“The Islamic State is Already Here in Europe”

The following clip from Hungarian TV features an interview with an orientalist professor named Miklós Maróth. As you may remember from last year, this is the same man who explained that we need to bury mujahideen in pigskins, because that’s what has always worked.

Prof. Maróth has some interesting and well-informed answers to the interviewer’s questions about the nature of the ongoing Islamic “settlement” in Europe, and how it compares with earlier historical manifestations of the Islamic State.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:12   Good Evening, we continue the Daily Reality…
00:16   In Europe any cultural or religious backbone has ceased to exist,
00:20   while the arriving migrants proudly support Islam,
00:24   and there are more and more of them. It even has to be acknowledged
00:28   that the Islamic State is already here in Europe. This is about an interview published on 888.hu
00:32   with Miklós Maróth, an academic who is an Orientalist.
00:42   The Islamic State can be beaten militarily in 2017,
00:46   but this will not eliminate terrorism, said Miklós Maróth.
00:50   The academic professor thinks EU governments must acknowledge
00:54   the fact that the Islamic State is already here in Europe.
00:58   The immigrants are proudly professing Islam,
01:02   while Europe has lost all its cultural and religious backbone.
01:10   I would like to welcome into the studio Academic Professor Miklós Maróth. Good evening.
01:14   Good evening. How serious is the situation? We always hear that Islam in some form
01:20   has already been present in Europe, but as you stated,
01:24   this is more typical today than ever before.
01:28   We must approach the problem from two directions.
01:32   One is that is that (Sharia) law stands at the center of the Islamic religion.
01:36   Not the knowledge of God, but the LAW, which organizes the behavior and actions of the believers.
01:40   In the history of Islam it is an unknown phenomenon
01:44   For the Muslims be in a minority position,
01:48   In the history in their own territories they were always the majority.
01:52   After the Second World War in India they were pushed back into a minority position.
01:56   Then in the immigration to Europe they become minorities,
02:00   within the Christian majority countries.
02:04   Since the beginning of the ’90s they (Muslims) started to create and publish laws,
02:08   (sharia) laws about minorities. These laws had two
02:12   important parts.
02:16   One reaches back to some deep historical roots,
02:20   to Iberia at the time of the Reconquista.
02:24   That one says that Muslims in non-Muslim areas — where they are a minority —
02:28   can only stay if they fulfill a missionary role. Only if they try to convert people (to Islam)!
02:32   That is the only thing which makes their presence legitimate.
02:36   I am sorry, that means that all [Muslims] who are here right now, and they are a minority group,
02:40   in Europe, all of them are here with the purpose of converting people to Islam?
02:44   Yes, that is what makes their presence legitimate, exactly!
02:48   So they are not coming with the intention of integration,
02:52   but to integrate [Europeans]! The other thing…
02:56   which is an important component of this minority (sharia) law,
03:00   is loyalty to Islam and the rejection or even the hatred of everything that is not Islam.
03:06   There is a strict and a less strict interpretation of the law.
03:10   The less strict says they can refuse
03:14   any non-Muslim values, but,
03:18   for example, they can greet a Christian neighbor for Christmas;
03:22   they can congratulate them, so the neighbors
03:26   can see the “tolerant face” of Islam and thus help the missionary work for conversion.
03:30   So that is the only reason? —Yes!
03:34   The stricter version says NO, all forms of non-Islamic practice must be refused,
03:38   so the neighbor cannot be greeted at all;
03:42   they must completely refuse to celebrate anything related to Christianity.
03:46   Can we know which side is more present in European Muslim communities?
03:50   As I mentioned these (sharia) rules were created in the ’90s,
03:54   It is very difficult to say of the Muslim society presently living in Europe,
03:58   how deeply it affects them.
04:02   But there is proof, there are secret video recordings in existence;
04:06   this is what they teach in courses in the mosques. They are indoctrinated with this.
04:10   And if we see what is published in articles in the news —
04:14   for example, some days ago a Somali migrant
04:18   in Austria disturbed with some kind of instrument
04:22   the Christmas celebration in a kindergarten.
04:26   Typically the kind of action one can expect: to refuse any value associated with Christianity.
04:30   To perplex the children, to block them from singing Christmas songs.
04:34   Do the authorities know — in any of the European countries which are impacted —
04:38   that in the mosques you mentioned
04:42   — which has more and more, that is clearly seen —
04:46   what kind of activity is occurring?
04:50   I know freedom of religion is an important right in proud Europe — as I think —
04:54   so they prefer to say: let’s not examine it; it is their own internal issue.
04:58   But this brings some risk to the table, doesn’t it?
05:02   Exactly! We live in a secular society, and we think in the terms of secularity.
05:06   The method we choose opens our eyes to some phenomena,
05:10   and makes us blind to other ones.
05:14   Someone who thinks in secular terms become blind to
05:18   truths conceived of from a religious point of view.
05:22   For example — as we mentioned before — they came to convert,
05:26   which means they can only stay in Europe if they can preserve Islam,
05:30   — they can preserve their faith — they can practice it,
05:34   So they can continue to convert and with their personal example help their missionary work.
05:38   To be able to do this, their religion tells them,
05:42   They must settle close to each other. So they should live close to each other.
05:46   This is a religious order for them. We treat this in Europe as a social problem.
05:50   That is what we call ghettoization. — Yes, precisely! We use two completely different terminologies,
05:54   and we do not understand each other at all.
05:58   European politicians are presently not capable,
06:02   because of their different thinking, different premises,
06:06   and the meaning of different concepts, they are incapable of understanding how the
06:10   settled Muslims are thinking.
06:14   If we are look at them in Europe — obviously it’s not the whole EU we’re talking about —
06:18   in public there is a euphoria — when they talk about it —
06:22   they are ecstatic that London now has a Muslim Mayor.
06:26   So if we look at this, while taking into account what has been said so far,
06:30   How much of this is threatening?
06:34   Well, I read about this…
06:38   When Brussels has a Muslim Mayor, etc.
06:42   Of course, the fact that London has a Muslim Mayor by itself
06:46   means absolutely nothing.
06:50   Hungary also has numerous Hungarian citizens of Arab ancestry
06:54   who live here and are also Muslim,
06:58   who came from a secular Arab society to a society in Hungary that is also secular,
07:02   and they integrated completely. We have no problem with them.
07:06   If one of them were to be elected to office and they had the ability,
07:10   I would not protest against that. That is not the question here,
07:14   whether X or Y is what type of person, but
07:18   if there are many of them, then sooner or later there will be elements present,
07:22   in leading positions in European countries, who will not be interested in secular societies,
07:26   but the previously mentioned religious society, religious commands and
07:30   enabling, forcing conversions. If we look at time intervals,
07:33   by the numbers, right now the Islamic communities are still
07:36   strongly in the minority in Europe.
07:40   But if the intensity of the immigration wave increases,
07:44   or we think about these communities expanding,
07:48   partly because of conversions, partly for demographic reasons,
07:52   what is your prognosis — how long Europe can remain non-Muslim?
07:58   I would have to be a demographer and would have to believe
08:02   in linear thinking, and I am not a demographer, and
08:06   I do not believe that by using existing trends linearly to extend them to the future,
08:10   we would get realistic results. But some things makes you think,
08:14   that in Germany — so called young Germans, the young demographic —
08:18   in the case of people between 20 and 35 — German citizens —
08:22   more than 30% of the population
08:26   has Muslim background.
08:30   If the immigration — if today’s trends continue —
08:34   and keep going the same way as today,
08:38   that the large majority of migrants are young man,
08:42   these numbers will be much worse in a very short time.
08:46   Can this trend be reversed?
08:50   There is this strong religious community, but still the European environment has an effect on them?
08:54   The history of Islam always had the duality of Sunna death and Sunna resurrection in it.
08:58   Which means they gave up
09:02   their insistences on religion, but later returned to it,
09:06   when they returned to it (reborn) often in exaggerated fashion.
09:10   So the fact that some elements of the Muslim community become secularized,
09:14   means absolutely nothing, because
09:18   the same elements can return to Islam.
09:22   Consider the terrorists in the Parisian attack; they were petty criminals;
09:26   they were not interested in religion, then suddenly they were “reborn” with both
09:30   A national (Ummah) and religious point of view, and they carried things to the extreme,
09:34   and they committed those atrocities in the name of Islam.
09:38   So I would not celebrate so enthusiastically the school system,
09:42   and the cultural changes provided by secular society,
09:46   because they are not permanent.
09:50   There are numerous questions could be asked, but we are running out of time,
09:54   so we do not have the time to talk about it all.
09:58   There is concrete thing I would like to ask which I read about in your interview,
10:02   This is about the “hawala” system, which is a monetary, financial type of system,
10:06   which is used by the Muslims living here. Would you be kind to tell about this system?
10:10   Because it would be a good example of the truly alternative society the Muslims are building here.
10:14   In Europe there is not much information about this,
10:18   but we know there is “halal” money, religiously designated amounts.
10:22   For me the problem is that the Islamic State
10:26   is not defined by physical borders.
10:30   In their concept of the state, a border is not included.
10:34   Throughout history the criteria for which city belonged to which country,
10:38   was that in which ruler’s name the prayer was announced, and where they sent the zakat (tax).
10:42   So in Europe, if we were to go into a mosque,
10:46   I am sure — if it’s in Germany —
10:50   they do not announce the prayer in Angela Merkel’s name,
10:54   and they are not sending her the zakat (tax), either.
10:58   So the money this Muslim communities are using
11:02   is completely outside the view of the state. That means
11:06   a new infrastructure has formed in Europe which according to Islamic
11:10   principles fulfills the requirements of a state.
11:14   We will be talking about this more for sure.
11:18   Professor, I would like thank you for accepting our invitation. Thank you.

20 thoughts on ““The Islamic State is Already Here in Europe”

  1. “…we need to bury mujahideen in pigskins”

    This is sooo much against any PC-rule that snowflakes would rather watch getting their families slaughtered by mujahideen.
    But I like the concept.
    Actually it`s quite elegant and witty. 😉

    • When I read, ‘As you may remember from last year, this is the same man who explained that we need to bury mujahideen in pigskins, because that’s what has always worked,’ I thought what a pity this isn’t a parody or a satire–in any normal world, and, unfortunately, out there in much of our current abnormal world, any ‘expert’ who suggested such a thing would be laughed out of credibility. But, alas, this isn’t a normal world any more, and at least among those who are still blessed with a modicum of commonsense, the expert brave enough to suggest such a precaution can be recognised as giving sage advice.

  2. When you must adapt to Islamic rules, Islamic rules are here. Europe must behave nice so they are not upset. That means they are the important element.

  3. For the poor Anglo in Germany wondering what to do, the solution is to leave-escape-depart-emigrate. Fly to the USA and leave it all behind.

      • I stand corrected; I’ve been told that the strong DNA left for America centuries ago and I know that those who remain are brain washed marxists. It was a knee jerk reaction to an article and I retract the comment.

        • No! Retract your retraction! The only White guys under 60 here in the U.S. who are as tough as Tommy Robinson and his friends (not to mention Tyson Fury, but I guess he considers himself Irish not English) are Russian and Ukrainian. (The tough Italians are over 60 now.)

    • If I might respectfully disagree with skzion — in actual fact, poor Anglos are VERY welcome here, and will have no trouble getting dates. Expect lots of friendly remarks and questions at Keyfood and the laundromat. You’ll immediately make friends. The girls at Starbucks and behind the counter at Barnes&Noble will be eager to assist you with your purchases, and men will ask you for your opinion on economics, Martin Amis, and David Bowie. We want you all to come! We need you, in fact!

  4. Well, talking about it at all is kind of a waste of time, since the voters in the larger and more influential European countries do not seem to respond to the actions of Muslims. Yet, there are a few points to clarify.

    Muslims do not have to be a demographic majority to bring about sharia. Democracies and republics are extraordinarily susceptible to interest groups and identity groups. Most politicians are not going to stray too far from the center, so when political races are close, an identity group with a disciplined voting block has an enormous amount of influence. Muslims are, and will be, very able to protect both their proselytizing and their enforcement of sharia-compliance.

    As the professor points out,the Muslims are building a totally parallel and separate social structure. They not only have separate Islamic banking and money transfer, but separate education, separate eating facilities and preparation, separate education and separate community groups. It is not well known, but Muslims do not even accept the western concept of insurance. So, Muslims organize separate insurance and protection structures.

    Which makes you wonder what they’re doing here in the first place. Virtually the only aspect of Western life they integrate themselves with is the structure of employment and to a certain extent, entrepreneurship. Of course, the Muslims receiving welfare are not even plugged into employment, and as far as their cultural identification and milieu, might as well be back in Afghanistan, Syria, Morocco, Pakistan, or wherever.

    But, as I say, the citizens and certainly the governments, of the major European countries simply do not respond to analytical views of Islamic immigration. They might get a bit bestirred when thousands of autos are burned, women raped, youngsters molested, women are groped, fireworks are shot at New Years celebrations and police cars, and so forth, but the governments attempt to paper over the problems with massive police mobilization, and so far, the populace seems to kind of go along.

    The West does have a reprieve for the next 4 or 8 years which it may not deserve. Under Trump, it’s pretty clear NATO will not be used as the enforcer for the EU and the edicts of its bureaucrats in dealing with breakaway states such as Hungary and Poland.

  5. What is important from what the academic is saying, the “Islamic State” does not require to have border to exists… They do not need to openly conquer and put the flag out, open border control and issue IS visas, – how maybe a secular thinking would see it, but to exists as a parallel with the other society. They collecting taxes, they established their financial and economical bases (halal stores etc). If you think about it that means they are in USA too, Dearborn, MI comes to mind. The collected taxes (zakat) goes to funding Jihad. Social benefits paid for this professional parasites are funding killing people. That is why I believe they will be no peaceful coexistence with muslims. Even the so called “moderate” ones are complicit in Jihad and murders and spreading this cancer.

  6. The mere fact of a parallel set of Muslim structures means that they are engaged in a criminal conspiracy. In the US, RICO could deal with Islam very effectively, making it impossible to recruit or flourish. Barely a single mosque would remain is the law were pursued diligently.

  7. The introduction to this video states: “The following clip from Hungarian TV features an interview with an orientalist professor named Miklós Maróth. As you may remember from last year, this is the same man who explained that we need to bury mujahideen in pigskins, because that’s what has always worked.”

    The reference is to https://gatesofvienna.net/2016/09/miklos-maroth-we-should-deport-criminal-and-non-integrated-muslims/ , which states:
    “So what I mean is, for example in Pakistan, when the English could not stop the wave of suicide attacks, because suicide bombers ‘immediately entered heaven’ since they were waging a ‘holy war’. So the English had been looking for a solution and finally found it: the captured suicide bombers were hanged wrapped into pigskin. The attacks stopped at once, because they became ‘unclean’ by the touch of the pig and so ‘could not enter heaven’.”

    Sorry, but I’m dubious of this evidence. This historical method must have depended on the superstitious ignorance of the perpetrators. (And why were dead suicide attackers hanged in pigskin, long after they had been raptured into Paradise at the moment of their death?) Surely the scholars of today’s ulema can figure out a way to comfort even unsuccessful suiciders, such as with an argument that appeals to necessity, so that being killed by a pigfat-impregnated bullet through the brain will not deprive a would-be martyr of his reward of 72 celestial virgins. (How could Allah be so cruel to his loyal underlings?)

    Question: Where is the Islamic scripture on which Miklos Maroth’s argument is based? Please cite the Quranic aya or the sahih hadith. I would ask for a ruling on this at https://islamqa.info/en , but its proprietor has never answered any of my inquiries. But there must be lots of Islamic scholars who are surreptitious fans of Gates of Vienna. C’mon fellas, whatdaya say? Let’s have a fatwa.

  8. Proof for the Muslim strategy that Prof. Miklós Maróth points to fe. can be found in the strategy papers of the Muslim Brotherhood that have been found in Switzerland during a police raid.
    As in the works of Prof. Ali Kettani who propagated this allready in the 1980`s, in books such as “Muslim minorities in nonmuslim states and their solutions”.

    Published by a Saudi NGO`s in London (also accredited by the UN as an NGO).

  9. And the founder of the turkish Milli Görüş, Necmettin Erbakan (former turkish Prime Minister and Mentor of todays PM Erdogan) in April 2001 talked about the same to his followers.
    Which was documented by the German “Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung” and the “Verfassungsschutz”.

    Former turkish PM Erbakan:”Europeans belive, that muslims came to Europe looking for work. But Allah has another plan.
    We will come to power, with or without bloodsheed this remains an open question.”

  10. As I read this, I kept thinking of the original Gates of Vienna and how emasculated Europe has become since then, with the exception of Hungary and Poland who evidently have not forgotten their history.

    What is wrong with these people? Is it ignorance, stupidity, or the old story of hoping the crocodile eats them last?

    To be fair, we in USA have also forgotten history, witness the latest atrocity of the black children attacking a white guy who is mentally not quite there.

    May God have mercy on us and on Europe. Of course, not many people pray anymore which might be part of the problem. I will have read my copy of the history again, just to remember how “civilized” the muslims are (NOT).

    • “What is wrong with these people? ”

      This is the wrong question. The people are going to act like they act. It doesn’t really matter why. The questions are:
      1) Can their actions be changed, and if so, how?
      2) How can the active opposition to Islamization act to neutralize the sympathizers or enablers?

      I would guess that people who are habitually in favor of Muslim migration will stay that way. What little evidence I’ve seen suggests that leftist migration supporters simply do not respond to arguments, logic, or facts. Ali Sina on his website, used to claim that revealing the truth of Islam will cause massive defections. Ali Sina is barely active, if at all, but Islamists are going full steam.

      The best way to oppose Islamization is to ensure the independence of countries dissenting from the EU mandate of open borders. The election of Trump was probably the best contribution US voters could have made, as it is quite certain the US will not allow NATO to be used for internal enforcement actions against countries such as Hungary.

      It is also desirable, and quite possible, for the Visegrad countries and other small countries to exit the EU completely now, while the getting is good. This includes the associate member, Switzerland, which appears to have exchanged its vaunted independence for a few dollars in trade. If they get out now, they will have 4 or 8 years to establish a fait accompli. Their independence will likely be permanent, as long as they don’t do anything stupid, like directly challenge the EU militaries. There is much to learn from the relations between Finland and Russia during the cold war, although Finland appears to have voluntarily surrendered its cultural identity.

      This is my own view, but I think the countries protecting their independence should focus on maintaining the quality of their populations, regarding not only intelligence but the public virtues, including courage, conscience, and community mindedness. A welfare state is directly anathema to maintaining the quality of the population. I can make the detailed arguments elsewhere.

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