Car-and-Knife Attack in Heidelberg

Earlier today a man went on a rampage in the German city of Heidelberg, running his car into pedestrians and killing one person while injuring two others. After his car crashed, the perpetrator got out brandishing a knife. He ran away, but when police caught up with him, he refused to drop the knife, so he was shot.

There’s no indication of any Mohammed Coefficient to the incident. Police say the suspect is a mentally ill German citizen “without a migration background”.

The first video below shows the point where the attacker was surrounded by police, and includes the sound of a single gunshot. The second is a brief news clip from German TV.

Many thanks to Egri Nök (video 1) and Nash Montana (video 2) for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video 1:

Video 2:

See also this Reuters article.

Transcript video 1:

00:11   (Female): Drop the knife now! (Male 1): Put the knife away
00:14   (Male 2): Drop the knife! Go away! —All of you over there, get to the other side of the street! —Go!
00:34   Put the knife away! (sound of one shot being fired)
00:59   Open your eyes now! (?)
01:02   (?) an emergency doctor… we have secured everything here.
01:25   Hey, filming over there or what? Hey, a**hole!

Transcript video 2:

0:01   A major operation by the police in Heidelberg.
0:04   At the Bismarck plaza in the inner city
0:07   a man crashed his car through the pedestrian zone
0:10   into groups of people. Multiple people were injured.
0:13   After that the offender got out of his car
0:16   with a knife in his hands.
0:19   One police patrol stopped him.
0:22   There was a scuffle, the man was shot down,
0:25   and then he was taken to the hospital.
0:28   There is no evidence at this point that would
0:31   indicate a terrorist background for now.

16 thoughts on “Car-and-Knife Attack in Heidelberg

    • I’ve seen a fairly hi-res photo, and he doesn’t look brown at all. He could be Bosnian, Chechen, Albanian, or maybe Turkish, though — dark hair and beard.

      • The word “südländer” refers in general to any person around the Mediterranean Basin.
        It could be the Maghreb, Southern Italy or Spain or even Israel and the Arab Peninsula. They are all considered “südländer”.
        Don’t start looking for a black Central African.

        • Egri or Nash (can’t remember which one) quoted one of the media reports as saying that police said he was not of a migration background. Whether someone is lying or not, I don’t know. They’re also talking about mental illness again, naturally.

          From the photo he could have been Greek, Armenian, Spanish, or even French. Or even “Black Irish”. So it’s really hard to tell.

          • The police in Germany is strongly politicized.
            I’d take their words with a large sack of salt.

          • Police in Western countries are lying by default about crime instigated by incompatibles. The German Police is so Merkelized that every crime commited by a non German is covered up.

            Sudlander, prob. Marrocan, Tunisier, Algerian or even Egypt. Most likely this man was from Chechnia or even Turkey.

            Anyway the M.O is that of an islamic attack. Palistinian style. Ambushing civilians standing besides the road, waiting for bus or just walking. Many years ago started in Belgium and now general in many Western countries.

            When will it be enough? If we (Europeans) decide it is….

      • Baron, you mean he looks ‘Caucasian’, like the Boston bombers, who turned out to be from the Caucasus?

  1. My opinion is, it’s best to not speculate on a Muhammad coefficient to a crime until there is some definite knowledge. It’s a lose-lose situation. If it turns out to have nothing to do with Islam or immigration, the speculation can be used to make a claim that Muslims are not actually inordinately involved with crime.

    If it turns out to be a Muslim, you don’t really gain anything because there is actually no shortage of Muslims committing crimes.

    Plus, it’s a waste of time to read articles that have no fact, but only speculation.

    Of course, a request for more information by readers is an entirely different matter.

  2. “Police say the suspect is a mentally ill German citizen without a migration background”.”

    Hmm, interesting, that closing phrase. Question is “Did he have a Muslim background either by antecedent, conversion or, if he really is ‘mentally ill’ by recent association?”

    Second question is “Will we ever know?”

    • Usually the facts leak out over time. Eventually they will release the perpetrator’s name.If it is a Muslim name, if witnesses say that that he was yelling Alluh Ackbar at any point, if he had a facebook page supporting Islamic state ,we are all capable of joining the dots.

      But I would say the fact that he was armed with a knife and mounted the pavement Palestinian style to mow down people is sufficient proof that this was an Islamic Terrorist attack.

  3. I’d bet he’s a student at 35 Muslim and unmarried …. there’s one thing for sure he’s not catholic. ? It’s sad politics it Europe are degrading our society trying to force integrate people that have never shown a desire to integrate. I’d bet the blond hair blue eyed Muslim is as rare as a Mexican Jackelope. Sad for these beautiful lives that were effected and ended . God bless these fine people.

  4. If the police want to learn the 35 year old German student’s motive, why not release his name and mug shot, and allow those who know him to come forward with information that may help? No one in the press is asking this.

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