Advance Requisition of Bavarian “Refugee” Housing — Starting in 2011

The following piece was condensed from an article in the Polish news portal It describes the experience of a Polish couple who purchased a hotel in Bavaria, only to be forced to sell it to the German government as “refugee” housing.

The most fascinating piece of information in this story is that the governmental order to acquire mass housing for migrants was given three or four years BEFORE Chancellor Angela Merkel invited in the entire Third World during the hysteria over Dead Baby Porn. What did she and the rest of the EU apparatchiks know back in 2011 that the lumpenproletariat didn’t?

Many thanks to Ava Lon for reading the original and then writing this précis:

“It used to be paradise, it is a dump today.” What a Germany colonized by refugees really looks like

A fine for hate speech is €1200. This is why Germans are very cautious. They say nothing and watch chaos and trash and the open doors and windows in the refugee centers, while they have to be frugal and heat their homes sparingly.

A year ago there was a map on the internet showing where the shelters are . It was removed. Allegedly it was helpful to PEGIDA.

This is the story of a Polish family who bought a hotel in Bavaria, only to be forced to sell it in order for it to be transformed into a refugee shelter.

In June 2016 there were still no refugees in their former hotel, but it was being watched by an armed guard, after would-be arson attempts. Just like 600 others. It’ll burn like the others and the government knew it ahead of time, and forced the owners to follow very strict anti-fire construction rules (while renovation was underway).

Rumor says PEGIDA people are the ones setting fire to the shelters. Why? Because Bavaria is the most conservative part of Germany.

The new Polish owners of the hotel were accepted as the culturally and ethnically close to Germans, but not 100%, because they spoke German with an accent. So they switched to English. But pressure to use German exclusively was strong from Germans towards foreigners (the “fair game” foreigners that is, the “fair” ones).

When they bought the 200-year-old house in an idyllic Bavarian village, they thought they had found themselves in a paradise. They wanted to turn the house into a hotel, with its own bakery, coffee shop, and a restaurant. It was in a village that was extremely popular with tourists. Now nobody goes there any longer. All the hotels and most large houses were turned into refugees shelters, and arson became a common occurrence. The media don’t mention it, however. Before their very eyes Germany was turning into a Muslim country: thefts, vandalism, and rubbish everywhere became the norm.

When they first began renovation of the largest house in town, they thought it would prosper, but around 2011 Angela Merkel changed her policies.

In 2009 she won the election. In 2010 she said that multi-culti had failed, and in 2011 the German government started actively looking for large houses for immigrants. At first people didn’t understand what was going on, because there were no refugees. The Arab spring was just starting. Nobody had heard anything about any refugees or asylum seekers, and yet the pressure from the government to find and buy real estate for those shelters was enormous. People were wondering what refugees the government even had in mind.

In 2013 protests began in Ukraine, and in 2014 Putin annexed Crimea, so everyone thought Ukrainians might be those famous refugees. Then suddenly the media started broadcasting Merkel’s invitation to literally every single Syrian to come to Germany. At first people didn’t know that it would result in hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners and Africans (and others) crossing the Mediterranean and arriving via land routes, but then the obvious question arose: how could the German government have known so far in advance about this wave of immigration? That’s when the propaganda started: telling people how wonderful those newcomers were for the people and for the German economy.

Then they got the offer from the government to buy their hotel. They knew other owners of large real estate in the area, and they started hearing from them that they were approached by government (the Office for Refugees [BAMF]). They were told that all large buildings were going to be transformed into refugee homes.

They refused to sell to the government, yet people in the town stopped talking to them, thinking that they had agreed. The town council even voted against such a facility in their town.

Now selling real estate to the government became a very good business, because the government was paying four times the market price — sale or lease. Additionally, if it was for rent, they would pay for renovation, water, heating electricity and insurance. It was hard to say no. Angela Merkel’s government was buying real estate and buying people.

At first the family in this story, like there rest of the inhabitants of the area, wanted it to remain a tourist attraction and not a refugee town. They really wanted to live there. It used to be a beautiful, quiet area. They seriously considered talking to the press about the pressures exerted on the local hotel owners by the government.

Then the fear started: in the neighborhood, a hotel like theirs whose owner sold it to the government, was burned down, allegedly by PEGIDA. They understood that they had to leave. Sell and leave. Some people were already leasing their apartments to the government for refugees. The Polish couple wanted at first to sell to a private entrepreneur, but quickly understood that their freshly renovated hotel wasn’t worth more than when they bought it for, a couple of years earlier, dilapidated and uninhabitable. Nobody wanted to buy real estate in a town that already accepted the refugees. Ironically, those refugees wanted to leave, to move to big cities, and they kept running away from rural areas.

They tried to lease, but the agency that contacted them was an agency that had a contract with the government. They were lied to, because they didn’t want that type of deal. When confronted about the lies the agent said that he had a family to feed.

At that point the entire town was under the impression that their hotel had been acquired by the government. Public opinion was fiercely opposed to the refugees. For two years the owners lived under tremendous stress, fearing that the house would be torched. Houses like theirs were being set on fire all over the area. It was taking two years to renovate them, and then they were set on fire yet again. Two police cars were stationed next to their house at all times, without their ever asking for it.

Meanwhile the map showing all the refugee homes in Germany vanished from the internet. A rally was organized to show people’s support for the refugees: the demonstrators, carrying “refugees welcome” posters, were brought in by bus. Children in schools were asked to write refugee-friendly slogans on bed linen and hang those banners outside.

Germans were too afraid to express their true feelings about this accelerated immigration, especially after a fine of €1,200 for hate speech was introduced, but they were shocked by the waste of taxpayers’ money and the impunity granted the newcomers no matter what they did. Littering, throwing food away, stealing (for example, they would take things from the grocery store, but the police wouldn’t come if called: the town would simply reimburse the store using taxpayers’ money), attacking the inhabitants. People were scared to go shopping or walk in the street; women stopped going anywhere alone.

The town was so strongly against their selling the hotel being to the government — and they couldn’t afford to keep it without having any clients — that they had to sell it to the government in the absence of the town mayor, because he wouldn’t sign the papers in the name of the government. Fortunately, his deputy did.

The next day they left.

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  1. Amazingly sad and I believe Hillary would have brought them in mass. I had dreamnt of going to Germany someday being part German but forget it. I wish you’d provide a way to directly link this story to my Facebook from my Android. I will have to wait till I can get on my laptop. I want my Liberal friends who are so sympathetic to these refugees to read this.

    • Please don’t bet the farm your liberal friends will change their opinion by read an article.

      The meanings of words change. Not too long ago, “liberal” could describe anyone from a libertarian, to a socialist who actually believed in individual liberties.

      Now, “liberal” seems to mean “leftist” or doctrinaire communist or cultural Marxist. But, the position of current leftists is not based on any facts or reasoning, and thus is imperious to actual facts. Sometimes I think leftists are a different species living alongside us, like the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnons lived in Europe. Only in this case, the two species can easily interbreed, although I can’t predict what species the mixed-breeds will belong to.

      • “Liberal” was once all about science and reason.

        Then it became free markets.

        Then it became limited government and person freedom.

        Then with John Dewey it morphed into massive government caring for everyone.

        Now “liberal” is the idea that all the world’s problems will be solved by genociding the White race.

  2. Insanity is abroad. We are all mad. The Muslims are just being mad in their own Islamic way. In the U.K. and Ireland virtually all housing stock is taken up by Poles in particular, Eastern Europeans, migrants and refugees from the world in general. Hundreds of thousands and millions of non English speaking non integrating foreigners living off anything and everything that moves. Brexit. The center will not hold. The EU mess is creating Hell on earth. Peace.

    • Do you actually live in the UK? EU immigrants, Poles included, make a net contribution to the economy (those from outside do not, according to the same report from a couple of years back). They also integrate well, at least from my observations living in London.

      • ‘Report from a couple of years back’?? Which one was that? The Center For Polish and Worldwide Benefits Studies? Do you actually live in the present U.K. or the imaginary lefty version the great majority of people in the U.K. just voted to exit from? Have you noticed the recent US election? Do the words ‘poll’ or ‘fake news’ ring a bell? So much has happened these past two years that it is almost illiterate quoting a ‘report’ of dubious origin from two years ago. Trust me Mark, a lot has been happening all over the British Isles this past two years.

        • “A lot has been happening in the UK this past two years…”
          Unfortunately you don’t specify, good or bad?
          E.g., have Brits finally discovered who moslems are, who they have always been, and as long as they follow the koran, who they always will be? The enemy.

          They have told us thousands of time they have no intention of assimilating, and the facts back them up, but still mosques are built, churches become mosques and the grovelling to islam continues…. everywhere, with the exception of four countries in Eastern Europe whose people still recognize treachery when they see it.

          • ‘A lot of very concerning and outright evil including Muslim voter fraud in London, has been happening in the U.K. this past two years’. (The good would be that the nation’s of Europe may be on the alert with a Brexit. This may also mean that there is a tipping point that works both ways.

        • Department for Work and Pensions report, February 2015:
          Just over 5,000,000 people were claiming unemployment benefit. 7.2% were non-British citizens; 2.2% (of the total) were EU citizens.
          I doubt whether the situation has changed much; Roma aside, most of those Poles, Portuguese etc. came to work for better salaries, or because there are fewer jobs at home.

          • Are you an extreme Socialist lefty? You seem to rationalise and justify and defend like its 1972. “Fewer jobs at home.” You omit the access to every kind of benefit paid for by the British taxpayer. Also these users can send all kinds of goodies back to their home countries. Remember ex Prime Minister Cameron’s begging bowl trip around Europe not so long ago? He was making a limp wristed attempt to stop the foreign gravy train before it stops us. Yeah right. “Fewer jobs at home”. Cancel all the social benefits and see how true that is.

      • The EU was created to destroy the White race. Have you ever heard of the Kalergi Plan?

        Poles are non really relevant here, and neither is “the economy”.

    • The do-called EU has become a laughingstock. What a fiasco for civilisation. A free lunch for the Muslims.

  3. “In 2010 she said that multi-culti had failed, and in 2011 the German government started actively looking for large houses for immigrants.”

    So it was planned!

  4. The ever present question can be asked : What did they know, and when did they know it?” Shorthanded (that is, tweeted) to “What/When”?

    That is (Germany, Sweden, or France), the question is put to the State: better yet, the Deep State, burrowing in, heaping up termite mounds.

    (Who knew what the [Deep] State was up to, and when did they know it?)

    The same egged on query can be asked of America: Who knew what, and when? Or, to bottom-line, bass-tack it: What did Catholic Charities know, and when did they know it?

    Linked article does not answer the question directly but it sure as an Obamaish heck surfaces it:

    (C.C., and their overseeing bishops, are peeved and p[rovoked].)

    • The Project

      The muslim brotherhood’s Project has been around a long time. The Project has been known to the public, but no one in the media, or in politics, seemed to notice.

      One important point in their project is infiltration on all levels in the host countries. So, there you have part of the explanation.

      At least, you have to go back to 1974, 1973 when Eurabia was starting to get implemented.

      To anyone to whom this may be news, please watch interviews (utube..) with Bat Ye’or. She explains very well what was going on from then on, and a whole lot about the plan.

      In Paris, starting tomorrow, one of the B-hood plan’s utmost goals, is being discussed.

      • Paris 2017 “Peace conference”

        “The upcoming international peace conference in Paris is a “rigged” effort intended to hurt Israel and its hopes of reaching peace, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday, adding that Jerusalem was not bound by any decision that would be taken there.”

        Peace? Or, islam?

        “Making the Palestinian cause a global wedge issue for Muslims;

        Adopting the total liberation of Palestine from Israel and the creation of an Islamic state as a keystone in the plan for global Islamic domination;

        Instigating a constant campaign to incite hatred by Muslims against Jews and rejecting any discussions of conciliation or coexistence with them;

        Actively creating jihad terror cells within Palestine;

        Linking the terrorist activities in Palestine with the global terror movement;”

    • Well, actually who cares who knew what when? It’s a red herring.

      The real question is “what now?”.

      • You can determine the ‘what now’ by uncovering when this was all planned and by who that will then expose the goals.

        As Werner Braun told his secretary when he was close to his death, in the coming years there would be ‘terrorists’ and when that is over there will be an ‘alien invasion’.

        Have a look at ‘Dark Journalist’ for some real alternative news. But be warned you need to be prepared to look outside that box that they have put us all in.

      • Merkel, Soros, Sutherland, Tusk, the EU Commission all in prison for life for sedition and treason would be a great start!

        Well one can only dream can’t they

  5. Rest assured this has been going on in the US also but without the forced sales by the US Feral Gov’t to the advantage of the imported “refugees”.

    Here is my background: In 2010 I moved to the NE DFW area for work. The family buys bulk stuff like meats (freezer), toilet paper, paper towels, coffee and other regularly used staples at a ‘Big Box Retailer’. I make the shopping trip every other weekend or so. Since 2010, we have seen the number of other than Mexican non-Caucasian shoppers rise precipitously. They are African, Asian (of various types), Indian subcontinent types, even Eastern European and of course many, many Muslims. Most of the Muslims are not Americanized but in traditional dress. Almost all of these speak their native language and American style English very, very badly. Today, in January of 2017 on my trip I noticed that the ratio of OTM types to obviously US citizens was about 8 out of 10. 8 OTM’s. It used to be maybe 2 OTM’s out of 10.

    Now, the DFW area is probably the biggest urban area that is booming economically in the US. Lots are moving here. (1000/week according to State of Texas reports) But the ratio I am seeing is out of line with what we do hear (which is sparse) and we do hear nothing from national “news” sources.

    My opinion is that the US Feral Gov’t has opened the floodgates of all of the borders to non-US people and is looking the other way.

    This cannot go on and the southern border I think is the least of our problems. The US needs to shut and bar the borders. All of them.

    • I agree, soon the ‘invaders’ will outnumber the local populations in certain areas and will then start flexing their muscles, political power and lastly Islamic supremacy. Folks will call me nuts but these ‘invaders’ multiply like rabbits (no Joke) a family member works in social services,has states that they have many children(which we the fools are paying for) they know how to play the system to the max. The next move is citizenship so they can pull the lever for the DemocRATS, to keep them in power for decades.

  6. Remember this, from 2014?

    1. California town blocks immigration buses

    2. Ugly Americans Block Migrant Buses in Murrieta

    3. Protesters Hound Buses Of Immigrant Children: ‘Nobody Wants You’

    4. Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace — their statement:


    ICUJP Statement on Refugee Children – Adopted July, 2014
    News of hundreds of refugee children detained by border patrol and packed in unhygienic and inhumane conditions caused an outcry as pictures and video were shown in the media. Shortly thereafter, the children were gathered into buses heading toward processing centers in Texas, in Arizona and Murrieta, CA.

    These buses carried hundreds of immigrants, mainly children from Central America unaccompanied by parents, for processing in border patrol centers across the Southwest. These buses carrying children were met with cries and chants of hate, with callous and vicious signs, reading “Illegals Out,” “Go Back to Mexico,” “USA USA USA” and “Not our kids, not our problem.”

    But they are our children, all of our children.

    Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace (ICUJP) was founded in Los Angeles after 9/11 to support the work of faith leaders from Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other spiritual faiths and traditions who say: “Religious Communities Must Stop Blessing War and Violence.” In our interfaith activism we have found various commonalities, one of the most important of which is the inherent dignity and worthiness of every single life in this world. We are all created with characteristics of divinity, comprised of a soul and the irrefutable birthright potential for happiness, for love and to seek and receive compassion.

    What our government and its partner governments in Latin America are doing is a violation of this inherent value of every one of these children.

    What propels these refugee children in making the deadly voyage to the U.S. is a desperate need to escape violence. But tragically, much of this violence has been caused by our very own government, either militarily or economically.

    During the 1980s our government aided the repressive governments of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, and much of that damage continues. At the end of the Central American conflicts in the early 1990s, our country’s hegemonic economic influence continued in perpetuating harmful neoliberal policies in Latin America with the Dominican Republic Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

    We are only now seeing that outcome in the form of fleeing refugees.

    So we call on all people of conscience and faith to demand that President Obama grant asylum to these immigrant refugee children. As our scriptures tell us so, we must open up our homes to the stranger, to the traveler, to the unknown companion.

    Shakeel Syed, executive director of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, recognizes the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which call for Muslims to allow neighbors and visitors into one’s home as a display of hospitality. Rights and fair treatment of immigrants is an extension of this divine practice.

    The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) also understands the interconnectedness of us all, and how God has given all of us, God’s children, dignity.

    In MPAC’s report, Ineffective & Unjust: Fixing our Nation’s Broken Immigration System, it is stated clearly: “One of the key objectives of immigration reform is to ensure that individuals are not to be exploited and must be treated humanely and justly—regardless of nationality and legal status.”

    In Christianity and Judaism the call for compassion toward immigrants and refugees is also clear in Leviticus 19:33-34:

    “When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the LORD your God.”

    Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc, the Jewish social justice organization, says that caring for immigrants is a Jewish issue:

    “Some 2.5 million Jews arrived in the United States between 1881 and 1924. The fact is, many American Jews are only two or three generations removed from their first days in this country. But our experiences with immigration stretch far deeper than that. During Passover, the diaspora will recite the story of our exodus from Egypt on one of our most widely practiced holidays. Our Passover story of walking through the desert for 40 years in search of a new home is shared around Jewish dinner tables across the globe.”

    Perhaps one of the better-known stories of hospitality and compassion toward the stranger, the traveler, is the quest for shelter as Mary and Joseph go door to door in an attempt to find a place to rest and give birth to Jesus in Bethlehem—eventually finding refuge in a manger. What can be said of the lesson here? Are we to turn away these immigrant children, these children of God, who come not to the U.S. for anything other than refuge?

    It is a mistake to say that those refugee children on the buses being met with xenophobic hate are merely undocumented immigrants. No, they are each the representation of that which is sacred traveling from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and all other places where borders have triumphed in dividing the divine unity of people.

    ICUJP calls on President Obama, Congress, the American people and especially the faith communities in and outside of the city of Murrieta to grant these children, these travelers, refuge. We call on all church, mosque and temple doors nationwide to open anywhere that undocumented immigrants may need aid, comfort and sanctuary.


    To download the statement, click here. Please feel free to distribute far and wide.


    4. Pelosi — crisis as opportunity:

    Medical staff warned to Keep mouths shut about illegals diseases or face arrest
    July 01, 2014 A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

    In spite of the threat, several former camp workers broke their confidentiality agreements and shared exclusive details about the dangerous conditions at the camp. They said taxpayers deserve to know about the contagious diseases and the risks the children pose to Americans.

    Americans should be very concerned about the secrecy of the government camps.
    The security force call themselves the Brown Shirts.
    Workers were stripped of their cellphones and other communication devices. Anyone caught with a phone was immediately fired.

    Children in the camp had measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat as well as mental and emotional issues. Lice was climbing down their hair.…illegal-immigrants-or-face-arrest

    AIDS and TB are 2 VERY serious diseases dragged into USA – and sent off to other states to spread. Also lice and scabies.

    (this from )

    • “…the inherent dignity and worthiness of every single life in this world”.

      Oh Yes?
      “Killing unbelievers is a small matter to us” – Mohammed.
      “The life of an unbeliever has no value” – Omar Bakri.
      “If a Muslim cannot sell the kafir [non-Muslim] on the market, then just kill him” – Abu Hamza.
      “We Muslims have not even a gram of respect for you infidels” – Sharia4Belgium.
      There is no penalty for “a Muslim killing a non-Muslim” – Reliance of the Traveller, o1.2(2).

    • Every caution that does exist in normal modern societies are set aside, even the dangers of TB and other serious illnesses do not matter anymore, as long as the replacement of peoples is going on, as the overall plan. Be it Europe, or the USA.

      “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
      Abraham Lincoln

      Destroying the West from within
      The Master Plan

      Everywhere you look, elements of this plan has been implemented, more or less. The extent as to how far this over all plan has been implemented, is overwhelming.

      Well worth reading. It’s all in there.

    • Leviticus 19:33-34:

      “When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the LORD your God.”

      Don’t they know that the Hebrew word used here for stranger is “ger” which means a CONVERTED stranger?

      • Exactly. We DO love the converted foreigner as ourselves when we insist that to live in America you must become an American and embrace the values and culture of America. That is what I would do ‘in love’ for any member of my family (get them to embrace America). Any member of my family better understand the ‘price’ of freedom that has been paid by other Americans. So I insist newcomers to this country do the same as my family member.

        The lie that globalists want us to believe is that America is just a geographic location for people to work, make good money, use the infrastructure etc and then live in their closed societies with their own culture while ignoring the American culture. I say BECOME Americans both legally and culturally and I will lay down my life for you and so will my brothers because we are all Americans. Come here illegally and try to live isolated from everything it is to be American then I got nothing for you.

  7. I can’t understand why European leaders have sold out their own citizens to allow their countries to be over run with these lawless invaders. Surely they can’t be so dumb as to think they are all coming to work, do these political leaders think they will still be in power of living in comfort when the muslim take over eventually happens, which countries are they going to escape to, Germany, France, Holland, Sweden, Belgium are now largely muslim countries and have large no go areas for anybody who isn’t a muslim. Britain isn’t too far away either, Australia has allowed thousands of Somalis and Sudanese to settle in the country and the kids are running riot and the police seem powerless to stop them, check out the Apex gang in Melbourne and more Sudanese were arrested in Bondi for threatening and robbing people on New Years Day and using broken bottles as weapons, the politicians have a lot to answer for, yet none will stand up and say I made a mistake, lets face it politicians are well protected by the police, live in safe wealthy areas, so never really see any immigrants unless its for a photo opportunity. Its a disgrace how western countries are being led at the moment, the only hope is Trump and La Pen, Wilders and Farage, yet if you support any of these you are branded a racist by the liberal lefties.

  8. My wife and I had planned on purchasing a new auto in Germany under a program called European delivery. We would pick up the new auto in Germany and use it for two weeks to tour Germany and Italy ( the insurance was covered under the program). The car would then be left at an approved port for shipment back to the US. It was cheaper than a US purchase. As we read more of what was happening across the EU, we decided to cancel. Safer to remain in the US. I wonder how the tourism numbers reflect what is happening across the EU. I am sure like minded people are doing the same thing. Sad really!

    • Great idea – had it been forty years ago!

      So, this is how desperate they are for tourism in 2017.

      • They did have such programs over 30 years ago so it’s not a new thing. I nearly bought a BMW motorcycle through their European delivery model. The airfare back then was the deal breaker.

    • Well here in Oz, I’m still listening to ads on the radio for European river cruises into 2018, but I’m with you, and based on the trouble now brewing, I just cannot see them being operable past the next 12 months.

      • Interesting – I also see the TV ads and wonder who goes now. But, then again, if you only get your news from the lamestream media, you do not know 90% of what is happening. Thank God for sites like this one.

          • We had planned to spend a month in rural France again this year and a similar time next year but have decided against it. Pity really as we fell in love with the French countryside and its people in previous visits. Rightly or wrongly we think we have seen Europe and the UK their best and that it is all down hill from here.

      • One RPG from a riverbank, and the river cruise industry is toast. Candy Finkelstein will have to go back to the big ships . . . themselves being one bad incident away from disaster.

      • Another Aussie here who agrees with you. We had hoped to take some river and canal cruises at some point in our retirement. On our visit to Germany 2014 we decided we were not coming back. In the meantime the situation there has developed to the point of insanity where we can only shake our heads in disbelief. Sadly, many (perhaps still the majority) of Germans are totally brainwashed by Left/Green totalitarian political correctness. It does not help that Germans have suffered brain damage from being hit with the ‘nazi cudgel’ (Nazikeule) for 70+ years. In true Stockholm Syndrome have learned to bash themselves with it.. We have lost several German friendships over our stance on Merkel and the ‘refugees’. Those friends are old farts like ourselves and you would think would be a bit more politically savvy. What is really surprising is the fact that two lost friends have a family background of being displaced people from the former German territories of East Prussia and Pomerania. Their mothers fled with the child/ren from the invading Russian Army. They experienced great hardship and many of those ‘Vertriebe’ died (e. g. the Wilhelm Gustloff tragedy). For some reason the men of our acquaintance now equate the hordes of young, able-bodied Islamic men of military age to refugees just like their mothers and themselves. Absolute madness! I have pretty much given up on the Germans. Their masochistic nihilism is leading to national self-genocide and they are blind to reason and facts which could still avert the tragedy in the nick of time.

    • I was just in Italy this past May and it was great. I believe you would be fine. I read travel forums al the time and do not see anyone expressing concerns.

  9. Bottom line: Allegiance. Currently, it’s skirishing, and prattle about collateral damage.

  10. “that they had to sell it to the government in the absence of the town mayor, because he wouldn’t sign the papers in the name of the government. Fortunately, his deputy did.”

    At least a bad translation. A mayor has nothing to do with selling of estate; that’s job of a notary, together with the “Grundbuchamt,” which is at the court houses.

    The bottom line is, that government agencies have been desperate to buy estates that could be used for refugee shelters; paying high prizes. Yes, it happens that generally law-abiding citizens try to defend themselves and their properties by setting fire on selected buildings — hard to spot for police if they are careful and keep their mouth shut. Has absolutely nothing to do with PEGIDA; rather a rural phenomenon where people are used to act on their own.

  11. I feel that this is not the only thing that’s been happening right under out noses!!!

  12. We yanks are simply ecstatic to have a counter-jihad president swearing in on Friday. Any country wishing to halt the destruction of their nation need to follow our lead, otherwise you are lost.

  13. The Baron asked. . .” What did she and the rest of the EU apparatchiks know back in 2011?..”
    Indeed, what did they know as well as what did certain elements of our own political machine know – given:
    ArutzSheva 2/2/09: Obama Held Secret Talks With Iran, Syria Weeks Before Election
    screen cap of page
    And that doesn’t even begin to address his speech at Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt on June 4, 2009 in “seeking a new beginning”. That new beginning involved meddling in Libya, Egypt, Syria and dangerously enabling Iran. To his everlasting shame, his traitorous meddling also enabled the ME chaos which launched the latest hijrah (migration).
    His legacy is chaos for jihad.

  14. Also in 2011 there was a nationwide census in Germany. As far as I know people were required to give detailed information on their housing, like the number and size of the rooms in their home. I am sure that was just a coincidence and had nothing to do with any plan to bring in large numbers of “refugees”.

    Ah, and yes, Merkel probably really meant it when she said that multiculturalism had failed. She just forgot to tell everyone that now they would install islamic monoculture instead.

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