How Dare He Equate the Islamic State With Radical Islam?

A French opinion writer named Ivan Rioufol got himself into a heap o’ trouble by referring to Muslims who adhere to fundamentalist or Salafist positions as supporters of the “ideology of the Islamic State”.

That seems to me to be an accurately-phrased assertion of equivalence. But the bien-pensants who are in charge of French political culture do not agree. Mr. Rioufol is now under investigation, and may be subject to a criminal procedure.

Below is a brief video of Ivan Rioufol’s sinful utterance. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following article accompanied the video (also translated by Ava Lon):

Muslims: CSA [Superior Council of Audiovisual] investigates case against Ivan Rioufol of Figaro

by Magazine Marianne
April 26, 2017

Ivan Rioufol, an editorialist for Le Figaro, affirmed on April 21 on CNews that “27% of French Muslims claimed the ideology of the Islamic State”.

The CSA said on Tuesday (April 25th) that it had opened a file on the remarks by Ivan Rioufol, an editorialist for Le Figaro, made on CNews last Friday. As a guest on the show “L’heure des pros”, presented by Pascal Praud, the polemicist quoted a poll from the Institut Montaigne demonstrating — according to him — that “27% of French Muslims claimed the ideology of the” Islamic State, and 50% of the young Muslims of the suburban neighborhoods.” The audiovisual authority has received about 40 reports, as revealed by Buzzfeed, while the replay of the show is not available on the CNews website.

At AFP, Ivan Rioufol denounces an “intimidation” that would be “exploited by a religious minority”. “To say that 50% of young Muslims have a practice of Islam” that is fundamentalist “and” adopted a system of values clearly opposed to the values of the Republic “is a fact noted in this study of the Montaigne Institute,” he affirms. “To bring it closer to the ideology of the Islamic State that applies sharia is a matter of my freedom to comment.”

In fact, Ivan Rioufol did indeed benefit to a large extent from his “freedom of comment”. The poll he quoted on CNews, was conducted by Ifop on behalf of the very liberal Institut Montaigne, and was published in September 2016 by the Sunday Journal. It divides the Muslim population living in France into three categories: 46% are “secularized”, totally secular; 25% have “Islamic pride”, being defined above all as Muslim and proud of the public expression of their religion; and 28% of the “Ultras” living in breach of republican values, polled in favor of the wearing of niqab or burqa and polygamy. The latter group is overrepresented among young people, as 50% of Muslims under 25 years of age are members of the group, according to the study.

It is thus to these 28% of Muslims that Ivan Rioufol reproaches with claim “of the ideology of the Islamic State”. Yet, the panel of respondents “was not questioned on Daesh,” said the Institut Montaigne on Twitter on Tuesday. “In no case can the findings of our inquiry feed your comments,” the think tank added to the attention of the editorial writer.

Translation of Twitter messages:

Institute Montaigne: @ivanrioufol You said that 50% of the young people in the cities cling to the ideology of the Islamic State

Institute Montaigne: @ivanrioufol In any case, the conclusions of our investigation cannot support your remarks.

Video transcript:

00:00   Do I have two minutes? —Of course, all the minutes in the world! —Institute Montaigne
00:04   conducted a poll meant to be reassuring, one that showed that 27% of Muslims,
00:08   of French Muslims, said they supported the ideology of the Islamic State,
00:12   27%! And 50% of the young Muslims from the suburbs [the so-called no go zones],
00:16   50% said they supported the Islamic State, that ideology.
00:20   That is scary! —Well, I’m not the one who discovered those numbers, and I didn’t make them up,
00:24   and 50% is almost a majority.

8 thoughts on “How Dare He Equate the Islamic State With Radical Islam?

  1. Appalling. Ivan Rioufol has the right to express his opinion. Those who don’t agree have the commensurate right to express theirs and say how and why they believe Monsieur Rioufol is wrong.

    This is leading us somewhere we shouldn’t be going, somewhere terrible.

    • The recent European Values survey says it is much more with 70% of ALL French Muslims and 69% of ALL British Muslims saying that they wanted sharia law to replace democracy. Where this all leads to has been described in David Vincent’s book “2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” (Amazon and Kindle) truly the only book of its kind available anywhere now.

  2. Liberals are so stupid, it’s really quite embarrassing.

    Islam is Islam. All Muslims read from the very same evil Satanic book. Now, what part of English do you not understand? God does not own anything that is false. Satan owns everything that is false. All Muslims are in the very same spirit of evil.

    If Liberals had brains, they wouldn’t be called Liberals.

    • It really is incredible how stupid these people are. I read earlier today that some important person in the Church of England believes that lessons in the meaning of Islam should be compulsory for schoolchildren. Er well, yes and no…

      • It is the curriculum that is the real problem.
        Of course the full history of Islam should be taught, like ;-
        It is thought that Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People (Book V, Chapter XXIV) includes a reference to the Battle of Poitiers: “…a dreadful plague of Saracens ravaged France with miserable slaughter, but they not long after in that country received the punishment due to their wickedness”
        Believed to be in reference to “Battle of Tours”

        There would be many British saints, ministers theologians, reverends etc. with some reference to islamic knowledge.
        Could the parents make every one aware of those sainted characters.

        An interesting book and about the experiences of the British and touched on was Reverend Devereux Spratt who kept bringing the good word to Christians in Algiers after his ransom. “Piracy and the English Government 1616–1642: Policy-Making under the Early
        Interesting reading of what the slaves had to endure in the pages before the mention of Spratt.

  3. Go on France24 and other French websites wherever they allow comments

    Use Bing or google translator to explain in French why France MUST ELECT Le Pen!

    France helped us defeat the British and achieve our independence. Now we must return the favor!

  4. Those scoundrels in the government and the MSM do not have to walk among these cultural misfits every day. They hide in their secure buildings or have bodyguards to chauffer them around.

  5. I don’t know why France, or Germany, or Austria, or England or the Netherlands still maintain the fiction they are free countries. It’s obvious that speech is penalized and criminalized. I wonder if a written assertion that France is a soft totalitarianism would be criminal speech.

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