Don’t Touch My Car, Infidel!

A “French” “youth” named Ahmed became upset when a kafir touched his car, and decided to make sure the filthy infidel would regret his temerity for the rest of his life.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from Nice Matin:

He beat up a cyclist who laid a hand on his car

April 13, 2017

No word exchanged, no provocation. Simply an overexcited, angry motorist who takes on a cyclist whom he fails to overthrow.

It is, at the outset, a banal incident that occurs on 15 February on Saint-Lambert Avenue in Nice.

Claude, a 71-year-old cyclist, feels that Ahmed is dangerously close to him with his car. He puts his hand on the rear wing of the car… The young resident of Moulins, who presents himself as security officer, unknown to the justice system, does not accept the gesture of the cyclist.

He gets out of his car. He throws a violent punch in the face of the retired teacher, who falls to the ground.

The aggressor continues to beat him before continuing his journey.

The consequences for Claude are dramatic. He suffers irreversible sequelae in his left eye, according to Cottray-Lanfranchi, esq., his attorney.

The Young Man Maintained in Detention

The irascible motorist was to be tried yesterday after having been detained since March 24. Being prosecuted for violence resulting in permanent disability, he would incur ten years in prison. Tanguy, esq. and Krid, esq. requested a requalification of the offenses.

The court suggested to the public prosecutor’s office that the case be referred to an investigating judge. The judge would be responsible for continuing the investigation and requesting further medical exams.

Meanwhile, the young man was held in pre-trial detention as requested by the prosecutor. He was then to appear before the judge responsible for release and detention.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Touch My Car, Infidel!

  1. Very French name, Ahmed. Right up there with Pierre, Jacque, Rene, etc.

  2. I’ve seen this happen in Brazil many times, more than muslim customes these are third world customes.. sad that we are inviting such people to live among us.

  3. Prosecution for kuffar-whipping? What’s next? Legitimizing refusals for sexual compliance?

    Now we see the effect of neglecting the Reliance of the Traveler in the Primary Schools. It’s time for the French to put the Enlightenment behind them and embrace the Islamic custodianship.

  4. “Requesting further medical exams.”
    So. If there is no permanent damage, no harm, no foul?

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