PVV: Why was Saudi Arabia elected to the UN women’s rights commission?

Parliamentary Questions of MPs De Roon and Wilders (both PVV) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs about the election of Saudi Arabia to the UN women’s rights commission:

1.   Can you explain why Saudi Arabia, a county where camels are better treated than women, has been elected as a member of the UN women’s rights commission?*
2.   Can you find out which European countries supported this absurd election and are you prepared to call them to account? If not, why not?
3.   Has the Kingdom of the Netherlands in any way supported or facilitated the election of Saudi Arabia?
4.   Do you share the opinion that this election is a slap in the face of millions of women who suffer the effects of Sharia law and, imprisoned under an Islamic veil, have been robbed of all freedom?
5.   Are you prepared not to spend any money from the Dutch taxpayers anymore on UN human rights clubs lacking all credibility?
*   See the news report in Elsevier.

8 thoughts on “PVV: Why was Saudi Arabia elected to the UN women’s rights commission?

    • Correct Crossware.

      The globalist elite see Saudi society as the ideal model for their world order.

      • Would like to see the response to these very pertinent
        Questions, that is if the UN has the good enough grace
        To reply.

  1. Directorate by directorate fundamentalist Islam is taking over the UN with the connivance of so-called Christian nations.

  2. It took thousands of years to get equality for women, but it looks like it will be short-lived because the anti-white privilege agenda is more ‘important’ (or maybe ot is simply that the the Islamophobia industry pay-off is better)

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