More Culture-Enriching Hospital Rapes, This Time in Hamburg

Modern Multicultural Germany is so insane, so unfathomably nuts, that I have trouble taking it in. Read the following article from Die Welt and see for yourself.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation:

Hamburg: Assault in Hospital
Man allegedly molested 15-year-old

April 25, 2017

A 29-year-old man allegedly invaded several hospital rooms. One woman managed to persuade him to leave her room. But he surprised a girl in her sleep.

The police of Hamburg have provisionally arrested a 29-year-old Afghan, who is suspected to have performed sexual acts in a patient room in the hospital St. Georg on a 15-year-old patient.

The man had been taken to the hospital’s A&E due to his alcohol poisoning. There, in an unsupervised moment, he gained entrance to a ward and entered the room of a 57-year-old woman. But she woke up and talked to the 29-year-old and got him to leave her room. After that the 29-year-old entered the room of the sleeping 15-year-old and performed sexual acts on her. She yelled for help loudly, so he let go of her and initially fled.

Shortly thereafter he was stopped and detained by security. Police, who had been called in the meantime, temporarily arrested the suspect. The incident actually occurred last Saturday, but was only made public on Tuesday by a police announcement. After taking his personal data, he was released for lack of reasons for arrest.

The translator includes this afterword:

For additional information:

The same St. Georg Hospital, and the Altona Hospital, now offer an escort service for their nurses after shift, because within the past few weeks two nurses have been raped on hospital premises or in a nearby park, when they heard someone yelling for help —hey rushed to where the shouts coming from, and instead found themselves attacked, beaten up and brutally raped by several men[1].

St. Georg and Altona are traditional, but heavily enriched, inner-city districts of Hamburg.

As to the situation in Hamburg in general, the daily newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt writes:

“The number of rapes and grave sexual coercions increased over the past year (2016) by 25 percent to a number of 181. And there is a new trend: While in the past the majority of rapes and sexual coercions took place within relationships, last year, more victimized women did not know their assailant, and were assaulted on the street.”[2]


1.   Hamburger Abendblatt
2.   Hamburger Abendblatt

51 thoughts on “More Culture-Enriching Hospital Rapes, This Time in Hamburg

  1. I will feel pity for them when German males start acting like men and start beating these savages within an inch of their lives – preemptively if necessary.

    If they don’t want to defend or avenge their own, how can one have sympathy or empathy for such empty shells of humans?

    • The part that you do not see is that German men DO defend the women, and not just their own wives and girlfriends, but even complete strangers in the street, and get a knife in the stomach, every week. This remains hidden well in the small local newspapers.

  2. What astonishes me is this: “…he was released for lack of reasons for arrest.” Does sexual assault committed on a child not constitute a sufficient reason any longer?

    • This is Shariah law at work, the women concerned were improperly dressed (presumably in hospital supplied night-ware) so it was not a crime….

      • Churchill was right. Islam is a retrograde culture and religion. They act like animals.

        • Wrong; they act like muslims. Animals don’t kill other animals because they don’t believe in the divinity of a pedophile rapist.

    • It astonishes German citizens just as much. Judiciary in Germany is completely estranged from reality, and from the people.

    • Not so surprising.

      It seems to be an unsolved problem of representative government systems that the judiciary becomes a law in itself, and overrides the other branches of government. A rogue judge can do tremendous damage, although it seems more commonplace that the rogue judges are mainstream judiciary.

  3. “But he surprised a girl in her sleep.”
    It is obviously the girl’s fault! She should know better than sleeping with both eyes closed…

  4. Easy to say ‘men stand up’. Remember the make
    up of immigrants. Military aged men. Hundreds of thousands
    of them. Raping to their hearts content.

    • They are cowards individually. They like to attack the weak and defenseless in groups like a pack of curs. The same tactics can be used on them. And while eliminating them would be satisfying, emasculating them would ensure their days of raping are over for good.

  5. I believe women’s wards in hospitals in islamic countries have a POLICE guard on every floor. Now you know why.

  6. These hospital rapes are something really hard difficult to understand. I would never even imagined that someone could be raped in a hospital.

    • How must the poor women victims feel about this – not even safe
      Whilst recuperating in a hospital bed.

    • I don’t understand why there are Muslims in any Western country. May 3 should be the deadline for all to reject Mohammed and Islam. Failure to do so requires loss of citizenship and any legal status in the country.

      Europeans must embrace relentless xenophobia to undo the damage done by fools and traitors. They must embrace that core European “value” – self preservation. To hell with foreigners who do not like it.

      But, no, they will vote for betrayal and suicide again and again. They​ will support their lying media and cheer the suppression of free speech. They embrace servility.

  7. This is happening in Germany – and in Sweden (a derisory sentence for three Afghans who streamed a rape live) – because these sub-humans are not being punished in the way they understand. With extreme brutality. The guardians of justice are content to throw their women and children to the wolves in order to prove their liberal credentials.

  8. I honestly misread the last sentence and thought it said “he was released for lack of interest”

  9. Another aspect of this story is the inevitable destruction of German social cohesion – the real, natural cohesion between civilised people, not the artificial ‘cohesion’ fantasy that multiculturalists seek to impose.

    Nurses ran to help when they heard a cry and were then raped. When this story gets around, will people still respond to cries for help? Of course not. They’ll ‘walk on the opposite side of the road’. Such events destroy a high trust society. This is one of the many ways in which mass third world immigration is removing the foundations of German society brick by brick.

    • I didn’t see where the nurses who came to help were also raped.

      I suspect that anyone exhibiting this sort of behavior in Afghanistan would not see the sun rise the next day. Controls are carried out through tribal authority, are informal, and very final. They are effective for protected women; there are no other types in Muslim societies.

      So, immigrants accustomed to very strict, brutal external controls are imported into a society which depends mainly on internal controls. This is the result.

      It’s significant that the West European nations continue to strengthen the enforcement of anti-self-defense measures.

      It’s a bedrock principle of cultural and classical Marxism to dissolve the bindings of a culture. There’s no better way than to import violent aliens with a totally different culture, and to remove the right of self-defense.

      Marxist judges will continue to be light on offenders from other cultures, because the judges see them as victims of the culture with which the judges are familiar and which the judges hate.

      • I think my phrasing there might have been ambiguous. Yes the victims were nurses: On two different occasions, a (different) nurse, who had just finished her night shift, and was leaving the hospital, heard nearby cries for help, and ran to where the cries were coming from, but in fact it was a trap, there were no victims, just men waiting to beat them up and rape them, and they were left lying unconscious in the cold.

    • Yes, Diotima. Thank you for making this crucial point. And I like your excellent choice of words: *the real, natural cohesion between civilised people, not the artificial ‘cohesion’ fantasy that multiculturalists seek to impose.*

    • It is social engineering and colonization of the muslims in Europe and america. They want their caliphate and if things keep going the way they have, I think they will get it.

  10. Yes Elmo, sexual assault does occur. It is not unknown in psychiatric hospitals because the patients are often very heavily sedated. This makes women vulnerable.

  11. I am sick of being shocked; what I say is Germany and Germans GET WHAT THEY VOTED FOR. If they can’t even defend themselves or are unwilling to, by peaceful democratic means via the ballot box I just have no empathy anymore.

    • “democratic means” are vastly overrated. In many European countries, including Germany, the real deal is Totalitarian Democracy. Much of Europe runs on this model and has done so for many generations.

      It began here in the US in the early part of the 20th century, many of the ideas being borrowed from England (as it was called at the time).

      Mr. Lloyd, like many others you would find yourself far less “shocked” and attain more understanding if you read more about European history, the pre-Islam periods.

      • Wolin makes a lot of great points in his book, but he needed a better editor.

      • I would suggest that a strongly diverse country, with large populations of people with very diverse values, is much more likely to be totalitarian. It is difficult to get the legislature to act in any direction, and unelected bureaucracies assume extraordinary powers.

        Another factor in creating totalitarian governments is the centralization of power. The framers of the Constitution favored a well-defined reservation of state prerogatives, but the concept of states rights now seems to be any area not affected by federal legislation.

        In a sense, I’m sympathetic with sanctuary cities, as defending their prerogatives to not be a branch of the federal government. Also, with withholding funds, if the government takes 80% of your money, and returns 50% on the condition you do certain things, is it a legitimate persuasive tactic.

        On the other hand, the Constitution gives almost complete power over immigration to the executive, and under federalism, the states are required to recognize and support the legitimate uses of federal powers.

    • Have you ever heard of “Electoral Fraud” and the “Re-Education-Programme” installed in Germany after 1945?
      – Anyone in Germany who expresses his discontent here risks losing his Job (Our Trade Unions have published a guide “how to treat AfD-voters” which basically is the same as the STASI did in Eastern Germany 30 years ago)
      – Writing “hate commentaries” which classifies as Satire on social media can get you imprisoned up to 2 years, even if there is no official punative law for this
      – Judges which don’t comply with the Multi culti Ideology are getting transfered into other Departments, see “Jens Maier”, Judge in Dresden
      – State Prosecutors are bound by instruction of the Attorney General
      – Anyone defending victims against the Gold pieces(refugees are more valuable than gold according to “President” Schulz) risks getting sued or even a Show Trial.
      Before judging the Germans come here and walk in our shoes.

      • You can still go out at night in groups and beat the young male troublemakers like they do to your women, or burn down the rapefugee centers near where these rapes have occurred. Or alternately, put night letters under the doors and in the mailboxes of those judges and prosecutors who are rubber-stamping multiculti, telling them what fate awaits those who turn on their own people. It worked impressively well in Afghanistan when used by the Taliban.

        Since the time to change the system peacefully has come and gone, there will have to begin a movement outside of the law to compel those who administer and enforce it to start doing so. This seems to be a problem with the German character; this unwillingness to use a little civil disobedience to change an evil and broken system, and instead follow evil laws and men because it is the law and they are the authorities.

    • Problem is once Europe has metastasized and dies the US will be on its own against an entire world of death cult zombies.

  12. Why is it the German people don’t seem to realize that they are being led down the path to tyranny until it’s too late.

    • Apparently their is a streak in the German psyche that likes being dominated.

      • Well, then what is Sweden, France and the UK’s problem? They are in almost the same boat. So are we here in America. Western civilization is being taken apart piece by piece. The only thing that saves us in the states is that we have guns, and aren’t afraid to use them.

        • Sweden, France, and the UK didn’t invite them in to the EU. They went along with the blunder but they did not start it.

          Regarding guns and willingness to use them; you are right, that is a major and defining difference between Western Europe and the US. The problem is in the character of it’s men, since if one wanted to get a gun in Europe, one certainly could – by breaking laws. And Western Europeans are apparently too weak and emasculated to do so, or break any law it seems. The law hasn’t stopped muslims and africans or Eastern Europeans from getting their hands on weapons, and the state is increasingly showing itself powerless to go after anyone who thumbs their nose at the law.

          • Where have you been, Moon? They certainly were “invited” – did you not see the thousands of images? They weren’t photoshopped.

            And Sweden simply opened its doors and told them to come on in.

            But the UK had been doing so for a long, long time. And if you’re a Brit & value your job, you’ll keep your gob shut for good.

            Even after the evil pedophile rings in Roterham were exposed, the police and social workers denied those young girls were being trafficked. They knew they’d lose their jobs…

            It’s hard to even find an American state that’s not made them welcome here, too. And the crime stats prove it.

          • “and the state is increasingly showing itself powerless to go after anyone who thumbs their nose at the law.”

            Only if those opposing are muslims or serious lefties. Everyone else gets the harshest treatment available by law. Just ask Tommy Robinson

          • Re: Marco,

            The state has been proving itself adept at persecuting those who stand up and defy it, but not so good at those who operate illegally and in the shadows. There is a veritable plethora of criminal enterprises supplying everything from women, drugs, fake marriages for invaders, passports, weapons, grenades, etc., as well as common homegrown criminal pursuits such as bombmaking, welfare fraud, robbery, rape, and general antisocial behavior. Since the state lacks the resources and will to control or stop any of this, they choose instead to go after visible, easy to persecute challenges in order to reassert its authority. The lesson here, is don’t openly challenge the state or its values publicly; however, operating covertly in the same manner as muslims and nafris do will go unpunished since the limited resoures of the state are being misallocated to go after easier fish to fry.

  13. The progressive thought–critical theory, etc.– is probably the real enemy. The Islamists, by themselves, would surely have been managed quite easily by now.

    I think we are going to make it, that good people will win, but this feeling may be my inherited brain chemistry and I could be delusional.

    The geologists are calling this the anthropocene era, meaning an era where man is having a direct impact on the earth’s geology and weather and ecosystems.

    It seems rather to me to actually be the anthropsychosis era, where man’s overall leadership–especially–has become fruitcakes…and the synoptic diagnosis of the planet is somewhere in the DSM-5 Manual.

  14. Now, what really happened here? The headline (on our site, in English, above) refers to “hospital rapes”. Then we read about “assault”, molestation and “sexual acts”. After the girl yelled loudly, the man “let go of her”. Was it rape or was it something else? The account seems to me to be confused and confusing, in part because the man was released for “lack of reasons for arrest”, we are told.

    Even if you’re a poor, suffering, persecuted Afghan living in a country stupid enough to house, feed, clothe, attend to medically and give pocket money to, you can’t be allowed, in that HOST COUNTRY, indeed, to rape, assault, molest or perform sexual acts on strangers in a hospital and then walk away scot free because there’s “no reason for arrest”.

    This story is on face value deeply disturbing because, among other thingss, it appears that for the same crime/offence, different people are being treated differently on account of their racial/national origin. The story makes little sense.

  15. I’ve been reading the comments on this thread and blocking the fact that my daughter was raped by an aide in a U.S. hospital. She was too sedated to fight back.

    Her lawyer told her all she had to do was stay alive while they fought the hospital for damages. But hospitals excel at deadly waiting games and she died before she ever collected the money for treatment.

    • Whoa, that is absolutely horrifying! I am so, so sorry your daughter and family went through that. What an absolute nightmare.

  16. Extremely sorry to hear about this loss and pain Dymphna. May the almighty keep her in peace and love.

  17. My friends in Germany assure me – for every such assault we hear about there are ten or more we don’t hear about. The modus operandi is to threaten victims and their families if they go to the police.

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