Marine Le Pen in Nice: “A totalitarian ideology that wants the death of the French”

On July 14 of last year, a Muslim terrorist named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel got behind the wheel of a truck and used it to run over and kill 86 holidaymakers on a seaside promenade in Nice. A few days ago Marine Le Pen, one of the two remaining candidates in the French presidential election, gave a campaign speech to a receptive audience in Nice.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   The security of the French is a
00:04   priority. I do not forget.
00:12   I do not forget, of course,
00:16   that we are here in a French city
00:20   martyred by Islamist terrorism,
00:24   a city wounded forever
00:28   by the image of these broken children, those women and men torn from life,
00:32   these lives, broken on a summer evening, an evening of celebration
00:36   an evening of national jubilation: 86 dead,
00:40   including 13 little lives blotted out by the barbarism
00:44   of another age. We owe them a tribute that I paid them on
00:48   February13, visiting the Promenade des Anglais:
00:52   we do not want to forget. We owe them
00:56   the remembrance in our bruised memories.
01:08   And so,
01:12   because our country is at war
01:16   I will be a head of state
01:21   and the commander of the armies the will lead the war against
01:25   Islamist terrorism.
01:29   Marine President!
01:45   Choose France!
01:49   Not with
01:53   the easy and irresponsible intention to make the French get used to
01:57   this horror, but with the determination
02:01   to eradicate this bloody ideology here, in Nice
02:05   in this City hit so hard by terrorism, I repeat
02:09   that I will show no weakness in the face of
02:13   Islamist fundamentalism.
02:21   And in this regard, my friends,
02:25   how can we accept that Mr. Macron could, the day after
02:29   a terrorist attack costing the life of a policeman,
02:33   Xavier Jugele, answer like a kid stuck in an oral exam,
02:37   “I cannot possibly invent a program against terrorism
02:42   in one night!”
02:50   But…
02:54   but what impropriety,
02:58   what indifference, what indecency.
03:02   This is not the idea I have of the presidential role, and
03:06   therefore the attitude of the head of state.
03:10   For us there is no shadow of a doubt: Everything must be
03:14   done to eradicate terrorist groups, here and
03:18   on all continents, since the murderous offensive is global!
03:26   It’s our home.
03:30   We need to help militarily — and if necessary,
03:34   economically — the states that are fighting terrorism, such as
03:38   Chad, Mali, Egypt. The intelligence services
03:42   must co-operate and the information thus gathered must actually be exploited.
03:46   The Islamist foreigners with “S-files”
03:50   who live among us must be expelled.
04:06   I appeal to the wisdom and the good sense
04:10   of the French: Give me ONE
04:14   reason, ONLY ONE, to keep on our territory
04:19   foreigners who collaborate with
04:23   a totalitarian ideology that wants the death of the French.
04:35   Dual nationals connected to Islamist ideology must be stripped
04:39   how their nationality and expelled.
04:43   The French who adopt the ideology of the enemy must be
04:47   brought before justice and punished. The laws
04:51   exist, they simply need to be applied.
04:55   And while I am president, these laws will be applied
04:59   without weakness.
05:07   Marine President!
05:23   In a few weeks, I promise you,
05:27   France will have taken all the necessary steps to
05:31   be sheltered from the “S-Files”, and that in total compliance with our rule of law.
05:35   Radical mosques will be shut down, hate preachers expelled.
05:39   The associations joined to
05:43   Salafism and the Muslim Brotherhood will be dissolved.
05:47   With me,
05:51   be assured that the rights of women, today challenged
05:55   by the Islamist obscurantism, will be granted to all
06:00   the women of France.
06:04   With me security
06:08   will not go against liberty, in any case
06:12   not against the liberty of honest people.

16 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen in Nice: “A totalitarian ideology that wants the death of the French”

  1. How could anybody vote for anybody other than Marine Le Pen in 2017?

    • How indeed. But as you know France contains millions of leftist, brainwashed clods, (as does the rest of western Europe) and the French have always been unreliable….

    • Brainwashing is incredibly effective.

      Sadly, she’s also an economic socialist.

  2. Go marine!!! Le pen for presidenti!

    She is not only very highly intelligent, she is also very attractive, and a very very beautiful woman.

    Very brave, i prey you will win marine, the french people must speak, and save france from destruction by the traitors, islam, and pc.

    Viva la france!

  3. She is right that Macron is indifferent in wanting “to make the French get used to this horror.”

    The worst sin is indifference. The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference.

    • Grab the link and post it to your twitter account. Simple copy & paste.

  4. Stupidity will cure itself. If French voters abandon Le Pen ; they deserve their horrible fate ….which awaits them in less than twenty years. { DEMOGRAPHICS }.


    The Brits are already finished, along with the Swedes and Dutch.

    Sewer trout are overwhelming our streams of western civilization. Thank Soros, and his henchmen and women in Brussels and Berlin. Merkel could care less……SHE IS AS BARREN OF OFFSPRING AS [SHE IS OF] PRINCIPLES.

  5. The French have a stark choice, same old, same old, or what is essentially Nationalism + Socialism. In this case I suspect we are dealing with a totally polarized vote; the two extremes od socialism come face to face.

    I loved the old France of my younger days, the France of the Velosolex and the 2CV, the France of D series Citroens gliding along bumpy roads and fixed price menus, of baguettes and butter. of good wine in plastic bottles. I hope some of it can be preserved!

  6. No matter who is elected – nothing much will change. We see it here in America, where our great hope has been isolated and controlled by the same Soros infiltrators that destroyed Europe.

    In the end, change will be executed by the people, as it almost always has been.

  7. Macron is a proven NUT JOB!

    Somethings not right about this bloke, hes married to a granny, nearly 70 years old!

    Hes a homosexual, a closet poof, and its known he has homosexual activity with a number of people, read the sun, daily mail, they have outed this nonce!

    The woman hes married to is a paedophile, any man who had bad relations with a 15 year old woukd be now hunted down, pilloried, and labeled as a predator grooming kids.

    But this woman, is untouched.

    How can this idiot, macron even be in the running for president? He appeared from no where! Hes not fit to run a piss up at a brewery, let alone france!

    If french people vote this homo idiot traitor into office, and after hollande wanker as well, then france is finnishef.

    And i will never speak to a french person again.

    Wake up you french idiots, macron will be the death lf france final!

    Le pen can stop this madness,

    for gods sake vote marine le pen!!! To save france!!!

    • Most frighteningly of all he reminds of Gallic version of Tony Blair
      Mark two.

      Unfortunately the NWO will ensure that she never become president
      Of France, whilst the left wing students will carry on rioting and burning sheep about the important things in life like tea breaks, earlier retirement etc whilst their country is rapidly becoming a
      Third world hell hole.

      Great lady but is not her destiny to assume power, the French public
      Do not deserve her, they will get Macron ex minister, ex banker, and
      Will be genuinely baffled when he turns against them and enriches
      Himself and his rich friends.

      The French equivalent of Care for the Elderly is likely to get a tremendous cash injection though!

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