All the News That Fits

Or, All the News That Gives Us Fits

In my post from earlier today about Ft. Lauderdale, one of the commenters expressed distaste for my statement that I Google News every morning. Yet I consider it absolutely mandatory to read Google and other news aggregators of the Left (or Sinister) side of the political spectrum.

The following post is an expansion on my reply in the comments.

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I open Google News frequently, for two reasons:

1.   To assess the Zeitgeist.

What are the opinions and priorities of our Masters? The items that Google News features (or buries) help us understand the machinations of the elites who manage the government, the media, and the academy. For that purpose it’s invaluable.

Memeorandum, Politico, the Hill, the Huffington Post, and other left-oriented aggregators serve a similar function. But Google is the most comprehensive.

2.   To ascertain the Narrative.

What are we supposed to think?

What is true, and what is false?

What must we agree with? What must we avoid even thinking about, at all costs?

The Narrative aims to get our minds right. If we are consciously unaware of what it is, then it can do its work on us subliminally, without our realizing it. It’s better to put it under the bright lights and examine it in detail, in order to resist it.

Google News was particularly helpful during the election. Every day I would get up and look at it to see what Bad Thing had been done by Donald Trump. As the election season wore on, and Mr. Trump remained alarmingly popular, he sometimes did four or five Bad Things in a single day. Google News informed me of what they were.

Since the election he has continued to do Bad Things every day, and will probably go on doing them after his inauguration. Google News will keep me well-informed about what they are.

We are in the midst of an epic information war, and the Left is winning it. However, the alternative media have managed to disrupt their battlespace. If it weren’t for Drudge, InfoWars, Gateway Pundit, and other alternative news aggregators, we’d be accustoming ourselves to saying “President Clinton” for another eight years.

Sun Tzu reminds us of the importance of knowing the enemy. If we fail to do so, we lose the war. And that applies just as much to the information war as it does to the carnage of the physical battlefield.

I read Google News in order that I might better know the enemy.

38 thoughts on “All the News That Fits

  1. I’m always interested in the comments after an MSM article relevant to islam and jihad. The articles are predictably biased and I just skim them for relevant facts. The comments are where the Zeitgeist is really found and people are definitely waking up to the realities of islam.

    • Yes, I suspect it’s true – although the attitudes in these comments are somewhat different to those I hear from people I generally speak to, and to results of opinion surveys…

      Nonetheless it’s always great to see an article on, say, the Guardian get totally demolished in the comments! (sometimes by close to 100% of the readers)… perhaps this is the reason that on some Islam/refugee/immigration/Merkel-related articles, the comments are simply switched off?

      • Green Infidel:

        The Guardian switched off ALL the comments pertaining to The Great Disruption, accompanied by a weak and cringe-worthy excuse for doing so.

        They accused their loyal readership of being intolerant and ignorant. That newspaper clasped its hands over its ears like a petulant toddler, screaming “I can’t hear you! You can’t make me!”

  2. Sun-Tzu also says that you should never fail to disappoint your enemy. So, never live up to your enemy’s expectations and always provide a surprise. That will keep the enemy off-balance and unable to attack with full strength.

  3. Thank you for performing this distasteful task for us. The rest of the ghastly media is enough for me.

  4. I voted for Trump; I’m glad he won. But those “alternative news aggregators” really do evince a disturbingly affectionate attitude toward Putin and his Russia. Russia is not us. Russia is at the opposite pole of the European cultural continuum from the English-speaking nations. Dostoevsky dreamed of Russian world-domination long before Stalin did. Even if Putin is more Dostoevskian that Stalinist, his Russia is alien and its culture deeply incompatible with our own. Russian world-domination would be a tragedy, Islamic world-domination a nightmare, and better a tragedy than a nightmare. But didn’t Russia apply to join the Organization of Islamic States, at least in some kind of observer-capacity? Didn’t Russia vote in favor of the recent U.N. resolution from which the U.S. merely abstained? Doesn’t Russia sponsor Iran? A large proportion of ISIS-fighters are from Russia — is this an accident? I don’t see any evidence that Russia imagines itself as the West’s protector against Islam. Rather, Russia seems to be enjoying and profiting from Islam’s destruction of the West.

    • Yes, Russia has observer status in the OIC, if I recall correctly.

      Putin does what is in Russia’s interests. Period. If you can figure out what Russia’s interests are, and watch Putin carefully, you can figure out what he’s up to.

      Russia’s interests and the interests of the Oligarchs — the major gangster mafias — are intertwined. What benefits the Oligarchs is generally also considered to benefit the State.

      • Don’t we have the same system here, with criminal oligarchs in charge of the will of the people?

      • this is true, albeit it is only one of Putin’s motives.

        another one, unfortunately, is very close to the fascist messianic supremacism, promoting the establishment of “new man” and “new order”. “Greatness”, “Russia raising from knees”, “Russia encircled by enemies” – these and tons of supporting propaganda memes and lies are pumped ruthlessly into the mind of Russians, especially children, for at least 10 last years if not longer.

        correpondingly, there are lot of irrational actions contradicting interests of oligarchic groups,

        Putin is delighted to get Crimea back form Western (he really believes that) control, and ready to sacrifice blood and treasure to retain it, and at opportunity to expand neo-imperial gains further to the West, devouring Ukraine, Moldova and Baltic states, establish control over weakest European countries by divide and rule, making them satrapies, – and eventually intimidate and coerce others to “listen to Russia”.

        also my impression is that Putin is craving for armed confrontation with NATO.

        another bizarre product of Russian totalitarian renaissance is the Sharia kingdom of Ichkeriya – Kadyrov’s Chechnya. It is almost fully subsidized from state budget, i.e. they live on jizziya (infidel tax). Kadyrov is not only in command of 20K heavily armed militias. Chechen mafia controls businesses in every major Russian city. So, it is cross between crime and Islam.
        Just imagine if say Bradford or Luton or Tower Hamlets had full ISIS control and thousands-strong ARMED Islamic militias – by the agreement and paid by the state.
        That is to the question of “is it the same in the West”. the answer is no. not yet, at least.

    • Just out of interest: why do you think Russian culture is incompatible with your own? I am interested in your opinion.

      • Marina, to butt in here: when many Westerners read Russian history it seems very foreign to us. There is no middle-class culture and never has there been one. A robust rule of law and a long period of property rights appears unknown. As for free speech? Couldn’t find it.

        The Baron loves the late Russian expat writer, Nabakov. But that’s an artistic sensibility and it rises above these issues. Another one, Solzhenitsyn, did much to make Russia less opaque to the West. But what he cleared out was the shroud around those gulags…incomprehensible to the West.

        I knew a few Russians when I lived in Cambridge many years ago. The family was a mixture of Russian and Armenian. No one could understand their 3 y.o. except his mother…I liked them but there was a great sadness in the whole mix of people. I realize now it was for different reasons. They lived in the top floor of a two-family house and we had the bottom apartment. This was in the Greek section so our landlord was Greek and somewhat suspicious of all of us.

        That was my introduction to borscht. Oh my!

        Americans – I, included – have a tendency to filter all other cultures through our naive, hail-fellow-well-met friendliness. With the encroachment of Islam, all we have to fall back on is global suspicion.

        • As someone who has a Russian son in law, I find myself understandably somewhat sympathetic to things Russian. There is this weird filtered nostalgia for Communism and the Soviet Union in Russia, but there is at the same time an optimism about living under Capitalism for Russians in America. Agree about the borscht, once you have had the real deal, you crave the stuff. It’s all about the stock you make it with.

        • I would spell it rather borshch – борщ.

          It is actually Ukrainian, in Russia there is an analog – shchi (щи), [sh-chee].
          It is actually a beef broth wth Sauerkraut.

          borshch is made with fresh cabbage + beetroot.

      • Hi Marina B. I guess Dostoevsky’s novels represent Russia for me, while Dickens’ novels represent the Anglo-American edge of the West. Americans love and admire Dostoevsky (I remember Henry Miller in one of his Tropics or maybe in Sexus/Nexus/Plexus saying that he aspired to be the American Dostoevsky), and I’ve read that Dostoevsky enjoyed and admired Dickens, so obviously “we can talk” (and in fact I tend to like the Russians I meet here in NYC). The dominant culture-guiding images are just very different. These would have to be single images around which various personality-types cluster, and to which they react (e.g. the three and a half Karamazov-brothers or the numberless freaks of any Dickens novel). The dominant Russian image might be that of the sad, heroic multitude striding resolutely across an endless frozen wasteland. The dominant Anglo-American image might be that of … well, it’s Tolkien’s Shire on the one hand, and Dickens’ London on the other, with weird cartoon-characters poking their heads out of holes/doorways to engage in bizarre conversations with each other before withdrawing into their private spaces. Bugs Bunny is the spirit of America. (In WWII, Bugs Bunny defeated Siegfried.)

        • Russian culture isn’t incompatible with West, it tries to exist while maintaining the same balances between psychological/epic, romantic/naturalistic, moral/cynical, mythological/rational, rhythm/smoothness etc.

          crucial components of Russian culture came from the South (Byzanth), North (Norway), and much later from the West (Germany, France, Jewish migrants).
          Relgion and literacy – from Byzanthium (Greek alphabet), social structure partly from Mongols (Golden Horde).

          so, starting from Christening, ~800ths AD, country was vaguely Christian and vaguely civilized.

          however, the ways of modern (Putin’s) Russia are clearly incompatible with humanist West.
          again, it is the cross between mafia, gestapo-style security, and secluded, barbaric ruling caste.
          there is nothing new here, – I won’t continue in order not to stumble on Godwin’s law.

    • “Russian world-domination would be a tragedy”

      Just take a look at the birth rates… Russian world domination is not going to happen – and I suspect Putin knows this.

      Agreed that Russia, and especially its military, is becoming increasingly Islamified… so in a few decades, could Poland find itself again sandwiched between hostile German and Russian armies – this time not Socialist, but Islamic?

    • Go read Russian history . . . the whole 1000 years of it; not just that recent century. Their “protective oceans” (the large land mass) did not stop malevolent hordes sweeping over them from every direction. Their miracle is their survival . . . against all odds. You will then understand their sadness and paranoia.

      Most North Americans are naïve little brats in their dealings and understandings with other nations.

      No, I am not Russian. I am not of Slavic origin. I have no ties to those lands . . . but I do read widely.

      • The “naive little brats” used to do a good job of saving their friends. Since the corruption reached critical mass, we now elect moral lepers whose touch kills.

        It remains to be seen if Trump will be any different. He certainly has grasped the current isolationist zeitgeist.

  5. Reading all the news. Even my own son does not understand it but I read all of the news, the liberal, the conservative and then some. I do speak German and so I read that news as well in German, both the liberal and conservative.

    It is necessary to read all and then formulate your own opinion.

  6. With regard to the mainstream media always making their reports as favorable as possible to Islam, it seems hard to be sure how much this is due to some sort of left-Islam alliance, and how much it is due to wealthy Muslims, and the Saudi Arabian government, owning substantial percentages of the shares of the large media companies, and exerting quiet but firm influence on the top executives.

    The policy guidelines that make all articles as favorable as possible to Islam will come down from the top executives, and be disguised in liberal terms, such as a requirement to respect other faiths. Front-line reporters, news anchors, and opinion writers might be genuinely unaware that the unwritten rule that they must always favor Islam is a result not of liberal policies, but of Muslim ownership of significant percentages of the shares of the companies that employ them.

    It seems to be difficult to find out what percentages of the large media companies actually are owned by the Saudi government, in particular. The best resource I can find is this 2009 blog post:

    An example of Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal exerting direct pressure on Rupert Murdoch appears in the paragraph above the picture, about halfway down the page.

    • I wonder about the investments myself. Part of it seems to be simply a desire to give themselves an escape with their money should the very real danger of the Wahhabis taking over in Saudi Arabia become apparent. But there is also their long held world view of wanting control over ideas that is so prevalent in their own countries.

  7. It seems as tho the Western Hemisphere should be planning to wall itself off from the rest of Eurabia, which is pretty much everywhere else.

    • Brilliant! Haven’t listened to this for so long, possibly influenced by my late mother, who thought it wasn’t as good as “Tommy”!

      I’ll be checking it out this week.

  8. This post closely parallels the answer I give when asked why I own a Koran. Actually though I boil it down to, “When the enemy makes its field manual available it’s wise to become familiar with it.”

  9. This may be the appropriate post to share what I’ve recently had to admit about official feminism, that it’s worse than even I knew, and I’ve been watching the decline for many years. The official feminist sites I read rarely report the Muslim rape issue in Europe, and when they do, the official position, which everyone must agree with, is that this is “male violence.” The new “feminists” absolutely will not discuss Islam in the context of rape.

    I have occasionally tried to explain things in a more detailed manner, and I’m always civil, because I want to inform, not fight, but the comments I get are that I’m a man, a troll, “get off this site with your right wing propaganda, Trumptard,” and so on. No one ever offers facts, it’s always, get lost, you shouldn’t comment here.

    Regardless of what readers of this site think about feminists and women in general, I still think this is a population that can be reached, and it’s important to do so. But this will take some thought and discussion amongst ourselves, not, what do you expect from women, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Reasonable people can disagree, but women do vote, and they can and do welcome the invaders and breed with them, so perhaps we can figure out how to combat the narrative. My take on this is that this is top-down propaganda, not grass-roots, so if individual women can be reached, the narrative may change.

    • When the average-intelligence (and lower) woman is offered “free” stuff, she will vote for it. The “liberal” (socialists) political demagogues promise more “free” stuff than their conservative (responsible) counterparts; therefore women tend to vote “left”. It is nature. It is democracy – as practised; not as imagined.

      Don’t believe me? . . . go check the empirical evidence on voting patterns.

      • You are right. I just only want to add, women voting pattern changes when they become mothers. Then our horizon is expand and suddenly become more distance focused. Before that we are tend to have a higher bidder mentality. Maybe partly why politicians love the desperate single/feminist voters. It is so strange to see how much we are imprisoned by our own biological tendencies. Civilization nothing but a single layer coat on us.

        • Brilliant, Crossware. It all comes down to biology and biology drives economics when they are left to manage things…as they were in American pioneer days, roughly from the first quarter of the 19th century to the 3rd…the latter being when industrialization geared up and swallowed able-bodied immigrants by the thousands.

          Those who survived the pioneering efforts, and then the survivors of the next surge of immigrants, i.e., those who didn’t die building railroads or via dangerous factory work
          produced a hardy DNA. It took only a few generations of easy living to make that all disappear.

          The worst thing the socialists did – and their sins are legion – was to convince women they didn’t “need” men. What the suffragettes wanted has been now been gigantified by the feminist “movement” – a malignant movement through the bowels of culture if ever there was one.

          The end product makes a Fellini movie look normal.

          It is tragic beyond words that the whole thing has to topple, destroying the innocent with it. Think of the utopian British NHS – the religion of many Britons – and what chaos its failure is going to cause. ‘Twill be like that…

          In a CYA response to this critical failure, The Powers That Be claim the current crisis is simply a normal “winter” event. Sure it is…Any nationalized service forced to rely on the Red Cross as an arm of delivery is crawling through Dead Man Walking territory…

          …Politicians lied and people died. Yet again.

          I figure maybe one-and-a-half generations before we see the emergence of real women again. It’s not that they don’t exist now, just that their voice is gagged and bound by the loud “fems”.

  10. I always listen to the BBC when driving. I find it encouraging – their propaganda gets more hysterical (and obvious) by the day.

  11. I don’t use Google news as I have no need to – I hold my nose (metaphorically) and keep a very beady eye on whatever dissemblance, disinformation and pro-Muslim propaganda the BBC is peddling, then I go elsewhere to find out what is really happening.

  12. I find google news too depressing, because their stuff is so large.. infinite.

    so I use Guardian Opinion section, but never read beyond titles.
    Comments, however, are often very good.
    It look like one part of these leftis tries to follow reason, another one are brain-dead PC/MC crowd, and stuff itself is controlled by Sunni mafia.

    overall, one can notice several categories (there may be more)

    – beautification (Islam so nice, global village is the only way, minorities are saints..)
    – conciliatory (tolerance.. gimme more)
    – threatening (do you understand danger of damaging community cohesion?)
    – debilitating/depressing (LGBT our future.. make all non-Muslim males females..)
    – blaming (America, Israel, lack of diversity, evils of white men)
    – diversions (global warming.. social justice.. )
    – defeatist (Islamic terrorism doesn’t exist.. even if it does, it isn’t that dangerous.. even if it is, it is invincible anyway, so there is no point resisting)

    large, well lubricated organ, pushing back and forth through reader’s brain for years.

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