Miklós Maróth: We Should Deport Criminal and Non-Integrated Muslims

In following video Miklós Maróth, a renowned Hungarian academic, expresses his views on Islam and immigration. Dzsihádfigyelo, who translated the professor’s words, sends this introduction:

Professor Miklós Maróth is a leading Hungarian conservative thinker. He is a university professor, a classical scholar, a scholar of Oriental studies, a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the first dean of Matthias Corvinus Collegium, Hungary.

In 2007 he was elected president of the Union Académique Internationale. He is an editor of Acta Antiqua Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae and specializes in research on ancient Greek and Oriental philosophy. He has published several Syrian scripts of the Berlin Turfan-Collection, and is renowned for solving many debated scientific issues of the historical geography of Central Asia.

For his achievements, the Government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán awarded him with the highly respected National Széchenyi Prize in 2016, and he is the holder of numerous other scientific and state awards.

He has authored books on Islam and political theory and stands up against the ongoing Islamic conquest of the West and Europe.

In the video Professor Maróth is speaking at a panel discussion held by the Hungarian Migration Research Institute on the 11 February 2016.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Original video by Dzsihádfigyelo (CC in English)

00:00   […] I could actually make it simple by saying that I completely agree with the previous opinion.
00:06   Because that is the point: to mutually respect each other, (with the Muslims),
00:10   however, at this moment the situation is not like that — so at this point I am going
00:13   to elaborate on what could have been said in just one sentence.
00:16   Namely, if we go to the Middle East — we have just heard an example —
00:20   then it is we who have to conform to their rules; and if they come here,
00:24   it is again we who have to conform to their rules — this is the sad situation…
00:28   Secondly: we would expect them to respect our laws,
00:33   i.e. democracy and so on — what we have talked about here —
00:36   while according to their opinion, law can only be made by God, and ‘human law’ is void.
00:41   As a consequence, their fundamental attitude is an a priori contempt of our laws.
00:45   So, back to the point of the “expectation of mutual respect
00:48   for one another’s views”: it just does not happen like that.
00:51   So what I mean is, for example
00:55   in Pakistan, when the English could not stop the wave of suicide attacks,
01:01   because suicide bombers ‘immediately entered heaven’ since they were waging a ‘holy war’.
01:07   So the English had been looking for a solution and finally found it:
01:12   the captured suicide bombers were hanged wrapped into pigskin.
01:15   The attacks stopped at once,
01:18   because they became ‘unclean’ by the touch of the pig and so ‘could not enter heaven’.
01:21   So I cannot say anything but that we have to apply their rules
01:28   when we want to do something against them.
01:33   Let me explain what I mean:
01:37   the Pope issued an encyclical, and he suggested that the vicarages should accept
01:41   and house the migrants … and do this and that…
01:45   And the Saudi Grand Mufti issued a similar fatwa,
01:49   (though not directly referring to the Pope’s letter).
01:55   The fatwa orders the migrants not to take almost anything from the hosts.
02:00   So much for mercy and charity;
02:03   and its reception by those who had exterminated the Christians back home
02:09   then they came here and continued the annihilation of the Christians in the refugee camps…
02:12   So all I can say is ‘wrap them in pigskin’!
02:17   I mean, the way it happened recently in Denmark:
02:21   a city announced that they are keeping the traditions of Danish cuisine,
02:26   so now it is obligatory to serve pork in each and every restaurant.
02:30   For example in London, the Sharia police patrols should be banned,
02:36   because if they see English youngsters drinking beer within the zone
02:41   they think it belongs to them and not to the English state,
02:44   then they harass the locals and drive them away.
02:47   To put it simply, we should make laws which support our own way of life.
02:54   I saw a documentary about migrants in Hungary (not published) —
02:58   And in it, an Egyptian migrant who came in earlier is talking to a newcomer.
03:03   And one of them is complaining about how many things he is missing, and he cannot eat halal etc.,
03:10   and the other one replies: “If you miss those things, you just go home”;
03:15   you can have them at home — this is another country…
03:19   This is what we should do: make it clear to the immigrants that
03:22   this is the way things go here: “You cannot have Sharia police here,
03:25   and restaurants must serve pork as well,
03:28   since the Hungarians might want to eat pork in restaurants.”
03:32   “And it won’t do that in Berlin there is no beer in the pub,
03:35   because the German citizens want to drink beer.”
03:38   — if they do not like it, they should go home!
03:41   Another issue: I would not let those stay whose crime is punishable by less than
03:46   three years in prison (by the extremely liberal European courts)
03:51   — so that they could not stay and commit crime again as they wish.
03:54   I think even if they commit the most minor crimes they should be deported to their homeland
03:58   immediately, even if they are already naturalized. If they are not able to find a job
04:01   in Europe because they are not educated and so on,
04:04   then they must be deported immediately, because they have no job opportunities.
04:09   They came for work, or their predecessors came to work. In the 1980’s in Finland
04:13   — a small country of four million at that time —
04:17   20,000 people lost their jobs every year
04:21   when Finnish industrial output was increasing,
04:24   because the development of automation and technology boosted productivity.
04:28   And the uneducated classes of people could not find jobs in modern industry.
04:34   So we have now imported one million jobless people.
04:38   And now think of the German industry and the illiterate immigrants who have arrived…
04:44   When I was studying in Iraq for a year, 90% of the people there were illiterate.
04:49   Even the policeman checking your papers:
04:52   if there was no photo in your identity card, there was a good chance he held it upside down …
04:55   Right now 50% in Middle Eastern societies are illiterate (women in an again higher percentage).
05:02   What are these people looking for in European industry? Nothing.
05:06   They are aiming for the service sector to sell kebab and so on.
05:10   (But then they should sell pork too.) So we have imported a social stratum —
05:13   as if we had no unemployment in Hungary; people who went to work to England
05:18   from here are to be replaced by illiterate ones.
05:25   There is an intention to force illiterate people on us,
05:28   so we have to make it clear that we do not need them. And if they have children,
05:32   we do not need them either — they should go home. If they commit crimes,
05:36   they must be deported immediately and not pampered like Hungarian criminals are.
05:40   These criminals demand TV sets and enjoy better living conditions than some groups of Hungarians
05:45   who live in poverty. The prisons will be luxury hotels compared to how they live.
05:50   Those living in the slums would be stupid not to commit some crime
05:53   to get into prison for the winter.
05:56   And on the top of that, the European Court awards them
05:59   a large sum of money — enough to make a living…
06:02   All in all, it makes no sense to import and multiply a group like this that will not integrate;
06:07   nor will their children or grandchildren — they just do not want to.
06:12   They despise all we can give them, (and they despise the Pope and many others too).
06:16   Their dropout rate in the education system is 80%
06:21   (since the liberal cure-all, the education system, does not make anyone integrated).
06:25   So all we can do is send them back.
06:28   Why they came here in the first place is another issue.
06:31   The reason they came here is population increase. In 1915 eight million people lived in Hungary.
06:38   Today this number is 10 million (which is around the European average of 20% increase).
06:43   Meanwhile in the Middle East the increase has been 900% — nine times more people
06:49   live there now than in 1915! Agricultural food supplies are insufficient for this number;
06:53   this is why they flee. People just flee from such places.
06:57   It is not the despotic rule or things like that they are running away from —
07:01   they flee because they cannot make a living there. And if we take them in, they will only go on
07:05   multiplying here — since they will have just got rid of their surplus by then…
07:09   The population of the Islamic world will increase by an estimated one billion people by 2050.
07:15   Will Europe be able to adopt that number? Or do we want to wait to comprehend it all
07:19   in twenty years’ time, that it was harmful to unleash the process?!
07:23   Imagine, if we Hungarians were nine times as many as today:
07:27   70 million in this country …
07:30   What would happen? Just imagine the security risk we would pose to neigbouring countries:
07:37   with great difficulties, they could recruit an army of 500 against us,
07:43   but we could easily recruit 10 million soldiers. And when we wiped them out,
07:46   we would resettle 20 million in Transylvania,
07:49   we would relocate 10 million people to Upper Hungary (of 5 million inhabitants),
07:52   and a further 20 million to Vojvodina, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.
07:55   And everybody would be Hungarian in one generation….
07:58   This is what we are facing now! And nobody comprehends it!
08:04   They are just playing with the liberal political philosophy, liberal law and with who knows what,
08:10   but the reality of life is in front of our eyes.
08:13   And in the meantime politicians are debating what even the blind can see:
08:17   that it can’t go on like this! I am sorry.

20 thoughts on “Miklós Maróth: We Should Deport Criminal and Non-Integrated Muslims

  1. Talk about integration. Only yesterday, I had a chance to have a long chat with a 60y.o. Chechen woman. They came to Canada 10 years ago – as an extended family, all villagers from the Caucasian mountains. Her own family includes her husband and their ten children, the yongest is 18 now. Several uncles with their families came together with them at that time.

    While in Canada, she didn’t bother to learn English, so was quite happy to talk to someone who spoke the language she knew. As I probed to see what she feels about Canada, she told me eventually how most of her children hate everything Canadian so much, they even cry and would love to return. Also, shared a story of her Chechen village neighbour, who got asylum in Europe together with her fourteen (!) offsprings.

    I sometimes come across internet discussions involving the Caucasian muslims who now live as refugees all over Europe – oh how they hate us all.

    • That’s a great example, proving their hatred of us has nothing to do with race but is all about ideology.

    • The co-dependent urge to help someone who doesn’t want to be helped is destructive to all involved.

      The Chechen refugees hate Canada not only because of ideology, but because they don’t have the tools, mental and training, to fit in as independent, self-supporting citizens. But, they are used to living on the dole, and it’s very stressful to change your circumstances, especially when you have no history of personal accomplishments.

      The Muslims seem to make no bones about their anger and intentions, but it is our leaders who ignore them. I think a society that lives in peace and prosperity for 50 to 100 years (wild guess) naturally deteriorates, unless there is an intervention. Paradoxically enough, the Eastern European countries and Russia that lived under Communism made it so difficult for the individual citizens to survive, they had to maintain their instinct for self-preservation.

  2. The cat is out of the bag. Of course many don’t know it and many others don’t want to know it – but that won’t put the cat back in the bag. It’s out for good and the number that sees it is growing.

  3. The video is absolutely impressive. Miklós Maróth is extremely well informed. I was particularly impressed with the 900% growth of the population in the Near East since 1915. Europe (or other regions in the world) will never be able to cope with the massive exodus of Muslims. I suggest muslim countries handle their problems themselves.

    • How much of the 20% is due to immigration from the MENA countries in question?
      How much to the high fertility of Gypsies?
      The number of high achieving industrious people in Europe has fallen of a cliff, the reality is truly scary, like a decline of 20-50% truly scary.
      Let’s hope every European left can handle the load they keep throwing on his back, welcome to Absurdo Land.

      • The world is overpopulated, high tech industries require less and less workers. I think population decrease is natural in that sense. I hope I am not sounding like a communist but:, the always expected year by year profit growth which drives the existing capitalist system to increase the population to ensure ever increasing (out of control) consumption and out also (out of control) breeding in the population. As the native whites are not willing to do that (too smart) they import the third world to replace them.

  4. So what on earth is holding them in Canada, apart from the handouts?

    My wife and I came to Canada as immigrants and among all the paperwork we received from the Canadian government was a pamphlet which stated three things that were expected of us:
    (1) That we should DRESS like Canadians,
    (2) Think like Canadians, and
    (3) Eventually become Canadians. (this was in 1968)
    So it enraged both of us that Sikhs were allowed to wear their turbans in the RCMP.

    Given that we most emphatically did NOT vote for Trudeau, it seems we don’t always think like Canadians, but two out of three isn’t bad.
    With moslems, the score is invariably zero out of three!

    • “Given that we most emphatically did NOT vote for Trudeau…”

      Which is exactly why Trudeau wishes to import millions of low-skill, low-IQ, impossible to integrate Muslims.

      • Sounds about right, what an embarrassment he is, busily undoing all Stephen Harper’s accomplishments…

  5. Potential beasts all of them.

    A lot of bruhaha currently in Belgium with a certain Youssef Kobo who organised himself a plush job as some kind of multicultural advisor for a Flemish Minister, Bianca Debaets, in Brussels Capital Region.

    Now some unfortunate facebook posts from 2014 have appeared in which wrote, amongst others: “f*ck the occupation f*ck zionism f*ck the IDF f*ck the israeli government f*ck the settlers f*ck Peres f*ck Netanyahu f*ck Likud f*ck the Knesset f*ck ’em all. One day we will have justice and that day is coming soon”.

    Link: http://joodsactueel.be/2016/07/29/wie-is-youssef-kobo/

    The posts were so bad that his position became untenable and he was sacked a day ago.

    Amazingly, the chairman of the Flemish “Christian” “Democrats”, Wouter Beke, keeps defending him, implying that “everyone has a right to be wrong in the past.” He justified his stance by adding that “Kobo had distanced himself from his 2014 posts and now regrets them, and has said that he is sorry”.

    Apparently he does not know that the koran sanctions lying to infidels.

  6. Wow I really admire the Hungarian’s insightful and lucid thinking.The only immigrants we should allow should be non-Muslims ,preferably educated Hungarians who share professor’s viewpoint.Their ability to see through the mendacity of the left’s threadbare propaganda would be a boon to society.

    • A very impressive, erudite, incisive man.

      However the NWO acolytes, Mutti Merkel, Hollande, Tusk, Sutherland, Juncker and co, will all, on the orders of the odious Soros, seek to traduce the reputation of this brilliant man and dismiss him as a racist, rabid, facist right wing bigot!

      Of course he is none of these things, he has incapsulated the deeply flawed argument that the left wing have been allowed to get away with, unchallenged for way to long.

      This is a simple matter of survival. If a water hole sustains one pride of lions that pride will defend it to the death and doesn’t
      Voluntary share it with a rival pride whose water hole that has dried up!

      The continent of Africa had held out the begging bowl for decades, wasted billions of foreign aid, offered zero to the global community and continues to bleat and excuse its ills on
      The distant colonial past.

      Now having turned their continent into an ever worsening hell hole they have decided to move to Europe and bleed it dry
      Too. Invariably illiterate, totally ignorant of birth control, mediaeval in their attitude towards women and the responsibilities of parenting, they have NOTHING to offer any European state. Time to protect the European water hole folks!

  7. “So the English had been looking for a solution [to suicide bombers in Pakistan] and finally found it: the captured suicide bombers were hanged wrapped into pigskin. The attacks stopped at once, because they became ‘unclean’ by the touch of the pig and so ‘could not enter heaven’.”

    I wonder how effective this method is, seen also in the pig-lard bullets described in
    http://www.silverbulletgunoil.net/ . Any imam could issue a fatwa that invokes a necessity argument to declare that infidels are unable to keep you out of heaven in this way. Is Allah so powerless against this evil trick by kafirs? (I’d ask ask at
    http://islamqa.info/en , but they have never responded to my inquiries.)

    Anybody have some hard data on this question?

  8. I call that straight talk and straight thinking! Congratulations to the Professor! Close the EU, the UN and every other organisation that speaks with forked tongue!

  9. why not relocate the muslims to Transsylvania? With the numbers of offspring they produce, the bloodpool in this area will enlarge by younger vintages for some of the notorious ” counts” in this country.
    But one question arises: do the vampires have allergies to halal- nourished people?Will this endanger and mutate the DNA of this species?
    My guess is: a vampire with selfrespect would rather starve than accept this nourishement, right, Vlad Tepes?

  10. One of the biggest problems, I think, is the interface of European ethics with third-world disorganization.

    For example, Maroth talks about deporting the refugees, but many refugees have discarded their identity papers and their country of origin will not accept them back. This is a problem in the US as well, where the country of origin will not accept its citizens back after they serve prison terms in the US for criminal activity.

    The response of the Obama administration is to release the criminals back on the street. I think it’s non-productive to speculate on the motives for the Obama administration, but using the principle “damaging to the security of the country as a whole, to the communities, or to productive individuals” is a very accurate predictor for the actions of the Obama administration.

    Trump stated that he will deny US visas to officials and citizens of countries that refuse to take back their citizens. This is a potent threat, as these officials like to keep an avenue of escape open for themselves should an opponent or enemy come to occupy authority in their country.

    The problem remains of what to do with people that destroy their identity, and put themselves in rickety boats right off our shores, waiting to be rescued, fed and housed.

    Unfortunately, we’ll have to jettison some of our humane tradition, and follow the example of Saudi Arabia: put them off a plane at the Mogadishu airport with best wishes. After a few instances, the number of such problems will radically decrease.

  11. Saudi Arabia. Take ’em all or become a sheet of glass. Tons of real estate, tons of money. And that big building on the East River? Apartments. Everyone off the property in thirty days or Gitmo. Don’t like the heat? The new facility on Little Diomede will soon be open.

    • I don’t think I’d even give them an ultimatum. Invade the place, have a thorough clean out of their ruling elites, install a puppet who dances to the Wests tune. Offer the puppet some firm direction of what we would ‘like’ them to do and ship every single economic immigrant to Saudi, kicking and screaming if necessary. Ensure the said puppet doesn’t forget his place ala (Kharzai, Afghanistan) and that if he does, make it clear he will meet an unfortunate end.

      They only understand force, the West should be communicating with them in their language.

      No more Mr nice guy, time to get medieval with these cretins.

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