Second-Class Victims

The carefully-arranged corpse of a migrant child on a beach is turned into Dead Baby Porn and remains at the top of the news headlines for weeks. But the infidel victims of Islamic terrorists quickly disappear from media reports — if they are even mentioned at all.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this essay from Politically Incorrect. A potentially disturbing gory photo has been omitted:

Second-Class Victims

Each victim is one too many, and among a civilized, socialized people in a society of values, this should not even be up for question. But when it comes to our depraved media and politicians there are victims who are definitely being used to boldly coerce us, sometimes for weeks, to show us we are the ones responsible for their demise, we are the guilty ones. And there are victims who, if they even make it into the media, then are mostly just mentions on the side, so that they as quickly as possible disappear again. The terror victims of Paris, Brussels, Nice, Berlin, London, St. Petersburg and Stockholm — who knows of them? But everybody remembers well the three-year-old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi, whose father — as a people smuggler and asylum fraudster — hazarded the consequences that brought his son’s death, and whose small dead body on the beach of Bodrum was draped in such a way by the liar press so that he could be staged forever to draw attention, and his picture was published for weeks and weeks in the press. He was a VIP-victim. The girl above: her name is Ebba Åkerlund, and she is a second-class victim.

by L.S. Gabriel

Daily we are bombarded with pictures from the war zones of the world. Big wide brown child’s eyes and crying women, tragically-staged men who carry children from ruins in their arms: for them we all should feel guilty and responsible. Hardly any TV station these days can do without any such guilt-propaganda. But how many know, for instance, who Lukasz Urban, Dorit Krebs, Anna and Gregoriy Borzov or Andreea Cristea were? The first four are the four victims from the Islamic terror attack in Berlin Breitscheidplatz. Andrea Cristea is the young woman who was hit by the jihadist Khalid Masood with his car on March 22nd and thrown into the Thames river. Her boyfriend wanted to ask her to marry him that day, but she has passed away since.

The terror attack in Stockholm, in which a Muslim from Uzbekistan stole a beverage delivery truck and drove it through a lively shopping promenade in order to kill as many “unbelievers” as possible, and ended up crashing into a shopping mall, is already gone from the news — thanks to the poison gas attack in Syria. The slaughtered victims of April 2nd in Stockholm never even made it into the big headlines like the Syrian boy.

They were the 11-year-old Ebba Åkerlund (photo above), the 41-year-old Brit Chris Bevington who had lived in Sweden for ten years, and two more people whose names we’ve never even learned – a 31-year-old tourist from Lembeek in Belgium and a Swedish woman from Uddavella.

On Twitter a user pointed out this unspeakable discrepancy in the way victims are treated in this globaloney (global insanity) and he boiled it down to the essence:

[picture of the tweet by Tolerant Fellow]

In Muslim circles, however, Ebba’s dead body received lots of smiles and thumbs up:

[picture of Al Jazeera English]

Where are the lead stories and headlines for little Ebba? For the criminal Abdullah Kurdi who was responsible for the death of his entire family, to whom neither his wife nor his children were worth the acquisition of life jackets — for him people were grieving on end for weeks and weeks in the media and officially. At the burial of the dead, which by the way took place in the exact place where he allegedly had to flee from, a camera team was even there and filmed it. For weeks we were bombarded with pictures of this criminal and his grieving kin — and of course with the picture of the dead boy.

Ebba Åkerlund also had a father, a mother, friends. Little Ebba was deaf, and couldn’t hear the approaching truck; she trusted the fact that where she was walking, a shopping promenade, there were no trucks driving. She trusted the protection of our society; she trusted right, law and order. She had her whole life still ahead of her. But she was just a Swedish child.

Ebba was one of those victims around whom there better not be too many waves made, victims who quickly have to disappear from people’s memory. Because victims like Ebba do not exist. They are victims of Islam: bombed, stabbed, run over – the never existed!

Here is one reader comment by Heisenberg73 (also translated by Nash):

Heisenberg73 (10. Apr 2017 15:39)

The responsibility for this mess lies very well within the European people themselves. Whoever does not react drastically after such attacks, whoever acts as if they don’t care when their fellow countrymen are stabbed, run over or bombed to smithereens by foreigners, cannot lament later when the liar press does not report about it properly. The Muslims always immediately scream bloody murder when it’s one of them who got targeted. They don’t put up with anything. They always immediately collectively crowd together, make noise. If need be, violently so.

What do the fathers and the mothers of Europe’s murdered children do? They are collectively silent. One does not want to seem “xenophobic” when foreign or Muslim invaders have once again struck a blow. Those who don’t defend themselves live a life amiss.

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  1. The name of the 31 year old Belgian woman murdered by the Jihadist in Stockholm was Maïlys Dereymaeker.

  2. This is not correct:

    “Little Ebba was deaf, and couldn’t hear the approaching truck; she trusted the fact that where she was walking, a shopping promenade, there were no trucks driving.”

    I wrote about it in a chronicle on Snaphanen but corrected it later.

    I made this mistake because there are two schools with the same name in Stockholm: one for deaf children and one ordinary school. Ebba was studying at the ordinary school Campus Manilla in Stockholm.

    • thank you for clarifying that. However, does that make it better in your mind that a young school girl did not know better to react to a lorry driving wild?
      Possibly, she was singing a song in he mind that distracted her from an oncoming terror. When I was her age I used to sing songs to myself.
      I only hope she was slaughtered with a song in her mind.

  3. I disagree with the print/video media agenda treating the news while sparing our ‘feelings’.

    In the “modern” world of reporting, if you cannot see the visuals of an event, or hear it–it no longer exists.
    NO pictures shown of those falling from the twin towers.
    NO pictures shown of those murdered by moslems.
    ESPECIALLY no pictures of any murdered Christians–their (true, modern) and very real GENOCIDE is simply a non-story and has been for a decade.

    But most of all: NO translations (EVER) of the arabic graffiti on the world’s walls. NO translation of islam’s SHREAKING adherents and their vicious bile against the worlds non-moslems.
    BTW–it would be cute (AND VERY INSTRUCTIVE) to contrast speeches in modern languages with the “translations” into Arabic. The difference is chilling.

    So yeah–I would have shown the picture (graphic in showing all the blood, her severed leg some feet from her small body).
    Far too many of us still need to see that kind of REALITY as a wake-up call.

    • I agree, but not here. There are other sites that perform that necessary function. This one is text-only on such matters. Not least because my wife, the co-proprietor of this blog, has complex chronic developmental PTSD, and seeing such an image, even just for a moment, can wreck her difficult-to-maintain neurological equilibrium for an entire day or longer, sending her to her bed in severe distress, both physical and psychological. I don’t want her to have to avoid looking at her own blog!

      Also, as we have explained countless times in the past, this site is used by parents who home-school their children to help their older kids track current events. I like to keep them in mind.

      Personally, I find that verbal descriptions actually resonate more strongly and have an effect that lasts longer than images would provide. But that’s just my idiosyncratic individual reaction.

      • I know.
        And I agree with you completely.
        Your site is NOT the place for this.
        I would not have you change it, either.
        It just galls me that I do not see this form of truth ANYWHERE.
        If it is evident to you–you are a much better digger of facts than I;
        especially the ‘truth’ as in the.translation of what is written (graffiti) AND spoken both here and in the Mideast–the true voice of the islamic mess confronting us in what is likely our last and final battle with evil in the world.
        I guess that this is the form of the truth–a true ‘voice’ of islam–that I really want to see. NOT so much the blood and guts–I have seen more than my fill.

      • Baron, just as an aside, you and Dymphna do a great job on this site, which is one of my sources for “news that really matters”.

        Just keep on as you’re doing.

      • I don’t mean to be a jerk, but people with that sort of condition seem to have an issue with trying to “find the right” in something rather than come to a conclusion that whatever it is/was is or was bad in a non-affirmative way. Too many people hear all kinds of nonsense, never to be AGAINST whatever thing- always trying to make a more supportive environment for instigation.

    • This may not be the venue, but I concur that understanding the duality of the Ummah’s message is hugely important.

      They know that few of us infidels understand Arabic well, and that many of those that do are their Leftist allies. They take full advantage of our ignorance of their language.

      • I find the mention that “Islamic graffiti is not translated” compelling. You’re absolutely right, of course; it’s not.

        Does anyone have suggestions on how to learn to *read* Arabic w/o having to go through an Islamic instructor who will most likely…ah…use taqiyya whenever I ask a question? esp. since I’m female?

        Please supply your ideas: specific on-line course(s)? self-teaching textbook(s)?

        Something about my language-learning experience: I can read the Roman alphabet, the Greek alphabet, the Cyrillic alphabet, the Old Slavonic alphabet, and some basic Japanese (hiragana and katakana; not kanji), so a new alphabet wouldn’t be totally “new.” The thing is, I’m used to having vowels represented in words. That might be a little tougher. (No, I can’t read Hebrew, either, so I don’t have the “related language” leg up for Arabic.)


        • Cynthia-

          The website Memrise has courses in Arabic, beginning with understanding the alphabet.

          There is also a lovely Palestinian lady on YouTube named Maha who has a ton of videos for English speakers trying to learn Arabic.

          I concur the no vowels issue is maddening, and what I find to be one of Arabic’s major defects as a language.

  4. I have seen the carnage photos of Stockholm. I’m not sure which web site but, I have seen them.
    Just like the beheading videos, I watched a few back in 2003 and that was enough. I think the worst one I ever saw was the Italian truck driver. I don’t need to see any more. Just like the poor child in Stockholm, I’ve seen it already…
    Isn’t that a sad commentary on the west?

  5. Is there a website that lists the Western victims of jihad by NAME In Memoriam? Event after event after event? Country by country? City by city?

    I remember after the dsstruction on 9/11, the Chicago Tribune ran pages of short obituaries of victims.

    The NAMES of the victims should not be forgotten just because there are so many.

  6. Some more pictures of islamic terror deaths in Sweden from german websites:

    On an Arab news chanell muslum people seem to be happy with the little girl death by islamic djihad.

    Ebba Akerlund death:

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