Could Sweden Turn?

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Could Sweden Turn?

by Fjordman

Sweden today is not a Mad Max film in which the protagonist is chased down the street by cannibals.

The supermarkets are full of food. Water is plentiful and the trains are still running. Yet you only have to scratch the surface to see huge cracks beneath the facade. Immigration is rapidly changing the fabric of the country. It has put huge strains on every sector of society.

The billionaire George Soros founded and funded the Open Society Foundations (OSF). Its name is inspired by the philosopher Karl Popper’s 1945 book The Open Society and Its Enemies.[1] However, Soros has taken the concept of an “open society” much further than Popper ever did. Soros seems to believe that an “open society” equals “open borders”. Many Globalists and Multiculturalists throughout the Western world apparently share this view.

One committed Globalist is Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Prime Minister of Sweden from 2006 to 2014. He headed a center-right coalition government — center-right by Swedish standards. He is almost as hated today in Sweden as Tony Blair is in Britain or Angela Merkel is in parts of Germany.

In November 2006, Prime Minister Reinfeldt stated that the native Swedish culture was merely “barbarism.” All progress had come from abroad.[2] In December 2014, a few weeks after he lost the elections and resigned as PM, Reinfeldt stated that the Scandinavian countries can accept many more refugees and asylum seekers than they do today. There is plenty of open space left for more immigrants in the forests, he argued.[3]

During Christmas 2014, he went even further. He then stated in plain words on public TV that borders are fictional and that a country does not belong to those who have lived there for generations. Sweden does not belong to Swedes. They are not interesting. Immigrants from other parts of the world make the country “stronger and better.” He wants an “open” society, by which he clearly means open borders.[4]

Fredrik Reinfeldt thus states that his country belongs to everybody. He supports and celebrates the gradual replacement of his own people in their historical homeland. He is also saying to native Swedes that their culture is worthless and that immigrants from Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq and Tanzania are “better” than they are.

Reinfeldt was in Stockholm when a Jihadist terror attack took place there on April 7, 2017. He expressed dismay at the murders. In particular, he was thinking of the youngest victim, the 11-year-old Swedish schoolgirl Ebba Åkerlund. She was virtually cut in half when the Muslim terrorist drove over her with a stolen beer truck. According to Reinfeldt, her death “shows the price of the open society and the risks of religious extremism of our time.”[5]

A few months earlier, in November 2016, Fredrik Reinfeldt in a book yet again argued that mass immigration is good and positive for Sweden.[6] Mr. Reinfeldt regrets the death of Ebba Åkerlund. Yet he does not express any regret for the mass immigration that he and others have promoted for years. Nor does he express any desire to stop Muslim immigration.

The brutal murder of a Swedish child is thus to Reinfeldt’s eyes a regrettable price to pay for his policies. It is nevertheless a price he seems willing to pay. Would he also think it was acceptable if his own family were dismembered and killed by Islamic terrorists? Or is this price only acceptable as long as it is paid with the blood of other people’s children?

The Swedish police were poorly equipped for terror attacks. Heavy-duty protective vests, helmets, and intercoms were in short supply during the April 7 Jihadist attack in central Stockholm, according to incident reports filed by officers working on the scene.[7]

Erik Widstrand, police chief in Stockholm, says that further terror attacks will happen. This is the new normal. He wants to educate the public in first aid and how to act when an attack occurs. A ten-point list should be made available on all workplaces, preschools, schools and shops. Swedish children in preschool should thus be instructed on how to behave during a deadly terrorist attack. This is supposed to create a sense of security. In an article in which the newspaper Aftonbladet interviewed Chief Widstrand about this subject, the words Islam, Jihad or Muslim immigration did not appear a single time.[8]

Many good things can be said about the past accomplishments of Swedes. They have shown an aptitude for science and technological innovation. The world’s most commonly used temperature scale is named after Anders Celsius, a Swedish astronomer and physicist.

Per capita, it is likely that no other nation on Earth did more to create modern chemistry than Swedes. The pioneers include Georg Brandt, Axel Fredrik Cronstedt, Torbern Bergman, Carl Gustaf Mosander, Per Teodor Cleve, Jöns Jacob Berzelius, Carl Wilhelm Scheele and Svante Arrhenius, among many others. Even the great nuclear physicist Glenn T. Seaborg was of Swedish descent. The Nobel Prizes were named and funded by Alfred Nobel, the Swedish chemist who invented dynamite.

Carl Linnaeus, one of the world’s most influential biologists, came from a rural area in the province of Småland.[9] This is a relatively poor region that sent many emigrants to the USA in the nineteenth century. The Swedish author Vilhelm Moberg has described this is his novel series The Emigrants. In the twentieth century, Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in Småland. It later became the world’s largest furniture retailer. Even regions of Sweden that are not very prominent or populous can thus produce individuals that have a global influence.

Sweden also has a long military history. Not just in the Viking Age, but in modern times as well. Swedes were heavily involved in the affairs of several other European nations in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. When Tsar Peter the Great wanted Russian access to the Baltic Sea, he had to beat the Swedes. He did this during the Great Northern War (1700—21).

Yet Sweden has not been directly involved in a war on its own territory for several centuries. This is rare in the turbulent history of Europe. It makes if difficult to assess whether the military instincts of the Swedish nation are dead, or merely dormant.

Many outsiders seem to think that the Swedish nation is dead. They could be right. But it should be recalled that even today, Sweden makes advanced military hardware. Swedes produce and export their own fighter aircraft, for instance. This is unusual for such a small nation. Furthermore, many Swedes go hunting and own guns privately.

There is also an undercurrent of fanaticism there that outsiders do not always see. I checked the Swedish website of the Nordic Resistance Movement. They state in multiple languages that they are “ a National Socialist organization.”[10] Their site praises Adolf Hitler openly.[11]

Sweden is the only Scandinavian country with a sizable movement of genuine neo-Nazis. When you cross the border into Denmark or Norway, such groups are rare and tiny.

The best explanation I can come up with is this: Denmark and Norway were invaded by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Saying that you are a National Socialist does not make you very popular in countries that were forcibly occupied by National Socialists for years. Sweden had a much more ambiguous relationship with the Nazis during the war.[12] This could at least partly explain why Swedes have a slightly different mentality.

The Swedish talent for organization can be a blessing as well as a curse. Few nations in the world march as one the way Sweden does. Right now, Multiculturalism and mass immigration are ideologically trendy in larger countries such as the USA, France, Britain and Germany.

If those trends were to change, is it conceivable that Sweden could follow suit? Maybe. It is not inconceivable that Sweden could one day turn around 180 degrees and became strongly and perhaps violently opposed to population replacement through immigration.

Potential ethnic conflicts have been systematically imported for decades. There is a lot of quiet resentment brewing among the natives. Many Swedes have suffered personal abuse and violence from immigrant gangs. One day that repressed anger may explode. Politicians such as Fredrik Reinfeldt should expect a hostile treatment if that ever happens.

It is hard to predict exactly what will happen in Sweden in the coming generations. But the future is likely to be violent and unpleasant, regardless of the outcome.


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37 thoughts on “Could Sweden Turn?

  1. Thanks for the list of Sweden’s accomplishments. It was good that you stuck with things the average American ( i.e., me) isn’t aware of. Through the years, though, I came to love Saint Lucia’s Day. In Boston, it was an Italian feast day in the North End.

    Here in Virginia, the librarian in a small town near us, now retired (the librarian retired, not the town) blushingly told me she had been one of the Swedish Saint Lucy’s in her day, complete with a crown of candles. She gave me her recipe for lussekatt. I never made the real ones; saffron is too expensive to use that much for some currant buns. But I did use some threads of it in my version…and cheated with a bit of color.

    It’s sad to see the old feast days obliterated/changed beyond recognition.

  2. Come to think of it, what little I know of Sweden began with your accounts and was fleshed out by others, here and there. After Utoya, we lost connections with some of the Swedes I most admired. It’s sad, what fear can do.

    • Fear will not save them…Running away never does. Tim Burton was jailed for simply calling out an Islamic “charity” a few days ago. Nobody heard a single protest in defence of Mr Burton. As usual the fake “virtue signalers went ape.

      The UK has sunk to a new low. This country-or what is left of it now disgusts me.

      I don’t “get on” with Paul Weston but they have the courage to speak out. Personally I avoid “personal” clashes with individuals but if this stupid country does not “get its act together” we will be an Islamic entity by 2025, even if a de facto one. The treatment of the colonisers in “British” law is a disgrace-and is in fact imposing sharia, through stealth and nowadays not so stealthily.

      If a Moslem had ‘trolled’ UKIP no charges would have been brought. We have two systems of Law in UK now-one for “Best of Peoples” and the third class UK native. This is a sharia state in action. It is also High Treason to encourage this and those responsible know this or should.

      Mr Burton may have been liable under Common Law “Breach of the Queen’s Peace” but that would simply imply a “bind over”. (I trained as a Magistrate’s Clerk in the 1970s). This jailing of Mr Burton is ridiculous and on a different scale. The act was a political choice by a supposed impartial court. The court itself broke the Common Law.

      A “spoof” was written in NER about a Government plan to Islamise UK through something called’The Lancaster Plan’- a programme to ‘save the realm’ according to the author. I was told about it long ago by my old College professor and confirmed by an ex MI5 pal also retired from “Reading other gentlemen’s emails”.

      I didn’t believe this at first but time and ongoing immigration and the revelations of Blair encouraging mass Moslem migration confirm this plan exists. Unless the situation changes . by the year 2030 we will be an Islamic state and wake up in chains. Please Google ‘The Lancaster Plan to Islamise UK.’

      I still have hope, that Le Pen will win, as Trump did in the USA. This whole situation is appalling and the criminals that did this to Europe should be ashamed of themselves and the deaths they have caused.

      When people like Mr Burton (It is impolite to simply state “Burton”) are jailed by the elite for a simple bit of banter, shows me that the elite are beginning to realise that their schemes are in peril so they ‘double down'(to use an American expression) their growing oppression, as did the Nazis when the Third Reich collapsed.

      I will pray for Mr Burton. We need a new Nurenburg. We have plenty of Crown courts, with excellent facilities to have our own form of the post 1945 trials of Nazis. Jailing folk for simply speaking, under a “Tory” Government? Madness.

      Imprisoning people will not work, it will simply increase the growing public anger. Please join me in a national prayer for Mr Tim Burton.

  3. Interesting essay. Perhaps Sweden’s famous ‘consensus’ politics depends on the country being mono-cultural and mono-ethnic.

    It’s a long time since I’ve read Popper’s books, however I can’t remember anything about open borders. His thesis was to contrast liberal democratic societies with their totalitarian counterparts as championed by Marx and Plato.

    Reinfeldt seems to have pushed the notion of cultural relativism into the realm of total lunacy.

  4. All I know is that when I ask my Norwegian relatives what the difference is between Swedes and Norwegians the answer is always the same – “There ain’t no yellow in our flag!”

    • Another Norwegian response to that question:

      “At least Sweden has good neighbors”.

    • Ouch. I had a great-grandmother who used to say, “En Svensker er bare Norsker med hjernen slått ut.” ( A Swede is just a Norwegian with the brains kicked out–or something like that; and I suspect the Swedes just turned it around). It was more good-natured ribbing than actual nastiness, but I gather that there’s at least that much of a gap between those two neighbors!

      But, re the flags, am I to suppose that an Icelander is just a Norwegian turned inside out?

  5. There’s blood dripping from your hands, Reinfeldt.

    May you and yours suffer similar fates for your delusions imposed on others and, when the time comes, may you rot in hell.

    • Reinfeldt was not delusional. If you truly think he was, then you would have to force yourself to call everyone else who has followed this evil path delusional as well. No, none of them have suffered ‘delusions’, but have willingly imposed ideals that were bought and paid for.

      • Simply, reinfeldt is a traitorous lunatic, as are all those ‘running’ Sweden.

        Vidkun Quisling was shot for collaborating with the Germans, but Norway remained Norway. The lunatics in control in Sweden are knowingly murdering an entire country and its people.

        • What ever to the Viking blood line?

          Could you imagine instructing a Viking Lord to serve
          Tea and crumpets instead of helpfully teaching
          Uninvited guests( Foreign Invaders) the finer points
          Of the blood eagle as there were no such thing as borders?

          • Simple. The Viking bloodline settled down in northern France, the British Isles, Russia, and perhaps there’s even a tad’s worth of Viking in the Greenland Eskimos as well. The Norwegians, Swedes, and their kin who settled North America in the 19th century descend from the folks who stayed home and minded the farm.

        • the quisling of sweden, i e The Big Traitor FR should be executed on main square in Stockholm by an axman due to he loves the muslims & sharia etc. (like IS do).
          Pity we don´t live in 17th century.
          This man has destroyed Sweden for ever.

    • “Would he also think it was acceptable if his own family were dismembered and killed by Islamic terrorists?”

      Yes, he sounds like he does think that is the price one should pay for those ‘better cultures’ and open borders.

  6. I am also fairly certain it will come to bloodshed. How could it not? There exists a very real and credible threat, with considerable momentum behind it. However, a precise “one to one” map of the connection between the threat and it’s sources of momentum is not available, any attempt to obtain one being thwarted by the powers that be. The desperation and desire to act and organise physically against this threat, is directly proportional to how crude a map one is willing to accept. As an example, one can consider a frenchman who willingly aided nazi Germany in the camouflaging of centers of production, and a muslim who claims islam is a benign entity. The distinction between them, based primarily on their intentions, is only maintained up to a point. After this point it is broadly recognised these two individuals carry out, in rough strokes, precisely the same function. I do not know what politicians and journalists expect either. When they for decades have told people that looking outside the nation for sources of these problems implies membership of some sub-standard caste of humanity, where do they expect them to look? Did they really expect to remain unseen? Yet again, further signs of delusion.

    • As I see it, there are two planned for outcomes in flooding Western countries with undesirables – one is the complete collapse of will to resist the intrusion concluding in a complete take over of entire Western countries by Islam, or if that fails – and based on historical events whenever the plebs have collectively joined together to resist an impost they did not accept – it surely will, then the only other outcome planned for is civil war.

      I don’t believe the Globalists have solid plans in place for a political countering of their agenda in any country – and I would use Brexit and Trump as examples of that unpreparedness and the quick elevation of the Globalists Macron, to counter Le Pen – so in my humble opinion, a political solution is still viable, and it is an option to our favor that will only be enhanced once Le Pen wins the French Presidency.

      So, and regardless of the continually perceived setbacks, I believe there is still cause for optimism for the peaceful political solution.

      • If by saying ‘political solution’ you specifically mean ‘cutting welfare programs’ then there is a political solution.
        Thr migrants will go where they receive the most benefits.

        The first country to cut all welfare will be the most empty of migrants. The last, the most full and the most dangerous as they will certainly arm themselves.

        Alternatively, the money for welfare runs out as it will soon especially because of migrants and there will be chaos and fighting in the streets. Either way, welfare programs are the cause of the migrant wave and the reason the EU will implode.

        • Agreed! But, regardless of the system that was previously in place that allowed all those undesirables to immigrate and to live off the welfare of the country put to such an imposition, that country still has a responsibility to provide basic human needs to those it wishes to be rid of.

          And, we must never forget our humanity in that regard, and that it is our Christian roots that sets us apart from all other cultures!

          • And this type of thinking is the reason why we already lost our civilization.

        • In the US it used to be that legal immigrants would be denied entry if they​ would be a public charge. Now legals and illegals are rewarded financially and babies of illegals are made citizens.

          “Family reunification” is a priority though that never means “go back to the family you left behind.”

          I look at the spectacular scenery of my country and think how odd it is that we’ve made a choice to transfer it all to the African, the Hispanic, the Muslim, and the Asian. The groups that “speak for” these people are invariably hateful and arrogant. Why are they even here?

          Where this inversion, this slobbering over the foreigner, came from is difficult to understand at first but then one remembers, it’s part of the agenda of the malevolent left to destroy, to pervert, and to degrade. In Europe you can see this attitude in the glib fanaticism of Frans Timmermans and the arrogance of Peter Sutherland. Genghis Merkel, mistress of the mashed potatoes style of public address, continues her agitprop.

          The first initial of the E.U. should not be an “E”.

  7. emphasis on Swedish neo-Nazis was a bit confusing.
    as if they are considered something positive.

  8. Yes — and will turn. The ethnic enrichers and ROPers are not in a good position. They are concentrated in cities and neither grow their food nor generate their own electricity. Nor is Sweden their home. The example of Finland in holding off the giant Soviet army at the beginning of WW2 is an excellent portent.

  9. ” Politicians such as Fredrik Reinfeldt should expect a hostile treatment if that ever happens.” For what he has done to Sweden, I wonder if a well oiled rope might play a part?

    • One would fervently hope so, and they wouldn’t have to look far to find someone to pull the lever….

  10. According to Reinfeldt, her death “shows the price of the open society and the risks of religious extremism of our time.”

    Guy’s got a point there. Ya know- all those crazy Lutherans they have in Sweden listening to those pastors telling them to go forth an murder. I mean, sort of almost makes you think about the need for an “open society”, don’t it, mate?

    Sheesh, absolutely corrupt.

  11. A fine film, “The Virgin Spring”, 1960 is currently on YouTube.
    It is allegory for what is happening in Sweden and the rest of Europe.
    I wonder if the Swedish men will ever recover their manhood.

  12. There is an interesting study of immigrants in Norway (Sweden’s neighbor) that shows that refugees as a group distinguish themselves by their high levels of unemployment and dependence on social services (welfare). See:

    If 30 to 35 percent of refugees never get off the welfare rolls, it is hard to make the case for their net positive contribution to the economy. Politicians are deceiving themselves and their constituents.

  13. Life for most Westerners has been effortless for the past fifty years. The salvation of western civilization is in the hands of the tough Russians and Eastern Europeans who have been inoculated from the Socialist decease, which preaches “entitlement” simply because of existence. Middle Eastern interlopers love the idea. Western Europeans will soon choke on it.

    • There is a lot of distilled truth in your short comment.

      Westerners have voted time and time and time again for this madness. They punish no politician. McCain and Ryan coast to victory. Trump’s victory was thin and he was easily co-opted by the globalists and anti-Russian ​morons.

      We will indeed all choke on optional, aggressive war, fiscal profligacy in the name of caring and fairness, our slobbering over the arrogant foreign invader and sullen minorities, and willful blindness toward plain-vanilla Islam.

  14. Sometimes I wonder would people become more apathic if Internet would close down ? Or would they become more physically active ?
    I sincerely wonder !

    • I think about that a lot. The manipulation of large numbers of people by “social” media is something they’ll be studying in the next generation.

      • Overall, the Internet does mean that the information gets out there with less filtering than in the past IF AND ONLY IF you know how to look for it.

        But think of the current situation, if the media were still all “old style”. We’d pretty much have no idea what’s going on, unless we subscribed to obscure print publications.

    • I think the apathetic are the less informed. I believe if not for the internet today, we would already have 666 marked on our foreheads and Trump would not be in the White House.

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