Sweden Has Turned a Corner

Below is a guest-essay by a new contributor who writes under the pseudonym Bishop Latimer.

Sweden has turned a corner

by Bishop Latimer

Compared to many (perhaps most) visitors and contributors to this site, my own awakening to the dangers of Islam came late — around 2010. Despite the mountain of evidence — and bodies — piling up, I did not see the problem. The steady drumbeat of political correctness that was the soundtrack to my life from university onwards had all but closed my mind to anything outside the narrow confines of The Narrative. I have to thank the cartoonists at Jyllands-Posten, the heroic Lars Vilks and the late Christopher Hitchens for throwing a bucket of ice-cold water in my face.

But ultimately it was the jihadists and their murderous rampage who reminded me what is worth fighting — even dying — to preserve.

As someone based in Sweden, and half Swedish by birth, I have always known that my countrymen are given to a desperate longing for consensus and uniformity. Many will go to enormous lengths just to fit in. I watched in dismay as this collective neurosis gave way to mass delusion. With the full support of the mainstream media, national and local government, advertisers and a volunteer army of virtue-signallers ready to lambast anyone with even a mildly differing opinion, Sweden finally ceased to be a nation and became a cult. Doubters and dissenters were pilloried, often in public. This madness reached its apogee in the autumn of 2015, as hundreds of thousands of migrants poured into the country. Most everyone I know was falling all over themselves to send money, clothes and toys to the new arrivals. One or two even started refugee shelters, a profitable business in these parts.

Some 18 months later, we are in a different place. The spell has been irrevocably broken and the country is returning very slowly — one Swede at a time — to its senses.

It’s impossible to pinpoint the exact turning point, but for male friends and colleagues I spoke to at the time, it was clear that the mass sexual predations that took place in Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015 had a sobering effect. They are almost all husbands and fathers, with many having at least one daughter. Discussions that were unthinkable just a few weeks earlier were held openly, albeit in private settings and not in public spaces. Broaching the subject with Swedish women was a different story. Whenever I pointed out that maybe, just maybe welcoming tens of thousands of young men from misogynistic cultures would put many Swedish women in harm’s way, I was met with an avalanche of denial and the usual false equivalencies. But this is changing too. Following the attack in Stockholm, most Swedish women at last seem willing to entertain the idea that we have a problem, perhaps even a serious one. Some are still in denial, of course, but they are gradually being marginalised. It seems the Overton window has moved a few millimetres to the right.

This mood shift is also reflected in social media. People openly discuss Islam and its many attendant headaches. While this still attracts the usual bile from the eternally outraged, they can no longer count on going into a feeding frenzy unopposed. These are subtle changes, discernible only to someone fully immersed in the culture, and entirely anecdotal. I have no hard data, apart from the steady rise in popularity of the Sweden Democrats, which, according to a recent poll, is now Sweden’s largest political party.

But perhaps the most telling — and shocking even to me — sign of what may lie ahead was the statement by Gustaf Fridolin of the Green Party that refugees who have had their applications denied should be tagged, allowing the authorities to track their whereabouts.

It was not the suggestion itself that was shocking, but where it came from. If there is an active politician in Sweden who represents the “Refugees Welcome” hysteria that swept the country it is Mr. Fridolin. The fact that he, of all people, recommended electronic surveillance in the wake of the truck jihad on Drottninggatan is significant. Politicians are like wind socks, and Mr. Fridolin merely pointed which way the wind was blowing. He was roundly criticised by his own party, but that was to be expected. They have a narrative to cling to.

To me, the current situation in Sweden is akin to observing capital markets in action. Once a market has gone too far in one direction, the trend has to reverse as the current trajectory is unsustainable. The question is always when. I have discovered over the years (to my cost) that just because an outcome is highly likely, or even inevitable, it does not mean it is imminent. The market moves when it is good and ready, and not before. When I read articles/comments about Sweden by people who don’t live here, and have perhaps never even visited, I get the feeling that the country is a lost cause, headed for dhimmitude. I understand why someone might reach that conclusion, but I can assure you it is erroneous. Yes, there will be more attacks, more victims of Islamic terror, more rapes, more rocks hurled at the police in occupied neighbourhoods and more bouts of PC insanity. But each transgression will only serve to energise the counter-trend that is still in its infancy.

To continue the market analogy, I am convinced the hysteria that gripped Sweden has bottomed.

Someone on this site noted dolefully that in some dark future the organ in Stockholm’s Hedvig Eleanora church would be silenced, its broken pipes strewn across Östermalm. I would advise that person to read (or re-read) “The wrath of the awakened Saxon” by Rudyard Kipling. Strictly speaking the Swedes are Goths not Saxons, but they are an equally capable people and share a similar temperament. That is why it is far more likely that it is the bodies of dead Muslims that are strewn across the length and breadth of the land, while the music of Bach is still heard in the nation’s cathedrals.

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  1. Bishop Latimer. Great writer.

    “That is why it is far more likely that it is the bodies of dead Muslims that are strewn across the length and breadth of the land, while the music of Bach is still heard in the nation’s cathedrals. ”


    I wish I could see that, but hold your breath not as long as cowardly Traitors are around.
    Thank you for the compact, essay. Every sentence and word flow one after the other like beads of pure gold: so clear and to the point. This gem must be read by every “elected ruler” and ordinary westerner to awaken them. I can assure I was awakened before 9/11.

    I was awakened when I read in 1992 the following:


    Go to page 15 where English starts. Read it print it distribute it and see if what is there in the doc is being hellishly applied on the oblivious West.

    We can read muslim / jihadis intentions, and can observe their atrocities every day and we are told not to see that but to tell our eyes, and ears and the mental “eye” that they are lying. And the Traitors are right.

    • As we have seen in North Africa and much of Asia, countries do die and turn into Islamofacist police states. It happens all the time. Each country goes through their own denial and state controlled propaganda only to awake in a foreign, harsh, cruel and extremely misogynistic state. All the Iranian leftists cheered when Khomeini replaced the Shah only to watch their daughters be circumcised and turned into Islamic Stepford wives by the millions. It is going to happen to several European countries but will it happen to all of them?

  2. The article featured above was easy to read and understand and, on top of all that, it was highly illuminating! I look forward to reading more articles by the person who wrote it!

    • Agreed – an excellently written article. Two spot-on phrases are:

      “Sweden finally ceased to be a nation and became a cult.”

      “Politicians are like wind socks, and Mr Fridolin merely pointed which way the wind was blowing.”

      I also liked the financial market analogy – it helps to blow away pessimism.

  3. “I have always known that my countrymen are given to a desperate longing for consensus and uniformity. Many will go to enormous lengths just to fit in. I watched in dismay as this collective neurosis gave way to mass delusion. With the full support of the mainstream media, national and local government, advertisers and a volunteer army of virtue-signallers ready to lambast anyone with even a mildly differing opinion, Sweden finally ceased to be a nation and became a cult. ”

    Law of Jante, no?

    • “consensus and uniformity”

      It’s noble to have agreement on some logical ideas, attitudes, laws.

      If a man says 2 +2 = 4 There is a good chance ( from experience) a woman would say “no, it’s 5” and would cite misogynism as her weapon.

      But there should not be consensus and uniformity on illogical narratives imposed on us by jihadis through UN. e.g. To be proud of inviting more jihadis per one’s nation’s population than any other country.

      Yes, the following story is true from the court:

      A thief stole a car from a dealer. The car dealer was 37% responsible because the car was not properly secured against theft.

  4. “Following the attack in Stockholm, most Swedish women at last seem willing to entertain the idea that we have a problem, perhaps even a serious one. ”

    Give them time. They will forget and reenter the MultiCulti dream.

  5. I hope you are right Bishop Latimer! Here in France the situation is pretty bad. The ” Refugee Welcome ” crowd is very strong, all the way to the top of the State. And a dangerous pro-migrant Globalist, E. Macron, might be our next President. Hopefully the people of Europe will come to their senses before it’s too late!

    • [Hopefully] the people of Europe will come to their senses before it’s too late!

      If they do not come to their senses in time – and who knows what “in time” really means when it comes to timeliness (English is lacking in its words re chronological time vs. the fullness of time) – then “Europe” will cease to be. Some other-named polity will rise, one whose alignments will probably not include France. La Belle France is a wizened old harpie, hard on her citizens and worse on outsiders.

      In 1683, France left Vienna to fall to Islam because it suited them politically to do so. Had the Poles not interfered, France (and Vienna) would have fallen to Islam a long time ago.

      If France fails to elect Le Pen, the country is doomed.


      • It is so easy to say: if such and such doesn’t happen X will be doomed. Unfortunately, in the case of France and the 2017 presidential election, I fear that nation will be doomed unless Le Pen is elected. The optimist in me is inclined to think that while Marine, regrettably, will lose this (and the next) presidential election, Marion Marechal-Le Pen will win in the election after the next one.

        The problem is that the Muslim electoral heft grows every year – the National Front is competing for only about 90% of the total electorate and that percentage will continue to shrink.

        If all the horrible Islam-committed atrocities during the term of Hollande have not woken up the French people: Bataclan, Nice, the 80 year old priest, Toulouse, etc; nothing will.

        • If you are referring to the Merah murders in Toulouse they happened under the Sarkozy presidency. Most people here think more about the wobbly economy and the deteriorating ( though still pretty good) health service than the terrorist threat. They do not trust the FN to be able to run the country and rightly as in those municipalities where they have gained power they have not exactly made a resounding success of it . Marine Le Pen cannot run a government single handed .

  6. Fighting talk, but can the Pavlovian experiment be reversed?

    I suspect not. The virus is so well entrenched now and demographics alone will ensure that the host is eventually consumed.

    It’s all too late in the day to finally see the light.

    • Chris. We have at this time a classic example of how things may be turned around. Think about the old Soviet system of Communism that the Russians were forced to tolerate for 70 years and then cast your eyes upon what Russia has now become.

      Even the Communists couldn’t fool everyone that they took to lording it over.

      • About communism
        It’s easy to talk ,but in my country 3 generations where lost.

    • It’s all too late in the day to see the light!!
      Here in America a “water
      downed” version of a travel plan, and a lib judge keeps the influx at 900 a week. Regardless our politicians just snivel and cut our throats
      as well. Canada to the north seems to lick the boots of #islam, and to the south were as vulnerable
      as ever. It seems almost certain that (when we look back) if Clinton would have won, this Countries demise would have been much quicker.
      -sigh- #northern wall.

      • There is no moslem invasion of Mexico, however. The moslem scum are not willing to leave their crap hole for a stink hole. No, the plums lie in the welfare generous states. Alas, they are all doomed. Doomed by their leaders. Isn’t that a hoot?

        • I’m pretty sure they’re starting to set their eyes on South America. Brazil (I have lots of family there) has just opened its borders.

          I wish I remember where, but I do recall reading an article a few months back talking about how Muslims have started to set their eyes on South America sort of as their “last frontier”. They want to rule the world. That includes the “stink holes” (as evidenced by their own homelands).

    • Demographics is the key. That’s the unique trouble with insane immigration policies, you can stop them and Sweden may well do so, but you can’t undo their consequences. Let us imagine Sweden embraced a fiscal taxation policy whereby 90% of GDP was taken by the state in taxes. With the inevitable economic disaster that would ensue, the policy would be abandoned and over time the Swedish economy would heal. Not so with their disastrous immigration policy.

      Like my horribly transformed Australia, the policy resulted in new people, unassimilable people, here in huge numbers and breeding at far higher rates than the national norm. Sweden is now stuck with a hostile, violent, criminality-prone, work-averse Muslim cohort which will only ever increase as a proportion of the national total.

  7. It does not matter if all Swedes awoke from the “walking dead” mode they are in now. The deed is done and you have a rather lager “tumor” growing inside your country. Only with brutal and bloody methods, comparable to the old vikings, you would be able to rid yourselves from the [cancer] of islam and [it] will not leave willingly such an accommodating place. There is no civilized solution to this: either they die or leave or you do!

    • Hello, CrossWare.

      I believe Sweden will either change at the grass roots level when enough of the native Swedes have had enough of the enforced stupidity and begin taking their repressed anger out on those that they perceive are the problem or it will change from the top down politically – but resist the Islamization Sweden will do or the country will surely die.

      • Sorry, Nemesis, Sweden was out for the count two years ago. The cancer is growing rapidly, the patient is terminal. Terminal because the patient refuses to excise the cancer. Vlad the Impaler got it done in olden times, but you all have no such inner strength.

    • You are right! Agreed,

      It’s too late.

      It’s a war, the enemy is inside. First, you must cull the traitors who did this to Sweden, then after you eliminated them permanently, you get the and go after all muslims.

      You will have to fight them to the death, it’s clear, they are out to kill you, rape you, annihilate you!

      Muslims must be removed by whatever means, they are all nazis,

      The koran is a book of hate, murder. Chaos, a million times that of Mein Kampf.

      Muslims are killers, it’s in the koran, read it!

      Islam is death cult, a wicked political ideology.

      Where are the Swedish men???

      • I am not a swede but I have observed that ethnic swedes in the US closely resemble their Gothic and viking forebears. I have wondered if the bold adventurous Swedes emigrated to America and left a weak inferior race behind.

    • Last sentence: WRONG! There are not three choices; only two choices – either they die or you do!

      • Well most likely some Swedes attempt to flee, just like feminists doing it now in Sweden from muslim infested cities… (I read an article about it). However you are correct on the planetary sense: there are limited place to run away to and even there sooner or later, you will have to face (at that time with a much stronger enemy)…

        • Yes CrossWare, Swedes have been fleeing for years–to Norway, which is very far from moslem-free, (they are everywhere in Norway, even in small places with fewer than 100 people.
          The moslem-hugging Labour party (Arbeiderpartiet) has a lot to answer for. So why did Norwegians vote for Arbeiderpartiet? It’s sort of like the Liberal party in Canada, which people habitually (stupidly) vote for, but with the difference that 40-60 years ago Arbeiderpartiet was a very good party–they just didn’t change with the times, and they’ve had some truly rotten leaders like Jens Stoltenberg, (who is the current head of NATO) and their present leader, Støre is no better.

    • You are absolutely right. Me being a Norwegian living in Oslo can testify that we are horrified at what’s going on in Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm.

      The honorable Bishop Latimer is clinging to the very last hope he can see, but I can tell you: it’s over for Sweden. They do not have what it takes to turn the country into a killing field to rid them of this deadly infestation.

      He writes well but he is not realistic. Sorry.

      • You guys keep up and be strong! Join to the new European Alliance lead by the Visegrad 4 and most likely the Baltic states, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and possibly the Ukraine. This will be the new Europe while the western part “time travel” back to the 7th century…

        • Hi CrossWare,

          This is hope for Europe.

          After all, the former East Bloc nations will help Europe and the West.

          Thank You.

      • I agree. Not to mention, as he says himself, it took him so long to wake up. I think the Swedes will eventually shake off their deadly slumber, but it will indeed be too late–they may regain their country, but will be in for deadly attacks and skirmishes for many years to come, for the invaders will not go willingly.

        First thing to do–ALWAYS, will be to stop ALL benefits, then all hell will break out. (well, it has to sooner or later, when the money runs out!)

  8. Thanks for the article. Good for you, and it’s important to hold out hope. I hope you’re right when you say the idea that, “the country is a lost cause, headed for dhimmitude… is erroneous.”

    Demography, however, it destiny. Maybe the best thing to do is approach it dialectically. Nurture hope, but never put on rose-colored glasses. If Sweden does survive as a western democracy, it will only be after a long, difficult struggle.

    • I used to lurk on a Swedish women’s forum – written in English for the sake of non-Swedish women. I was surprised at the level of anti-male animosity openly displayed there. Men were useful for pregnancy, but after that was accomplished, who needed them. The idea that children need fathers was a risible concept to all of them. I felt sorry for the children they were having/would have.

      • Women are just plain intriguing. It’s a pleasure to be around those who are not filled with resentment or crippled in some way. Just casual contact is pleasant.

        I presume women feel the same about men. What an exquisite arrangement. How can some reject it and with such energy? How can sense fly out of the heads of so many?

        I once knew a woman who had chosen a lesbian lifestyle. She was in her 70s when she told me she had recently suffered from extended crying spells. She did not elaborate but I got the impression that she had come to realize that she had made a bad choice for her life. I do not not know if that was the reason. It was just my impression. And, yes, for some others there are many satisfactory paths through the woods. Or is it to the woods?

        However, if I was correct, she was emblematic of the unhappiness that comes with turning from the natural scheme – the conjugal family and communities and a nation where you are with your own and do not worship what is foreign or strange. A life where you and do not have to suffer fools among you who must ensure that “the other” is present in force for you and yours to contend with.

        Those women in that forum are still at their peak and besotted with their prideful take on New Ways. The nation as a whole has been similarly besotted though Bishop Latimer is hopefully correct about that faint cracking sound. In either case I think there is a realization such as my friend’s that is coming. Which is the Bishop’s point. But thee suffering will also be there. How reckless the cultists have been.

      • Dymphna-

        Without getting too graphic, I have to wonder if a large percentage of the women on the forum you visited simply weren’t…errrr….getting what they need at home?

  9. It’s too late now, to do anything.

    The parasites are already deeply embedded.

    Ever seen the African mango worms?
    Look it up!

    This is EXACTLY the horror that is now in Europe.

  10. We will see at election time. In any case, does it matter now? The demographic reality cannot denied. Norway and Finland should secure their borders. Good luck!

    • France’s election will be the proof. If Macron the globalist dhimmi appeaser wins the 2nd round, then it’ll be clear there’s likely not the necessary will to preserve national cultures in Western Europe. After that election people will have to make the hard choices.

      • The Baron laid out today’s European landscape many years ago. I call upon his prescience once again, and ask for his two year prediction for Western Europe.

        • They actually weren’t my predictions. They were predictions by Fjordman, El Inglés, and Paul Weston.

          Not being European myself, I can’t make truly informed predictions. But Fjordman will be back here soon with additional projections. More than ten years ago he accurately described the dystopia that Europe is currently becoming.

          What has surprised all of us is how long the global financial system has held together. The bubble has been kept inflated by money-printing (now called “quantitative easing”) for more than eight years, and yet somehow massive price inflation has been avoided.

          Mathematically speaking, the current situation can’t last, but I no longer make any predictions about when it will end. I see two possibilities:

          (1) The debt will be repudiated, in which case the value of currently held assets comprised of debt instruments will become worthless, and financial institutions that hold large quantities of them on their balance sheets will collapse; or

          (2) The debt will be truly monetized — that is, the supply of actual cash will increase to pay off the debt, eventually causing hyperinflation.

          #2 would be the option we would normally expect, yet QE hasn’t induced the hyperinflation. This tells us that the shell game of global electronic transactions is a means to stave off the consequences of grossly expanding the money supply. The digitizing of commerce has certainly managed to do this so far.

          It may be that the push to abolish actual cash can somehow permanently institutionalize the QE process into a permanent ongoing system, driving the entire populace (except for the elites who control the system) into poverty gradually, by increments so small that they aren’t noticeable. The boiling frog syndrome.

          Intuition says that such a system can’t be maintained, that it is too unstable and sensitive to the slightest perturbations that would tip it into (mathematically) chaotic behavior. Yet it has held together for eight years, so maybe it can in fact be done. That’s why I don’t make predictions.

          In 50 years our societies may have become a patchwork of brutal, seedy Islamic emirates run by a ruthless cabal comprised of the heirs of Barack Obama, George Soros, and the Chinese Communist Party, with total surveillance and massive digital systems to keep the common ruck in check.

          Some of our readers are young enough that they will live to see whether or not this turns out to be the case.

          • Baron-

            I agree that it is bizarre how the elite have been able to keep the financial charades going far longer than they should have.

            I disagree that price inflation has not happened. Asset prices are ludicrous when you look at real estate and equities. If you want an example closer to home, go check out steak prices in your local supermarket – unreal!

          • Prices have risen at most about 20%, on average, in eight years, based on my own experience. They should have risen at least 20 times as much, judging by how much the money supply has been expanded without commensurate productivity increases, both in the USA and the EU.

            Something is very, very fishy. But I can’t identify exactly what it is.

      • Mme Le Pen will be lucky to get 35% of the vote on 7 May. But the telling thing will be in June, when the elections for the National Assembly will be held. The FN will pick up a few seats, but not enough to be felt–they’ll end up with 20 seats or so. Out of more than 500. France, Sweden, Norway, Britain, Ireland, Spain, Italy–all will be totally balkanized. The cities will be Islamic; rural areas may retain some Europeanness. In Sweden and Germany, millions will gladly convert to Islam, especially women, and we all know that the convert is always more zealous than the old-timer. Europe is a vacuum–politically and especially spiritually–and the invaders and colonists are deeply committed and filled with confidence. That is what matters, even more than demography and birthrates. Anyway, Nature abhors a vacuum, so Islam has come into Europe to fill the void. And most Europeans are enthusiastic about their suicide. So there will be the Islamized (former Western) Europe, and the Visegrad countries of the central and eastern reaches of the Continent. But Erdogan has set 2022 as his deadline for resurrecting the Ottoman Empire, so anything might happen there. Anyway, Europe has decided on the course of suicide and has embraced it enthusiastically. They are enormously pleased with themselves.

  11. If you are on Twitter and care about Freedom and Democracy, please visit these French News feeds and give your support for Marine Le Pen for the upcoming final French election. Every bit counts. The elites are trying to do to her exactly what they did to Trump during the election. Most French people can read English – although “Viva Le Pen!” is pretty universal 🙂
    Le Pen in France would be great for the USA too. Thanks guys!!


  12. I hope you’re right. I really, really hope you’re right. Even if everyone opened their eyes tomorrow, I don’t know how you’d push back against what’s already happened without bloodshed. I hope I’m wrong.

    • The sheer number of Muslims in Europe will make it impossible without widespread violence, which the state will never allow. So it’ll have to come from the people. The Muslims might melt away once they realize the will is there. Islam is now basically a bully culture, and as they say bullies are usually cowards.

      • Want to bring it on sooner rather than later? Cut out ALL the benefits! (and use real bullets)

      • I do not believe for one moment that it is in the Muslim psyche to simple melt away. Strange things are happening in the U.K. and Europe, wherein you will find Muslims in the most unlikely places. I’m talking about little hamlets and villages. Obviously, they have a great presence in many cities, i.e. Birmingham, Bradford, Luton, Leicester, Moleenbeek, Marseille, to name just a few. This is not shocking anymore, but the fact that they are now dispersing further afield is something new to me.

        • Talking about the situation in Germany, I can assure you that everyone of those young and healthy male immigrants has a cell phone and that they can gather by the hundreds in a very short time. They have illegal weapons (and not just guns) hidden all over the country in secret stores, while German bureaucracy is ferociously tightening its grip on legal gun owners, confiscating weapons on the flimsiest pretext (gun-owner left his car outside a parking zone, thus proving that he is unpredictable). Government wants to prevent at all costs that citizens might be able to defend themselves. And in case that the situation gets ugly, I’m not sure whether the government will back up their own people or rather side up with the invaders they let into the country without any sort of control or identification.

          • Good description.

            Keep in mind the Marxist-Leninist hates the prevailing culture (going back to Marx himself) and (my opinion) seems citizen gun-owners as a force to conserve the existing system. Migrant, minority, or black hoards are seen as agents of dissolution and thus there is very little interference with their possession of weapons.

            The violence of the street gangs and street criminals is actually a deniable surrogate for the revolutionary government, which does not wish to be seen as the direct perpetrator of violence. The process is very apparent in Berkeley California, where the mayor is a member of a violent leftist organization, the officials of the University of California are probably Marxists, and the police were ordered to stand down as masked (masks are illegal) street thugs smashed windows and attacked people.

            The end goal is to expand the state until the state is everything and the individual is nothing. The process was well underway under the Obama administration.

            I don’t know how it will play out when the Marxists and Islamists get closer to victory. Obviously, they won’t share power, so there will be a showdown sooner or later. In Iran, the Islamists won and the Communists were executed. One commenter who used to come here, DFD, thought that the German army would eventually come up on top because of their much better access to weapons and supplies. Once there, they would institute a strongman form of government.

            I worry the most about foreign interventions in situations like Sweden and Germany. I’m content to let people work out their own destiny, but I’m afraid of a situation like Bosnia and Kosovo, where NATO intervened to stop the rollback of Muslims by the Serbs. The Clintons are driven almost exclusively by money, and there is no doubt the major financiers see their financial interests in globalism, centralized international governments, and the dissolution of national identities.

            Where is Trump on this? I don’t know. He talks the talk, or did during the campaign. But where he walks now, I don’t know.

            I would say the best thing we (the US) could do for Europe is to stay out of its affairs. The democrats, conservatives, neocons, globalists, establishment Republicans, and west European governments all LOVED the Syrian intervention. Does that tell you anything?

  13. Wishful thinking. There will be no awakening and no change of the course. Yes, people are sick and tired of islamism but political consensus is an age old tradition in Sweden and 1 party of 1-2 talking points won’t change it. Sweden may seem polarized now but come elections and you’ll see all has stayed the same, as usual.

  14. Now c’mon folks, we all know the vast majority of Muslims are honest, hard working, peace loving pillars of our communities, and it’s our own racist, xenophobic, privileged, arrogance that causes a very few suffering from mental illness to lash out at their oppressors.

    But did you know…
    1. Islam is an evil ideology.
    2. Allah is evil on a scale equaled only by Satan.
    3. Muhammad was one of the most evil men to have ever lived.
    4. The Qur’an and Hadiths command Muslims to murder unbelievers.
    …and are you ready for this…
    5. ALL MUSLIMS worship Islam, Allah, Muhammad, the Qur’an and Hadiths!


    Let that sink in as you realize that at any moment, any one of the 1.5 BILLION Muslims on planet Earth may decide to take the commandments given to them by Islam, Allah, Muhammad, the Qur’an, or the Hadiths seriously and kill someone.

    The next time you hear or read someone say that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people, enlighten them.


    • All moslems are the ENEMY, and have been for all 1400 years of their existence!

  15. Once again, I’m amazed at the high-quality content that we’re finding on GoV, time and time again.

    I hope that you’re right, but at this point, I can hardly see Sweden getting “fixed” without heavy violence.

    Three trends will coincide:

    (1) Higher “migrant” birthrates;

    (2) Overrepresentation of males in the “migrant” population;

    (3) A future economic downturn will lead to a large number of native Swedes leaving for better economic pastures (possibly Norway or Denmark, being linguistically similar, or the English-speaking world, as most speak half-decent English already).

    The point is quickly being arrived at when voting a solution will require 2/3 of the native Swedes to vote SD. This is unlikely to happen until… 3/4 of the vote is needed. Which will never happen.

    So expect the continuation of the ongoing geographical apartheid, etc. At that point it’s a question of whether in 50 years Swedes will be an oppressed minority, or of whether a civil war will have started (in maybe 20 years), Lebanon 1970s-style. It’s easy to imagine areas being “cleansed”, with other areas remaining mixed, etc. The ugly part of this is that “normal” migrants are likely to end up having to pick the wrong side based on their looks alone. Those people I feel truly sorry for.

    It’s impossible to imagine a good ending UNLESS Islamism (and maybe even Islam) become completely spent forces as the result of wider world events, leading to full assimilation. In other words, if there is to be a non-violent solution, it will likely happen as the result of violence elsewhere.

    I’m not looking forward to a violent upheaval of this sort, but I suspect that it’s inevitable by now. Not necessarily in Sweden, but somewhere significant. Western culture will probably triumph in the *end*, but it’ll be ugly. What will “start” it is what usually “starts” these things: the up-and-coming side getting too greedy, too soon, i.e., exactly what did the nazis in as well.

    • “islamism” is just a made up word to split hairs, when the media haven’t the intestinal fortitude to say it as it is–islam!

    • The strongest hurdle to any re-alignment such as you describe is the probability of foreign intervention to prevent any sort of ethnic separation based on preserving Europeans.

      Swedes, Germans, etc may be able to win some kind of civil war, but if it gets that far, NATO forces will be waiting to intervene on some pretext, most likely a false flag operation to portray innocent Muslim victims.

  16. I’ve often wondered how many people would it take, how many normal Swedes taking reprisals against culture enrichers before the police would stop shutting it down and … just let it play out. It would take a critical mass where they’d need to lock up thousands, and the pushback then becomes widespread and moves with its own momentum. Muslims assume that won’t ever happen.

  17. The bishop wrote:

    “With the full support of the mainstream media, national and local government, advertisers and a volunteer army of virtue-signallers ready to lambast anyone with even a mildly differing opinion, Sweden finally ceased to be a nation and became a cult.”

    I thought he was going to say “Canada,” because under the Liberal Party of Canada, esp. now with the Dauphin / ‘Shiny Pony’ / Daddy’s little boy Trudeau at the helm, the path to sanity in Canada now looks to be very steeply uphill.

    The Liberals in Canada have always been great admirers of Sweden. That’s because they wanted to promote socialism, and thought Sweden was an example of a ‘successful’ socialist country they could tout. (They were counting on few Canadians knowing anything about Sweden, except that it was northern and cold, like us, and produced some great hockey players.)

    Perhaps that’s one reason why The Party presumes to lecture Canadians as to what constitutes ‘Canadian values’ … rather than being guided by the people as to what those values are.

    Canada is already a cult. It will continue to be so until the State Broadcaster, the CBC, is de-funded. It was largely responsible for creating the lemming vote, which Trudeau secured in the election.

    By the time Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver see the warning signs so evident in Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm, it will be too late.

    Americans have, as virtually a national motto, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    The Canadian equivalent is “peace, order, and good government.”

    But with new laws against Islamophobia now in their second month of gestation, and without a First (or Second) Amendment, Canadians will have neither peace, nor order … and will not have good government until the Liberals are turfed out.

    • Right on! Couldn’t agree more, Frank, we are in deep trouble with ‘meathead’.

    • Harper’s #1 mistake was not getting rid of the CBC entirely.

      This is now coming back to bite.

      I realise that he might not have felt that he could get away with it, but it was still a mistake.

      Other than that, he was great.

    • My sister-in-law recently told me she had some classmates at her Bible school who went to a nearby mosque in Toronto to try and preach to some of the muslims hanging around there (oh, the brave naivety) and the leaders came out and told them to never return otherwise they’d be killed. This was 10 years ago. My family also helps a Christian organization reach out to the Muslims living in the “muslim areas” of our major cities. Hence, a big part of the reason I must be under a pseudonym. It’s dangerous — not really for the volunteers so much — but the muslims who would dare befriend them. It’s a cruel, cruel cult.

      There are a good number of “awake” Canadians but the overall narrative just drowns them out. The power is in the hands of our government and they have chosen sides and it’s not ours (see the debate of the Peel school board allowing a Muslim prayer room in public schools in spite of the loud and very angry protests of the parents — one parent throwing a Quran at the board members). They’re using Islam as a weapon against us and I fear it’s been something they’ve been planning for a long, long time. I am doubtful of their ability to fully control this weapon but we’ll see

      Sorry for the pessimist-sounding post. It sounds more ‘down’ than I feel. I will always hope for the best. Our Conservative Party is about to vote for a new leader and I really like Maxime Bernier. He seems to be the most Libertarian of the hopefuls and he’s from Quebec which gives him a chance to snag some of the eastern votes. Quebec very rarely votes for a westerner.

      • “Quebec very rarely votes for a westerner”. True.
        Which is why Canada will always be a split country, and why Quebecers will never leave Canada, (unfortunately) as long as they rule it, as they have done for most of the 49 years I’ve lived here.

        Well they do give us great leaders; just look at the present clueless, swell-headed twit! (just a little sarc!)

  18. A very well-written article and an optimistic predicted outcome. I was in Stockholm eleven years ago and the people I spoke to then were in complete denial. “What Muslims?” was the standard response.

    If Bishop Latimer is right, Sweden is waking up but it has always been a socialist utopia and this might yet stifle any reversion to common sense.

  19. In the 90s when I first stepped in Canada I was in shock about the lack of freedom of speech. I knew something is wrong with that country. However, at that time I could not point it out.With getting out of there in order to keep my sanity intact more and more I believe it is a rotten country.

    People there are so slow and so “polite” – which mostly means they never speak their mind- it made me puke. Glad I left.Trudeau fits Canadian minds.As stupid and conceited as they all are, they deserve him.
    For Canada, the immigration of intelligent and white people was not important and those people were never helped by the system. However, the Muslim garbage was always helped and sustained.

    Again, nasty nasty system and retarded people. Canada will never wake up.They are doomed.

    • Hahaha! You will have your little joke, but basically you have accurately summed up a large percentage of Canadians–Liberals, Greens and NDP! There are, however, Conservatives in this country, who think rather differently, as Mike (above) points out.

      BTW, “Myfreeeurope”, have you checked out your own neck of the woods lately? With the exception of four eastern European countries, western Europe is in much worse shape than Canada, though given our current excuse for a leader, we will probably catch up with you soon!

    • I think you’re ignoring the regional differences in Canada.

      The western provinces, with the possible exception of Vancouver (and other parts of British Columbia) are pretty akin, ideologically, to Trump country.

      The eastern provinces, especially Quebec, are socialist and fixated on minority victimhood.

      It’s like the US…vast ideological, cultural, and geographical differences trying to remain glued together as a coherent country.

    • Hmmm. Further grist for the mill.

      Manitoba (Canada) criminal conduct review board gives absolute unconditional release and freedom to a man who beheaded a fellow bus passenger.

      The explanation (with a little exaggeration from me):
      He hadn’t gotten his meds adjusted correctly, but has them right now, and is committed to take them faithfully from now on. He is aware of the horrific consequences of going off his meds, and for this reason can be depended up to maintain them. No, I’m not making this up. I’ve said before, comedy is dead; government is an extreme parody of its own stereotype, leaving no room for comic exaggeration.

      I guess a benefit to bus riders is they will have less bus overcrowding to worry about.

      • Manitobans are very angry about his release, for the most part. You get the SJWs of course. They are able to make themselves louder. There is also the larger problem of all the ‘homes’ being shut down for being ‘cruel’ and lack of funding. So in that case, this was someone who truly wasn’t criminally responsible (he has a proven mental illness) but just letting him loose isn’t justice either.

  20. “I have always known that my countrymen are given to a desperate longing for consensus and uniformity. “…

    This is what I find so perplexing about the Swedish Government, both prior and present. Surely knowing that in the main Swedish people were quite homogenous, and were all pretty much on the same page as far as what is acceptable in society, therefore, would they not have thought a bit deeper and come to the conclusion that it would not be in the interest (or the safety) of its citizens to welcome 10’s of thousands of Muslim young men to be let loose into a society that had a polar opposite way of religion, morals, and civic duty?

    I think it is easy for those not living there to tell the men to stand up and fight, but they have never really had to deal with much adversity in their lives so just where will they summon up the courage to deal with such a savage culture that is so very alien to them?

  21. Apropå the events in Sweden.

    Thank’s ”journalister” you have reached your goal, finally multiculti until the end!!!

    A song for you only.

    ”Friends all tried to warn me
    But I held my head up high
    All the time they warned me
    But I only passed them by
    They all tried to tell me
    But I guess I didn’t care
    I turned my back and
    Left them standing there…” – ”Löfvens Heroes – Theme Song”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgeIINs1TrQ

  22. ‘But ultimately it was the jihadists and their murderous rampage who reminded me what is worth fighting — even dying — to preserve.’

    And how many people had to suffer, for you to learn something, I knew when I was ten?

  23. Good article, well written. I hope the author is correct,
    “When I read articles/comments about Sweden by people who don’t live here, and have perhaps never even visited, I get the feeling that the country is a lost cause, headed for dhimmitude. I understand why someone might reach that conclusion, but I can assure you it is erroneous. Yes, there will be more attacks, more victims of Islamic terror, more rapes, more rocks hurled at the police in occupied neighbourhoods and more bouts of PC insanity. But each transgression will only serve to energise the counter-trend that is still in its infancy.”

    So, … ah, … good luck with that.

  24. Thank you Bishop Latimer for giving me hope for my people, when all allies seemingly have left us for dead.

  25. I’m afraid the good bisshop has not yet awakened to the realisation that the slide towards western destruction isn’t an accident – just another instance of unintended consequences of good intentions, but according to plan. The powers that be are merely doing what Marx stipulated: putting an end to western civilisation so that a new world order may be installed. An invasion of islamic and third world proles seemed a great way of speeding up our disintegration, after the cultural upheavals in the sixties and seventies.
    A cabal has been plotting an agitiating patiently for a century, and they’re getting impatient now; that’s why the never-trump coalition is so brazen and desperate.

    To the baron wondering about the financial conundrum: I think allowing the economic structure to come crashing down is their measure of last resort.

    • I think that’s quite possible, but it still leaves the main question unanswered: how did they keep the system propped up for so long?

  26. This is astonishing. An intelligent, literate new voice called Bishop Latimer writes something positive and hopeful about Sweden — and a whole buncha Muslims and Islam-enablers fill the comments with sneering dismissals and gloating predictions that Sweden is doomed:

    “Only just beginning to wake up? Far too late for that, I’m afraid.”

    No, hold on — they’re not Muslims or Islam-enablers. They’re something that, morally speaking, is much worse: defeatists and spreaders of despair.

    There’s a reason that defeatism is a capital offence in times of war. It assists the enemy. Way to go, guys!

    • BFF, if you’re ever in Europe, just go to Sweden; you’ll see.
      In fact, go to any west European city, walk through any of the ‘no go zones’ and come out feeling positive and hopeful.

      • In fact, go to any west European city, walk through any of the ‘no go zones’ and come out feeling positive and hopeful.

        I see. Because my weak little ego is crushed by sight of vibrancy, I have no option but to despair. And not only that: I have to spread the despair and assist the enemy.

        This explains why Spain has been a Muslim country for centuries. The odds were hopeless after Muslims took over most of the country, so the Christians in the north despaired and gave up. It also explains why Lenin never came to power in Russia. The odds were hopeless and he gave up. And it explains why the UK surrendered to Germany in 1941. The odds were hopeless and the UK gave up.

  27. Frankly, I thought this article was being just a bit too optimistic and Sweden was just rolling along down the hill to sharia, but reading comments in a Norwegian blog this evening I came twice upon comments to the effect that Mona Sahlin (“what Swedish culture?”) must have been wandering along the road to Damascus recently (what was she doing in Syria?) and suffered a conversion–according to these Norwegian bloggers Sahlin has turned 180 degrees.

    Which makes me wonder if the traitorous [female dog] will join the Sweden Democrats or flee to Norway to get away from some of her more furious countrymen.

  28. After a couple hundred years of muslim oppression Sicily finally drove them out. It can be done. It HAS been done.

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