Geert Wilders: These Were my Bodyguards Who Accompanied me to my Safe House

Below are the latest developments on the Geert Wilders case, from an article in yesterday’s De Telegraaf. Many thanks to El Rubio for the translation:

Another two top security guards at the Guarding and Safety Public Service (DBB) are rotten.

Amsterdam — The riot inside the Guarding and Safety Public Service (DBB) seems to have turned a lot more serious. Another two members of this unit who are supposed to guard politicians and the Royal House were apparently relieved of their duties on suspicion of committing a criminal offense.

One of them, Omar El M., was one of the direct guardians for Geert Wilders. This was reported to De Telegraaf by well-informed sources.

This concerns a big investigation into matters which were swept under the carpet. The two top guardians were relieved of their duties when they entered the picture in a fraud case. The FIOD (Ministry of Revenue) launched a laundering investigation that involved millions of euros through Curaçao. The Ministry says it is a very big investigation, and still ongoing. Omar’s brother Anouar was also relieved of his duties. His exact role in the DBB is unclear.

Geert Wilders was informed about the firing of these two individuals Friday morning, and apparently was furious that he had not been informed earlier. That was also the case with Faris K., who was apprehended last Monday on suspicion of money laundering and leaking of confidential information. Faris K. also worked for the DBB and is of Moroccan decent. The administration of the National Police confirmed to De Telegraaf that indeed these individuals were fired. Within the police ranks there is astonishment over these new developments.

Minister for Safety and Justice Stef Blok acknowledged Friday that these individuals were removed from the “physical shield around Wilders” in 2015 because of financial misconduct. At that time the DBB was already wrestling with the arrest of another guard.

This was Faris K, who, as already mentioned in De Telegraph, was already convicted for leaking information when he was still working for the regional police force Midden-Nederland. In spite of this conviction he was still able to get a job at the important DBB. The brother of Faris K., Mohammed K., was also fired for leaking information.

Rutte (Dutch Prime Minister): Campaigning to continue.

“Of course you try to prevent disciplinary actions at all costs. But if you have to, then we will do it, in the interest of the safety of our politicians,” is his reaction to the new developments. According to the Prime Minister the campaign can continue 100,000% he added, and continued: “there is no indication that this has to do with terrorism. These are all cases of financial wrongdoings. Serious, to be sure, of course. Just to stay on top of things, disciplinary actions were taken.”

Madeleine van Toorenburg, CDA member of Parliament: “We have had a couple of days of worries about the DBB. This is terribly serious, we have to be able to rely on the irreproachable behavior of the police and security services. We want an explanation from the minister why this happened and why the facts are only being made public now.”

by Mick van Wely

Reactions from Geert Wilders:

Vreselijk. Dit waren mijn directe persoonsbeveiligers die tot in mijn safehouse kwamen. Dit is heel erg eng.

(Terrible. These were my personal bodyguards who accompanied me to my safe house. This is very spooky.)

— Geert Wilders (@geertwilderspvv) 24 februari 2017

Ik ben hierover vanmorgen geïnformeerd en ben me opnieuw kapotgeschrokken!

(Was informed this morning and got the fright of my life!)

— Geert Wilders (@geertwilderspvv) 24 februari 2017

22 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: These Were my Bodyguards Who Accompanied me to my Safe House

  1. Rutte & his Islamophile government MUST GO. Security vetting is obviously inadequate or even maybe open to sabotage. Every security member must be of pure Dutch extraction with even 3rd generation immigrants excluded.
    The names of the accused are ASTOUNDING. The risks blindingly obvious; does Wilders have no say in approving his guards ???

    • You are absolutely right. Allowing so many invaders into your society is bad enough, but when you give them positions of trust, you have completely lost it.

    • I don’t think that third-generation Russian or Italian immigrants are untrustworthy for such positions…

      • You’re absolutely right. With Muslims it’s reckless beyond measure to assume any kind of loyalty. These two gems are my favorite examples of how strong their desire to remain separate and apart and to be loyal only to the ummah is. Note the posh accent of the woman.

    • Forgive my ignorance but how will that prevent his possible assassination? He will still need to physically change his location regularly.

      • Skype can be performed from a safe location, instead of grip-grin events held in the public. The issue of a Moraccan bodyguard sharing Geert’s detailed movements opens up the possibility of a jihadi attack.

  2. “Omar El M” The name of one of Mr Wilders’ BODYGUARDS? Good grief! If I needed any proof the Dutch administration wanted Wilders ‘out of the way’….

    • My thoughts exactly. How was someone with the name Omar allowed to guard an anti-muslim migration politician? If he wasn’t a risk he quite possibly would have relatives or friends who were. Is this incompetence or deliberate endangering of Wilder’s by the State?

  3. Did not the highest police chief of the Netherlands say Wilders “should be shot like a dog?”

    To staff his security detail with Mohammedans is no accident. Its a plan.

  4. The only way to ultimately prevent this sort of abuse is to totally eliminate affirmative action, equal opportunity, and enshrine the freedom of association as one of the highest virtues.

    The point is that any Muslim in a security detail is an unacceptable risk. Also, the hiring and promotion of barely-qualified people is a security risk. But, if you make a supervisor give a detailed defense of disproportionate hiring or promotion, the easiest way is just to jiggle the positions so as to eliminate questions. The only ones to suffer than are the people actually being protected or the people who receive services.

    The Dutch establishment may or may not have consciously plotted to have Wilders assassinated, but it definitely helps to take away a major pressure mandating incompetence in the security services.

  5. If the guy can’t run his own background check on who is keeping him safe… how can he keeps safe an entire country? ???????

    • I believe the security staff are assigned by the
      Government and he cannot make his own arrangements.

  6. Westerns countries, governments that use arabs and/or muslims for security are definitely making a strong statement!

  7. Dutch Prime Minister: “Of course you try to prevent disciplinary actions at all costs.”

    You do? It would seem to me the opposite would be the case. Well, if keeping your government corruption free is a priority. Especially as it pertains to security positions.

    Or am I missing something here? Isn’t that an odd statement, coming from the head of the Dutch government?

  8. I live far away.but wilders you are my man!
    Still dutch and count on my vote.keep up your principles .you need more help? Contact me.j

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