“My [Turkish] Führer, Just Give Us Your Command, and We Will Destroy Germany”

The following two videos are about DITIB, the Turkish-German organization that purports to represent all Muslims in Germany.

It comes as no surprise to us “Islamophobes” that the two-faced functionaries of DITIB and the imams of DITIB’s mosques speak oily platitudes in German about “dialogue” and “integration” while preaching jihad and Islamic supremacism in Turkish. This fork-tongued behavior has now spread to Facebook, which is easier to spot and expose than the bloodthirsty sermons preached behind the closed doors of a mosque.

Nash Montana, who translated the videos for subtitles, includes this introduction:

DITIB stands for “Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs”.

Again and again DITIB members express themselves in anti-democratic and anti-Semitic ways. Reporters from “Reporter 3” have found astonishing posts on Facebook in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg.

And members of DITIB headquarters don’t even hide their anti-democratic, anti-Semitic attitudes anymore. When reporters confronted the chairman of a Wilhelmsburg mosque that is part of DITIB with his anti-democratic posts on Facebook, he played it down and said he was just being “emotional” because of events that are going on currently. One of his posts said, “Democracy is not binding for us, we are only bound by Allah’s book, the Koran.”

He also agitates against non-Muslims: “I spit in the face of Turks and Kurds that do not live Islam. What value do they have when they aren’t Muslims?”

One young pilgrim from DITIB celebrated Erdogan on his Facebook profile as an Islamic conqueror, saying: “My Führer, give us your command and we will destroy Germany!”

In DITIB mosques and sermons all across Germany, anti-Semitism and agitation against believers of other religions are taught. Christian rituals such as Christmas are ridiculed and the Western world is blamed for everything bad that has befallen Islam.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Transcript video 1:

0:03   How stunning — the Turkish Minister president Binali Yildirim
0:06   promoted Erdogan’s policies last Saturday in Oberhausen,
0:09   for his strategy to acquire even more power.
0:12   Turkish election campaigning, in our midst.
0:15   A parallel world. OK, some may say, maybe it’s an exception,
0:18   but maybe not.
0:21   We took a look behind the curtain
0:24   of the German Islamic Union DITIB.
0:27   DITIB represents the majority of Muslims in Germany,
0:30   according to their own words,
0:33   and it’s there we experienced disturbing events.
0:36   What is happening here is highly controversial;
0:39   the public is being primed for the fight in Turkey.
0:45   In the middle of Germany.
0:48   This theatrical production is deemed nationalistic,
0:51   and as trigger-happy for war.
0:55   These recordings show why.
0:58   The actors are dressed as Turkish soldiers
1:01   in full Turkish war gear.
1:04   The event is held in a hall
1:07   at the DITIB.
1:10   Among other things, the Islamic association DITIB is supposed
1:13   To regulate the integration of Muslims in Germany.
1:16   But what happens here is the opposite.
1:19   It is propaganda against Western Democracy.
1:25   It is represented by three mean types.
1:31   The Islamic State was very helpful for us!
1:37   We created it!
1:40   If we destroy the last Islamic bastion, Turkey,
1:43   then it will be so much easier for us!
1:47   The West created the terror militia ISIS
1:50   in this crude view of the world.
1:53   And the attempted coup against Erdogan
1:56   was also the work of the West.
2:00   We show our recordings to the professor of religious science Friedmann Eissler.
2:04   He has been studying the role of DITIB in Germany.
2:08   This is Turkish politics in Germany.
2:11   In my view this is programmatically aligned against
2:14   Integration; it is in the structures at DITIB,
2:17   including exacerbated extremist content,
2:20   and problematic content that is not just found in a few
2:23   Individual mosques but can also be found
2:26   in many DITIB mosques across Germany.
2:29   And yet even in the north DITIB has become
2:32   the official contact in charge,
2:35   both Bremen and Hamburg have made contracts with the union (association)
2:38   for the integration of Muslims.
2:41   Hamburg’s mayor just recently
2:44   defended the contract again.
2:47   These contracts are, as I already said once in 2012,
2:50   the beginning of cooperation and not the end;
2:53   they are an arrangement to solve problems mutually.
2:56   From the outside, DITIB loves to show itself as a serious
2:59   and foremost democratic point of contact.
3:02   Their policy says they recognize “…liberal-democratic basic law…”
3:06   and that they are a “…non-partisan organization…”
3:10   that they value “…tolerance and solidarity of people amongst each other…”
3:16   But functionaries at DITIB apparently have entirely different views.
3:19   For instance, the chairman of this DITIB mosque
3:22   in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg
3:25   leaves no doubt that he despises democracy.
3:30   On his Facebook page he posted a photo
3:33   of an imam with a Turkish quote:
3:36   “Democracy is not binding for us…
3:39   What binds us is Allah’s book, the Koran.”
3:42   After our interview inquiries weren’t answered.
3:45   We went to ask on location
3:48   what appreciation for democracy looks like to DITIB.
3:51   The chairman is not excited,
3:54   but he wants to talk with us.
3:57   You wrote that democracy is not binding for you;
4:00   that what binds you is Allah’s book, the Koran.
4:03   You are a DITIB functionary! — Yeah, but the DITIB, well, the democracy is…
4:06   it’s seen in Islamic as well,
4:09   it’s recognized in Islamic.
4:13   But, after the prayer, you stay here and then
4:16   we talk.
4:19   We gladly wait. After all we have other interesting things
4:22   that we discovered on the Facebook site of the DITIB functionary.
4:25   With this quote, he expresses his opinion for freedom of religion:
4:28   “I spit in the face of those Turks and Kurds
4:31   who don’t live Islamically.
4:34   What value do they have
4:37   when they are not Muslims?”
4:40   After the prayer, we continue.
4:43   Do you believe that such entries,
4:46   — I’m just going to call them hate slogans… —No no no…
4:49   will contribute to Muslims becoming integrated?
4:52   You see it like that, but I don’t.
4:55   We have to cooperate with each other, we have to live with each other
4:58   and that other…
5:01   that is unnecessary.
5:04   I don’t post a lot… I don’t just post such stuff constantly.
5:07   Emotionally, bottom-line when I work,
5:10   or what not, when I…
5:13   when one looks at the media
5:16   all that happens recently,
5:19   one becomes a bit emotional, that’s just normal.
5:22   So you would say that you wrote things you don’t even mean? — Yeah, sort of,
5:26   I talk sometimes…
5:29   sometimes, what do I know.
5:32   So everything was just a blunder?
5:35   We find more. Pictures of a pilgrimage.
5:38   Organized by DITIB.
5:41   North German youths in Mecca.
5:44   Afterwards one of the participants posted a video.
5:47   What is being shouted in the video sounds like
5:50   a call to war against the enemies of Turkey.
5:53   The slogan: Condemn them
5:56   and annihilate them.
5:59   And then the homeland and the flag are conjured up,
6:02   and Allah is asked for support and help in the war.
6:05   Allah give our police and our soldiers
6:08   and our sons of our homeland your help.
6:26   The young pilgrim celebrates Erdogan as
6:29   the Islamic conqueror on his Facebook site.
6:35   And then he posted: My Führer, just give us your command,
6:38   and we will destroy Germany.
6:41   This pilgrimage that DITIB North organized.
6:44   There is a video that is on the Facebook page of […]
6:47   — You recognize yourself in it, yes? —Yes.
6:50   — and there he writes… —But…
6:53   My Führer, give us your command and we will crush Germany.
6:56   — I mean, what he writes here is… — We destroy Germany?
6:59   — We destroy Germany, yes.
7:02   Those are such funny things…
7:05   The point of this is what is being shown on the outside,
7:08   and what can you see when these things are translated,
7:11   and they make you skeptical.
7:14   I just want to say one thing to you, maybe those are youths
7:17   that are maybe a little bit emotional, they write stuff like that,
7:20   but the fact is that there we are surely paying attention.
7:23   Among the Hamburg citizenry DITIB has been
7:26   a topic for a long time.
7:29   The CDU is now tightening measures.
7:32   The only dialogue that can take place has to be
7:35   on the basis of our Constitution, and whoever utters such things
7:38   has left the basis of our Constitution, and then
7:41   engaging in dialogue is the wrong way, and we need to be clear about that,
7:44   and that means suspending these contracts and looking away, and this misunderstood tolerance is
7:48   the wrong way to act; we learned that in the past.
7:54   Well this debate is guaranteed to continue.
7:57   By the way, we have tried multiple times to get DITIB headquarters
8:00   to give us a statement, but there was no answer.

Transcript video 2:

0:00   Friday prayer at the DITIB mosque in Hamburg.
0:03   Here, politics is practiced as well.
0:06   The attempted coup in Turkey is still a topic, and as for
0:09   who was really behind it, this imam has all the answers: the Jews.
0:12   For who else did the Gülen people
0:15   point their weapons at their own people?
0:18   Not for the Muslims.
0:21   And who would benefit if things were as bad in Turkey
0:24   as in Iraq or in Syria? Only the Americans and the Israelis.
0:27   But not only in the mosque one can hear
0:30   such attitudes. Facebook sites of various
0:33   DITIB communities agitate fiercely against Jews.
0:36   In Turkish, of course.
0:42   “The cannibalistic Jew pukes death in Palestine.” —DITIB Hassel
0:45   …it says, or,
0:48   “Ask not for the difference between the Jew of today and yesterday.
0:51   There is no difference….
0:54   And to describe the barbarity of the Jew,
0:57   you will not find the right words.” —DITIB Bad Saulgau
1:00   We have many other posts where Jews
1:03   are being disparaged and prejudice is being spread.
1:06   These are not some individual persons
1:09   who just let loose with their hate,
1:12   but these are communities of the largest Turkish Islamic
1:15   mosque union in Germany, the DITIB.
1:18   DITIB has partnered up with politics
1:21   in matters of integration, and also
1:24   They design Islamic religious education in seven states.
1:28   He wants to be a spokesperson for Muslims in Germany.
1:34   We show these posts to the president
1:37   of the Central Council for Jews, Josef Schuster.
1:40   He’s heard before that in German mosques
1:43   there is agitation against Jews behind closed doors.
1:46   But hate posts freely visible on the net leaves him speechless.
1:50   These posts are — in a country
1:53   where freedom of religion
1:56   plays a huge role — intolerable, in my opinion.
1:59   It isn’t just intolerable but also punishable by law.
2:02   In two cases, according to the legal expert
2:05   Bernard Kullmann, the criteria
2:08   for sedition and a hate crime are fulfilled.
2:11   In my opinion the criteria for sedition have been established,
2:14   because the content of the post
2:17   inflames hate against the Jewish ethnic community.
2:20   It is liable to stoke hate
2:23   among other groups of the population
2:26   against the ethnic community of the Jews.
2:29   The abusive language is drastic,
2:32   so drastic that the human dignity
2:35   of the Jews has been injured.
2:38   But it’s not just Jews that are the target
2:41   of the DITIB communities. Christians are also
2:44   attacked on multiple Facebook sites.
2:47   “…The Christmas celebration… a tradition of Christians that reeks
2:50   of blasphemy.” —DITIB Möllen. Or, “… Friendship and relationships with unbelievers are forbidden.
2:55   Whoever leaves Allah and Allah’s friends and
2:58   gets himself into a relationship with unbelieving Jews,
3:01   Christians or atheists, or whoever accepts
3:04   their decisions or listens to their regulations,
3:07   such a person has separated himself from Allah.” — DITIB Mosque Bad Kreuznach
3:10   The evangelical church demands explanations
3:13   from DITIB after we show them the posts.
3:16   I think we have to make it very clear here that we need to —
3:19   and have to — overcome the denigration of a religious tradition
3:22   of another religious community with dialogue.
3:25   And it is the professed goal of the largest
3:28   Muslim community DITIB to be partners in
3:31   a religious dialogue with Jews and Christians.
3:34   How does that fit with the agitation against believers of other religions?
3:37   We confront the DITIB with our accusations.
3:40   They answer in writing:
3:43   “These are not the official expressions of the DITIB;
3:46   they mirror neither the attitude nor the strong engagement
3:49   of DITIB as an accredited partner in dialogue.” — DITIB Federal association
3:52   That what matters is only what can be found
3:55   on their German DITIB pages.
3:58   The Facebook pages are individual initiatives of the communities,
4:01   which are not binding for the federal association.
4:04   Professor Susanne Schröter, Islam expert for Frankfurt research center on global Islam, disagrees.
4:07   The DITIB is a centrally structured association,
4:10   and is dependent on Turkey.
4:13   The DITIB is a hierarchical organization
4:16   where functionaries absolutely have
4:19   oversight over what happens in the
4:22   individual communities,
4:25   and one could, if one so inclined
4:28   decide not to let certain things be said.
4:31   There one could be absolutely directive,
4:34   and then this would be followed.
4:37   I have the feeling that on the side of those
4:40   who carry the responsibility,
4:43   there is no great interest in proceeding
4:46   against these individual opinions.
4:49   But they are not individual opinions.
4:52   Does DITIB have a systemic problem? For the longest time
4:55   the Islamic association has seemed a dependable partner for Germany.
4:58   The accusation is that politicians have been too naïve,
5:01   and didn’t look closely enough.
5:04   That they wanted a partner at any cost.
5:07   Integration Minister Aydan Özoguz has read the posts
5:10   in Turkish, and she is horrified.
5:13   Certainly with us neither anti-Semitism nor any other
5:16   agitation against other religious communities
5:19   will be tolerated. What are you doing exactly,
5:22   in order to see to it in your association that something does not
5:25   take place and that’s where the DITIB is guilty?
5:28   High time! Agitation on the net against Jews,
5:31   Christians, and other believers: the Federal Public Prosecutor
5:34   is investigating DITIB imams on suspicion of espionage.
5:37   The arm of Erdogan in Germany.
5:40   The palette of accusations is long.
5:43   Experts at this time determine that DITIB is
5:46   no longer acceptable as a partner for the State.

9 thoughts on ““My [Turkish] Führer, Just Give Us Your Command, and We Will Destroy Germany”

  1. You’ve got to love how Muslims are the first to send police against anyone who might touch on the topic of islam in a bad light. And they are quite successful too, judging from the cases from western EU, where they jail people for expressing their opinions about Islam and Migration.

    And then – then you can see how the “westerners” are reluctant to use “hate speech laws” against muslims who are calling for destruction of the west. Westerners probably feel stupid putting someone in jail for stupid comments…

    But that is the way it goes: Hitler didn’t build German law and order maschinery: He just merely used it to his own ends.

    • They’re not bluffing. The Turkish/Muslim community can finish Germany with one blow. The German government is ready for unconditional surrender.

      • Then what would they do? No more benefits. They couldn’t run the country.

        The most moslems could ever hope for would be to be ‘in command’, but Germans would always have to run (?) the country.

        And the native Germans, where would they fit in? OMG! Think if they woke up?

  2. It’s clear enough, there is hate speech here. Hate speech is hate speech whether in German, Turkish or any other language. Unless a criminal inquiry is announced, with a view to possible charges, it will be clear beyond all doubt that in Germany the law is not equally applied, that some are above the law but others are subject to it.

    Why is hate speech allowed in mosques in Germany and Britain (and wherever else)? Because we are frightened to fight back, have already given in, have already sealed our fate.

    Anyone wishing to refresh their memory about part of the British side of things can follow these two links:



  3. Western elites, elected or selected, are living in a fantasy land. Like Hitler in his bunker, reality gets closer every day.

  4. destroy Germany? Ok, they are always good for some bloodshed, but consider that they can hardly read manuals and keep appointements to the minute,let alone take leadership in an organisation.They are bigmouthed good – for- nothings, losers. But compliments to msm outlet to broadcast this!
    So the public can not say : we did not know about this..

  5. The videos show without question that limitation on the right to free speech is totally ineffective. The German prosecutors, so quick to charge and convict anyone who makes a facebook post critical of Islam, are very leisurely when it comes to charging Muslims. It’s irritating to see Germans talking about the crime of being critical or even malevolent, towards a religion.

    The only hope for the Germans is in totally free speech. They have to be able to have access to information exposing Islam. The price of that is that they have access to the lies of Islam. It’s not such a bad trade off.

    As Stephen Coughlin explained extensively in “Catastrophic Failure”, interfaith dialog was consciously designed to dissolve any real religious identity. Anyone participating in interfaith dialog, bar none, is being a dupe for an alien philosophy.

    As an atheist, it is obvious to me that different religions, and even sects of the same religion, have different and contradictory creeds. Interfaith philosophy demands that the participating religions be reconciled. A religious person has no business participating in an interfaith event, which is an intrinsic repudiation of his core beliefs.

    I emphasize this does not mean people should associate with people of other faiths, or even that they not learn about other faiths. If I want to learn about Eastern Orthodoxy, I’ll go to an Eastern Orthodox class. But, it doesn’t make sense for me to reconcile Eastern Orthodoxy with atheism. They’re contradictory. Similarly, Jews can attend social events with fundamentalist Christians, but it doesn’t make sense to reconcile the two, as they are directly contradictory to each other.

    The interfaith movement is a direct strategy to dissolve identity, just as malevolent as the Obama policy of shipping Muslim refugees to small, red-state communities.

  6. This is a highly informative post. Americans (and Germans, Danes, French, Swedes, British, Italians, Hungarians, Poles, Australians, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Swahilis) ignore it at their peril. It is this kind of post, that I won’t find in mainstream media, that makes GoV so worthwhile (and worthy of support).

    Oh, did I mention Swedes? Yes, definitely Swedes.

    • History books from 2075: “Swedes, the people who used to inhabit a region of Scandinavia now known as Al-Khilafat Al-Swedi”. A small population can still be found in the Åland Islands of Finland, where they were joined in the 2050s by the remaining ethnic Swedes of Al-Khilafat Al-Swedi after heavy persecutions. Their genetic descendents can also be found in small numbers in their native lands, but these have fully assimilated culturally to the dominant culture, although some of the older ones still speak the Swedish Creole of their youth.”

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