László Földi: Political Forces in Europe Generated the Whole Invasion

Below is a recent interview with the Hungarian intelligence analyst László Földi, who has been featured in several videos here in the past. In this clip Mr. Földi and the presenter discuss the shadowy political forces that have generated the current “refugee crisis” in Europe for their own ends. In particular he addresses the important question: “Cui bono?”

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   The national security expert László Földi is our guest. Good evening. —Good evening.
0:04   Let’s stay with the civilian organizations a bit, because with the
0:08   under-secretary we talked about this previously, that a civilian organization
0:12   could be a state security risk.
0:16   Is it possible to examine such risk with counter-intelligence tools, or
0:20   must Parliament be asked for permission beforehand?
0:24   It is not important whether it is a civilian organization or not,
0:28   this is not how we should phrase this, but everybody who endangers the safety of the state
0:32   that actually commits such an act.
0:36   So what needs to be measured,
0:40   this is done individually, or with a group,
0:44   or in as a civil organization, just a form, yes or no,
0:48   the authorities must decide that what it does
0:52   violates the national security of the state, the activity
0:56   of the organization. In that meaning, yes,
1:00   it is possible to disband any groups, no matter what was their original purpose,
1:04   or whatever ideology they try to align themselves with.
1:08   This example from Florence we were talking about, could it be included here?
1:12   Or we can say only hot-headed young people invented a cause for themselves,
1:16   and they represent that cause no matter what?
1:20   The situation is: the laws must be obeyed.
1:24   That is the basics. Whoever does not comply with the law is committing a crime.
1:28   It does not matter if they are older, or doing it
1:32   out of youthful vigor. If we examine the migration,
1:36   the issue is not how much the migrants want integration,
1:40   but the fact they do not obey laws.
1:44   While they are escaping and running away [from their homelands], I can accept
1:48   that there is no law there to obey, but
1:52   they travel through countries until they reach their destination,
1:56   where they are not in danger at all.
2:00   From that point they have only one task:
2:04   Obey the law. If they do not do that, they are criminals.
2:08   Would you confirm the V4 [Visegrad Four] point of view,
2:12   that we must provide or strengthen the security
2:16   of the external borders of the European Union?
2:20   I think that is a very basic question, in the EU Charter,
2:24   all kind of documents like the NATO Charter or the EU defense document,
2:28   contains such things, that Europe must be defended if anyone
2:32   violates that order, or the sovereignty of the states is violated.
2:36   These are now interesting-sounding sentences,
2:40   and this Australian general who gave this interview,
2:44   he does not really understand why the EU — Jim Molan right? — Yes.
2:48   So he does not understand why we do not solve this problem,
2:52   because it would be very easy to handle this professionally, and he explains it there:
2:56   we must not let the ships in; they must be returned, etc. etc. etc. Listing it.
3:00   One thing he does not take into consideration: he is a soldier, a professional,
3:04   an officer. In Europe the problem is that we could not defend our borders,
3:08   or the European officers could not implement the same logic,
3:12   or follow the same path, but the fact is, in Europe there are such political forces —
3:16   not just in Europe — that created this whole situation itself.
3:20   Australia did not invite anybody there; no political force did such a thing.
3:24   Europe is not playing defense, pulling the short stick,
3:28   but just the opposite: they generated the whole invasion.
3:32   Whose interest is it, to do such a thing?
3:36   Well, this got pointed out at many levels. There are economic groups
3:40   in the background that hope to gain from the migration industry,
3:44   such political forces in the background
3:48   that hope these masses will become their voter base,
3:52   and they will support them, and there are groups in Europe who simply
3:56   wants to convert the continent into a watered-down
4:00   multicultural system opposed against the nation-states.
4:04   These groups really created this invasion,
4:08   they really messed up these poor people here,
4:12   who very often become criminals or will at least be frustrated.
4:16   Jim Molan is that man, who…
4:20   General Jim Molan, who gave the interview to Politico talking about the Australian
4:24   Situation. He said something very interesting. He said
4:28   we should ruin the human smuggler’s business model.
4:32   Those people come here
4:36   and paid the 10-20 thousand euros or dollars.
4:40   Take them back where they came from and they would figure out instantly,
4:44   Oops, they lost 20,000 dollars or euros.
4:48   They would not jump into a deal like that again, and they could tell their friends, too.
4:52   Yes, but I’d like to emphasize the human smugglers just built on something; they didn’t start it,
4:56   So the problem is really this, and the human smugglers…
5:00   Could it be that the business groups and human smugglers have a connection?
5:04   Yes, that is possible. They could have a business relationship between them;
5:08   this is a multi-billion-euro business, and the profit is going somewhere,
5:12   not just to criminals but others, especially in a system
5:16   that was perfectly built for them. Let’s not kid around,
5:20   a gigantic logistical system is required to move such large masses,
5:24   across many borders and countries. By itself,
5:28   this could not spontaneously come into existence at any level.
5:32   The human smugglers are simply tools in the hands of
5:36   the system, which wants to “remake” Europe in this way.
5:40   So not only a political correlation exists here,
5:44   but also an economic one; so politicians and human traffickers are working together?
5:48   Yes those are facts, already well-established facts.
5:52   Because there some political forces in Europe who
5:56   themselves have become part of the migrant industry,
6:00   and participate in the profit-gathering.
6:04   Now you have published a book about the migration crisis. What is your
6:08   Expectation for the near future? Let’s take a one-year period,
6:12   and after a five-year interval, what will change in Europe,
6:16   and what will change in the migration crisis?
6:19   In one year, nothing. It will be interesting how the 2017
6:22   European elections… parliamentary elections turn out.
6:26   That will determine the next five years.
6:30   That is true. What is the event
6:34   that could turn around the outcome of the crisis?
6:38   Those who are thinking about a minimal defense system,
6:42   — it is enough, the minimal defense? Yes, it’s enough
6:46   to stop the process. It is not enough
6:50   to restore order out of the anarchy that we have now;
6:54   that will be a much longer and more arduous process.
6:58   We would need very hard-hearted politicians to take on these issues,
7:02   to work with the problems, the way the Australians are doing it.
7:06   In Australia the politicians are not worse or more hard-core than anywhere else, but
7:10   they defend the interests of their country and their people.
7:14   This is about political correctness (PC) in Europe? Yes, a significant portion
7:18   of the political elite in Europe are lacking even the willingness to do this.

25 thoughts on “László Földi: Political Forces in Europe Generated the Whole Invasion

  1. This interview is right on point, the feckless,spineless and ba##ess political class will not stand up and do the will of the people. It is evident that many of tham have prostituted themselves to the globalists and the political elite who want to destroy the many unique European cultures and create a poverty stricken Orwellian servitude.

  2. The organizations managing the EU invasion are the same groups who try to block President Trump inauguration… If Trump will give the OK to the world a multi-front attack against the Globalists can start. Hungary has more than plenty evidence against Soros’ NGO activities but so far the Obama government was shielding them from prosecution. Also I strongly feel that Trump must be clear by now, that he must continue to attack and destroy the Globalists. They made it clear that they are not willing to be the “better man” and stand aside for his presidency. (Thanks God they made that mistake!)

      • As far as we can tell, that story about the Russian arrest warrant for Soros is a hoax. I advise against giving it any credibility unless you have it from a thoroughly reputable source.

      • rather “arrest”, – тщательнее бы надо товарищ политрук.

  3. They are almost getting to the heart of how this invited invasion has come about, but they miss exploring and going beyond simple finger pointing at politicians and criminals to expose the real power behind this problem.

    Some points to ponder on this issue:

    1. Blaming politicians and criminals for what is now occurring is simply identifying who are the standout targets in this issue and a problem that really goes beyond politics.

    2. Removing politicians who are known to be involved and locking up criminals who are human traffickers or removing the invader back to the point of his departure will only and always ever be a temporary solution to this problem which first descended on the West four decades ago and has grown out of all proportion to the ‘problems’ that most pretend they are escaping from.

    3. Major General Jim Molan, retired, has some great ideas. He has learned much from his experience in Iraq and Afghanistan and is the only ex-military chief, to my knowledge, who is prepared to take on the Australian ‘establishment’ and challenge them with his views, but, and like so many others who now speak out, he does not seem to appreciate who and what is the controlling monster, the head of the snake in all this, that really needs to be exposed.

    4. The United Nations has a big hand in all this that no one appears to appreciate and will continue to ‘direct’ who is to be accepted into those Western countries that are still beholden to policies that should have been torn up four decades ago when the movement of masses of people began.

    Those truly concerned with the contrived mass movements of peoples should be asking themselves who is it that has such influence over the United Nations that a once defender of national sovereignty has become a deliberate destroyer of nations states and a promoter and Islam, and for what purpose.

    Look beyond politics for the answer.

  4. 1. archaics versus age of reason
    universal suffrage will always give way to gottentotian morality

    2. Islam versus post-modernism
    rigid, aggressive, supremacist, perscriptive religion against all sorts of urban cults practicing/worshiping peaceful individual vagueness

    3. oil money versus welfare societies
    rich Islamic promoters meet long tradition of nomenclature socialism – bribing/buying electorate and social institutions 🙂

    4. raising versus decreasing demographics

    5. low IQ and high IQ societies (“child friendly” or otherwise)
    all-out inversions of srtengths and weaknesses. crucial incompatibility = conflict

    isn’t it time to abandon all these fairytales about NWO, Soros, Coudhenve Kallergi, illuminatis, Bilderberg, Globalists, – the teflon sex toys for lazy and hysterical minds.

    look at facts.

    there is no thousands of illuminati headquarters masquerading as places of worship in the West
    neither schools, banks, university departments, serving exlusively illuminatis
    neither dress code/uniform
    neither unending, aggressive demand of dietary, cultural, legisaltive privileges
    neither physical and sexual attacks on non-illuminati population

    the idea of “qui bono” designers is to stir and manage conflict from position of superior power.
    sometimes spade is simply a spade.

    • Nevertheless, someone is paying those traffickers to bring the migrants to Europe, and it is not the migrants themselves.

      Someone is putting out that money and expects a return on their investment. “Cui bono” is a valid question.

    • AY, what has been occurring to all Western countries for at least the past six decades is no coincidence. If it was just one or two countries involved in it, then I guess most could accept that what those countries were doing was restricted to those countries only, and the rest of us could all laugh at their stupidity, but that is not the case, because every Western country has been deliberately targeted and undermined via Communist infiltration into our institutions and Nazi infiltration into our financial, Banking and intelligence services, while politicians have signed us onto United Nations policies without anyone’s consent that are specifically designed to undermine Western cultural norms and values.

      Life is politics, and what happens in politics never occurs by accident or happenstance.

      • no coincidence but evolution – chain of events driven by both chance and pressure.

        the reality of useful idiocy establishment in the West isn’t disputed.
        as to its users, see above.

        • AY, What you put up concerning cashed up Muslims has to be taken into account, but you dismiss out of hand those things that are really obvious to those of us who have been looking in the right places.

          For instance: Why was the House of Saud brought into existence by Western intelligence during the 1920s? For what purpose was this done?

          Civilizations do not ‘evolve’ to deliberately destroy themselves, true societal evolution is generally through the court of public sentiment, not via unelected officials (UN)and now bought for politicians who are puppets for an agenda to destroy the nation state which is what is now occurring before our very eyes, yet you ignore this in plain sight machination which has been ongoing for nearly 100 years, and originally through the League of Nations.

          Everything in politics is by agenda never by chance. You choose to also ignore that very simple fact of life.

          You also dismiss the deliberate undermining of all of our institutions as some kind of ‘useful idiocy’ that just happened to occur throughout all individual Western nations, and only Western nations – and is that because as you suggest, we all evolved to become idiots? – when the evidence is available to anyone who wishes to look at what what has occurred and is still ongoing, then one soon learns that it is being driven via a political agenda.

          And please. If you are going to reply to what my comments contain could you at least argue your points with some more thought put into them?

          • bad ideas generate bad politics.
            bad politics look like conspiracy – happens a lot.
            (albeit in our case there IS conspiracy as well).

            on bad ideas in anthropology/psychology, see Steven Pinker:
            – blank slate
            – noble savage
            – ghost in the machine

            in the core, these falsehoods have initiated and installed mythologized, infantile, delusional cognitive templates leading to MC/PC and all known disasterous outcomes.

            there is no way of getting correct solutions when basing on wrong anthropological model.

            – tolerant democracy
            – “noble savage” tolerant democracy
            – multicultural democracy
            – religion friendly democracy
            – Islam friendly democracy
            – Sharia friendly democracy
            – Sharia democracy
            – Chaliphate

            pressure drags the system along least resistance path.
            Evolution 🙂

          • AY, once again you attribute what is undoubtedly a well planned white genocide agenda as some kind of evolution into stupidity and for which there is no historical precedence and simply does not occur naturally to whole civilizations.

            If what you believe comes about due to the points you have put forward, then why are we on this site arguing over what we can see is just plain wrong and are not also victims to your points?

            Much of your points are the direct result of socialist ideals that encompass all the ‘isms’ of socialism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Progressivism, Liberalism etc, etc. And that displays a tendency to keep the group thinking within a permissible box and to never venture outside the ‘collective’.

            But you don’t question who brought Socialism as a political objective into being and for what purpose. And you should because the ideology of Socialism and its many poisonous daughters is specifically designed to entrap those who can be lulled by its sweet lies and who become willing participants in its cause – which is for total control over everything and all.

            You don’t question why the Socialists insisted on erecting a bureaucracy (The League of Nations) that could control the world without the ‘bother’ of elections and through the adopting of its laws relegate every Western Nation to the status of country’s or states, inhabited by many tribes from all over the world, and as result of that process, then become easily manipulated to the benefit of the One World Order.

            You don’t question why there was a First and a Second World War when both could have easily been avoided.

            You dismiss out of hand the ‘secret’ societies that JFK and Eisenhower warned us of, such as the Bilderbergs, The Council on Foreign Relations etc when all the evidence points to these ‘societies’ as wielding immense political and business leverage throughout the world.

            The question you should be asking yourself is this:

            Who really controls this world? Trump and Putin know, Roosevelt, Churchill, Hitler and Stalin knew. The European Monarchies know as do some of the political elite who are really just the puppets and the useful idiots of who really controls this world.

            You need to get yourself out of that box and start looking at all the evidence out there and that is in plain sight.

  5. A Major Melbourne newspaper revealed that 6 EU nations have been asking for help on stopping migrants.

    Sadly it is behind a paywall.

    Secret talks: European countries ask Australia how to stop asylum-seekers

    Ellen Whinnett, News Corp Australia Network
    January 14, 2017 10:00pm
    Subscriber only


    “AT least six European countries and the European Union have secretly asked Australia for advice on how to stop the flood of asylum-seekers crossing into Europe by boat.

    The private talks have been held despite the European Union publicly rejecting Australia’s tough refugee policies, which include boat turn-backs and offshore processing.

    News Corp can reveal that while the EU publicly criticised calls by former prime minister Tony Abbott for Europe to adopt Australian policies, they discreetly asked Australian officials for advice on how to stop the boats.”

  6. “Search and Rescue”, translated, is “Assisting People-Traffickers”.
    It demolishes the EU’s outer border.
    These people called for it:
    Federica Mogherini, EU High Representative
    Peter Sutherland, UN
    Ban Ki Moon, UN.

      • this is agenda, but who is paying for, and organizing the invasion.

        for 2M migrants, counting 1K per mug, it comes to “only” 2 billions. nevertheless, this isn’t a nedle in a haystack.
        USA military and fiscal intelligence is capable of finding who they are.
        or they were not given orders.
        or there was/is a cover-up.
        (comes to anti-Western conspiracy, either way).

        • The Europeans?

          Are the migrants establishing a personal debt, that is going to be paid by their future wages as “refugees”, so in fact, the Europeans are paying for the invasion, as well as the occupation – and destruction – of their own lands?

    • Yes Michael, these people were saying those things, but they were in effect promoting what they were being prodded to put forward, and on that, one must appreciate that all politicians and bureaucrats have ‘advisers’ who are paid to ‘advise’ those who they ‘advise’ to utter what THEY believe those they ‘advise’ should be saying. And taking that on board, one must then remember to exercise the simple precaution that what is coming out of the talking heads mouths is not necessarily what they truly wish to be saying and the possibility is such, that nor are they the originators of what they are uttering.

      Politics is controlled via the many political parties that limit individuality and initiative while suppressing the freedom to fully express oneself.

      Trump is attempting to turn that around, so we should all be behind him in his endeavours.

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