Boualem Sansal: “France is Already Well on the Way to Her Islamization”

The following video shows a talk given at the Fondation Varenne in France by
Boualem Sansal, an Algerian engineer and writer. Mr. Sansal — whose writings about Islam have caused controversy in Algeria, making him a “leper”, as he puts it — expresses his dismay at the way France is rapidly giving up its secular society and embracing Islamization.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:16   Good evening, everybody.
00:20   Daniel Pouzadoux, who likes
00:24   to take risks, invited me
00:28   to this ceremony, and he pushed his
00:32   immoderate love of risk up further to ask me to write a paper,
00:36   and without giving me any directions concerning the content of said paper.
00:40   And I just did, trying not to bore you too much,
00:44   and I tend lately to repeat myself,
00:48   and not in the best way, I mean not politically correctly.
00:52   And I don’t know if you can hear it, but I’m telling you,
00:56   it’s not easy to talk in front of you: in the room I can see
01:00   all the big… a lot of bigwigs of the French media
01:04   and illustrious personalities.
01:08   It’s impressive and flattering for me. In my country,
01:12   Algeria, I am being treated like a leper.
01:16   They unleash the dogs, they throw rocks. Right now,
01:20   by the way, as a result of a supposed “amalgam” [between Islamism and “real” Islam],
01:24   blasphemy, or simply a wrong thought on my part,
01:28   they are deliberating about me; and the smoke isn’t white;
01:33   It isn’t predicting anything good. But let’s move on!
01:37   Nothing is sure before it happens.
01:41   I would like, with Daniel’s permission, and also yours,
01:45   to tell you two-three things about Islamism.
01:49   There are other topics,
01:53   but this one outweighs them. It keeps the world in suspense,
01:57   and France in first place; she’s
02:01   the essential element in its [Islamism’s] program of planetary domination.
02:05   It’s here that it’ll win or lose in the West.
02:09   It knows it. This is why it is showing forth with
02:13   all the rage, behind which, however,
02:17   there’s an astounding world of cold intelligence and patience.
02:21   Nobody can understand better than an Algerian
02:25   what you are living through and what you are feeling.
02:29   Algeria knows Islamism. She suffered twenty years
02:33   of it. I don’t want to make believe that
02:37   Islamism is finished over there — only because the terrorism
02:41   Receded — it’s exactly the opposite: Islamism won.
02:45   Except for some dissonant voices, crying out
02:49   in the desert, nothing opposes it.
02:53   It has everything under control in order to fulfill its goal.
02:57   All its theoretical programme is an important element,
03:01   but not the most important. There are ten others
03:05   whose targets are more important:
03:09   breaking all resistance, switching the lights off, with capital “L”,
03:13   and installing mechanisms
03:17   for a deep Islamization of society.
03:21   You can say that Islamism truly begins its job
03:25   after the steamroller of terror has passed.
03:29   At that stage the population is ready to accept everything:
03:34   with fervor, humility and a real
03:38   gratitude. That’s where we are in Algeria.
03:42   The program is running well. The Islamists
03:46   are working as if in a factory: they control everything, they monitor everything.
03:50   the point of no return has been passed and the final point is arriving
03:54   like a punch. A couple more regulations and we’ll have
03:58   a perfect Islamic Republic.
04:02   Perfectly eligible for the World Caliphate. You’ll hear about them, I think.
04:06   An example to demonstrate it:
04:10   In a small town, where I live, 50km from Algiers, which is a college town,
04:14   whose population, about 25,000,
04:18   is primarily composed of teachers, scientists and students.
04:22   In that town there was, before the arrival of Islamists,
04:26   in the eighties, one small shaky mosque,
04:30   from colonial times, frequented only
04:34   by some old farmers from the area. Today
04:38   after twenty years of terrorism and destruction,
04:42   and all while the country lacks everything, there are fifteen!
04:46   All large and well equipped,
04:50   with running water, powerful loudspeakers, air conditioning,
04:54   and internet on all the floors. And I wanted to tell you that
04:58   for the Friday prayer they aren’t enough to house all the faithful.
05:02   Clearly, fifteen new ones will have to be built
05:06   or they’ll have to requisition amphitheaters and labs.
05:10   Careful, I don’t venture into amalgam or persiflage.
05:14   I don’t say that the faithful are Islamists.
05:18   None of that, I guarantee you. Don’t worry.
05:23   I’m only saying that the Islamists have worked well, in very little time
05:27   they sanitized the climate, and turned us into
05:31   good and faithful Muslims, punctual and zealous,
05:35   and never, absolutely never, I insist,
05:39   have they asked us to become Islamists like them.
05:43   No compulsion in religion, it’s in the Quran, verse 1:256
05:47   In Algeria people are following with a lot of anxiety
05:51   the evolution of the events in France.
05:55   I don’t mean Islamists: they’re congratulating themselves for their achievements in your country.
05:59   or about our entire government, mobilized
06:03   at the bedside of our old president Mr [Abdelaziz] Bouteflika.
06:07   I’m talking about those who feel sympathy for you and those
06:11   who have family in France, and who would like to see them continue living
06:15   in France in the best possible way. I’m telling you
06:19   those people are worried. Very, very worried.
06:23   And even desperate. They are even upset with you
06:27   for that. Worried, because they find out, day after day,
06:31   month after month, year after year,
06:35   that France still cannot brace herself face to Islamism.
06:39   Is it bacon, is it lamb, is it a religion
06:43   is it heresy? … She doesn’t know.
06:47   It’s a worry. Meanwhile,
06:51   the boa constrictor Islamist had plenty of time to coil well around her,
06:55   and it’ll very soon strangle her for good.
06:59   She’s so carefree, our little darling.
07:03   She became friends with grand sheikhs of Golf who — everybody knows —
07:07   are the creators and the tamers of the boa,
07:12   and above all ancient dreadful caravan plunderers.
07:16   Worried by seeing France of freedom
07:20   turn into McCarthyism. What is going on?
07:24   Damn it! It isn’t possible for anybody any longer to talk about
07:28   certain subjects connected to the thing without immediately being
07:32   dragged into court and severely sentenced.
07:36   For now, there still are fines and deferments,
07:40   and a brand on the shoulder, but the day is coming when
07:44   the real Shariah will be applied. They are worried and
07:48   disgusted to see this great secular nation
07:52   and avant-gardiste showing everywhere
07:56   her imams, her muftis, her pashas
08:00   from CFCM [French Council of the Muslim Faith] and UOIF [Union of Islamic Organizations of France]
08:04   and for the modern accent: three sisters in balaclavas in the background.
08:08   As in days of yore, during colonial times, two fathers
08:12   would walk from one ceremony to another in those colorful caids [Muslim caciques],
08:17   covered in medals, those marabouts [Muslim African religious leader] in boubous [robes]
08:20   and other medicine men in feathers, and firmly push away those
08:24   who could talk to people without reciting a single verse,
08:28   or hoisting a menacing index finger towards the sky.
08:32   One would think that France wasn’t decolonized at the same time her colonies were.
08:36   or that secularism was abrogated over there
08:40   by a Great Imam’s edict.
08:44   Worried and angry to see that Algerians of France
08:48   as informed as they are of the true nature of Islamism,
08:52   and they know that it is after their children
08:56   they don’t engage more in the fight against it.
09:00   Nothing beyond protests about the principles: “this is not Islam”,
09:04   “Islam is peace, warmth and tolerance”,
09:08   “Islam is an opportunity for France”. Misery. How to say it?
09:13   The emergency isn’t saving Islam from amalgam [confusing it with “Islamism”] , but
09:17   saving children from death. They are anxious and
09:21   confused, seeing Europe deleting itself and becoming
09:25   an amplifier of crisis, and a manufacturer of truly monstrous European Islamism,
09:33   Which by its totalitarian claims and its hatred directed everywhere,
09:37   becomes similar to Nazism, fascism from the past,
09:41   to whose resurrection it contributes in this way.
09:45   Finally, they are in despair, to see France
09:49   And Europe a thousand miles away
09:53   from being able to conceive and undertake together the only fight
09:57   that could overcome Islamism: the counter-jihad.
10:01   A conception based on the principles of jihad itself;
10:05   and jihad isn’t war: it’s a thousand
10:09   disarrays in thousand different realms, propelled without
10:13   restrictions or brake, in an accelerated Brownian motion,
10:17   and irreversible. After all that, is there still hope?
10:21   Yes, there is. It is powerful.
10:25   France is a large country, with a huge
10:29   history, full of energy and zest. She continues to live and
10:33   project herself into the future; but everybody can tell that this effort costs more and more,
10:37   that the Islamist poison is circulating in her veins,
10:41   that the extend of the decay is destroying her,
10:45   that the country is losing its coherence and its unity,
10:49   that the government is clueless, that Europe is
10:53   a drag. Bottom line: everyone understands that the end is near.
10:58   The hope is precisely there, in this terrible sensation
11:02   that history is over; that’s where the despair
11:06   finds its best energy. There is
11:10   a condition, a true challenge of our days:
11:14   France has to find free speech again
11:18   and turn it into a weapon. If terrorism
11:22   must be fought with patience and in concealment
11:26   by intelligence and infiltration, Islamism
11:30   must be fought with words, spoken in the open,
11:34   high and loud; this fight has always belonged to journalists
11:38   and writers. They have to take up the torch: it’s theirs.
11:42   We shouldn’t forget to fight this fight
11:46   first against the army of useful idiots
11:50   and do-gooders. Who, with the complicity
11:54   of big business, managed to paralyze France,
11:58   people and institutions, and handed it over
12:02   to Islamists, and tomorrow to a civil war.
12:06   Thou shalt not make amalgam. Assassin is thy brother
12:10   of thy brother and thy brother. The do-gooders
12:14   thou shalt address. Thou art racist and Islamophobe
12:18   if thou dost not turn thine other cheek. Thy “mea culpa” thou shalt pound,
12:22   because thou wert a colonizer and slaver.
12:27   Thou shalt nourish thyself with guilt and penitence.
12:31   Thou shalt cede thy home. Thou shalt be a dhimmi.
12:35   Thou shalt practice peace, tolerance and submission
12:39   towards thine assailants. Those formulas arrived in school
12:43   with other “sweets” of the same type, which facilitate the abandonment
12:47   of tomorrow. “Moronic a*****e is dangerous” was said of them by Yves Montand, who himself
12:51   was one of the most famous useful idiots. That was yesterday; today I think he would rather say:
12:59   “Moronic a*****e, dangerous and happy to be one”. You noticed that
13:03   at no instance I did I talk about Islam.
13:07   Over there things have outpaced us. It’s the realm of untouchable.
13:11   Islam: it’s Allah. It’s Mohammed. It’s the Quran. The caliphate.
13:15   The Ummah. It’s the universal end of all the heresies and
13:19   of unbelief. Islam is the untransgressible horizon
13:23   of our time. This our dear Jean-Paul Sartre would surely tell us
13:27   if he were to come back among the living. Next
13:31   to that [Islam] Islamism is nothing: with its poor Shariah
13:35   and its chipped swords, we could annihilate it tonight
13:39   if we were allowed to. It’s solely expression of the ravings
13:43   and of caprices of Bedouins of the Arabic desert
13:47   made half-wits by centuries of ignorance and savage inbreeding,
13:51   suddenly enriched and ennobled by English idiots
13:55   and welcomed with open arms in great European capitals.
13:59   We are experiencing the escapades of those monstrously spoiled children,
14:03   crazy and insatiable hedonists;
14:07   today they’re pillaging countries, as they did yesterday,
14:11   when they learned to take a plane and use an elevator —
14:15   they pillaged palaces, palaces of the free world, before
14:20   buying them to transform them to their taste. This is what the useful idiots
14:24   and the do-gooders like in reality: the money of the sheikhs.
14:28   Gas and fuel oil smell wonderful!
14:32   With them Billancourt [one of the wealthiest cities in France] will never despair,
14:36   and by the way, because of them Billancourt doesn’t exist any longer.
14:40   It vanished at the same time that a certain France did.
14:44   In Colombey-les-Deux-Mosquées [ref to Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises where De Gaulle lived]
14:48   there’s someone [Gen. de Gaulle] who must be ranting like hell! To finish,
14:52   I would like to share my feeling about the recent propositions of the Institut de Montaigne
14:56   — no representatives of Institut de Montaigne here, I hope?
15:00   to reform Islam and facilitate the appearance of a French Islam.
15:04   I verified, they’re really talking about Islam.
15:08   About French Islam, which already is a huge blasphemy.
15:12   Islam is One. It is at home EVERYWHERE.
15:16   It was through [unintelligible] the Sunday Journal from September 18th
15:20   that I found out about it here, from my friend Daniel.
15:24   There are ten of those propositions that follow one another like pearls
15:28   in a necklace, and they can be summarized this way:
15:32   1: We install a fee for halal.
15:36   2: We build mosques. 3: We train chaplains and
15:40   imams. 4 or 5: we teach Arabic to students
15:44   and French to imams. 6: We purge history.
15:48   7: We create a Secretary of State for Secularism
15:52   and Religions. We practice morals.
15:56   We use diplomacy to staunch the influence of Wahhabi regimes
16:00   from Arabia and Qatar. When I read it I almost fell over.
16:04   I understood that the plan was one of the severest programs of Arabization
16:09   and of Islamization. And it would allow
16:13   no possibility of going back in case of regrets.
16:17   It looked exactly the same as
16:21   the project of Arabization and Islamization which the Algerian Government
16:25   enforced in Algeria in the early eighties,
16:29   under pressure from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
16:33   And which was supposed to turn us into
16:37   Salafized Wahhabi parrots in no time.
16:41   We had to think, and understand
16:45   the intention of the Institut [de Montaigne]. Even
16:49   in the long term and in an appeased environment, those suggestions
16:53   would have — in my opinion — neither impact nor effect
16:57   concerning their objective: to reform Islam and make a French Islam emerge,
17:01   accepted by all. First of all the French people,
17:05   religious and secular of all types, and then all the Arabic and Muslim countries
17:09   headed by Saudi Arabia, the jealous guardian of
17:13   the Dogma. On the contrary:
17:17   let’s play in the direction of reality, and here it is:
17:21   France is already very well on the way
17:25   to her Islamization by an imported Islam:
17:29   an archaic, brutal, sectarian and heinous
17:33   swindler and infernal opportunist, strongly
17:37   tainted with Salafism but not only; adept at
17:41   Globalized jihad; and those unexpected generous propositions
17:45   will formidably help its expansion and its
17:49   taking root. The multiplier effect and accelerator
17:54   wasn’t taken into account
17:58   in the study, but it will have full effect!
18:02   What the study shows, however, since it teaches us that 29% of Muslims in France are already cut
18:07   from their national community. It would seem that
18:14   the Institut hasn’t worked on the reality, but on an image
18:18   of the reality. The fact of formulating such a proposition
18:22   in their context of rupture, and after the year 2015
18:26   rich in bloody Islamist attacks,
18:30   reveals that the goal set by the
18:34   the state planners has been reached: France is ready
18:38   to give up everything. The ten propositions of the Institut
18:42   appear like an act of allegiance to the Caliphate.
18:46   I don’t want to despair of the Institut de Montaigne,
18:50   but we need to tell them: the caliph
18:54   gets his power from Allah; he doesn’t expect anything from anybody.
18:58   Even less from the Institut. He crushes everything in his way:
19:02   the useful idiots, the faithful,
19:06   and the submitters in the first place. Thank you very much.

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  1. “Moronic a*****e is dangerous” was said of them by Yves Montand, who himself
    12:51 was one of the most famous useful idiots. That was yesterday; today I think he would rather say:
    12:59 “Moronic a*****e, dangerous and happy to be one”.

    Please don’t bowdlerizer the text, it obscures meaning.

    • We are a PG-13 blog, because the parents of homeschoolers allow their older children to come over here to further their education. I will continue to maintain this standard. If it causes a momentary delay in someone’s understanding of a phrase, that’s a small price to pay.

  2. He is right. It can be done by a counter Jihad. Mustafa Kemal Attaturk showed everyone how to drag the populous out of the 7th century.

    • You had better inform Erdogan about that who is trying very hard, and mostly succeeding, in dragging them all back to the 7th Century.

      • Turkey is – and has been – very much in a rural-urban divide. Erdogan’s mythology plays to the traditional, rural sentiment.

  3. I have a love-hate relationship with French intellectuals. Some of them are daft. Others are insightful like this speaker.

  4. From the United States of America, I sincerely sympathize with your worry and sadness. Here, we have not declined to the level you describe, but the “do-gooder’s” here are working on it.
    Thank you for the wake-up call, I hope you can visit here and give the same talk. We need this type of experience to be known and to make us aware of the threat to Western Civilization.

  5. I would highly recommend Sansal’s book “Le Village de l’Allemand ou le Journal des Frėres Schiller”. It has been translated into English but I’m not sure of the title. It is excellent but chilling.

    • From Wikipedia:
      Boualem Sansal (born 15 October 1949) is an Algerian author.
      2008: Le village de l’Allemand ou le journal des frères Schiller, Gallimard. translated by Frank Wynne and published in the US as The German Mujahid (2009) and in the UK as An Unfinished Business.

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