were expressing any particular outrage at what Breivik was done. My friend and I both think that is rather worrying. We conclude that there is indeed widespread sympathy for what Breivik did. But after decades of political correctness, people are not going to come out and say what they really think and feel – so we must learn to read behaviour rather than explicit statements.

      • This might strike you as strange but the main problem with Breivik’s aims and his action is this:

        He gunned down lots of ethnic Norse in the name of the ethnic Norse. There were lots of foreign children there. Pakistanis, Chechens, Jamaicans…the Multicult in a sense. Yet if you look at the faces of the children he went for the white kids. You can see this as a typical Nazi behaviour pattern. The sum of Nazi aggression was to butcher 30 odd million Whites. So Breivik fits the pattern of the Nazi to a tee.

        However he appears to now be admitting that he simply wanted to kill Marxists as Marxists. This is something that the r

        • …right has to account for. [redacted]. Everytime there is a youth meeting of socialists anywhere in Scandinavia or elsewhere there will be an unspoken fear that some unhinged berserker will massacre them.

      • I’ve seen this as well. Back then, and today, whenever Breivik comes up, the sentiment I’ve heard over and over again, by ordinary people who probably have never even heard of the counter-jihad movement is “Well, I can see where he was coming from…” The consensus I’ve seen is that people think he just “went about it in the wrong way”, as if he should have joined a political party or something to express his concerns. It’s very startling, and it shows both the amount of sympathy for Breivik’s views, and the ignorance of what’s going on in Europe.

        I have to also conclude with the notion that Breivik isn’t sullying the counter-jihad movement as some might think. In my opinion, it only confirms to leftists that this movement is somehow fundamentally evil and comprised of genocidal mental cases just itching to cause war. Ordinary people don’t automatically think of counter-jihad. I’ll use myself as an example.

        I’m relatively new to the counter-jihad movement, so I have a bit of an “outsider” perspective on the whole thing. I imagine many of you were involved in this movement when it happened, so I can only imagine what your immediate reactions were when the Utoya massacre happened. In 2011, I was not in this movement, and in fact, had never even heard of “counter-jihad”. My only knowledge of anything trying to fight against the Islamization of Europe were people like Geert Wilders or Ayan Hirsi Ali. So, when news first broke about Breivik, I didn’t immediately jump to the conclusion that “it was the counter-jihad’s fault!” My immediate reaction, besides disgust, was shock, that this happened in peaceful and stable Norway.

        As I found out more about the story, my conclusions were that this was a man who was pushed to the brink by what he saw happening in Europe, snapped, and went on a rampage. I was aware of what was happening in Europe in regards to Islam, and I figured Breivik was just an ordinary man who quite literally snapped. Fast forward, and when I discover the counter-jihad movement, I never even considered Breivik or his possible involvement.

        Perhaps using myself is rather anecdotal, but I feel it is reflective of what the ordinary person on the street will think. People committed to discrediting the counter-jihad movement seize on Breivik as an example that they are right all along, while ordinary people don’t see it in such damning terms. Then again, like I said, I wasn’t in this movement when the news broke, and I have heard the stories of people like Fjordman being implicated as having “blood on their hands”. Maybe there was an immediate fallout, but if there was, I don’t think it has had any long-term damage on the movement.

        • Thanks. Yours is an interesting perspective.

          He was more probably pushed to the brink by his pathological family life and his own untreated mental illness. And then he was ‘trained’. No one sits in a dark room for a year doing nothing but play WoW without being bonkers at the end of it, even if he had started out normally. Though I doubt the latter.

          Like the mass killers in the US, this creature caused untold suffering and yet he lives in luxury in Norway’s ‘rehabilitation’ system. He should be in an insane asylum. Instead, his insane asylum of a country will let him out in a few years.

          Much like Sweden, the pressure on Norwegian men to be more like women is suffocating. the cultural enrichers are excused from this; they rape and pillage almost with impunity. Meanwhile, the ruling elites never have to suffer the consequences by having to live anywhere near these people they’ve let in.

          Sometimes I wonder if those in charge are even now patrolling on the look-out for future Breiviks even as they let the real criminals loose on their own citizens.

          • “Sometimes I wonder if those in charge are even now patrolling on the look-out for future Breiviks even as they let the real criminals loose on their own citizens.”
            a bit off topic but,.. i remain convinced that the UK’s most notorious mass murderers of recent times, Thomas Hamilton and Michael Ryan, were allowed to do what they did despite the authorities knowing about their behaviour because the authorities wanted the people disarmed.
            i await with dismay, the next troubled killer and the whitewash enquiry that follows.

          • I have a slightly different take on this.

            When Breivik did Utoya I was a leftie. I was becoming disenchanted with Obama already. I woke up to the rightness of the right after the London riots. I think Breivik did nothing to affect that shift at all. The only thing I really disliked about what he did was kill a bunch of actual Norwegians. Actual Norwegians. As either a leftist or a rightist I have always based my politics on looking out for my own people. There’s a lot of good in the ordinary Labour voter and even the activist class and plenty of commonground and concern. That’s why I think that Breivik was being bluntly political.he killed his own Kin.

  9. “double psychology”, “the European civil war”. Even though this is a translation you can tell he’s schizophrenic by the unique pseudo intellectual gobblety gook he speaks. When you read his writing or statements you will see that his language is peppered with neologisms (made up words). The extensive use of neologisms is a feature of schizophrenia. I don’t know if it’s a symptom but they do it more than sane people.

    I would be willing to bet hard cash that even though he is in prison, he is on a psychiatric medication regimine geared towards mitigating schizophrenia. They do this with many inmates in America that should idealy be in institutions for the criminally insane yet are in prison. From his language and so much other evidence there is no chance that he isn’t a paranoid schizophrenic.

    My conclusion is that for most of his life he had Schizotypal Personality Disorder which then began to degenerate into paranoid schizophrenia. Someone with Schizotypal Personality Disorder seems normal and appears to function but they have extremely eccentric beliefs, obsessions, manner of movement and manner of speech.

    The police who interacted with him related to the press how very odd his movements and manner of speech were. Specifically that they’d never seen anyone move or speak like he did.

    His manifesto was no manifesto but the contemporary version of the schizophrenic’s journal. As soon as I heard it was over a thousand pages long I knew it could be nothing else. Journal keeping is a spontanious behavior schizophrenics engage in in an attempt to make sense of their disordered perceptions. An old girlfriends brother has been writing one such journal for the past 30 years. He says it’s an important work that will explain Everything – but it’s just rambling and nonsensical diagrams.

    His discussion in this “manifesto” of his mother and sister’s supposed promiscuity with non whites and all their venerial diseases (as if they would actually tell him of such personal things) is also symptomatic of paranoid schizophrenia. That is to say paranoia about other people’s sexual lives is often seen in paranoid schizophrenics.

    I hope that was comprehensible and concise. Easy to understand videos by psychiatric professionals about Schizotypal Personality Disorder and Paranoid Schizophrenia can be found on youtube.

    • Those neologisms were common currency of the times as some commentators tried to give political expression to the real world events.

      The impression of schizophrenia from the book is probably the result of the group think of its compilers.

      • Very good point. The problem with the discussion of neologisms in relation to this specific article is the language barrier and the nature of translation. I had written more about neologisms but deleted it before posting after re reading what was in the quotes in this article.

        However in much of his writings he invents names for concepts and phenomena and invents concepts on the fly without further explanation. I don’t recall if that phenomena has a name but it’s also somethign you see in the rambling writings of schizophrenics.

        The essential point I try to stress when talking about this freak is that he was in between being partially sane and insane. That allowed him to function even though he had just crossed the border into insanity.

        When discussing things like schizophrenia and autism psychologists use the term “on the xxx scale” these days – they exist in individuals like an on-off switch. You can be slightly autistic or very autistic. Schizophrenia is applicable because the condition can start in a small way then get worse.

        Brievik is absolutely schizophrenic. But weather he was slightly schizophrenic or had Schizotypal Personality Disorder is open to debate. It is also likely that Schizotypal Personality Disorder is just light schizophrenia. Classifications of insanity go in and out of fasion.

        The evidence for schizophrenia is too overwhealming to conclude the conclusion was politically motivated. Indeed, in this case it was the 2nd diagnosis that he was sane which was politically motivated.

        I understand why people on all sides would like everyone to think his actions were the result of rationality but he just isn’t. He can only function to the degree that he is properly medicated – and even then not well enough to even take care of himself.

        Schizophrencs become obsessed with “impurity”. That “impurity” is their own disordered cognitions. But they can’t think properly enough to see that it’s coming from themselves so they project it onto imagined conspiracies.

        It is just random bad luck that he fixated on the subject he did. Had he been convinced his country was being taken over by Death Eaters or secret lizard people, the horrendous attack would have happened just the same.

        I do recognize that anti jihadists have to address the various exploitations of this incident by the unscrupulous.

    • The Norwegians attempted to hit Quisling with a Psychiatric diagnosis.

      I’m still inclined to see it as a political act.

  10. One final point. Should anyone choose to read up on Schizotypal Personality Disorder or paranoid schizophrenia or watch the vids I suggest looking for – Please be careful not to do very much of it at once. Medical student’s disease is a very real thing and can be much worse when studying abnormal psychology.

  11. Joe, that second authorial voice could be just cut and pasted from the Internet. Do you have compelling evidence to suggest otherwise?

  12. Something doesn’t smell right. Why would Breivik admit this now? It would only exonerate the counterjihad movement. If he truly wanted to harm the counterjihad movement he would continue to claim he was in the movement at the time. He can still say he’s become a Nazi, now that he sees the counterjiahd movement is too liberal (in the European sense). To say he was faking it all along partially undoes his work. I wonder if this is a hoax and Expo has been taken in. Is there any confirmation from other sources that he has said this?

    • The media is starting to report on the letter (30-35 pages). The mostly comment of Breivik’s complaint of being mistreated. But they also report that he is trying to get a publisher for his latest work. And he says the Compendium is a cut-and-paste job that doesn’t reflect his views. We may indeed see this reported in the media.

      By the way, Daniel Pipes (July 2011) and Fjordman (July 2012) argue his intention was to discredit jihad-critical authors here:

      • Discredit? More like polarize the debate. The “witch hunt” was carried out and really did no damage.

        What we are now seeing in Europe and perhaps the US is a radicalization or polarization. It probably has nothing to do with Breivik though. The London and Paris rioting is more important. The genocide of Christians in Syria is another. The immivasion in Greece. Those sort of things have done it. Into the breech come parties like UKIP and pols like Farage. perhaps these efforts will corral the English back into a democratic course but I doubt it. I expect to see fully fledged NF style politics within a decade. These NF types will have parliamentary representation like Unionists in Ulster. These MPs will hail from constituencies that border Islamic and black constituencies.

        • A democratic course is not crucial in the UK at the moment, what is essential is ANY
          course of action that guarantees survival of
          of the tribe.

  13. Breivik used the same immoral, terroristic methods as the Islamic jihadis and is therefore their malignant mirror image.

    A psychopath with a little learning. Like Mohammad.

    A shame they don’t have the death penalty in Norway to flush scum like this out of the world.

    As all jihadis need to be swept off the planet.

    What he “thinks”, as a terrorist, is meaningless.

    Except clinically.

    • Know that vey soon the force of Islam will defeat the crusaders, the army of DEVIL. Also know that Jesus (may peace be upon him) will come to the world just before the end of this world and will fight the christians.


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  26. My Allah’s curse be upon Breivik and Crusaders, oh enemies of Allah know that Muhammad (may peace be upon him) was not a illiterate, he was the best amongst Allah’s creation. This is why his religion is the fastest growing religion in the world. Europe is covered by darkness of ignorance, its people underestimate jihadists by comparing them to christian extremists like Breivik, jihadists at least have unlike euopean extremist the knowledge of warfare and are very effective as well as know how to treat the enemies.

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