Archbishop of Mosul: “Don’t Accept Refugees Who Have Made us Refugees Here”

Below are excerpts from an interview posted by François de Souche with the Orthodox Syriac Archbishop of Mosul concerning the plight of Christians in Iraq since the rise of the Islamic State. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Iraq. Bishop Nicodemus Daoud Sharaf: “Wake up. Do not accept refugees who have made us refugees here”

By perubu on 12/31/2016

Interview with Monsignor Nicodemus Daoud Sharaf, Orthodox Syriac Archbishop of Mosul, Kurdistan and Kirkuk on the aleteia site.

Q:   Don’t you worry about the people who stayed behind in Mosul?
A:   All Christians fled the city in 2014 from Daesh’s troops. Those who stayed, for the most part, welcomed them. Sometimes with open arms. The Sunni Muslim Arabs who live there are so fanatical that they could give lessons to the Saudis! They don’t accept anyone who doesn’t share their views. It must be remembered that in the aftermath of the abortive military coup of 1959, the epicenter of which was Mosul, Christians experienced the worst humiliations. In the city, confronted with the vendetta between tribes and the affirmation of a more radical Islam in the face of the secular “peril”, the Christians walked with a cloth on their shoulders. They handed it to their fellow Muslims, who had took habit of wiping their hands on their [Christians’] clothes. There wasn’t much respect at the time for the “kuffar” as they say (the “unbelievers” or non-Muslims, Nldr). We don’t have much more of it today either.
Q:   Is the coalition likely to eradicate the Islamic state?
A:   Western politics is diabolical. The interests of both parties are so contradictory that their chances of success are low. We ask only for the application of the law and respect for our dignity. In Saddam Hussein’s time, the law applied. In mostly Muslim Iraqi Kurdistan (where Christians in Mosul have found refuge in the Erbil area — Editor’s note), the law protects us and it protects us even better than elsewhere in Iraq. We are waiting for decisions to be taken to ensure international protection and the rules set by the United Nations.

Q:   Do you have a message for Western Christians?
A:   Wake up. Don’t accept refugees who have made us refugees here. On November 24, a new Orthodox Syriac church was consecrated in London in the presence of HRH Prince Charles. I was refused a visa by the embassy, lest I return to Iraq. I am a permanent resident in Australia and have the necessary visas to travel to the United States, Canada and even France. What was I supposed to have done in England when my people are here and suffer?

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  1. The Brits are finished. The political Elites in Britain have turned their country into a mongrelized litter of the worst creatures that humanity has to offer. The Mayor of London is a case in point. The refusal of the country to allow entrance to anyone with political views that do not coincide with the dreamy…self destructive policies of the current British government speaks clearly to this point. The Bishop is well advised to stay away from the sinking British Isles.

    • I disagree with your view that Britain is finished. You pick the Mayor of London as your reference point without hinting at that London is now nearly 60% non-Briton (native white) because of white flight into the outer suburbs and country away from such a mess as anyone can witness who now visits London.

      And while other large cities around the U.K. isles have become havens for the non-Briton it is precisely for the same reason as reflected in London, that one will find the majority of Britons in the countryside and away from the big smoke.

      People are aware of what is happening but are reluctant to speak out because there is no one in authority at this time who is prepared to speak out. I’ll wager it will be a different story when someone of note gains a voice and the native Brit gets to hear it.

      • Non-white does not mean muslim. Here in New Zealand we have decent people of Chinese, Korean and Indian backgrounds, working hard, supporting the arts, really contributing good aspects of their cultures. I don’t like to muddle up valid concerns about islam with ‘race’.

        • If I remember correctly there was an influx of Christian Lebanese into Oz some years ago during a period of deep conflict in Lebanon. They also settled in America, one of the places being where I grew up. I never thought of my first-generation American-Lebanese friends as being “different”. I was a first-gen American, and besides, we were all part of the Catholic ghetto in a world of cracker Baptists.

          Sometimes I try to recreate the stuffed zucchini my friends’ mothers used to make. To die for. Not to mention baklavah -which is claimed by several ethnicities.

          Later, on moving to New England, I met Jewish food. And Greek food. And ‘real’ Italian food. So many women willing to teach me how to create what they loved. They were all brought together because of the dislocations and privations in their own countries, places they’d have preferred to stay.

          Meanwhile, back where I was born, my mother was meeting lots of Filipinos at church – fleeing from Marcos, probably. They were very kind to her because she was alone. as they were, she was obviously “not from around here”.

          The key part of all those successful assimilations was a manageable number of immigrants, and immigrant groups who really did want to belong to this country, each in his own way. It was always hardest on the old people who accompanied their married children…

        • I wasn’t just referring to the Muslim. A Briton has always been and will always be a Caucasian. A Negro or an Asian can never be a Briton just as a Briton can never be a Negro or an Asian.

          I think it is obvious without explanation here why white people and black people and yellow people will always be more comfortable within their own peoples and cultures.

          I think that lesson was learned within antiquity which is why the various races of Man came to have their own areas of occupation.

          Even within Islam there are the various ethnicities and cultures. If you wish to find who the real racists are then go no further then Saudi Arabia, Japan or China who all protect their homogeneity while the white races are denied theirs.

          I believe a multi-racial nation is possible, but not while we are dominated throughout the West by Human Rights laws and multiculturalism.

          You could do well by learning what caused the Fijians to have that coup and why Australian Federal police are still being rotated on active duty to Vanuatu.

          • The most elegant, educated, best-spoken English woman I know is black. Best-looking, too.

            I agree that multiculturalism can’t override basic human rights and equality, and that integration is best in small numbers from other cultures. But it’s not about melanin levels, ie your insistence on colour.

          • Guest, you have missed my point entirely. Maybe you should re-read it and understand that melanin levels have nothing to do at all on what I write which seems to be your fixation. There are many examples of why mass multicultural immigration into once homogenous nations is doomed to fail – it is done for that very reason – do you not understand that?

          • Guest, your example is irrelevant.

            One of the most eloquent pleas for Britons to wake up I’ve read was from a Nigerian woman writing on a Melanie Phillips site. But . . .

            The issues are what is the reality of the race as a whole and where will the tipping point of minority dominance be reached (while suicidal leftism controls). Read Enoch Powell’s speech. All of it. That is the reality of mass immigration. Displacement.

            The despicable people in the first two videos in this excellent article teach a valuable lesson. So does the man in the third one.

          • I like your comment on the Fijian coup, I see it in the same terms. Why is it alright for some to protect their culture and people, but not others?

            However, to equate Japan and China, on the one hand, with Saudi Ariaba on the other, is having no balance.

            The former are largely ethnostates, both want to integrate the outliers (Ainu, Ryukyu people, aka Okinawans, former untouchables, Koreans who stayed after the war in our case, Tibetans, Wiggers, Manchu, Mongols, south eastern tribes, and ethnic Koreans in China), while encouraging cultural continuity for most.

            I think the US Army had the right idea for Okinawa, to return it to being an independent state, some US military officers are very intellgent.

            It was not to be. Okinawans are still the most put upon by the US invasion, it is only invasion from the main islands that stops them (the last time it came to that) from electing a govt. that seriously opposes being a colony of both the USA and Japan, the last time, by a very small margin.

            I could be commenting more about other groups I mention in Japan and China, but must completing my point, in response to a silly statement of equivalence.

            Elites in Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni-ruled Gulf states have an ethno-ideological mix.

            They love to marry foolish women of European descent, take them shopping in London, Paris, or Geneva, the wives are off the leash, that is supposed to make up for invisibility at home.

            I am sorry for such women.

            As for their soccer (I hate the top level of the game) teams, they are solely mercenaries. Sure, many western european teams are not much better in that way, but a little.

            Boycott, be bored with, ignore, any FIFA events.

          • Col. Bunny – in the first video of that post you made, the interviewer can only respond to the “freedom” challenge about covering up by saying “That’s absurd”. That is not an argument. If you’re going to be involved in a verbal “firefight” about freedom, you had better know what freedom is, and pack plenty of ready-logic ammo.

          • I take your point. I have used the Saudies, China and Japan as examples of nations that wish to remain nations and not countries of tribes as the West has now become.

            China and Japan have a long history of enmity between each other but, both also have derogatory terms for those they have no wish for to become citizens, let alone settle in their lands.

            And that is my point.

      • Much (most?) of London is perfectly decent, safe and habitable; native Anglos like myself may be a minority, but Muslims are an even smaller one, and largely concentrated in a few areas.

        • If you a living in London and you are white, then you have become an endangered species – you may not realize that yet – but there are those who do and they are not your friends.

          It was bad enough back in 2008, I can only imagine how much worse it has become today.

  2. Here is a person of authority who would easily make a first class eye witness to the mess that is the middle east, but will anyone who is anyone ever bother to get the information that he could provide?

  3. it has nothing to do with white vs non white.. Non whites have been a part of the UK for several generations. It has to do with embracing one’s new found land with open arms. That does not mean one must forsake one’s roots.

    • Exactly! We keep emphasizing that concerns about islam are about an ideology, not about race. Some of my best friends, most supportive of western culture are not caucasian. Plus in New Zealand they have a much better chance of escaping skin cancer.

      • Your small circle of friends is irrelevant. Races and cultures are mixed only at enormous risk. The larger picture is the picture to focus on.

        There were nice Soviets who invaded Germany east of the Oder but the experience of the population as a whole did not involve contact with such persons.

        The Chinese and Japanese must read Google every day like the Baron asking themselves, What new stupidity(ies) are those gweizi embracing NOW?

        • Of course, but I am a sympathiser, and the equivalent words in Japanese and Korean are not cognate with the word you cite.

    • If New Zealand, or anywhere else, wants to be a multi-racial country that’s fine. But other countries may want to hold on to their ethnic heritage and say No Thanks to a multi-racial society.

      Race matters. There is no Europe without white people. French culture, German culture, Swedish culture etc. came from those distinct peoples. Western civilization didn’t just fall out of the sky and land on Europeans. It came from them. And they sustain it.

      It’s not just about ideology. England will not be England when the English are gone.

    • It’s absurd that European countries have millions and millions of people inside their borders with “different roots.” Really different ones.

      The US took an enormous risk to allow millions to emigrate here but the roots of those people were not that dissimilar to our own. However, people from third-world countries have roots wildly different from our own. Think Monty Python and the skit with one of the lads dressed as a Zulu talking to mum and dad as he prepares to go out on the town. A zany, confused skit, it’s true, but the relevant message is in there.

      John Cleese has even voiced the opinion whether London is even British any more. To cut to the chase, those masses of foreigners didn’t forsake their precious roots and they took over and pushed out the people whose country and city it is.

  4. The England I came to in 1966 is gone. The Generation of 1986 not only destroyed their own country but themselves as well. My friend Bishop Guy, calle them “The Never Seen It, Never Done It BUT I’ll Tell You How To Do It Generation”…..Ignorance is bliss!

    • “The Never Seen It, Never Done It BUT I’ll Tell You How To Do It Generation”


      But eventually, even these Snowflakes will get jobs, mortgages, have children – and perhaps some will realise that the world isn’t quite as it seemed, and that maybe their Brexit-voting parents aren’t so evil after all… the trouble is, many of them are more busy catching Pokemons than reading anything beyond the Guardian headlines.

      • No they will NOT have children. The women will have abortions so that they can hold on to their tax-slave chains, and their male counterparts will do menial jobs – the good ones being unavailable to them through affirmative action – and play video games and watch sports and porn. The drug dealers will not go bankrupt.

        The “non-Britons” and welfare sows will have children . . . the ones who will show up for the future.

        I used the future tense, but this has been going on for more than a generation now. It is past the point of no return. Sorry for being so pessimistic.

        • I am in favor of Brexit, I would vote for my country to leave the EU. But to vote for Brexit because of other EU countries migrants is just stupid.

          I am working in a factory in the UK and guess who is doing all the overtime and working Saturdays? It’s not the british workers, they leave in a hurry.

          There was a lot of polish people going to America in the 20th century. Their descendants are american now. The same with italians, portuguese, irish…

          Europeans will became good citizens of any country, UK included.

          • You are making a good point. Bizarre thing that the British govts. spent decades to cracking down on anti-immigration, and it was only to become acceptable when the complaining was against other European peoples, or against east Asians.

            This is obvious from reading.

          • My late neighbour came from Poland (Lviv – now Ukraine). He fled the Nazis and Soviets and joined the RAF. His son now lives on the same property – albeit in a new house, and he married an Italian girl. Sadly, their children do not speak Polish or Italian . . . or perhaps, that is a good thing. My immediate supervisor in my first real job was also a Polish war veteran . . . fought with the 8th Army in North Africa and Italy.

            Poles make great immigrants to other Western countries. They should be welcomed.

            I also worked with Muslims from the Middle East . . . different story. Well, “worked with” does not describe it. I did the bulk of the work while they disappeared several times (six) during work hours: Lunch break, and those “other” five times. Management would not do anything about it, because they were deathly afraid of being charged with human “rights” violations and waycism.

  5. Francais de Souche

    Francais de Souche means of French origin, from the ground, the stem, the grassroots, of French stock, the original French people(s)

    A French economist, however, estimates that by 2060 the French will be a minority in France, and francaisdefrance jokingly thinks “that should still leave us some time to react”. However, Gèrard Pince, the economist, did not take into consideration the emigration of the French, and that of the other European peoples from their countries respectively. So, this emigration will further accelerate the replacement of the European peoples in the European countries with the ongoing serious islamic replacement, often called The Great Replacement.

    The Francais de souche, Francais de France, have non stop been told that immigration is a “chance pour la France”, bringing luck and “richesse” to France. Therefore, they should just shut up, and tolerate the replacement they were in the midst of.

    Muslim Azouz Begag, at his time as minister of Promotion of equal opportunities(..), claimed that in 2011 there would be 15-20 million muslims in France. – Oops…! He wasn’t really supposed to say that number.

    Anyway, geopolitician Aymeric Chauperade estimates that the French will be in minority in their own country much earlier than 2060. Chauperade thinks this will happen by 2040.

  6. There is usually some trigger (typically economic) which leads to violence, then the whole multicultural charade falls disastrously apart in such countries. While race seems unimportant (and I would agree that it is) it does tend to become a rallying point for people in such times, therefore it is important. Witness how ~80% of blacks in America vote even now. Race does seem to matter, just not to white people, because we see the over riding advantage of cooperation vs. conflict. I would opine that this was because of the environmental conditions the Anglo Saxons evolved in. Cooperation becomes very important in cold climates. Eliminate white people and Christianity from Northern Europe and in 10000 years you would see a return, simply because that is what works, including the color of their skin.

  7. I keep being criticized here for pointing out that concerns about islam are not about race at all. Personally, I don’t care what colour people are, though I care a lot about culture and secularism.

    For those of you who insist on going down the ‘protect English white people from other colours’ path, your only chance of not being completely disregarded because of racism is to study and emphasize the rights of indigenous people.

    • Agreed, Islam is not about race. Even for people who enjoy multi-racial societies Islam is a special threat because of how dangerous it is. But in addition to Islam there is a larger issue of mass immigration in general. For some people that’s a threat as well.

      There’s an argument that mass immigration is fine as long as we keep out dangerous, incompatible people. As long as the immigrants want to integrate and become good citizens then they are welcome, even in large numbers.

      Mass immigration of differing ethnicities, religions, languages etc, no matter how peaceful and pleasant the immigrants are, will permanently change the host nation, both its people and its culture. You can’t avoid that. The sheer numbers, and human nature, make it inevitable.

      Some people are happy with their home country, its ethnic roots, its language and traditions, and see no reason to change it into something else. Those people aren’t racists. They just want to pass on to their children a way of life that was passed on to them.

      In terms of “indigenous people” I don’t think there are any. Every group of people on earth today is standing on land that at one time was occupied by someone else. Most of those displacements were by force. The current indigenous people most likely kicked out a previous group of indigenous people. Nobody has clean hands.

      Regardless, that same way of thinking that wants to protect indigenous people is just as valid when applied to current groups occupying their little patch of land today, like the English.

      • Two exceptions: The Icelanders and the Australian Aborigines. Both groups were the first humans to settle their respective landmass.

        • Thanks for the info. I could have sworn the Elves were there before the Norwegians found it. But you got me dead to rights on the Australian Aborigines.

        • It was not that simple with the Icelanders. When they came to Iceland, there were some Irish monks living there. The heathen Vikings exterminated them all as efficiently as the ISIS is exterminating Christians in Syria and Iraq.

        • Baron, they say that Australia is probably the oldest continually exposed landmass on the planet. There is now evidence that ‘Mungo Man’, thought to be the original inhabitant of this continent, may in fact have been an invader who tried to displace an earlier people.

          I don’t have any sources on that subject other than what one may glean from the internet. However, there is a paperback novel written back in the 80s, from memory, I have in my very crowded book case which would take me some time to locate, but I think the title is ‘Beyond Capricorn’. It is a book that is more concerned with Portuguese adventurers around the western, northern and eastern coasts of Australia, but contains other interesting aspects of Aboriginality that suggest there may have been at least two migrations to Australia after the original inhabitants settled. One by sub-continent peoples and another by Pacific Islander – Melanesians and well before the British claimed the joint.

  8. Bishop Nicodemus – just like most other Arab Christian leaders – talks plain sense. It appears, that in our insane world, only some traditional Christians who have not been seduced by the false ‘values’ of political correctness and refuse to worship the so-called ‘liberal democracy’ have preserved the good old common sense.

    I pray for Christians of the Middle East and I am very sorry that I cannot do anything else to help them.

    And I am deeply saddened that the ruling elites of the West are aiding and abetting the current genocide of Christians – all in the name of ‘tolerance’, ‘democracy’, ‘humanity’ and all the other pretty sounding words. What is this – hypocrisy or stupidity?

  9. Baron, Dymphna: many thanks for your wonderful website, I am in Australia and recommend it to people here.

    Regarding multiculturism: until 1945 the non-Aboriginal population of Australia was about 90 or 95% of British ancestry. After 1945 we took a large number of immigrants from Europe, including many refugees from Eastern Europe. Most of the immigrants were from Britain, the other main sources were Italy, Greece and what used to be Yugoslavia. There were a few problems here and there, but overall the experiment was a success, and the migrants all eventually assimilated, or at least co-existed harmoniously.

    Fifty years ago there were very few Muslims in Australia. In the 1960’s we took a few Turks, who (mostly) settled in OK. Since about 1975, however, we have been blessed with culture-enrichers, mainly Arab, with the result that there are now about 500,000 Muslims here, and they have caused untold problems, what with gang rapes in the suburbs of Sydney, and now our own home-grown terrorists. But don’t tell that to those who believe (against all the evidence) that Islam is the Religion of Peace. The two main political parties refuse to see any problems with Muslims, with the result that more and more voters are turning to the fringe Right. Unfortunately, there is no home-grown equivalent to the Donald, who would stand up to the Muslims and the traitors here who believe in multicultural paradises.

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